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SoE Gala & Silent Auction

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| You are cordially invited |
| to a Society of Explorers |
| Gala and Silent Auction |
| |
| |
| Please join us as we |
| celebrate both our |
| Pathfinder, First Seekers, |
| and newest members. |
| |
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Join us for an evening to get to know the Society
of Explorers a bit better! Come for the food, the
drinks and the chance to talk to an Explorer! Who
knows! You might even decide this might be the group
for you! So come hang out, have a good time, and partake
in our silent auction! All proceeds go towards our funding
of expeditions and investigations that are led or assisted
by the Society of Explorers. Help us help you!

(( OOC - These invites are sent city wide! ^_^ Feel free to poke
Cadenza for any questions or anything. As well as if you would
like to donate something to the auction, contact Cadenza. ))


March 2, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By



Aiden Silvio Lou Alarissa Ignacio Mason Silas Waldemai Jacque(RIP) Elara(RIP) Ven(RIP) Felicia Wash



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Charter Hall

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Comments and Log

Silvio moves into the event at the Society of Explorers with a cloistered expression about him. Normally quite animated, he moves with a subdued grace and a soft smile on his plush lips. Long hair bounces slightly with each movement. Dark eyes cast about the place, and he speaks now and again with a servant.

Clyde the Bored Grayson Guard arrives, following Mason.

Willen, Mason arrive, following Lou.

"In any case, I feel like I should at least drop in and stay a little bit. You don't have to stay the entire time," Lou tells Mason as she makes her way into the Explorer's charter hall. Willen is following behind them, a good distance away, so as not to intrude on their conversation. Likely, he came to collect Lou to come to the event.

Mason is at Lou's side, the Eurusi man holding her arm in his as they arrive. He's smiling, "I will see how I feel, atajashe." He responds, looking fairly comfortable and relaxed for now as he looks around the room from that unruined eye.

Aiden was settled off to the side, trying to be a welcoming face for those coming in, that is, his smile does touch on polite but never quite over that barrier, failing to settle in his eyes. He does however, welcome those who come in early, "Thank you for joining us-" this to Waldemai, then toward Silvio, "Good evening, do make yourself comfortable." And to Lou, "Pathfinder, it's good to see you. Prince Mason."

Felicia's on her way to other places, but can't help but stick her nose in to the auction, the King's Own knight clad not in their usual plain steel, but rubicund with a tabard bearing the Order's sigil over the top instead. She takes up a spot holding up the wall near the entrance, if only to reduce the clatter when she has to leave.

Wash has a strong interest in exploring. So it isn't a surprise that he appears here, though considering his personal wealth, it's questionable what use he will be in fundraising.

Khanne has left the marin'alfar wooden bench.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice leaves, following Khanne.

Alarissa's come armed, with a suy smile today and as she looks around, there's fingers lifted and wriggled for many. "Washburn, any more books?"

Well it was a nice evening to gather and get to know the Explorers!! The hall was still kept as it is, the true spirit of the organization. However in the center of the room was a large banquet table. Upon it is a large array of meats, cheese, bottles of wine. Might as well have a nice dinner while getting to know each other!

Another table was set up with several items displayed ornately with a sheet of parchment and writing implement for each item. Silent auction? Yes. Why? Well how will you talk with all of the bidding. And then you can float past the table and see who dares to outbid you!!!

Standing near that table was Cadenza in all purple. Smiling she would look around to see everyone entering and she would wiggle her fingers then. For a moment, she was quiet as everyone was making their way inside. Might as well let people get settled.

"Good evening everyone! And thank you for coming! As you can see....this table is set for you to make your mark...and note your bid. The point is not to just help raise money and the like....but to get to know us and each other! Please be sure to eat, drink, and be merry! And if there are any questions....I am eager to help!"

Lou smiles warmly at Aiden, and unlike Aiden her smile does settle in her eyes. She inclines her head to him, "Good evening. It's good to see you too." She looks up at Mason and grins, "Oh! That reminds me. I have a gift for you," she tells her husband. She reaches into her backpack and pulls out a cloth pouch. "This is from Mistress Valery's shop. I thought it might be useful since I saw you were running low on your other variation." She hands that pouch over to Mason. "I have been considering ordering some healing supplies from her for use within the Explorers," she tells him, then grows quiet when the event starts to begin.

