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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XI

Join us for another fun-filled night of sparring, spirits and superb company at the Golden Hart.

All levels (and disciplines) of fighters are welcome. Bring your weapons and armor of your choice, use the Hart's armor and weapons to truly test your skills, or just come to enjoy the scene, drink deep and make a playful wager or two on your favourite fighters.

This is a relaxed social fundraising event. More importantly, drinks are on the house.

All are welcome!

(OOC: This is a casual event created to cut loose and have some fun. The Hart is open to everyone. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please join us. We would be very happy to have you join us.)


March 11, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Valencia Brogan


Niklas Catalana Genevieve Perrach Thorley Theron Felicia Alban Joscelin Waldemai Zoey Tovell Violet Mirari Ian Agatha Wash Titania(RIP) Arik Mailys Gailin



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Waldemai has joined the upper rafters.

Wash is at the bar with Ian. They've already got drinks. Wash hs a book out, and is occasionally writing in it, as he is inspired.

Ian is already here, at the bar, and drinking at a pretty decent clip.

Brogan has joined the ringside great table.

Waldemai climbs into the usual cheap seats in the rafters. "Ale," he calls to the wait staff. "Bring us ale!"

Brogan wanders into the Arena, seeing some of the usual group of commoners ... sailors, blacksmiths, and dockworkers ... but a small contingent of the more notable group around Arx. He laughs as he hears Waldemai, "Aye, it's comin'..." and he takes up a spot at the larger of the ringside tables. "Hmm, we'll let some of the dockworkers sort themselves out and see if some of the duelists show up in a bit, eh?" And with that said, a serving girl moves to the rafters to figure out what man would like to drink.

3 Iron Guardsmen arrives, following Titania.

Puma, The Stonewood Forest Cat, Titania arrive, following Gailin.

Private Erin, Genevieve arrive, following Violet.

Private Erin have been dismissed.

"Hello, Greets, and Welcome to all you that've come to have some drinking and a bit of tussling tonight at the Golden Hart. Princess Valencia sends her warmest regards for you all, and hope you'll have a great time." Brogan welcomes with a grin, a whiskey in his hand as he nods to the gathered crowd tonight. "Given that I like fighting, and I love drinking..." A quick drink from the whiskey in hand, and he continues "I've taken over the responsibilities for the Sip and Spar, the Drink and Duel, Booze and Brawl!"

"As usual, you're all welcome to put together your own matches, and figure out the betting. Tonight, the Hart offers it's drinks on the House, but please be kind to the serving gals and guys as they do not work for free." With a final wave to the assembled patrons, Brogan nods towards the Pit, "Now, please, enjoy the good contests and drinks this evening. Let's enjoy a night of friendly combat before we head off to our own battles. Thanks for coming, and come have a drink with me when you've got the time to spare." That all said, Brogan sits down at the larger of the two Ringside Tables, and nods for the drinks to be served.

Wash salutes Brogan in a cavalier way. "Mighty find of you Lord Nightgold, stepping in for the Princess."

Waldemai applauds for the lord taking over the activities of the night. He also applauds the ale. One applause is louder than the other.

Ian mimics Wash's salute with his own drink, before refilling it from the bottle on the bar next to him.

Violet arrived leading Genevieve just in time for things to get started. As her hands come together she leans over and says, "I'll introduce you to him," To the private at her side. "We're off-duty now, remember. And I'm not drinking much now, so know I will make sure you get to barracks safely once more." And she pauses at the bar. "Cider please," Is what she gets with a glance at Gen.

Brogan nods to Wash, and rumbles back with a big grin, "No fancy dresses on me tonight though!" raising a whiskey in salute to those around. When the large Northman spots Violet, he calls out from his table, "Well met, Violet! Glad to see you. I was hoping I'd get a chance before traipsing my way up North to Stonewall." He gives her a warm smile, and then an equally friendly nod to Genevieve.

sends slow, calm glances around the room, searching out her surroundings. When Violet leans over, she nods a couple of times in acknowledgment and unspoken thanks. At the bar, she turns to face the server, then Violet again. "Uh, could I have cider too?" Then, adding, "Oh, I owe you some money from the other night."

Ian sits at the bar with Wash, working his way through a bottle of whiskey.

Genevieve offers a belated friendly nod to Brogan, a smile following.

Violet snorts in restrainted laughter at Genevieve's comment and waves a hand. "Nonsense, that was my treat," She says and takes her cider. "Come on," And she leads them towards Brogan with a grin. "Brogan! Well, we both ship off to Stormwall. Redrain has hired a few companies of the Crimson Blades. But it is good to get a drink in before things get serious," And she moves to sit next to him. A hand gestures to Genevieve and she says, "May I introduce our newest addition to the Blades, Private Genevieve Waldenwyn. Gen, this is Lord Brogan Nightgold. But he tends to dislike being called lord. If he is drinking, generally safe to call him Brogan. I get that right?"

Octavian, a silken spaniel, 3 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Zoey.

Zoey has joined the bar.

Ian sits at the bar with Wash, drinking. Since no one has taken the ring yet, he can focus on his whiskey. Which is what he's doing.

Felicia is, perhaps surprisingly, late! Shock, horror. Though the redheaded knight prowls into the Hart with a broader smile than she's worn of late, and instead of her usual lump of steel commonly disguised as a great sword, she's got a rubicund edition hung from her swordbelt instead.

As he spots Violet headed in his direction, Brogan slides a chair out for her and Genevieve as he stands, "Ah, good news. We can use all the help we can get, and the Crimson Blades is a damn fine group to have with us." He waits for them both to sit before he takes up his own chair again, "Seems like you might've heard that chat a time or two..." Brogan replies with a grin, but nods that she got it all right. "Well Met, Genevieve Waldenwyn." and he sits back down at the larger of the ringside tables right as Felicia walks in, he shouts out to her, "Whiskey over here for the King's Own Wrecking Ball!"

Wash greets Felicia and Zoey when the pair come in. "Dame Harrow, Lady Bisland." He says. "What do you think is more tragic, outliving your true love or being spurned by your true love?" Wash asks. "I'm trying my hand at writing a song."

Zoey walks in and finds Ian and Wash at the bar, and it is there that her steps take her. She smiles at Wash and leans over to kiss Ian's cheek. "My Lords," she greets as she takes a seat beside Ian. "Probably being spurned, Lord Wash," she muses. "Outliving your true love, if there is such a thing, would at least engender happy memories."

Violet has joined the ringside great table.

Ian takes a sip of his drink. "He keeps asking me about this stuff. I'm a terrible muse." He nods to Zoey.

Felicia's definitely in a mood, yes sir, at least to judge from the showy bow she gives, complete with a flourish and a wry smirk for Brogan,"And just in time for the fighting I see." she nods, turning her head to Wash only belatedly,"I'm with her, definitely spurned." she opines as she heads down towards the ring, or, well, the great table by the ring. Whiskey is, after all, her fuel.

Violet's head turns towards the door and a broad grin grows on her face as more familiar and friendly faces arrive. "Agatha! Felicia!" She calls out names and waves a hand from where she sits with Brogan. "Well, we try to keep that reputation." She admits with a shrug of her shoulder. "I lost a bet, by the way," She tells Brogan. "And since I will be away at the next one of these, I need to pay up tonight. Do you know any sea shanties?"

Taking the offered seat with a small but grateful smile, Genevieve lowers herself into it smoothy, with not a wasted movement. A 'well met' is offered to Brogan in reply, but she keeps quiet otherwise while the more gregarious persons in the room do their thing. She does wave to Agatha and Felicia, however, her expression a bit warmer.

Genevieve has joined the ringside great table.

Stepping into the arena, Alban takes a look around and rakes a hand through his hair. He doesn't clank as much as he has been of late, apparently trying a mixed approach between leather and armor. Stepping further into the arena he looks for people he knows, offering a smile and a wave to Agatha, Felicia, Zoey, Violet, and others. "Princess Bear!" He calls out to Agatha with a smile and then finds a chair to drop into, "Anyone know who's fighting who yet?" He asks.

Felicia has joined the ringside great table.

Waldemai calls down from the rafters, "No, and I've got silver for betting burning a hole in my pouch! More ale!"

"What shall we do with the drunken sailor." Felicia offers to Violet, maybe it's supposed to be a suggestion, maybe it's a question, it lacks the lilt at the end to betray the latter, though with those coming in behind her the smile goes from simply impish to practically wolfish as she leans up against the great table to snag the whiskey and tip it back,"I'll take whoever wants to go first." she offers,"Could use some more practice with Persuasion."

