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Vows to Limerance

For any that have visited Keaton Hall, it is no secret that Kael has been working steadfastly on an grand idol to Limerance for his Proving Grounds. He has invited everyone for the unveiling, so that those that go to war (or those that stay) can offer prayers or vows to the god. He has even promised that those that wish can carve into the base of the idol, or use the stroke of a brush, may do so to allow for continued viewing.

There will be words spoken by Legate Orazio at the occasion, plenty of food for any and all, and general reflection for those that want.

OOC: This is a purely social event, no games! Those that want to can page/mail me their vows/prayers and I will include it on the object. After the event I will create a finalized object for the area to keep for viewing! Thanks!


March 3, 2018, 9 p.m.

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Margerie Norwood Derovai Cristoph Reigna Orazio Katarina Alis Isabeau Jael Alarissa Jacque(RIP)



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Keaton Hall - Commander's Field

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2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, The Second arrive, following Margerie.

Though typically the Proving Grounds might host a variety of obstacles placed within the area to serve as markers or obstructions to terrain, all of that has been done away with. The constructed wooden walls, the rope and fabric markets, it is all pushed yonder, to the wooded area. Instead this early evening is focused in dedication to the idol of Limerance that is highlighted by the proper placement of extra addition: the long garden bench is placed facing it, the refreshment tables and buffet tables are both set up to view it. There is an additional table that Vern, Kael's assistant, happens to be manning. Parchment paper is made available either by the full sheet or by slips of paper as well as ink to write promises, prayers, or vows as one so chooses. There is a more permanent offering to the idol as well, a few assistants chosen with carving blades to mark the base if someone wishes to (page Kael, it will go in the final version!).

It should be noted that all are welcome, no matter their House, their fealty, or if they are amongst the nobility or not. There were a few pieces of parchment spread about 'advertising' to those that have an interest, from everywhere near the palace to the lowers. The tables are set abundantly with food for precisely this reason.

Kael and Reigna are both at the entryway, the couple linked arm and arm just like the rings are set upon the idol. They are greeting people, thanking them for attending, but unlike typical celebrations held, there is a more serious note about them.

Orazio arrives in full formal regalia (although there isn't a dashing hat to go along with it), which means he practically glows from the aeterna and gold trimmings. His Templars follow behind him, all polished armor and solemn expressions. He stops to bow to Kael and Reigna, his own stern visage softening for a moment. "Count, Countess. May your piety bring you peace and blessings from the gods."

When Alis arrives this day, it's with her daughter in tow. Both of them walking slowly to accomodate little legs. "Count, Countess. Thank you for hosting this." she murmurs to them, tugging on Ellara's hand so she looks up too. "Say thank you, sweetheart." Chivalry is instilled at an early age, obviously. "Tankoo." Close enough. And they move along.

Reigna dips down into a reverent curtsy to the Legate of Concepts and Reigna bows her head, "Legate, thank you so very much for coming. Our piety does give us strength. Your presence honors us, and we are so glad you could make time for this. I hope it honors Limerance, for he is much beloved by us, as are all the gods."

Reigna smiles bright to Alis and crouches down to smile to Ellara, "Hello darling, thank you for coming!" Reigna adds before the Princesses get too far away.

Cristoph comes in looking appropriately tired and a little dazed. Nicia isn't in attendance tonight, but he does have little Eadric Laurent with him. Wrapped in some sort of cloth thing that has the little guy strapped to his body. No hands! The baby is helpfully asleep. Stopping by the Keatons, he mumbles his greetings to them. "Thank you for hosting this." Then he's looking for a place to sit down.

Orazio smiles. "And you are much beloved in return, I assure you." He moves past, then, so that others can be greeted, although he offers Alis a bow (and then a sneaky little wave to the child when he thinks no one else can see). Dignified, he moves to his appointed position and stands in waiting, except for a brief message whispered to him by a servant.

Binky, an asshole crow arrives, delivering a message to Orazio before departing.

Babies, babies everywhere! An exasperated Eliza, the Keaton nursemaid is chasing after two year old Kata who has snagged a sweet from one of the buffet tables and is painting her face with berry jam. Aeyrn Squall is flailing in the woman's arms, eyes locked on his father, Kael, living up to his name as he shouts "PAPA!" Someone pity the nurse.