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Ianna before departing.

Please be sure to read the AUCTION INFORMATION item. I'm trying out this idea and see how it goes. And know....I'm watching you. ;)

"Evening, Aiden." Mason says with a smile for his cousin, and then he looks to Cadenza as she makes her announcement. Lou does draw his attention however, and the man takes the item she hands over. "Oh, thank you. Maybe this will work better." He sniffs at a cloth pouch, then tucks it away into a pocket hidden in his robes. He asks her something softly in Eurusi.

Mason says in Eurusi, "Should I tell them it's your day of birth celebration?"

"Are you interested in more sea shanties?" Wash asks Alarissa with a smile. "It's like wading through bilgewater to find the ones that aren't just outrageously suggestive, when they aren't outright dirty." He waves in Lou's direction. "Any time you want to come out on the Bounty again, say the word Cousin." He tells her, collecting a drink as one passes by. He has at least enough coin to get in the door.

Elara entered quietly and doing her best to be inconspicuous. As she moves about the hall, taking in the rooms own charm, she also glanced at the people and items for auction. Cadenza's welcome earns her a polite bow from the lady, her face a serene mask. After a pause she moves to peruse the table with items. Some may have come to socialize, she isn't sure if she is one of them yet.

Lou blinks at whatever Mason says in Eurusi, and gives the man an absolutely horrified expression, vigorously shaking her head. "That's not necessary," she tells him in Arvani.

Aiden's smile follows Lou and lands on Mason, before his gaze returns to Lou, "Cousin, perhaps you'll find something extra special today?" His attention drawn to the talk of gifts, "Wasn't it...your b-" he pauses as they move off, "Well enjoy yourselves." His attention turns toward Wash, lifting his hand to wave to the man, and then to Alarissa, "Cousins-" he offers, "I'm glad to see you both. I hope there's a few things to peak your interest."

Lou looks distractedly over to Wash, and nods her head a bit. "It might be a bit before I ask for another lesson. Time ran shorter than I expected."

Hey guys! Good question I had. There are indeed tabs on the spreadsheet for a total of 5 items. ^_^

Aiden's eyes turn toward Elara, "Welcome to the Society of Explorers. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask." It's like he practiced being a door man or something. His smile is strained on etiquette.

Mason chuckles at the look that Lou gives him and holds his hands up, "Okay, okay." He yields. "I am going to get a drink. Would you like anything?" He asks of his wife. Wash gets a polite smile from the man.

"What's to say that there shouldn't -be- one with othing -but- suggestive lyrics? How else am I to make Princess Cassima turn three shades and then try to hide that particular tome." The Thraxian Princess gets a drink for herself, looking at the offerings and putting down her name.

Waldemai looks over the stuff and remarks, "It's too bad Princess Reese isn't here. She'd love these things."

Elara glances up at Aiden and her smile is polite and very faint. "Ah, thank you," She says in her soft and musical voice. "These are all so lovely," She murmers, eyeing the seafoam hairpins for quite a bit.

"There's not much more to learn. At least, not tricks I know." Wash explains, putting down a bid and dropping the pen. He seems only casually interested in the items, more food and drink focused. "If that's what you want, I can find and illustrate the entire Wench of the Watch. Even the crossdressing verses."

Lou almost pales when Aiden starts to say something, and then gives him an appreciative glance. She does manage a, "Perhaps, but I'm a bit lacking in funds myself as I've been trying to get new armor before I sail out with Reese." She looks over the items with curiosity, pointing out the dragon figurine and the silver-fox plushie. "Oh! There seems to be a bidding war on the fox plushie," she remarks, noticing all the names and bidding prices. "How exciting!" she exclaims.

With that, Cadenza would start her people hopping at seats and introducing herself to people she doesn't know yet!