"Always listen to the ladies on matters of love..." Brogan calls out to Wash, pouring a glass of whiskey for Felicia as she makes her way over, "They're the ones that know the heart better than men. We generally are not thinking with that part of our anatomy most of the time. Upon seeing Zoey, the Northman calls out "Well Met, Lady Zoey." There's a shake of his head to Violet, "Ya know, all the taverns I've been in, and haven't learned a damn one. Probably has to do with too much Drinking and Brawling making them all fuzzy..." He quirks an eyebrow as he asks, "What kind of bet involves a sea shanty?"

Alban has joined the ringside great table.

"I am currently transcribing the dirtiest bawd I could find for my cousin Alarissa. I fear she has a nefarious intent for it. I shall sign my name extra large on the cover." Wash grins.

Niklas wanders in to the arena with the spritely step of someone who woke up with a hangover, remembered his soft boy life has no responsibilities so went back to sleep until the damnable sun went down. Now doing his best to walk with the swagger of someone who belongs here, just imagining what it's like to be the kind of person who is really into stabs and then taking on that character. He wanders over to the bar when he sees some familiar faces over there and slides onto a stool, nodding down to Wash and Ian. "Cousin, another cousin. Good morning to you both."

Violet offers Alban a smile and says, "Ah! I am glad to see you in good spirits, my lord. And upright." There is a faint twinkle in her eyes as she speaks. "I think everyone is getting their first drink in them. But -I- am all fired up and ready. OI! Anyone want to do a team match? An archer and a sword against an archer and a sword?" This last is called out loudly to the bar. "Thorley beat me on the sands and said I had to sing one while doing a round at the next Sip and Spar." She explains.

Niklas has joined the bar.

Violet she explains to Brogan.

Agatha comes in with some swagger on, the giant bardiche slung over her shoulder (albeit carefully so as not to, you know, injure bystanders). The greetings ring down on her and her free hand lifts to wave them up in volume. Someone's ready to play tonight, even if it involves eventually being knocked about the ring. "HELLO EVERYONE," she booms, waving to many figures before she heads over to lean on Uncle Brogan's table, not quite sitting, but putting her foot on the ring of a chair and leaning into the conversation. "So where's the sign up sheet? Violet, Felicia - she pats her chest and then points to her sisters in arms. Grins at the drinkers, Alban and Genevieve. And hey, there's sort of cousin Zoey, she swears she heard that voice. A little hop and she waves at the archer.

Agatha has joined the ringside great table.

Zoey grins at Agatha. "Hello, Princess Aggie," she calls over cheerily from her seat beside Ian. She nudges the man with her shoulder, murmuring something more softly.

Halfway through taking a swig of cider, Genevieve offers a wave with her other hand for the benefit of anyone she might not have greeted.

"AGATHA!" Brogan roars back to the Redrain Princess, and stands up to wrap her in a huge bearhug. He takes a step back, looking her over, and grinning as she nods to her Sisters-in-Arms. He nods to a seat at the table, "Come on, have a seat and we'll get to the fighting soon' enough." He takes his seat, and looks over to Alban, "Well met, Lord Alban. I don't think we've had a chance to share a drink, but this is as good a time as any." and he pushes over a bottle of Northern Whiskey to the man. There's a chuckle from the Northman as he nods to Violet, "Ah, I see. Well, maybe the Admiral has a list of Songs that you can sing that'll keep us all entertained?"

"Okay, let's try this, I'm going to head to the sands, whoever's feeling game 's welcome to come join me." Felicia offers as she pushes off from the table, reaching up to clasp Agatha's shoulder,"No sign-up sheet, you just say you want to go and... go." she advises as she prowls off towards the sands with an entirely too cheery smirk.

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A smile makes the corner of Ian's mouth twitch when Agatha booms her way inside, but he keeps his attention mostly at the bar, nodding to Niklas as he arrives, and then saying something to Zoey and Wash.

It's hard to say who Alban might remember having met that fateful night, but he doesn't order any whiskey either. When Felicia offers to go first he chuckles, "I don't know if I've improved enough to take on Persuasion again." He says with a little laugh but then is getting whiskey shoved at him, "Well... I shouldn't..." He says but then a glass is provided and Alban chuckles again, shaking his head he pours himself about half a glass before sliding the whiskey back to Brogan, "To fighting." And he takes a drink, or two, or three, until the whiskey is gone from his glass in that one drink and he sets it down. He looks over at Felicia and then stands up, "Alright. Fine." He grins and moves over towards the ring, "Unless anyone else is going to step up." He steps down onto the sands himself.

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Wash gestures for Agatha to join the ring.

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Alban wields Skyguard.

Felicia wields Persuasion.

Waldemai calls down from the rafters, "I'll place 1000 on Dame Felicia at two to one...I pay you a thousand if she loses, and you pay me five hundred if she wins!" No, he's not a bookie.

Violet pops up from her seat as eager as anyone to follow after Felicia. So she pauses and smiles at Alban as he seems to do the same. "Do -you- know any sea shanties?" She asks hopefully as she strings her bow. "I can hold off unless Lady Zoey or Genevieve wants to pair with one of you?" Her eyes skip between the two with swords and then to her fellow archers. Wash gets a glance too, she'll talk to him later about shanties if no one else proves fruitful. "I may just sing a really bawdy mercenary song then..."

Agatha gives Brogan a Half Headbutt after the bearhug. He's one of the only people that gets to manhandle her the way, well, the way she regularly manhandles others. When Felicia says they can just go, though? She's swatting at Brogan's shoulders to put her down. "OHHHH, darn it. Someone got there first! I'll have to go next. But Felicia and I should have a great fight later!" Then, even if she probably shouldn't show a preference, the princess calls out, "KICK HIS ASS, LITTLE RED!"

Niklas has left the bar.

Genevieve sits up straighter and peeks up from table upon hearing her name, still sipping at the cider.

"Don't think I'll take it easy on you." Felicia asserts at Alban before nodding at Violet,"Go ahead and pair with Alban, Vi." she recommends as she draws her sword,"A few bruises aren't going to do me any harm." there's certainly more merriment than there has been lately, though as usual she waits for her opponents to be ready respectfully before offering them a salute.

As the fighting and betting begins, the crowd starts to grow louder at the upcoming battle, and Brogan calls out "Alright! First bout goes to Dame Felicia and Lord Alban..." He watches Violet meet them, and then he calls out, "And maybe an Archer Duel if we've got another that's interested?" He raises his whiskey to Alban, "Good luck..." and then to Felicia, "...Be Gentle!" and offers the King's Own a friendly wink. There's a grin at the headbutt and swat from Agatha, "Fine.. Fine!" and he shakes his head, "I'm sure you'll get your chance."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Waldemai can't get a taker for his bet even at 2 to 1. Good thing there's no such thing as a bad fight.

"Be gentle? BAH!" It's HAH's little cousin! Agatha slaps Brogan heavily on the arm before sitting down at last. Well. Sitting down on the edge of her seat. And bouncing back up onto her feet again to roar along with the crowds when the fight gets going. Okay. Fine. She might be the only one roaring. It may still sound like a crowd.

Violet snorts and shakes her head, "I hope you won't be gentle!" She says in reply as she salutes Felicia and steps up next to lord Alban. She glances at him with a smile and bob of her head. "This will be fun," She tells him confidently. She thinks earning bruises are fun. That's probably what makes a person a Redrain, right?

"I'll take that bet!" Alban calls out to Waldemai, "And put five thousand on myself!" Apparently the whiskey has made him brave, or foolhardy, or both. Or maybe he just is out to have a good time. Either way he draws his blade and steps into the ring as he looks at Felicia, "And I won't go easy on you either." He says with a chuckle, eyes flashing with mirth as he looks over at the redhead across from him. "After all, you've thrashed me enough times that now I know all your moves." He looks over at Violet, "Doesn't look like there's another archer coming in Colonel, you might want to get clear." He then calls out to Agatha, "And after Dame Harrow has been woken up and pulled out of the ring, I will take you on next Princess." He might be talking a lot, but he seems to be talking a lot. He looks over at Violet, then Felicia, "Two on one?" He asks, frowning, "Hardly fair."

That's something for Thorley to walk in on. "Oh dear Gods, he's going to get his Farshaw ass handed to him." the older knight grumbles as he goes to find a seat and cheer on his beloved.

There's a deep roaring laugh that comes from the large Northman at Alban's boasts, and he raises his glass of whiskey to him, "Good Luck!" and when Thorley walks in, Brogan waves the man over to the greater ringside table, "Over here. Violet has a seat setup, and a place for you as well!" Then he lifts the whiskey adding, "And we've got whiskey." Brogan does nudge Agatha, adding, "Seems like you've got a fight already, and the first one is just starting..."