"Thank you for coming, Legate Orazio," murmurs Kael, his voice a low thing, and the bow of his head ridiculously humble. It is a pose kept for a stretch of time, and when his chin lifts there is a slip of a smile offered. "It is my hope that our piety brings others the blessings from the gods." It is not a correction, absolutely not, just his addition. When Alis approaches, he bows to her, though his eye is immediately going to her daughter and he grins. "You are most welcome, your highness." This, to the child, though his eyes lift to offer her mother the same. Cristoph's arrival have him peering at the child and somehow he refrains from going straight there. "Thank you for attending, my lord," he murmurs. "May we clasp hands once more in front of the idol before the night is done." He nods, sharply, to the other man and offers him a grin. Ok, so his grin grows when he hears his son.

Ellara gives Orazio her most charming dimpled smile and wiggles fingers at him, after Alis has returned the bow and looked away of course. It wouldn't do for the Legate to be caught! She /does/ catch Cristoph's dazed expression when she's turned her head to nod at Reigna and give her a warm smile though. "Duke Laurent, and Lord Eadric. What a fine pair. Shall I send some coffee to your estate?" she wonders. This is just as Aeryn is shouting for his Papa... which means Ellara starts looking around too. "Dada? Daaaadaaaaaaaa." This should be -awesome-.

Norwood is fashionably late, his beard and hair still showing signs of a recent washing. (Old man smell is all scrubbed off.) He's also NOT going to make googly eyes at the baby. No. Instead he'll step forwardto greet the Count and Countess, "Thank you for having me tonight," so serious even as he tries to not smile at the children's antics. Nope. Nope.

Jael prances in, dressed in blue silk despite the locale and unarmed. Her target and the reason for her springy step is immediately obvious; her brother and her brand new nephew. "Eddie! Want me to hold him?" Then and only then does she drop a little curtsy to the host and hostess. "Thank you for inviting me, what a lovely idea this is."

Derovai slips in, a dark-clad figure as ever, tilting his head at Kael and Reigna's linked arms. He lets out a sharp little laugh about something, but dips his head at them with a quick, almost offhanded, "Your Lordships. Hope you don't mind my being here." There's a vague uncertainty hovering about the words, but not /quite/ enough to turn it into a question.

There is a bright smile as Reigna sees Cristoph, lighting up all the more at the sight of the brand new Laurent. "Duke Cristoph! Lord Eadrick! So cute! Thank you for coming my lords!" She waves to Norwood and bobs her head, "Thank you for coming Sir Clement, it is wonderful to see you." When Derovai approaches there is a nod of her head, "But of course, Goodman Voss. All are welcome to offer honor to Limerance."

"Please. Send coffee." Cristoph says to Alis with a near desperate expression on his face. "Nicia hired a nanny... or two. But somehow I still find myself interrupted at all hours of the day and night." He pinches the bridge of his nose. When his sister arrives and offers to hold him, he nods. "Yes, thank you. Let me just..." Why are there so many knots on this thing? Who tied this baby to Duke Laurent like this how? How do you detach it?

Pity the nurse, then take a moment to have pity on Margerie Keaton, soon to be the sole Keaton in house with those children and staff. Does that stop her from -bee-lining to Cristoph, even if Kael has more manners. Excuse her, the Aunt Superior has acorn doting to do. Newborn first, then Alis and Ellara, then her great nephew and Kata. But as it stands, she's sidling up to Cristoph and grinning down at Eadrick. "Hello again, little Eadrick! Today your friend Kael is going to tell you all about Limerance." Oh. Right. The adults! "Jael, do let me know when you need a break and someone else to hold him." Mind you she's totally going to step back and let them enjoy the fun of trying to figure out all those knots.

Jael circles Cristoph, looking over the contraption with a grumpy look on her fine features. "Oh for f...the love of the gods, what is /happening/ here?" She turns to grin at Margerie. "I suppose I will share if I can figure out how to unstick him from Cris."

Cristoph just stands there unhelpfully, occasionally raising and lowering his arms in a way that makes it worse instead of better.

Jordal, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

"I will send coffee." Alis smile is full of understanding, there. "Here, let me help." Of course, she's perched Ellara on her lap as she tries to help with all the knots. "They did a good job making sure the fabric was wrapped and knotted securely." is complimented. Not that the toddler wants to stay on mommy's lap. No, she hops right off and walks up to Margerie, looking way up curiously. "Hi." Arms are held up, obviously. Give her a better view, please. "Stop flapping your arms." Cris. Sheesh.

Orazio watches over the assorted parents and children with a sort of benevolent bemusement - the quiet certainty of a man who knows he'll never be in that position, but still likes children well enough to enjoy watching others fumble through it.