Ven enters from outside, kindly thanking an attendent briefly for collecting his unusual cloak. He notes the sheer number of high nobility present, feeling a bit out of place for that reason and the lack of any known faces. But one mustn't let it show. He collects a drink and mingles, listening in until he hears a conversation about books. That draws his attention, and he drifts closer.

Aiden nods at Elara, "I believe Caspian Wild donated those. I'm not sure if he made them or had them made for the society, but they do express a sort of strength to them, don't they? Even the smallest of needles can be the strongest of points. Hmm?" He nods his head, "I'm Aiden Grayson, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of being introduced?" His gaze sweeps over to Lou, briefly, before his attention returns to Elara.

"would you Washburn? I would so love it." Lou's comment about the bidding war just brings a smile to her face. "For Astrid. So she'll at least have something not of the Sea. Princess Lou, Prince Mason. How are you?"

Wash intercepts Cadenza as she goes from table to table. "Princess. You were telling me about a month spent in an underground temple. The drink and food here must be better, but I have to ask, were you a member of the society beforehand, or did you join after?"

Felicia meanders her way over to the table to poke her nose in and scribble a few offers, but afterwards elects to head out.

Silvio brushes up near to his sister, like a prowling cat. He makes a half circuit around her back, then stops off to her left, a little plate of food in his palm. "Dear sister...these are curious donations. Are they from members? Is it not interesting that there are NO Redrain here? I should have thought they would be interested in such things." His tone is melodic and amiable, nipping at gossipy, as he pops a bite of something orange into his mouth. His dark gaze rests on Ven for a longer moment, then to Wash.

Elara hesitates a moment more and seems to consider something. Then she takes up the pen and puts down a bid on the hairpins. "A moment," She says to Aiden before turning to move to the buffet table. She is still eyeing the other items as well though in thought. A small plate finds a variety of fruit and cheeses, but no meat if one is keen to note such. And she accepts a glass of white wine as well. "Thank you," She says to the server quietly before drifting over to the wall by Aiden once more. "Elara Helios," She says and holds out her hand in lady-like fashion. Either to shake or kiss, it's kind of ambiguous.

Mason breaks away from Lou's side and goes to get himself a drink, some wine. For Lou he pours a glass of whiskey. As he brings them back and passes the latter beverage to his wife, the prince gives Alarissa a smile. "Princess Alarissa. Greetings." The man says warmly. "I thought of getting the toy for Safi, but she has so many already."

Lou smiles over at Elara and Ven, "Welcome to the Explorers. Feel free to glance about. I'm Lou Grayson, the Pathfinder of the Explores. This is my husband, Mason." She points to Mason, then considers, "Wine?" she's changing things up from whiskey a bit.

Looking to Wash, she would smile brightly. "Yes! And that was right after. I couldn't make the inaugural meeting because I was trapped. Needless to say....roast things I found was not very tasty." Laughing softly she would bow her head. "And thank you for coming, Lord Washburn." Feeling her brother, she'd smirk a bit then. "Three items are from Explorers that were so kind. And I put out a call...perhaps they simply missed it." Giving Silvio a wink she would link her arm with her brother's free one and looked to Wash. "Have you met my brother, Prince Silvio?"

"Oh, wine? Sure." Mason says, offering the other glass to Lou. The man gives Elara and Ven both a smile.

Aiden nods as he lets the lady bid on the hairpins, taking a moment out to scrawl his own name down on the token for Mirari's shop. He considers the price with a curious glint in his eye, and looks down the table toward the plushie. What numbers he sees on it might... no, they do make his eyebrows pop up on his forehead and he doesn't fail to contain a confused and bewildered smirk. Shaking his head with the lingering grin, he notes how Elara strays away from the meat just in time, hmming softly, "You stay away from meat dishes too? I'm half expecting you to be a Redrain cousin." When she does offer her name, he nods, "Well met then, Elara." The ambiguous extension of her hand is taken with a soft shake.

Ven nods to Lou, holding his cup. "Oh, thank you. Ven Founding, it's nice to meet you both. I was glad to hear about the opportunity to meet everyone. Looking into the Society has been on my to do list for a while now, but I've kept being occupied with trips out of the city. I just got back in from one, in fact, so this is good timing."