"The dame asked for a two on one, my lord. Knowing how hard she hits, I am not one to complain," Violet says with a grin before turning towards Felicia. "Am I right?" She inquires, ready to leave if the woman indicates she should do so.

Felicia snorts,"I promise that there's one or two you haven't seen yet." she assures Alban with a laugh,"Oh I usually end up fighting someone-and-Violet... so far she's managed to take me out every time. But that's okay. War isn't fair, seems like excellent practice to me." there's a beckoning wriggle of her fingers, unconcerned by the unevenness of the bout.

Felicia takes minor damage.

Genevieve is sitting quite happily at the same table as Brogan and Agatha, quiet but relaxed. She sips at a tankard of cider, waving to Thorley but remaining silent as she watches the fight in progress.

"Dame Harrow, if you want some assistance, I can harry Violet for you!" Thorley calls out as he drops into the seat and grins across at Agatha. "We haven't had a good go 'round since your first day when you were havin' to borrow gear. Like to see how you do now that yer all kitted up."

Thorley has joined the ringside great table.

Felicia takes minor damage.

Violet takes very serious damage.

Violet takes minor damage.

Alban takes moderate damage.

Felicia takes serious damage.

Felicia takes moderate damage.

Violet takes moderate damage.

Felicia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 1, rolling 57 higher.

Felicia remains capable of fighting.

Gailin wanders in escorting the beautiful Countess Titania on his arm. He looks around to spot any that he may know.

A yell sounds through the room as Genevieve shouts, "C'MON VI!" Then a moment passes, she blinks a couple of times, and actually looks a bit surprised at her own volume.

When Gailin and Titania come into the Arena, Brogan looks over, and waves a big hand in welcome. "Well Met! Welcome to the Golden Hart. We're enjoying some Fighting while the Drinks are on the House tonight. If you need anything just ask." Then there's a pause as the quiet Genevieve shouts out, Brogan turns a large smile her way, and then shouts out towards the arena equally loud, "GREAT FIGHT!" and then passes the private a playful wink.

Agatha barks out a laugh when she sees Genevieve's expression. She leans past Brogan to slap the archer on the shoulder and adds her own noisy, raucous cry. "C'MON VI! C'MON Little Red!" Sure they're on opposite sides. Since when does that matter? "And you should get a few hits in too," she shouts while gesturing towards Alban

Alban does not look like he thinks this is very fair, he glances back and forth between Violent and Felicia for a few moments, "Very well then." He looks at Felicia and says, "You realize Dame Harrow, the odds are very much not in your favor outnumbered?" But he salutes with his sword and then takes up a defensive position between Felicia and Violet. As the fight starts though it's clear that a defensive position alone isn't going to be enough against a blade that long as Felicia is able to move and slip past him to strike at Violet several times. He frowns, "This is odd..." But then he steps into Felicia's rushes, bringing his blade around in far less tentative strikes at the redhead since she seems so focus on the archer alone. "I know you need to take care of the archer first Felicia, but you really should be more careful..." And he checks a shoulder into her, trying to separate Felicia again before he brings the sword around in harder arcs at the redhead.

Without hopefully Agatha or Brogan notices, Thorley passes the whiskey bottle unpoured for himself from the large man to the redhead as unobtrusively as possible, instead keeping his eyes on the unfolding spar.

Titania walks in with Gailin her arm hooked into his looking around, "I wonder where Princess Valecia is, I so wanted to talk to her." she says to Gailin softly, her Ocean blue eyes looking around as they caome in.

"Wouldn't be fair to them!" Felicia calls to Thorley, with a grin, granted, her intention is to try and move around the Lord as much as possible, more mobile than she usually goes for, seemingly choosing to spare Alban in favor of battering at the archer behind him. It might be lopsided, but she's unconcerned, even if the weight of two attackers certainly takes a toll fairly quickly she isn't inclined to give the ground as yet. Laughing where she's blocked by Alban and backing off a few paces to try and catch her breath,"That's the point, though, my lord. Besides, more excuses to drink whiskey and find a warm bath afterwards."

Zoey wrinkles her nose slightly at whatever is said at the bar, speaking quietly in return.

Genevieve giggles a bit, grinning half-sheepishly at Brogan and Agatha.

Gailin shakes his head and laughs. "I have no idea my love. But we can find her another time if she doesnt show up here tonight." He says with a playful smile catching the last bit of the bout before shouting to Brogan. "Well met to you as well. Fights huh? That sounds entertaining." He says with a smirk as he pats his claymore.

Violet first shot takes a stunning blow against Felicia's shoulder. The Dame's swing connecting with her armor, but doing little else as she dances away. As Alban moves in for the attack she looses another arrow, striking the woman from behind. Which was her mistake because that next swing comes around and connects hard in her side. Violet is thrown into the sand where she rolls expertly, not losing her grip on the bow, and is back on her feet. Sure she is grimacing, but it hasn't stopped her yet. The next arrows glances off and she begins to move again around Felicia, but her movements are matched and a glancing blow against her pull arm is made.

Then things get hairy. Violet moves away and attempts to flank. And as she lifts her bow to fire Alban steps in the way. RIGHT in the ass. "Fuck! Sorry," She shouts before dodging to the side again. Then she shoots Felicia for realses even as her hip gets a good chop. At that point she spots Thorley and a grin comes over her. Suddenly? Vi is singing. It isn't skilled in any way. Hers is the voice of a soldier, "Now whiskey is the life of man, Always was since the world began, now whiskey gave me a broken nose, And whiskey made me pawn me clothes!"

Of course Alban isn't used to fighting with someone whizzing arrows right past his head, and unfortunately in his effort to catch Felicia, and in Violet's efforts to shoot down the redhead Alban gets caught by the blunted arrow and he slaps at his ass with his non-sword wielding hand, "What was that?" He calls to Violet with a wince.

"It wasn't a love tap!" Thorley calls out, roaring in laughter.

"More of a love poke," Agatha suggests from her spot near Thorley

Brogan catches Gailin and Titania quickly as they start to pass by, saying something quietly to the two, and then his smile widens at the claymore that Gailin is carrying. "Aye, everyone is welcome to participate, and release some stress as needed. I'm Lord Brogan Nightgold..." a pause, and he adds, "But ust Brogan tonight." His attention is diverted for a moment when Violet's shot goes astray, and he grins at Thorley's comment and laughter. "As you can see, we're all in good spirits tonight. Be welcome here."

Felicia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 14 higher.

Felicia remains capable of fighting.

Violet takes moderate damage.

Felicia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 52, rolling 1 lower.

Felicia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 21, rolling 44 higher.

Felicia remains alive, but close to death.

Felicia falls unconscious.

Waldemai has lost his bet. He sends the thousand down to Alban.

Gino, a surly sailor, 1 Velenosa House Guards arrive, following Antonio.

Titania nods her head to Brogan, "I thank you and yes please do." she says to the man then looking she spots Ian, Wash and Zoey. Her ocean blue eyes looking over each one before turning to Gailin, "If you wish to spar, I would enjoy watching."

Gailin nods his head with a bright smile. "I just may step into the ring Brogan. Im Count Gailin Fireviper, Count of Cedarvale and this is my wife Countess Titania." He says with a smile. "But please just call me Gailin."

Ian nods to Titania and Gailin when they come in.

Zoey looks up as Ian nods and greets Gailin and Titania with a cheery smile and a little wave of her hand.

"What ya think, Your Highness. Want to give it a whirl?" Thorley asks Agatha as he shakes his head at Brogan. "I'll grab a drink after the spar, promise." the older knight offers before he offers a bow of his head to Gailin and Titania.

Alban is caught between watching his own ass, literally, and trying to defend Violet from Felicia's violent swings at the Archer. Still he chuckles and shakes his head, stepping in to swipe at Felicia over and over again to make her be unable to focus on the archer. "Just don't shoot me in the other cheek!" He calls out to Violet, "I don't need a matching pair!" But he doesn't seem all that upset by it as he steps in again, pushing at Felicia to give Violet clean shots... her armor however stopping most of his own.

"Well met, Gailin..." Brogan replies back with is own smile, and a nod of his head to Titania, "I will, my Lady. It's a pleasure to meet you both." His gaze shifts to Thorley, and salutes him with his glass. Then, as the bout ends, Brogan calls out "WELL FOUGHT!!" Raising his arms for the crowd to cheer with him, "Good start to a night of fights!"