"It's my pleasure to be here," Norwood says firmly as the others work on the babies with Cristoph. "I suppose that is one way to show your love my Duke." He's laughing at Cristoph as he moves in, better to let the woman figure out how to separate father and son.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrive, following Katarina.

Derovai offers a wan smile at Reigna's words. "Of course," he echoes her, his glance darting through the crowd for the briefest second and sharpening a little at something. Then he's moving to somewhere out of the way -- like that long bench. He perches on one end of it, draping a hand across the back of it. He stays watching by himself at a distance, pensively, sprawling and waiting for all the kerfuffle to settle.

So perhaps the perceptive might see Kael's eyes narrowing just a tad at that laugh from Derovai, but nonetheless the Count is saying smoothly, "It is not for us to say who or who not should be here. We would have all attend. The more that would honor Limerace, the more that are welcome." Norwood is offered a smile and a quiet, "But of course." He nods and then is moving with his wife to stand before the idle, finding his outdoor voice. Somehow he manages loud without Tournament Loud! "Thank you all for coming! You will find parchment present where you can write your vows, your promises, your prayers and put it forth. Some assistants with far better penmanship than I will carve it into the base, if you will it. Or you might, if you prefer, spend the time in silent reflection. Those that know me, truly know me, recognize that I am devout to all, but Limerence has touched me the most. It is for such a reason that Limerence -- with the dedication and help of others, as such things are meant to be -- is the first idol that has been placed. In Oakhaven, a similar one is being revealed. Others, in time, will additionally rise."

Margerie takes half a step away to not be in Jael's way, or Alis'. Oh, the Aunt superior is enjoying all the young acorns working together. With Ellara down there looking for help, she crouches down and plucks the child up to find a perch on Aunt Margerie's hip. There's an easy, practiced poise about the motion and the stance. "Hello, Princess Ellara. Do you see him there? That is baby Lord Eadric! We're all here today to celebrate Limerance! Have you heard that name yet?"

Derovai has joined the a long garden bench.

Norwood has joined the a long garden bench.

Princess Isabeau Valardin may arrive somewhat tardy to the unveiling, but surely what matters the most is that she showed up at all... right? She comes clad in her house colors, though with warmer weather brought by the changing of winter into spring, she has shed her wool and fur in favor of silk and linen. The Oathlands princess come only in the company of her single bodyguard and the pair travel forward until she can find somewhere to sit or stand that the unveiling might be appreciated.

Gesturing to Eliza, Reigna holds her arms out for the squalling Aeryn to be given to her. WIth his father now in flailability he grabs for Kael's arm. Reigna laughs and bounces him a gently. She glances over and spies Jael, beaming, "Jael!" and waves brightly before piping up, "I will be taking pieces with me to Stormwall and working on raising one there, should the Crovane permit it. Another goes to Southport and a fourth will be mounted on a Keaton ship heading to the Darkwater."

Cristoph stops moving his arms and stays still long enough for Jael to be able to undo the knots and take her nephew off of him. He remains asleep the entire time, somehow. The duke is quiet too as Kael speaks and once he's free to move again, he'll get parchment for himself and his sister and hand it over to her. Along with something to write with. "You want this, right?"

Alis has that vague tinge of exasperation to the set of her lips as Ellara makes her silent demand of Margerie. But, does not seem concerned about it. In fact, she smiles as her daughter is lifted and asked questions. First, the toddler's attention is drawn to Eadric. "Bbbbbb." A very spit-bubbly response that might mean baby. And then a nod. Of course she's heard the name! "Pon." Look, Pantheon has too many syllables and sounds, okay? "Princess Isabeau. Come, sit with me." the elder of the platinum haired princesses encourages, one eye kept on her daughter and the other finding parchment and quill so she can write as Kael as requested.

Derovai nods at Kael's words, his smile shifting to slightly apologetic and more than slightly relieved. "Thank you, Count." But as soon as he sat down, he's moving to another place among the seats for some reason, making no move to interrupt. He picks up parchment and a stick of graphite, resettling nearer to where an Ellara-free Alis sits, his shoulders drawing up just a little at something, before he gives Isabeau a quick look at Alis' request, moving to shift away again slightly, a questioning look shot the speaker.

Norwood has left the a long garden bench.