"Not formally. Are you also an explorer Prince Silvio?" Wash asks between sips from his drink.

Lou smiles warmly at Alarissa, catching her greeting. "I'm well. Enjoying a night out, for a change. I find I can tolerate Explorer events a bit more than most other ones," she says with a slight flush to the cheeks at this admission. That flush deepens a bit when she sees Mason grabbed her usual drink before she had a chance to tell him what she wanted. "Thank you," she takes a glass and sips at it. She quirks a brow at Ven, "Oh? Was it an expedition or trading trip?" she asks.

Elara turns to Loud as she greets her and introduces herself. "A pleasure, Elara Helios," She says giving a polite cursty to them both. "Not Redrain, no," She says with no real change in expression besides a little wrinkle at her nose. "My family is vassal to Thraw," She adds. "Cured meats and I simply do not get along well I fear. Though I do enjoy seafood of all kinds." She glances at the table as if trying to spot something along those lines.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

"One should try and enjoy a night out now and then. Would that I could draw his Grace out." The lament of Safi and her toys causes a laugh. 'Do they gather many toys? I would swear there are more weapons than toys lined up for Astrid." New faces garner a welcoming smile from Alarissa.

Alright guys! Let's utilize places since a nice little crowd is gathering. ^_^ Also, new sure to check the Auction info item! ^_^

Cadenza has joined the Table 1.

Aiden hmms, "For me it is choice, though I do wish not to crowd you so you can bid. It was a pleasure to meet you Elara." He does scoot from the bidding tables, after a further look to the token for Mirari's shop, with a wistful sigh that suggests he's going to let that one go. He wanders over toward Princess Alarissa, "I see you're a fan of the newest plushie model?"

"Hmm?" A glance to the auctioned item in question. "For Astrid. How are you cousin?" She offers a kiss for Aiden's cheek. "No gryphon's yet my dear?"

Elara moves once more past the table as Aiden moves onwards, inclining her head to him. Again she reaches out to make a note on a bid before moving on to one of the tables. The first one as it would happen.

Elara has joined the Table 1.

Ignacio has joined the Table 1.

Jacque enters the Charter Hall somewhat hesitatingly, but he approaches Demura, coming to stand beside his wife. He leans in to murmur something to her before watching the auction quietly.

Lou inclines her head to Elara, "A pleasure to meet you," she says. Then the dragon figurine catches her eye. "OH! I bet Safi would like that," and she goes to bid on it. Once that task is complete, she looks back to Alarissa. "I still say that some of the stuffed plushies are mine, and not hers," she grins. "But, I share. Conveniently." She leads Mason over to a table, but still keeps her attention on Ven - as she had asked a couple of questions.

Ven is glad for Lou's interest. "Oh, some of both. I trade in rare books and obscure knowledge, finding books and artifacts has taken me all over the continent. The most recent trip involved finding some Nox'alfar writings, they're my latest cultural interest. Then I needed to learn the language to find out what I had, which took a while and more travel." Ven chuckles momentarily, remembering. "Turns out after all that work learning the language I found out it was just a book of deeply horrifying dirty limericks. It felt a bit like a cosmic joke. Still, I did manage to sell it for enough to cover the trip at least."

Aiden chuckles, "There were griffons, so far, four of them out there.." he looks aside, "I made them special for a few. Perhaps I should've had one for this event, but I thought to provide a fox upon request. I'm still working on a ... well, cute looking Kraken or a Simurgh. Or a dragon. I know everyone would've loved that, but, these things take time. I'm not a great artist myself, so I have to rely on bouncing ideas off those who are." HE

Waldemai notices that his corgi buddy has shown up, accompanied by Baron Silas, as usual. He locates a meaty piece of finger food and dangles it toward the doggie.