Gailin nods to Ian and Zoey as well. "Ian, Zoey, Its a pleasure to see the two of you again." He calls back to Zoey and Ian. "I love the idea of fighting. My love I think Ill go ahead and spar someone if they wish to fight me." Gailin states with a smile before turning back to Brogan. "Fun and fights cant beat that combination and adding free drinks to it I cant turn it down."

Genevieve nods and smiles at Brogan, then starts applauding and cheering with the rest of the crowd. Her hands go straight back to her tankard of cider once she's finished, though. Can't leave that unattended for too long, apparently.

Agatha shouts out, "You know that's practically an invitation to get shot in the other cheek next time you're sparring with an archer," to Alban as she stands up and does a little pirouette in answer to something Brogan says at their table. Okay. She more stands up and does a big lumbering turn in response to a comment. As for Thorley? She just grins and starts to hurry forward to get in the ring before someone else can. Once she's there, she says, "I am prepared for my lessons in humility and how to fall down with dignity! May we make the Spirits laugh and Gloria nod with vague approval!"

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"NOW WHISKEY IS THE LIFE OF MAN, WHISKEY FROM THA' OLD TIN CAN," Violet sings loudly as she circls Felicia, falling into the rhythm. Now that she is taking into account Alban's lack of experience in sparing with an archer. Her next hit is harsh and right behind the knee on Dame Felicia. She pays for it with a cut across the gut that has her staggering back, drawing another arrow. "Shall do, my lord!" She calls before the next lines, sang loudly as the arrows is released. "I thought I heard the firstmate say, 'I treats me crew in a decent way, A glass of whiskey all-" And then the dame is down! "ALL AROUND! AND A BOTTLE FULL FOR THE SHANTY MAN!" And she points an accusing finger at Thorley, before turning to check on Felicia.

Thorley is laughing even harder now, as he rises from his seat to go join Agatha in the arena. "You should have just sang to Felicia, it'd been more damaging!" the knight calls out to Violet before giving her a saucy wink. "And you can have my bottle full! Ha!" he offers as he drops into the ring.

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Felicia lands on her back after that last shot from Violet, too much running around trying to get around Alban, and too many blows taken in the process. There's a tired kind of laugh from her as she protests,"Gods, y'keep hitting that spoke Colonel and I'm going to have a limp." she protests, electing to try and catch her breath sprawled on her back. A hand is raised at least to get a hand to her feet so she can eye Agatha and say," least two whiskey's first."

Titania chuckles and waves to Zoey and Ian and Wash. She heads over to find a seat and sit down with Gailin till he takes the sand.

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Wash salute Titania and Gailin with his drink. "Lord and Lady Fireviper." He says with a smile.

Zoey lifts her cognac to Gailin. "Always a pleasure, Gailin." And then it's back to the conversation barside.

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Alban moves to check on Felicia as well, making sure she is ok and helping her to her feet with a clasp of the hand, "I still want to spar you sometime without you having to dodge arrows." He says to the redhead with a smile as he moves past the other pair, "Kick his ass Princess!" He calls out to Agatha and winks at Thorley before retaking his seat. He looks over at Gailin, "If you have no takers, I'll step back onto the sands to give you a spar. That one felt..." He wrinkles his nose, "Well it was hardly a fair contest..."

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Ian nods to whatever Zoey asks him and replies quietly.

"It was the other one this time," Violet says with little apology as she helps her up. Though she is rubbing her side and grimacing. "You gave me something to remember you by too." She heads back for the table and as she passes Thorley she grins, clasping his hand warmly as they do. "I'm sticking to cider," She tells him with a wink before heading to the table and plopping down with a heavy 'oof' and a grin for her companions there.

The Northman raises a salute to Gailin in agreement with his assessment of the night. "Truer words never spoken, Gailin!" Brogan calls back, turning his gaze back to the Pit, and booming out "Now a treat! Two Knights to do battle! Princess of Redrain and the Sword of Westrock Reach!" Again he looks to the large gathering, and calls out "Let's give them a round of applause!" As the others make their way back to the table, Brogan makes sure there's plenty of drink to be had, "Every fight you walk way from is a victory, Alban. Every one a learning experience." and takes a drink to that.

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Gailin smiles with a laugh and a nod. "That sounds fair." He says to Alban. "I must warn you Im not that great a fighter." He says with a laught and a nudge to Titania. "Isnt that right my love."

Through the throng gathered about the sleek, raven haired little figure of Mailys glides easily. A soft touch of the back of her hand to those gathered and crowed around the ring and bar allow her to slip through. Her other hand gathers the shimmering silks of her dress as they trail in her wake so as not to be caught up or stepped upon. She makes her way to the bar first and places an order. With everything hopping a tumbler is soon slid over and filled with a dark liquor. She tucks a stray lock behind one ear before lifting it and continuing on her way in as her gaze scans the arena below and the crowd around.

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Agatha takes minor damage.

Felicia chuckles at Alban, content to utilize both him and Violet as help back to the table simply, well, because she can,"Go for it, both of you!" she'll barrack for both, apparently, for all that she pours herself into a seat to snag a fresh whiskey,"War's not fair. But, if it helps when I'm in Crovane... it has value. And maybe I decided I didn't want to put too many more dents in your armor this time." she suggests to Alban before nursing her whiskey.

Genevieve In response to Brogan's encouragement of the crowd, Genevieve lets out a loud cheer and claps her hands together.

Agatha takes moderate damage.

Wash gives a polite amount of applause, not being overly familiar with either of the combatants. "Godswill to both of you!" He calls out.

Agatha takes serious damage.

Gailin hearing Wash's voice he turns and gives a nice bow. "Wash my friend how are you? Its been far to long. You Ian and Zoey should come on over to Fireviper manor sometime."

Alban smiles at Gailin, "If it's any consolation, nobody here thinks I am either. I'm more of a table warrior than a real warrior it seems." He then offers an introduction, "Lord Alban Farshaw, General of Westrock Reach." He says to Gailin with a bow of his head. He looks over towards the sands and watches the fight going on down there for a moment before he shakes his head, "She must be being to rash... Thorley is not someone good to leave openings to." Then he looks around for another drink and he smiles as he spots Mailys coming in and stands up, "Mistress Corsetina." He calls out to her, beckoning with one hand, "Come, join us. We're drinking whiskey though, if you would prefer something else it can be provided."

Miella, a dark-haired shop apprentice, 1 Malvici Guards arrive, following Mirari.

"Would it be too much if I brought Catalana along too?" Wash asks with a teasing tone.

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The ring is full of noisy metallic clanks and a lot of flashing red and gold tones as the rubicund clad knights with their rubicund weapons do battle. Agatha's style is, well ... imagine a tree decided it really wanted to hit things in life. Deeply rooted, not really going anywhere, but swinging with mighty blows, even if they aren't connecting. Then again it also means she's just standing there and fairly easy to get hits on!

Mirari walks into the arena, and she spots Waldemai, moving to climb up into the rafters to take a seat next to him. She gazes down at the ring, crossing her lets as she watches the match.

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Zoey smiles as Agatha takes the ring. "I like watching her fight," she muses.

Thorley's holding his own as he feels out Agatha's attack style. He remembers it from the first time that the pair sparred - and as he gets in close, he relies on his armor to hold out against the damaging blows that Agatha makes, while he tries to get through the armor that the woman wears. "I see they got you kitted up rather nicely, Your Highness." he grunts between hits. "Means I'm gonna have to upgrade my own before we get out in the field - want to come back mostly hale, after all."

Titania smiles, "Bring her! I need to spea k with her anyways." she smiles looking over to wash.

Gailin shakes his head to Wash. "Not at all my friend. The more the Merrier." He says turning back to alban. "Count Gailin Fireviper Count of Cedarvale and Sword of Stonehearth."

Agatha takes moderate damage.

Thorley takes minor damage.

Agatha checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 25 higher.

Agatha remains capable of fighting.

There's a slight jostle of bodies that nearly causes Mailys to spill her drink though she rescues it rather marvelously. A smile and few soft words are exchanged there followed by a bit of laughter beneath the din. She seems in fine spirits even as she makes her way further in. Her head tilts towards the call of her name. It takes a moment to spot the familiar face of Alban through the crowd. Her voice rises, "Lord Farshaw, we meet again it seems," to call over the crowd. At his beckon she eases towards him, a flush of pink upon her cheeks already as it's likely this isn't her first drink. "And it's alright, I found some bourbon on my way in, though I'll take a whiskey chaser behind it." She smiles easily towards him and those he's gathered with and raises her glass with a "Greetings and Cheers."