Jael peeks over Cristoph's shoulder at Reigna. "Hi! Oh, there..." and Eadric is free. She leaves the sling stuck haphazardly to her brother and just takes the baby, tucking tiny Lord Eadric into the curve of her arm. "That's right. Bbbb," she tells Ellara with a smile, then blinks at Cristoph like he's talking crazy. "My arms are full."

Norwood has joined the vow engraved Idol of Limerance.

Norwood smiles at all of the children everywhere and moves out of the main groupings towards the idol itself. He doesn't take up parchment to start writing but instead settles himself looking at the idol itself.

Margerie doesn't appear a bit fussed by spit bubble tendencies. If it gets too extreme, she'll help Ellara wipe away some drool. As it is, she nods approvingly at the attempt. "Right! Baby Eadric, the bee." She grins at Jael for that, continuing, "Lord Eadric, future Duke! Can you say Duke yet?" Lots of maternal/aunt instincts and time with the scholars learning about teaching? It's starting to pay off. She does begin to stroll in a little circle, the better to make sure Ellara gets a chance to look at and reach for things that might catch her eye. She is careful never to stray too far from Alis, and certainly not out of her line of sight. "And Pantheon. Right! Limerance is part of the Pantheon. Who else is part of the Pantheon?" See, Orazio? Teaching 'em up young!

Cristoph looks down at the extra piece of paper. "I'll just write one for you." The man needs a nap. He finds a place to sit down and stays quiet.

Katarina's arrival into the proving grounds is rather belated, but a discreet one all the while. She slips in quietly, heading to gather up parchment and quill to begin the task of comitting her own vows to life. It does not take her long at all, the young admiral stepping up all to easily to pass it into the right hands. "Count and Countess Keaton," she addresses Reigna and Kael the utmost respect and affection, curtsying before them before she moves on right to Margerie. Mine, mine, mine. "My lady, it looks as though you've my precious pearl. Might I have her?"

Demura arrives, following Jacque.

"I could speak to you about what Limerance means to me: I could speak to to you about the vows that I made to Fealty," a pause as Kael spies Isabeau, and he bows to the Princess, "the vows that I made to Liege-Lord," and he executes a fine bow to Cristoph. "The vows to my wife, my son, my family. All of these are fine vows, promises made from devotion and love. There are other promises made however. The promise to be with my soldiers in the thick of battle. The promise to my people to keep them safe. To work tirelessly on their behalf. How can I not meet these with the same love that I do my wife? Some might find Limerance an odd choice for this time - yet for me, there is no other. I could speak more, not well for I am not known for my words, but heartfelt enough. Instead I am grateful that we have Father Orazio here to speak on Limerance instead." Once more, that humble nod to the man and he lifts his free hand to set it on his son before stepping aside and 'giving the floor' to the Legate, as it were.

Jacque walks in with Demura on his arm, the two Marquises Lyonesse quietly as Kael speaks of fealty.

Orazio steps forward at the Count's signal, turning first to look upon the idol. He bows his head low to it, before straightening and turning to face the attendees. "The Count and Countess have been kind enough to invite me to share this time of reverence with you, so I will endeavor not to abuse that invitation by subjecting you all to a long, dreary sermon." His smile appears, then, brief but warm, a flash of sun on an overcast day. "However, I do wish to speak of Limerance for a moment, as we honor him. Limerance is the god of love, and that means so much more than we sometimes consider. Love is not easy. While it may bring light and laughter to the heart, it also brings pain and fear. I see new parents among our attendees, and I know that many of you have already experienced this, the moment you consider all the dangers that await your child in the world."

He takes a breath, lets it out. "In that moment of fear, most of you swore in your hearts to protect and serve your child's best interests, to guide them away from the dangers they can avoid, and to prepare them to face the ones they cannot. That vow, that dedication - there is where Limerance rests in our hearts. The love of Limerance is not soft, nor yielding. It is iron. Iron like our honor, like the oaths we swear that bind us - parent to child, vassal to liege, boon companion to boon companion. It takes strength to hold to those vows when things become difficult, when we would benefit most by tossing them away. In those times, turn to Limerance and ask for strength, for the love he feels for us all gives us the strength to love in return. Our devotion, our unwavering hold of our sworn word, this is the proof of our love, above all else." He gestures to the idol. "This beautiful art is cast in his name, that any who looks upon it might remember the one it represents. For those of you who choose to inscribe vows upon it, you enter a covenant with Limerance, giving love as you receive it in return. Swear yourself not with a light heart, but with a strong heart, one which will not waver. Remember what you love, and honor, and always."