Silas slips into the charter hall with all the stealth of an armored moose. Which is to say not stealthy at all! The clinking stops only when he finally spots Aiden, then the object they were betting on. He raises one brow, clearly impressed at the amount of silver a single plushie could apparently acquire. "And here I was giving mine away..." He clinks on over to the Grayson prince and attempts to draw him into a careful hug after he receives the kiss on the cheek. "Why hello there..." He smiles to Alarissa, too, and nods a touch more respectfully. "And hello, Your Grace."

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Nevermore, the albino raven arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Lou has joined the Table 2.

Lou perks up when Ven says he knows Nox'alfar. "You know the elven language? Would you be willing to teach it to me sometime?" she asks.

Cadenza is slowly making her way from group to group. Looking up, she'd of course greet the new occupants with a friendly wave!

Dash quickly abandons his owner to make a beeline Waldemai's way. He yips and makes his most earnest attempt to look adorable.

"That sounds, in fact, quite exactly what a tome witht that language would be. One that they would willingly let fall into the hands of those not Nox'Alfar." alarissa calls out to Lou and Ven. "Oh, a Kraken. I would quite enjoy a squid truth be told, or an octopus." She reahes out to squeeze his upper arm gently. "i meant, in truth. None yet?"

At his table, Wash offers Elara his hand in greeting and introduction.

Mason is quiet, sipping the whiskey and standing supportively by Lou's side. The prince seems a touch distracted, but not by anything in particular. He's probably lost in his own thoughts.

Mason has joined the Table 2.

"If you have the time and interest, sure. It's not a minor investment of effort, though. It's completely unlike any human language I've seen any of. I have a theory that being so long lived their language hasn't changed much in forever, while human language evolved and adopted easier forms over time. It might have something to do with the population being so concentrated, too. I've noticed accents tend to drift most in rural areas, and I don't think the Nox'alfar really have an equivalent." Ven says, thoughtful. "Of course that's just from what I've been able to read. I've been seriously considering taking my chances on actually visiting them. I've got a few ideas for how I might entice them to let me past the gates."

Aiden glances to Alarissa at the squeeze to his upper arm, "Hmm... in truth? I have seen them. In truth, we are not ready for them. We have work to do, on that front." Then the armored moose draws sterling silver eyes toward the doorway, the politeness of smile that had settled on his expression growing, splitting into a true one that fills his eyes with a jovial sense of mirth. Aiden can hardly contain himself and he excuses himself from Alarissa as he walks over toward the moose, "Alarissa, excuse me cousin --- Silas, you made it!" From his reaction, there's definitely a heart-felt relief and expression going on, a dynamic change in the stiff laced prince, relaxing into the hulk of steel, "I wasn't sure you could get away." He accepts the kiss but will put a more prompt one on the Lord Commander if it can be helped. Armor or not, he sort of arm-wrap clings to Silas.

In Waldemai's book, the cute corgi gets the goodies. "Got a bit of steak and kidney pie," he tells Dash. He puts it under the dog's nose. "Which will you have, the steak or the kidney? Just leave me the onions..."

Leaving one table, she would start to make her rounds again....who was to be her next victim to speak to. Hmmm....

Elara is watching one of the items carefully. Occasionally excusing herself to quickly move and place another number down on the item before returning to her seat.

Lou tilts her head at Ven, "I think Prince Tyrval might still be in the city, though he's sometimes hard to contact. And, er... from what I've seen of him, he's somewhat jaded as well. And, read of him," she admits. "I haven't actually talked to him myself, though Lady Aislin Ashford, who was once our Pathfinder, knew him and er... right. I'm not sure they got along well. In any case, it's an interest of mine to learn the language. That leaves me to figure out what other language I should invest my time in."

Cadenza has left the Table 1.

Ven gives Lou a thoughtful look. "That actually speaks to an outstanding question I've had - how do you think Prince Tyrval or the Queen would react to someone asking to interview them about Nox'alfar culture and so on?"

"Forgiven." Alarissa absolves Aiden to run to his lover as she's drifting toward the tables to make a last check and then to Lou and Ven.

Silvio has joined the Table 1.

Mason comments to Ven, the suggestion offered in a soft voice thick with foreign accent, "You might consider speaking with Archlector Aureth if you haven't already. He's well-educated in Nox culture."