Violet is on her feet and whistling and clapping as Thorley and Agatha clash together. Then she is back in her seat with her cide and talking quietly with her table companions.

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When Mirari comes in, Brogan gives her a friendly waves as she makes her way up to the rafters, and turns his attention back to the table. Brogan nods to Mailys, "Please, have a seat, and enjoy the fights. Lord Brogan Nightgold. Well met." and he motions for one of the open seats at the ringside table the group has commandeered. Brogan grimaces a little as Agatha goes swinging and stomping like an Ice Bear, and he yells out to her, "PRINCESS!! MORE GROWLING!"

Agatha finally gets a shot to land, something that always gets the big red firebrand to grin. It doesn't even distract her that much! Of course the moment of triumph is remarkably short lived as Thorley slams the next shot right into her side. She rarely seems to FEEL a blow until they knock her all the way down, but this one sends her into the side of the ring with an "OOF!" Followed by a good natured cough and, "Just remember I have to make it to the front!" Oh. WAIT! She laughs as she gets her breath back and then GROWLS as she leaps back into the fray.

Alban smiles at Mailys when she comes over, "Then whiskey you shall have as a chaser or otherwise." He smiles and pulls out a chair for Mailys and then introduces her all around to the table before he looks back to the fight in the sands. Or rather he would if others didn't get to it first.

A courteous dip of Genevieve's head is combined with a raising of her tankard when Mailys makes her greeting. Then, at the pat from Violet, she turns and smiles, "I am." Then, adding, "You all fought very well. It was a good fight to watch."

Mirari throws a piece of paper at Brogan, laughing softly.

Violet laughs as Agatha stumbles against the ring and near enough for her to reach out to try and shove her back towards Thorley. "Go get him, Bear!" She tells the Redrain princess fondly. And of course she shoots Thorley a wink.

Titania looks between her cousins and Zoey, "If you like you can come join me at the table." she looks to Gailin wih a smile and back to her cousins.

The hit against Thorley's side causes the man to give a grunt and he grins. "There we go!" he calls out encouragingly, re-engaging the Pirncess. As the two move and fight in twain, suddenly, Thorley shifts stances and the man lunges out, with his blade slamming into Agatha and causing the sound of metal upon metal to reverb around the arena with the hit. "Shit!" the knight is quick to step back as he quickly studies Agatha. "You alright?!"

Gailin looks over to Wash Ian and Zoey. "Of course wed love for you to join us. And Wash we need to talk about you getting me out on a ship again."

Brogan is dinked with a piece of paper, to which he opens and reads it, before looking up to Mirari and giving her a thumbs up with a chuckle.

Agatha checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 51, rolling 84 higher.

Agatha remains capable of fighting.

Thorley takes minor damage.

Thorley takes minor damage.

Thorley takes critical damage.

Zoey winces.

Agatha has rolled a critical success!
Agatha checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 83, rolling 71 higher.

Agatha remains capable of fighting.

Thorley checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 32 higher.

Thorley remains capable of fighting.

Agatha checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 90, rolling 38 lower.

Agatha checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 52, rolling 46 higher.

Agatha remains alive, but close to death.

Agatha falls unconscious.

"I'm good here," Ian says to Titania. "But thanks." Not in the mood to move today, it would appear.

Mirari laughs softly at something Waldemai says and she shakes her head as she gazes down at the ring, booted feet kicking back and forth.

"The same to you, Mistress Corestina," comes Genvieve's reply, though she doesn't add anything else. There are others who have more important contributions to make to the conversation, and she's fine with that. She does rather beam at Violet's praise, however. More cider is swigged, then a then the tankard is placed down and cheers and applauds are added to the room's appreciation of the fight.

As Mailys gaze slips from the table she's settled into, her green gaze catches Mirari in the rafters. She lifts a jeweled hand and gives her a wave before turning towards the table as others offer greetings.

Hey, who knew, the growling works! It may not be enough for Agatha to win the day, but it certainly does seem to give her a shot of adrenaline as she comes in with whomping willow strikes. Every ounce of strength is poured into the swings of the bardiche, whether they land or miss. There's more than growl for one of those hits - she swings the pole of the weapon at Thorley's side to echo the mighty, mighty hurt he put on her earlier. But all good things must come to an end. Maybe not a SENSIBLE end as, per usual, the big branwy dummy just keeps going until she literally falls down and -has- to stop going rather than saying that awfully uncomfortable word, 'yield.'. She just taps at his armor and grins. "Okay. I blacked out once today. I think I shouldn't do it again. The healer gets this funny look when I tell them I did that." AGAIN.

Titania watches them she winces who knows if its from the spar going on or at Ian she n ods her head turns her full attention onto the fight and falls quiet.

Wash wasn't expecting -that-. The riveting conclusion to that fight has him slow-clapping as soon as the final blow is struck. "Well fought Princess! Well fought indeed!" He lifts his glass. "To Westrock Reach!"

Just as Thorley was going in on the attack, Agatha's blade comes across and catches him in the joint between leather and armor. This is the fault of having a mismatched set - sometimes, it leaves an area open to exploit. Unlike Agatha's armor that was all made to fit together, Thorley's is pieced from different suits to make something that works. And it shows now as the breastplate is ripped asunder and flies across the arena, smacking into the sand, and leaving only thin leather beneath. He falls backwards into the ground, and for several seconds there is silence before the knight rolls over and pushes himself to his feet.

"Ready..." he manages, and moves back into the killing machine that is Agatha Redrain. She's determined to stay on her feet - he's determined to get her down. He's favoring his left side heavily as he pants and grunts with each swing and when she finally yields, it's all that Thorley can do to lean against the redhead and give her an embrace. "Fuck, your Highness. Don't stand a chance against.. you."

Gailin ooohs. "Damn that looks like it hurt."

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Zoey smiles at the conclusion of the fight and applauds for both Agatha and Thorley. "And that, Lord Wash, is why I enjoy watching Princess Aggie fight." She looks content to stay by Ian's side, even lightly nudging his shoulder with her own before reaching for hi hand.

Thorley is overheard praising Agatha for: The Red Bear that won't go down easily.

Alban chuckles as he watches the fight come to it's conclusion but he blinks when that last hit nearly lays Thorley out, "Gods above..." He says to nobody in particular, "She might be able to-" But his words get cut off when Thorley catches her again and he chuckles, "Ah well." He clangs his bottle on the surface of the table, "Well fought!" He roars out and then gets another glass of whiskey, one per fight it seems tonight. He drinks it down and then sets the empty aside, "Well?" He asks Gailin, "Don't think I didn't hear that 'Sword of Stonehearth' bit. Can't fight my noble behind." He chuckles and stands up, "This time, I most definitely will not bet on myself." He calls up to Wal.

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Ian gives Zoey's hand a light squeeze. He takes a little more interest in the fighting ring when Gailin goes to fight.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer arrives, following Theron.

Felicia can't help but wince in sympathy for the blow Thorley took. Damn, that looks like it hurt, a lot. She raises her whiskey in salute of the pair with a grimace, seemingly content to stay parked where she is right now.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer leaves, following Theron.

Violet cringes at a blow from Agatha on the sands. "Oh, ow," She says softly and nibbles her lip thoughtfully. The fact his armor fell off makes her frown slightly. Then Wash is toasting and she smiles and lifts her glass as well, "I'll drink to that." She says happily as she lifts her own mug. Now she moves to the exit from the sands. She says something softly to him as she does.

Mongoose arrives, following Joscelin.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer, Joscelin arrive, following Theron.

Agatha borrows Thorley's armor and the ropes to climb back up to her feet. She frowns when she expects to find metal and finds whatever Thorley had on under the breastpate. "What happened to your armor? You should have TOLD ME! I would have stopped long enough for you to get that!" And because this is what you do when you're a fighter, she slugs him in his armored arm for that! She also looks a little confused. "Well you stand a chance. You just beat me," she says in confusion as they help one another out of the ring for the next pair.

Arriving late to the event of good natured fighting, Perrach keeps an eye to the ring that hosts the fighters. Reaching the bar where there are a few faces he's familiar with, he gives a silent greeting in the form of a head nod. "Lords..." Is said to Ian and Wash. "Anyone impressive so far?"

Titania attention goes fully onto Gailin when he goes to take the sands, a soft smile on hr face as she watches him.