With that, the Legate steps back, and nods to Kael. Clearly, he is done.

Derovai checked composure at difficulty 7, rolling 8 higher.

Ellara's attempt is, "Uke!" That would be Duke. And boy does she looks proud of that mispronunciation. She even looks back at her mom with a toothy smile. Look ma, so smart! To which Alis smiles proudly, turning her head just slightly to murmur something to Derovai before Kael and Orazio begin to speak. And for that moment she is silent, head bowed in reverent contemplation. Not quite so reverent yet, her daughter is babbling away at Margerie. "Ooooooria." She knows that one, unsurprisingly. And her little eyes light up at the sight of Aunt Kat. And being still young enough to be affectionate without thought to it she gives Auntie Superior a wet kiss on the cheek before holding her arms out for Katarina.

As she is addressed by name, Isabeau turns to find the other side of her coin gesturing for her to join and, of course, she is inclined to oblige. As a courtesy, the short-haired princess send her bodyguard to fetch parchment and pen and, in due course, these items are shared with Alis while her cousin whispers albeit loud enough to be overheard, "Jayus blassed whichever craftsman created that idol, don't you think?"

Reigna listens so intently as Orazio speaks, her eyes growing glassy as she is moved by his words. She lifts finger to brush away the tears that too-easily flow, a mark of hyperactive emotion that seems a little unlike the Countess. She takes a deep breath and she murmurs a thick, "Thank you, Father Orazio." Her words are softly spoken, but clearly deeply felt. She glances over towards Isabeau and says with pride, "Kael has been crafting it for weeks."

Margerie goes quiet when Kael and Orazio make their statements. Poor Katarina may have to wait, despite all her eagerness. Her gaze softens, pride and affection shining as she listens to her nephew. She looks at Ellara and smiles at the girl after Orazio finishes. "You are so lucky to grow up around all these wise people, little one. Like Uke Cristoph! And thank you for that kiss! Now let's fly to your Auntie!" She is deft in the little maneuver of getting hands on the girl's waist, the better to 'soar' her over to Katarina and make sure she is cozily settled on her new perch. "I trust you feel more complete now, Minister?"

Who even knows what Cristoph, in that early haze of parenthood, is writing. But Jael seems content to trust him with the task while she cuddles baby Eddie and listens to Orazio speak, rapt. Well, Eddie is asleep.

Derovai murmurs something quietly where he sits, listening to what Alis says, saying something quietly back to her. He looks up at the speech, matching that quick smile with a dry one of his own. Framing the matter in terms of children, though, appears to sour the commoner slightly. He tenses slightly, but keeps his peace, that paper still in his hand. His shoulders a bit squared, he stays respectfully mute, swallowing at the end of the words. He writes something down in an instant on the paper. Inspiration has struck, it seems.

It is with a genuine zeal that Katarina receives the words of devotion and honor inspired by Limerance from first Kael, then the Legate of Concepts as he steps to deliver his speech. Her hands are brought together in quiet applause before she's happily plucking up Ellara into the warmth of her embrace, snuggling her first-born niece with the affection and playful kisses. "I will not be complete until I have both Ellara, Nia, and Samuel overwhelming my arms," she expresses to Margerie in hushed aside, her love for her family undeniable. "I hope I have not missed too much?"

Katarina is overheard praising Orazio for: A man forever armed with words that can inspire faith and hope in the masses. I greatly appreciate them, in times like this.

Norwood listens respectfully as Orazio speaks, his head bowed slightly and his thoughts tucked firmly behind his own eyes for now. A finger traces itself along Queensguard's hilt slowly.

Reigna is overheard praising Kael for: For his great faith and devotion, a true man of his word.

Reigna is overheard praising Orazio for: A moving speech from a man of true faith.

Katarina is overheard praising Kael for: I'm terribly biased to the Keatons, it is no lie. But Lord Kael, right now, you make so proud.

Reigna is overheard praising Cristoph for: For battling baby fatigue to be there for your vassal

Alis nods sagely at Isabeau then. "I would say so. It's quite lovely." is agreed, words being scripted out on the parchment. Her expression is serene, is solemn, especially after Orazio's words. Which she finds herself nodding along to. And without hesitance, she rises from her seat to approach the Count and Countess to hand over the parchment with her vow written on it. "I stand fast, to act as shield and sword for the innocent. My life, is in service to my family, my liege, my people." A deep breath is taken in, and then less formal words are offered. "Your devotion is an inspiration, Count and Countess." And then another incline of her head towards Orazio. "Moving and inspiring words, Father Orazio. I will take them with me to Setarco."