Lou furrows her brow at a bit. "I've only seen the Queen on her wedding day. But, what I've been told of her suggests that of the two, she's much more approachable than Prince Tyrval." She looks over at Mason, "What do you think?" She then glances back to Elara, smiling again. "And you, are you interested in the explorers?" Lou seems content with the one bid she made and doesn't seem inclined to go back and bid some more. Every now and again she looks in Cadenza's direction to make sure she's doing okay leading the event.

Making her way to the table, she'd clap her hands politely now as she cleared her throat.

"Bidding is up! Thank you everyone for their contributions!'s time to announce the winners. And don't worry about paying right have two days before I come looking."

At that she'd give a playful wink and started to gather up the sheet's.

"Let's see....where to begin. I'll save the plushie for last....I think."

Most people would not enjoy hugging steel, but in the Whitehawk household it was just something one got used to... particularly the victim who receives most of his hugs! Silas's own smile brightens at Aiden's infectious happiness and relief, and he gleefully accepts the kiss. His clutch around the prince loosens to ensure it's not too uncomfortable, then he leans in and presses a kiss to the other man's lips. Brief, but affectionate. "Sorry I've been scarce. I've missed you." He looks towards the tables were the bidding is taking place. "Ah, too late. Perhaps next time."

Elara glances up at Lou and purses her lips thoughtfully. "Mmmmm, I had not thought on it much. I've not done much in the way of travelling most my life. I more enjoy reading the stories and tales. I do not think I am exactly the worldly type."

Dash, being a doggo, goes for the steak. It doesn't seem to be much of a choice. He yips his satisfaction at Waldemai before he tears into it.

Lou ahs lightly at Elara, still brightening none-the-less. "Do you pursue knowledge for the sake of knowledge? Or, is it just fictional stories you like?" she asks, trying to get some information out of the would be guest.

Waldemai picks the steak out of pie for Dash. The tasty crust, soaked with fatty gravy, he keeps for himself. Got to keep up energy for the forge.

"So first up is the lovely bottle of Gin....from Master Magpie!! And the winner is....Dame Felicia!! I'll be letting her know after this."

A pause as she moved on.

"Next....the token to Mistress Mirari Corsetina's shop Of Works Obscura! And the winner is....Princess Isolde. Seems she snuck in and out at the last moment. Quick little thing."

Aiden does chuckle over the bidding war that had taken place for the plushie, "It seems I have highly undervalued those plushies this whole time," he notes with some amusement as he's settled into the uncomfortable tank of armor that was Silas, but some discomforts you shut up and put up with. The outcome was that he was relaxing, "As have I, but, you're here now, yes? Let us enjoy that." He thumps his hand on the clad steel chest, before his gaze wanders to the tables, "Oo yes, you just barely missed out. I was going to try for that perfume token, but, well, you've seen my collection. I should hardly think I can use them all, let alone another." He chuckles softly at Dash, "Dash on the loose!" Before he hears the winner announced for the bottle of Gin, applauding.

"Next up....these beautiful hairpins!! Donated by the so generous Master Caspian Wild.....and they go to her highness Princess-Consort Alarissa!!"

Moving to another sheet she smiles.

"Also donated by Master Caspian Wild....this rare dragon figurine by Master Magpie Grayhope! And my dear friend Lou is the lucky winner!!!"

Mason gets a messenger and eyes the note thoughtfully. He leans over and murmurs to Lou, giving her a quick kiss to the cheek before getting up and quietly slipping out.

Mason has left the Table 2.

Clyde the Bored Grayson Guard leaves, following Mason.

Lou politely applauds for all the winners, except for herself, as they are announced. She keeps an eye on Elara as she awaits an answer for her questions, though briefly glances away when Mason whispers to her. She quickly pecks him on the cheek too, offering him a warm smile, then looks back to Cadenza with one eye back on Elara to make sure she doesn't miss the other woman answering.

Now Cadenza pouts, sighing as she looked at the little fox plushie.

"Now this cute thing here....a special edition by Prince Aiden Grayson. The winner is...."