Pressing a hand to his side, Thorley gives a wince. "Dammit." he grunts angrilly, feeling his fingers along the thinner armor, when Agatha slugs him in the arm. "Would you have told me, had it happened to ya?" he grimaces as he moves to rise to his feet fully and makes his way over to his damaged breastplate. "I'll have to get it replaced before we leave." comes the dejected little mutter. "At least I have the money to do it." And with that, he picks up the plate and waves it to the crowd from his right side before moving gingerly to sit with Violet at the table again. "Maybe I should give it to Princess Agatha as a trophy."

Theron and Joscelin are together for a night on the town, apparently. Sword and Guildmaster are discussing something quietly, though both appear to be in an incredibly cheerful mood.

Gailin stands up and looks around. "So whod like to go againt me?" He asks with a smile.

Waldemai calls down from the rafters, "More ale in the cheap seats! No one's fallen out yet!"

Mirari lets out a piercing whistle from the rafters. "Joscelin, bring your pretty ass up here!" After a moment of silence she adds. "I guess you can bring Theron with you too, if you want."

Wash gestures to Thorley. "The bout between the Princess of Redrain and Sword of Westrock Reach was a nailbiter." Wash says, "Both contestants in the next one claim theey are no great shakes with a blade. We'll see if one of them is just being modest I suppose." He gestures for Perrach to join them. "Drink? I'm much more comfortable getting drunk now that plans are set." He looks at his drink. "This is... Ian? What are we drinking?"

Alban raises an eyebrow and says to Gailin, "Unless you've changed your mind... I will." But he is already standing from his table, "You would be the third sword I've sparred in recent memory so I will do my best to hold my own." He smiles, "Unless you wish a more seasoned opponent."

"Well, no," Agatha admits when Thorley asks if she'd have told him. She also pfffts at the idea of giving it to her as a trophy. "I have my armor! Someone who needs more can fix it and ..." Wait! Someone said Joscelin! Don't mind her, she's gonna be distracted hopping up a bit to look for that curly hair...

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Gailin shakes his head to Alban. "No you and I can spar. Itd be fun Im sure." Gailin says with a laugh and heading towards the ring.

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"Go for it lord Alban!" Felicia cheers from her spot.

Joscelin is on Theron's arm, wearing gold, a backless tunic that shows off the star-flower scar that stretches across her back. She's conversing with Theron, animated, gold eyes bright; the woman is intrigued by something, and a few times they actually stop, the woman holding him in place as she makes him repeat something or elaborate. And then- "-ack! We should get a table, yes?"

"Sir Perrach." Ian nods to Perrach when he comes to the bar. "Have you met... Oh, looks like you have." He nudges the bottle of whiskey in Perrach's direction. "This is Lady Zoey Bisland." Probably he's talking about the woman next to him.

Genevieve smiles genuinely at Thorley and Agatha. "You both fought very well," she says, clearly impressed. She then turns her attention to the ring of valor, and quite earnestly states, "I think it's very admirable that Lord Alban's going for another bout after that arrow he took to his backside."

Thorley grins at Genevieve and quips wryly. "Maybe you can offer him a matching set!"

Mirari and Waldemai quietly discuss bets in the rafters and after a bit of discussion come to an accord. She leans forward a bit, peeking at the combatants.

Alban smiles at Gailin, "Very good. It wouldn't do for me to attend one of these things and /not/ end up on my ass, even if Violet did try to put one into my right cheek." He then heads down from the table he was at and onto the sands, offering a smile and a clap of a hand to Thorley's shoulder, "Well fought Sir Sangreef. You as well Princess Bear." He draws his blade again and then salutes towards Gailin, "When you are ready." He then takes up a ready stance.

Genevieve grins back at Thorley, chuckling, then takes another big swig of cider as she directs her eyes back towards the ring.

"It was an accident!" Violet calls out to Alban from the table. Then she returns to the quiet and friendly chatter there.

Gailin moves into the sands himself drawing his claymore from its sheath on his back. He than salutes Alban back and takes up his own ready stance.

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Theron leads Joscelin over to the rafters, chatting with her in the meantime.

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Alban takes minor damage.

Gailin takes minor damage.

Gailin takes minor damage.

Alban takes moderate damage.

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Titania leans over a bit so she can better watch her husband fight, her hands come together as she watches exciment in her eyes.

When Gailin pulls out the big claymore Alban's shoulders set and he chuckles, "What is it with me and fighting against all these greatswords. Does nobody even use a more traditional blade?" He asks, but his tone is light and he is smiling as he steps forwards to engage with Gailin. The tip of his blade flicks out, testing Gailin's defenses while trying to keep himself clear of that much larger bag. He gets caught by the tip of Gailin's sword as it glances across his breastplate lightly but he smiles, nodding in appreciation before he steps in again, pressing Gailin's defenses more and scoring a few hits of his own before he gets knocked back by another swing of the Swords huge claymore that has him stumbling for a second before he catches his balance. "Very nice." He steps in again though and blades clash once more.

"Longsword has speed, great sword can be very persuasive, but harder to move." she suggests with wry amusement.

The clank of steel announces Sir Tovell Telmar and the ginger knight carries his helm in the crook of his arm. His scabbard bounces against his metal encased thigh. The King's Own knight peers through kind green peepers and checks out the crowd for friendly faces. He wears a warm expression and carries a positive countenance about him.

Mailys lifts slightly from her chair a moment and the conversation going on to whistle out over the crowd. "Stay on your feet Lord Farshaw else the stories of your cheeks might grow!" She settles back then into her chair with her head tilted towards those at the table as she enjoys the next drink of whiskey provided while watching the match continue.

Gailin smiles and bows before they start crossing blade. Testing the waters he edges forward and back making a small lunge and knicking him with the first blow the tip of his claymore grazing off his armor and with a smile. "Nice." He mutters to himself as he gets tagges a few more times the shots doing some decent damage. "Nice shots he says with a laugh as he lunges in and takes another good swing landing it almost knocking him on his ass but when he stays up he laughs. "Good to know youve got endurance." Gailin teases as they cross blades again.

Felicia raises a hand in acknowledgement of Tovell from her spot at the great ringside table, whistling sharply to draw his attention,"Tovell! Over here." she calls.

Alban takes minor damage.

Gailin takes minor damage.

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Gailin takes minor damage.

Gailin takes minor damage.

A curious glance is sent towards the entrance of Sir Tovell, lingering a little until Mailys' comment, which causes Genevieve fire an echoing giggle into her tankard. Draining the rest of the cider in one gulp, she then clonks it down on the table and turns her attention to the fight, cheering loudly and freely. Apparently the amount of sound that pours from her mouth is commensurate with the amount of booze she pours into it.

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Alban takes moderate damage.

Gailin takes minor damage.

Gailin takes minor damage.

Violet quietly and quickly follows after Thorley, looking just a touch concerned as she does.

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Sir Tovell makes his way to the table. It was not hard to miss Felicia. Perhaps they had some secret ginger knight radar or something. Or maybe it was her shouting across the room to catch his attention. The expressive fully armored knight makes his way to the great table. He undoes his sword belt and hangs the weapon over the back of a chair, "Thank you for having me at your table." He offers everyone at the table in his warm and expressive tone. The knight then sits down and sets his helm on an empty chair beside him.

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The contest appears to be surprisngly even for all intents and purposes. Alban trying to use his speed to get under Gailin's reach and avoid the powerful swings of the much larger sword being used against him. There is a moment where Alban seems to have landed a better strike, trying to slice at Gailin's arms to weaken the other man with how heavy the sword must be but for every nick he deals, he takes one in return as his armor and leathers absorb punishment that would otherwise be quite debilitating. Sweat begins to form on his face as the fight continues on but he is smiling at the exertion, "Now this... is a proper spar." He says as he tries to catch his breath, catching a swing from Gailin's sword on his own, using both hands to parry, "No two on one or arrows hitting me in the ass." He chuckles and then presses forwards again, striking back quickly as they circle and press on the sands.

Felicia whistles sharply for Alban,"Hey now, no complaints from you, you haven't beaten him yet."

Alban laughs, "I just said proper not that I was going to win."

Mirari gets a flower-painted slender perfume bottle from a small drawstring perfume bag.

Mirari puts a flower-painted slender perfume bottle in a small drawstring perfume bag.

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Perrach is leaning back against the bar with a couple of others bound to House Thrax. "And they get themselves killed." He responds to Wash with another nod of hsi head to Zoey. He's now observing the pair of fighters in the arena.

"Or married." Wash says. "There are fates other than death."

Gailin keeps using his own speed and strength to move around and try and keep Alban from getting in close and past the range of his claymore. He takes quite a few hits his armor taking most of the damage but hes breathing heavily now. "This, is definitely a good battle." Gailin says when he lands a good solid shot.