Margerie is overheard praising Kael for: Kael Keaton, you could not make me prouder.

Isabeau is overheard praising Kael.

Isabeau is overheard praising Orazio.

Alis is overheard praising Kael.

Alis is overheard praising Orazio.

Alis is overheard praising Margerie for: For not flinching in the face of toddler spitbubbles.

Margerie is overheard praising Reigna for: A woman of devotion, accomplishment, and love.

Orazio is overheard praising Kael for: The Count shows devotion to the gods in word and deed.

Though Orazio says that he might not be performing a sermon, Kael certainly is behaving as though he was. He keeps a hand on his son so that he can minimize the boy's cheering and calling for him, but he's got a great number of other targets. Kids will be kids. For the Count himself, he keeps his head bowed and his eyes closed to focus on the words and the words alone. A nod is offered at the end, his eyes open and chin lifting before he says humbly, "Thank you, Father." He clears his throat, a bit glassy-eyed himself before leaning forward and offering his babbling son a quick kiss upon the boy's brow. Then, to the crowd: "There is nothing more to say. I thank you all for coming and welcome you all to socialize, to enjoy the food, and to think a little more tonight. To pray a bit more, not for yourself, but for others." With that, he gestures, and offers a smile to the gathering.

Orazio is overheard praising Reigna for: The Countess demonstrates a piety to be admired.

Cristoph is overheard praising Kael for: For his devotion to Limerance and all of the gods!

Cristoph is overheard praising Reigna for: For her devotion to the gods and being a fine host as usual!

Cristoph is overheard praising Jael for: For getting this baby off of me.

Cristoph is overheard praising Alis for: For sending coffee. Please send coffee.

Orazio doesn't seem at all disturbed by the various childish shenanigans going on, in fact, the Legate's stern features soften as he catches a glimpse of one or another of them. He offers a bow to the hosts, then moves to contemplate the idol itself, his hands linked loosely behind his back as he studies it.

Cristoph is overheard praising Orazio for: For a beautiful and fine speech on the values of Limerance!

Isabeau turns her attention to the parchment intended to hold the vow that she might offer to Limerance. As yet, it remains blank. Maybe the princess suffers from writer's block. Absent the brief bit of company provided by Alis, the other beautiful blonde exhales a small sigh and places her palm over the empty paper, looking up at the idol again as if in search of inspiration.

Margerie chuckles at Katarina's response. "You ought not to forget young Kata. She is toddling about here somewhere! And no, not so very much. You made it in time for Kael's welcome and Father Orazio's devotionals. I think your timing was excellent, as were their speeches. When you have a chance, if you might write the prayer to put at the base of the statue. Well. When you have your hands free, at least!"

Demura leaves, following Jacque.

Kael is overheard praising Orazio for: For always finding the time and speaking faithful words.

Derovai is taking what he's writing very, very seriously, a long sigh as he writes, as if easing tension. It's a sentence, but not that long of one. He punctuates it almost savagely, jabbing the graphite into the parchment, and then folds up the paper before anyone can take a look, the folds crisp between gloved fingers. He pushes himself to stand, composure back again, and returns parchment and graphite to the Keatons, with a quiet word to them.

With Ellara a burbling bastion of bubbly baby love on her hip, Katarina is utterly content to dance and twirl her around with soft whooshes while her peerage contemplate over the vows they might make. "I could never forget my own namesake," she widens her eyes at Margerie, a look of askance sent toward the Keaton home proper from over a shoulder. "But of course, I will make sure to write a vow when I can."

Alis swoops in to gather up her daughter, pressing a kiss atop Ellara's hair. "Go ahead, Kat. I promise we'll be fine while you write. And thank you, Lady Margerie." is offered fervently, her eyes seeking both Isabeau and Derovai still in their seats to see how they're faring. "Do you want to see the idol, Ellara? Come, we'll walk to it and you can look at it. It's very special." is murmued.

Reigna smiles to Alis as she accepts the note, "Thank you your highness, that is a lovely vow." She moves to hug her friend briefly before she heads off. As Derovai approaches and speaks, Reigna seems surprised, but pleasantly so. She inclines her head as she takes his vow, "Thank you Goodman Voss."

Margerie laughs warmly as the passing of Alis' daughter continues, from Aunt Superior to actual aunt to mother. She reaches out to put a reassuring hand on Katarina's arm and smiles. "I promise that it was a light jest. And if you keep an eye at around knee level, I think you might see Kata out and about here to celebrate with us, Highness. If you will pardon me for a few moments? I do not wish to keep you from greeting the Count and Countess, or making your prayer."

Orazio glances over, brought out from his contemplations, when others approach the idol. He bows, politely, then murmurs, "It is beautiful, is it not? I am always taken by the many different styles in which people choose to share their devotion. The bowed head...depicting a god as humble is an interesting choice. Bold, but thoughtful."

Katarina returns her niece into her sister's arms, a kiss pressed to the child's cheek quickly. "Mwuah," she exaggerates with a tickle to Ellara's side, a grateful look cast up toward Alis. "I think the sun today both did us some good," she murmurs, not yet ready to depart to turn in her vows. At the reassuring hand to her arm, it's with an infectious smile that she turns to look upon Margerie. "As much as it pains me to be without your presence, I really would like to make some rounds quickly."

Derovai has already left his seat, so when Alis turns to look for him, he's not there! He does, however, offer her a tense smile from where he's speaking to Reigna. "The best I can offer," he says, and for once there's no sarcasm to the words. There is, however, a deep breath that follows. And then Kael says something to him, and he hesitates for a long moment, thinking. "No, it's... fine if you know. Both of you."

Margerie clasps a hand to her chest when Katarina speaks of being pained, eyes lit with mirth. She steps aside to give the princesses room to make their rounds. After a look around, she makes her way over to sit next to Cristoph's house Sword, the better to do some old people observing while she waits for her chance to spoil young Eadric after Jael is done with her turn.

Margerie has joined the vow engraved Idol of Limerance.

Orazio has joined the vow engraved Idol of Limerance.

Alis returns Reigna's embrace as best she can with her daughter on her hip, and whispers a quiet thank you during the slight walk towards the idol. "With the joined rings set before him. Perhaps the bowed head and humbleness is meant to represent how we should approach such vows. With solemnity and reverence, just as Limerance does here, gazing upon the symbol." she offers, obviously being no philosopher. And neither is Ellara. She's just busy staring at all the people.

Reigna smiles to Derovai and nods her head, "I thank you again." She smiles to the man and then looks to Kael, murmuring to him quietly, no mistaking the pride visible on her face as she speaks to him. She looks around the gathering smiling in complete delight. "This is humbling and so wonderful. You did so well my love." Aeryn has, apparently, had enough of beign good. He scrunches up his face and takes a deep breath and lets out a mighty roar: "PAPAPAPAPA!"

Derovai remarks, "Humility," to Alis, a little distractedly. And then he's shooting a quick, clearly unfelt smile towards Reigna, nodding once, moving quickly away, out of the way anew, as if the entire event is turning him into something of a moving target, drawing a deep breath as he distances himself again.

"There's my Squall," Jael says as Aeryn roars, a noise that seems to startle Eadric awake. As the baby starts to grizzle his aunt tries various methods of cheering him up, but when it results in nothing? Well there's Margerie. Jael strides over with a blithe smile and a grouching infant. "Your turn."

While others visit the idol and lay their written vows at its base in tribute, Katarina is content to linger in the periphery to watch her family and peers mingle amongst one another. Derovai's observed for a brief time, her brows arching marginally in silent curiosity before her gaze lowers to the scrap of parchment within her hands. Pensive.

Margerie falls into conversation with the gentlemen nearest the idol as somewhere, one toddler's fussing stirs an infant to life. She looks at Jael with amusement as the now fussing baby is put in her arms. "You are going to be very good at being an aunt to a young child. In a couple of years when he is old enough ot eat sweets, I will have new wisdom to impart to you."

Kael hesitates a moment and offers a humble nod toward Derovai after a quiet exchange from him. He is bowing his head toward Alis, but once his wife disengages he is speaking a few quiet words to her and offering a smile. Ah, and there is his son. Being his son. Kael snorts and then snares the lad, hoisting him up high to at least dampen the boy's upset. "Aaaaeeeryn," he says, taking the child flying as the couple begin their rounds. "Thank you for coming, your highness. It means a great deal to us," he says as he nears Isabeau. He catches sight of Jael and grins, waving his son about in his arms. Why yes, they are coming for her next.

As much as she might try to fix her thoughts on the idol of Limerance, there are several small children in the vicinity with their proud mothers and fathers afoot that Isabeau finds her focus faltering along with her small smile. Quietly, the Oathlands princess stands, leaving her blank piece of parchment aside, and turns to slip out of the grounds.