"I can swat you later if it helps..." Felicia smirks broadly.

Alban takes minor damage.

Gailin checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 54, rolling 41 higher.

Gailin remains capable of fighting.

Alban takes moderate damage.

Clank. Clank. Clank. The figure of Lord Arik Halfshav could be seen making his way into the Arena. A nod is made in the direction of those he might know, before he sees Brgoan. With a shrug, he saunters over that way. "Brogan. Is good to see." He grunts that man's way. "Is good night of fights, yes?"

Perrach taps the whiskey bottle on the bar top, agreeing with Wash. "Give me death over a bride."

Alban checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Alban remains capable of fighting.

Gailin checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 82, rolling 14 lower.

Gailin checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 46, rolling 21 higher.

Gailin remains alive, but close to death.

Gailin falls unconscious.

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A belated but courteous nod is sent towards Tovell, and then one to Arik. Otherwise, Genevieve remains silent and respectful.

3 Iron Guardsmen arrives, following Titania.

Puma, The Stonewood Forest Cat, Titania arrive, following Gailin.

As Arik comes stomping into the bar, Brogan looks up and nods at an empty seat at his table. "Arik! Always great to see you, my friend. Have a seat, enjoy a drink, and the fights." He nods his head in agreement, "Yes, a good night of fights. And more to come."

Titania claps her hands, he may not have won but she does always enjoy watching him fight. "Good fight!" she calls to the sands.

Waldemai cheers from the rafters. "Well fought! Well fought!"

Chief Rin Redreef arrives, following Catalana.

The battle goes back and forth, both men sweating as they continue to try and defeat the others guard and armor to make a telling strike rather than the small cuts and battering bruises they've been giving each other. Alban is the first to land a telling strike, his blade slipping under Gailin's guard and landing heavily as Alban puts a step into it to really make it dig deep only to be slammed backwards by the answering strike that nearly puts him on his back with a woof of lost breath. His sword tip drops nearly to the sands itself but doesn't quite touch as he sucks in a breath and then steps forwards suddenly when Gailin comes to finish him off, slashing out with a quick swing that whistles through the air sharply, that finally catches Gailin hard enough to end their spar.

Panting heavily Alban sheathes his sword and then moves over to Gailin, "Are you alright?" He asks, still breathing heavily, offering a hand down to Gailin to help him to his feet. He smiles, "Well fought. I thought you had me several times there."

"As careful a bout as I have ever seen." Wash agrees. "Persistence is an undervalued trait, in the arena or the bedroom." Wash is getting lightly toasted at the bar, which leads to him saying risque things to people he barely knows. "Come sailing with me Gailin, when your head stops ringing."

Genevieve applauds the fight with gusto, then sends a side glance and very very sage nod towards Felicia.

Felicia surges to her feet suddenly at Alban's win with an entirely Agatha level of congratulatory whoop, apparently she did have a favorite in that bout at least.

Waldemai calls, "More ale for the rafters." It's clearly his idea of buying a drink for a lady.

Gailin smiles and takes Albans hand getting to his feet. "Well that was a hell of a fight to be honest. Only the second one Ive lost." Gailin says with a smile as he starts to head away from the sands. "Im fine honest the only thing wounded is my pride."

"Yes, someone carry it up here for us, we're thirsty!" Mirari calls out, laughing softly. "Or else I'm pushing Waldemai down to get it."

Perrach points the neck of the whiskey bottle towards the victor of the round, Alban. "Not bad those last few rounds." He comments.

Waldemai warns the people below,"And I brought my hammer."

"Hmph," Arik grunts, nodding to Brogan. THere's a glance paid towards the fight and he bobs his head. "Will have to stretch blades a little." He grunts, a second time. He looks the table over, brows lofting heftily. "Mmph. Is good fight. Yes." His red steel gauntlet clanks across his knee.

Catalana figured she would finally catch one of these sip and spars. With Rin hot on her heels, she makes her way into the arena portion of the Hart. The six foot tall Kennex lady stops not far from the entrance to remove her cloak and passing it to her shadow aka Redreef. That small bump of her belly slightly seen in her gown, those steel blue eyes scan the room for a face.

Alban chuckles and smiles at Gailin, "That is a wound I know very well." He seems honestly surprised, "I suppose all my thrashings have actually measured some improvement." He chuckles and then nods in thanks, "Thank you." He says to Perrach as he makes his way over towards his table again, to fall into a chair, "Woof..."

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Titania grins when Gailin comes back to the table from his fight, "I always enjoy watching your fighting." she smiles and then spots Catalana and waves to her.

As Catalana walks in, Brogan waves to her, "Well Met, and welcome to the Hart. Fights are great, and the drinks are even better. If there's anything you need let me know." With one last friendly smile he turns back to the table he's at, and the group of friends he's chatting with.

Gailin smiles at Titania and rubs her belly which has a slight swelling bump. "Yea well I lost that fight. I dont normally lose that hurt my pride to be honest." He says to her kissing her softly.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alban before departing.

Mirari makes her way out of the rafters, crossing to the bar. She leans in to quietly speak to the barkeep and soon enough she's handed two tankards and a bottle. She takes them in hand, walks back to the rafters and hands up the bottle before she climbs up to retake her seat.

Looking to Brogan, she curtseys then with a smile. "Thank you! I'm glad to finally have time to make my way to one of these lovely events...." Catalana then looks up to see her cousin. Waving to her she smiles brightly then. "Cousin!" Smiling brightly she slowly makes her way over to greet her. "How are you, Titania. Did you receive my messenger a while back?"

Wash departs the bar as soon as Catalana enters. "Excuse me gentlemen, I feel a fresh breeze." He weaves gracefully around the bar stools toward the table that has caught Catalana's interests.

Titania nods her head to Gailin, "It is alright love, you will have many you will win." she returns the soft kiss then looks over, "Cousin!" she gets up from her seat and hugs her, "I need to speak with you, will you join us? And I did I have just been very busy I do apologize." she smiles.

Gailin smiles and than looks to Catalana. "Hello I dont believe weve met. Im Gailin Fireviper Count of Cedarvale." He says still rubbing Titanias belly. "Its a pleasure to meet you." He says with a bow.

"Anyone else for a bout?" Felicia enquires of the room,"I think I've drunk enough whiskey to compensate for the drubbing I received earlier."

Agatha takes off her helmet and waves it about to try to catch the light and reflect it down form the rafters. "HEY! LITTLE RED!" She waves enthusiastically at Felicia and grins. "Hi down there! We've been talking about who you should fight, and they think it should be him," she says as she points down towards Wash. "If he won't fight, I'll come spar again!" She brings her own disco ball!

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Joscelin checked composure at difficulty 35, rolling 20 lower.

Joscelin presses her hands over her mouth and can't stop laughing. Dammit. Agatha.

Returning that hug she would nod then. "Certainly....thank you...." Tucking some of her long hair behind her ear she looks to Gailin. "I don't believe so but I do know the name of the man that married my little cousin. I am Lady Catalana Kennex...." Out of the corner her eyes she spies Wash, that smile growing then as she give the Lord Admiral a wink before her gaze turns to Gailin once more. "And my husband Washburn Kennex..." With that she would sit down. "...I'm sure he's coming over I might as well beat him to an introduction."

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Genevieve joins the toast, raising her glass. Whiskey is tasted. Her eyes close. The back of one fist goes to rest against her closed mouth. With fast reddening cheeks, she finally breathes out, "Mmhm. Here's to coming home."

Felicia turns her attention towards Wash with a loft of her brow,"You up for a fight tonight, Admiral?" she calls his way, pointing out to Agatha,"I've fought him before! I just haven't used Persuasion on him, yet."

Wash waves a hand at Agatha. "Are you sure you should be up there Princess? The rafters were meant to hold normal sized people." He jokes. "I don't know if I should, I didn't bring any hairpins." He greets Gailin and Titania. "Either of you have a pair of hairpins I can borrow?"

"I didn't bring any hairpins tonight, but if you want a dagger..." Mirari calls out, before she turns to have a quiet word with Waldemai.

Cat would sigh a bit as she turned to Rin. Motioning him over she just takes her bag from him before digging around it. "Wash....I just get here and you're off already." A playful put then as she pulls some hairpins from her bag. " you must...just don't break them. Duchess Margot might be cross for you breaking her gift to me...."

Catalana gets after the storm brilliant blushed skies hairpins from a sea-swirling dainty backpack.