Jordal, a bodyguard leaves, following Isabeau.

"Yes. Humility." Alis agrees, offering Derovai a slight smile. Though her eyes are, for the moment, on her cousin as she makes her exit. For the moment, the Princess is content to let her daughter look around and take everything in while she contemplates quietly.

Jael beams at Margerie for her praise. "I would give him to Cris to deal with but he's wandering around like an automaton with a sling stuck to him. Here, Eddie." She settles the tiny baby tenderly in Margerie's arms. And just in time, too, as Kael bears down on her with Aeryn.

Olenna, Duchess, a graceful greyhound arrive, following Alarissa.

Norwood is trying to take the baby boy now. With the name everyone puts a K at the end of.

Reigna moves with Kael over towards Jael and Margerie, her eyes on Jael first, hugging the other woman, "You! We still have to go riding. Though, I go north so soon, and you go south... You're going to -- No. No talk of that right now. Now there are hugs." She hugs Jael and when she lets her go she looks to the baby, "So, so precious. He is so little and yet I can see so much of Cristoph in him. And Nicia too, around the eyes." She smiles to her Aunt and leans in to kiss her cheek. "Auntie Margerie, thank you for coming."

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant leave, following Alis.

With greetings offered to the Princess, Kael continues onward. He is honing in on Jael. More importantly however, he is continuing to 'fly' his son over toward the Laurent Voice. "I was actually wishing to speak with you, though I admit that I was hoping it would be before now." A rueful look is cast as he brings the boy down to bounce him at approximately eye level with his name witness. "I sent word to Sir Clement regarding it, but if you could aid perhaps to speaking to your soldiers of Limerence..." He tips his head back to the idol, just so.

Orazio speaks quietly with Margerie and Norwood, watching babies change hands. He steps back, though, and says, "It was a pleasure to speak with you all. I fear, though, that I should be heading back to the Rectory. It was an honor to be here, and see the devotion and love that you all have for the gods, however." With this, his gaze sweeps the gathering, including them all in the sentiment, before the Legate begins to amble away.

Alarissa's making her way into the Keaton grounds, a smile on her face and dressed down a little for the occasions.

Margerie bends her body slightly over the baby, tone warmed and body language nurturing as she works on cheering baby Eadric again. And wonder of wonders, it seems to be working. Norwood reaches out for the baby and there's a moment of hesitation. I mean, not the guy's fault or anything, but her acorn! Well, Reigna's leaning in for a kiss and fine. She can share. But not before giving Eadric a kiss atop the head. "Reigna, it's a lovely ceremony. You and Kael ..." Look, it's rare words fail her, but for a moment? They totally do. She just looks SO DARN PROUD of ner nieceand nephew.

Orazio has left the vow engraved Idol of Limerance.

Derovai hangs out at the back of the event for a long, long moment, watching as people start to depart, kids in tow. But he settles at the bench he'd initially claimed, still pensive about something, his gaze serious and solemn. His gaze goes back towards the piece of parchment he'd left, chin tucked down.

Polite words to Orazio before, "I //did// raise one of my own Margerie, and one or two Laurents spent a great deal of time in my care also," Norwood chides Margerie as he takes up the baby and holds it QUITE PROPERLY tyvm. "It was quite moving." Norwood is absolutely loving all over the baby rather than actually paying attention to the Keatons though.

For a good while, Katarina is unable to separate herself from the onslaught of missives being presented to her by Pawn discreetly while she's disengaged from the event. Her expression becomes one of mild exasperation, quickly penning out rapid responses to several while he has her attention.

In the brief moment where she's not hauling someone's kid around, Jael grins at Reigna. "Absolutely, Rei." She returns the hug warmly. "It'll be fine. Isn't he? I hope he starts to take after Nicia more." A lopsided flick of a grin indicates that she's teasing her brother, mostly...even if he's not there, it's important to keep up appearances. Then Kael reaches her and she reaches for Aeryn, though her blue eyes stay locked on Squall' father while he speaks. His words are met with a firm nod. "Of course, Count Kael. Happy to."

Margerie snickers at Norwood's chiding words. "As may be, but he's adorable and I am not above moments of selfishly wanting to dote on him. That may be more at play than any concern about your childcare skills." And she flicks a look at Jael for the take after Nicia comment, shaking her head in amusement. "You are a mischief maker."

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