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Wash gets a pair of hairpins from his wife, repaying her generosity with a buss on the crown of her head and takes them with into the arena. "I just need something to keep my hair out of my eyes." He begins putting his unruly curls up atop his head inexpertly.

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Agatha looks very confused when they bring up hairpins. To be fair, Agatha regularly looks confused. But this is a specific flavor. "Ummm. Will we be able to see the fight from up here if they use hairpins?" The mirror ball looks somewhat deflated that there is no new huge flashy weapon to watch. So hey. Biased. "Be very persuasive, Little Red!" There may not be anyone else in the city that gets to call Felicia that. As for her size and the rafters? Okay, now she looks nervous and turns to her fellow perchers. "Am I endangering you by being up here? I should go down!"

Waldemai cheers. "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Titania smiles at wash, "Sorry no hair pins but I do have my seax if you wanted it." she grins at Catalana, "OH Gailin and Wash know each other already." she smiles softly.

Felicia eyes Wash and his hairpins,"Are you sure? I mean... I could pull out my own, to make it fair... but they're not my forte, by any measure." she gestures to her own hairpins as she sets a hand on the pommel of Persuasion,"But I was, admittedly, rather thinking of using this... which would be an unfair... ah, size advantage, perhaps?"

Gailin smiles and laughs. "I dont use hair pins Wash I have my Claymore." He teases before turning back to his wife. "So do you wish me to leave you ladies to talk or does it not matter if I hear what you speak with your cousin about Id hate to interrupt if its private." He says sincerely than turns to Catalana. "Well it is a pleasure to meet another relative of Titanias. I guess I should call you cousin than shouldnt I?" He teases.

"I can send someone upstairs for my sword, Wash," Ian offers from the bar.

"Size jokes?" Joscelin 'whispers' in the upper rafters to Agatha. "Why do we need to make size jokes about them?" She looks down to Felicia and her opponent. "I don't get it. Is it something about size being irrelevant?"

"Oh. Well, if you want to make it interesting Dame Harrow." Wash says. "It's not like I..." His hair collapses again in his attempt to pin it with a pair of straight sticks. He looks to his wife. "How is it that you succeed at this so easily?" He wonders. Eventually he gets one to stick and the other slides in under it. "But you've spent your time drilling with the sword. I've spent my time drilling sailors in warfare. It's not like fighting is my forte to begin with." He ceases to make arguments and spreads his hands, unarmed. "Shall we dance?"

Wash wields after the storm brilliant blushed skies hairpins.

"Oh my! Another fight for Felicia!" Brogan calls out from the ringside table, and he adds "Hair pin battle!!" and waves to the two in the ring. Then he frowns over at Felicia, "And it's not nice to talk about size advantages like that!" and he grins at Joscelin as he hears their whispers.

Agatha shrugs her shoulders at Joscelin. She tries to whisper back, since Joscelin was obviously trying, and Agatha voices, "Oh, I don't know really, but I'm pretty sure that's what the folks in my patrols would have said!"

Joscelin starts gesturing at Agatha, holding her own palms about five inches apart, gradually increasing, dramatically decreasing, and so on until she gets an idea as to what Agatha is trying to infer.

Felicia can't help but laugh,"Sure, we can. A fight to the pain with hairpins." she grins as her hand moves from Persuasion to draw her hairpins from her copper hair for all the innocent blink offered in the direction of the great table,"I'd hate to damage her ladyship's hairpins, that just wouldn't do."

Felicia wields a slender pair of steel hairpins with two fishes on each one.

Wash gives Brogan a bow, which promptly causes his hairpins to fall out. "One second."

Calling out from the table, Catalana gave Wash a smile. "Don't...break them! And it's called practice, my love!"

Felicia is overheard praising Wash.

From the bar the Thraxian knight, Perrach, can't help but grin deeply at the choice of weaponry. "Attaboy... victory by a thousand pokes."

Perrach is overheard praising Wash.

Ian is overheard praising Wash for: Impeccable hair. As always.

Felicia shakes out her hair and grimaces a little at the small blades, a grudging shrug offered them,"I suppose if I'm going to wear them, I ought to practice wielding them. Admiral... shall we? Once your hair is fixed... of course."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Felicia takes moderate damage.

Felicia takes serious damage.

Felicia takes minor damage.

Zoey tilts her head a little at something, glancing at Ian and murmuring quietly.

Taking another swig of whiskey, then placing the glass back down, Genevieve slumps back comfortably in her chair with her eyes closed. "I love whiskey," she muses, opening her eyes only when the fighting starts again. A little cheer is emitted, but a bit of a dreamy one.

Felicia takes minor damage.

Wash takes minor damage.

Felicia takes moderate damage.

Felicia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 3, rolling 31 higher.

Felicia remains capable of fighting.

Felicia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 18, rolling 18 higher.

Felicia remains capable of fighting.

Felicia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 7 higher.

Felicia remains capable of fighting.

Felicia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 47, rolling 11 higher.

Felicia remains capable of fighting.

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Miella, a dark-haired shop apprentice leaves, following Mirari.

Wash takes minor damage.

Felicia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 55, rolling 15 lower.

Felicia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 24, rolling 13 higher.

Felicia remains alive, but close to death.

Felicia falls unconscious.

Alban smiles at Mailys, "Thank you for joining us Mistress Corsetina, your company is always welcome at my table." And he bows his head to her before he turns his attention back to the fight on the sands, just in time to see Felicia crumple, "What?" He stands up, "A hairpin?" He chuckles, "Clearly they need to make bigger hairpins for Dame Harrow." He says as he starts down to the sands to check on her. "Two fights, two times on the sands. Perhaps it is time for just whiskey instead of hairpins or swords." He chuckles, "Good fight. Both of you."

Wash doesn't seem to take the fight seriously at first. He chokes up on the hairpins so that even if he does succeed in finding a way to punch past Felicia's armor, the corked tip of the hairpin is unlikely to puncture skin. Wash relies heavily on his better maneuverability, wearing the bar minimum in leather. At every juncture when the fighters draw apart, Wash preens and dances, moving his feet like he were at a sailor's tavern and playing to the crowd. While he's only ever picked up hairpins once before, it's clear that he's a fast learner as he is regularly able to find the gaps in Felicia's armor. "Those hairpins are really quite nice." He says, when Felicia gives him a good clock in the chin and an up close look at the tools of her trade.

Perrach raps the bottom of the whiskey bottle against the bartop, "Guess we know who to call upon should we find ourselves helpless against bad winds."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mistress Corsetina." Brogan adds in after Alban, and he stands as the lady stands to move from the table. "I hope you come back to have drinks with us again." He smiles down into the pit, clapping loudly, "Well Fought. Damn those things look pointy and painful." and cheers for Wash and Felicia. He turns his gaze to Tovell as well, "Thank you for the companym, Sir Tovell. I look forward to traveling with you and Dame Felicia in the near future. Safe Travels until then."

Waldemai tt :bids the others in the rafters. "Good day, all." He swings down with grace but totters off drunkenly.

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Wash is overheard praising Felicia for: Glory and Honor to she who fights fairly against friends, and fiercely against foes.

Felicia's skill with hairpins are definitely not on par with that of her great sword. They're too small, and for some reason that makes her more aggressive, and thus, more of an easy target. By the end of it she's yelping as Wash manages to find virtually ever weak point in her armor with those corked blades, and finally she has to stop and double over, huffing for breath,"I've got a feeling at this rate you could teach a class on best fighting techniques with a set of hairpins, Admiral... that was painful, but fun." she's slow to straighten, grimacing at Alban even as Wash slings an arm about her shoulders,"Admiral Washburn Kennex, ladies and gentlemen, a dangerous man with wild hair." she can't help but offer with a breathless little laugh, returning the gesture with a brief hug and clap of his shoulder before nodding at Alban,"I think he's right and time for me to retire to drinking for the night though."

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"The best person to teach that class would be Princess Valencia." Wash says, walking out of the arena at Felicia's side. "Taught me everything I know about stabbing people with tiny blunt objects."

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Standind up, Catalana claps loudly for her husband with a bright smile. "Great job! Both of you!!!" A pause then as she winks to Wash. "Congrats on your win!"

Brogan stands from the large ringside table after the last fight, and claps loudly for the fighters. "Alright, thank you all for coming out tonight. The bar will be closing down for free drinks soon, but you all are welcome to stay and continue enjoying the fights." He looks around at those still hear, and he adds "The Golden Hart would appreciate your support in hosting these events, and any help you can offer is very much welcome." He nods to the various combatants, "Thank you all for a fine showing tonight, and please come back again. I look forward to many more of these drinking and fighting nights!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

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