Pause for dramatics.

"Her highness Princess-Consort Alarissa!!"

Aiden applauds for his cousin when it's announced that her bid was the highest for the Fox, grinning over to Silas, then back to Alarissa with a little laugh, "Congratulations to all!"

Two things for Alarissa. There's a dip of her head for Cadenza when her name is reeled off. "At this rate, Victus will cut my purse strings."

Elara applauds and smirks just a tad as the winner of the hairpins is announced. She gives a gracious bob of her head to Alarissa before taking a sip of her wine. Then she says something to Lou and her table.

Lou picks up carved dragon figurine.

Ven notices Alarissa drifting closer and makes a welcoming motion with his cup. "Hello! You're welcome to join in. I heard what you said earlier about interest in new books and not being surprised about the dirty limericks."

"I'm afraid my schedule may be getting busier, and your new obligations will be no different," Silas notes as he nods to the bidding being concluded. "The Society of Explorers is an important key to fighting the threats plotting against us." He nestles his chin on Aiden's shoulder. "But I would still like to return home to you and have dinner with you every once in awhile," Silas whines softly. He then pauses to give the winners a small round of applause. "That is one adorable plushie."

Lou looks to Alarissa and she grins a bit. "I heard there was another auction this week, but I missed it. I trust that you spent a bit there as well?" she asks. She rises to get her figurine, then goes back to her table. She looks to Elara again at the discreet words spoken, pressing her lips together. Finally, after some thought, she suggests. "You may find the Scholars better suited for you. I've recently joined them myself," she tells Elara.


Aiden is overheard praising Cadenza for: An auction well done!

"That would be an understatement." Wash answers Lou. "The drinks are nice at least, even if I haven't a chance of winning something."

Alarissa picks up seafoam and shields oathlands steel hairpins.

Alarissa picks up Menagerie Plush Series - Silver Fox.

Cadenza was able to let out a breath. Exhaling she would finally look up again.

"If I haven't spoken to you yet....I'm working my way around! It had me running around more than I thought."

Elara purses her lips at Lou's suggestion and nods her head. "A good thought, that. I am still regaining some sense of balance. I had been in Stormwall till recently for the last two years. A bit of a change coming here," She says with a little sigh. The wine gets another sip, finishing it off. "I did not make it to the previous auction I fear. I was otherwise occupied and didn't know till too late."

"I spent a respectable amount and I have a few things to send to others. I did garner a meal with the Legate to discuss theoloy." But as one of her retinue gathers up her things, and holds them for her, Alarissa's looking to the door. "Time to go see to other things though. Bet well." Elara's head dip is returned in kind before Alarissa starts for the door.

Aiden nods about his new obligations, "I may be inclined to lessen my work load after the march north," he tells Silas, "Especially with the present situation, I feel like I could grant more of my effort to the Society and waste less of it elsewhere." He's being vague but just enough so, "The Menagerie is definitely going to be my pet project again soon. I'm hoping to have enough to build a museum and perhaps have the Society of Explorers take part in building up the specimens." His smile grows wider and he pops a kiss to Silas' nose, whispering something to him, clearly more private than otherwise.

Ignacio pushes himself up from his chair. Looking over to Cadenza, he raises his hand in a brief wave as he excuses himself from the table and heads for the door.

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Cadenza was finally able to breath. Making way over to Lou and...whom she was speaking to, she'd wave. "Oh man....I hope that went as smooth as I did. And thank you guys for coming."

Lou gives Elara something of a sympathetic look. "Are you one of the ones who evacuated then, prior to war?" she asks. If she remembers right, Crovane and Stormwall are sorta near each other if not the same thing. No one has ever accused Lou of having a great memory though! She smiles over at Alarissa, saying, "Thank you for coming, and supporting us. It'll help us outfit people to help with Skye's request to use the Explorers with Blackshore, among other projects."

That gets Ven curious, and he decides to direct another question toward Lou. "So what are the Society's current projects, or things it might like to take on eventually?"

"A museum would be delightful. Particularly if you construct it. The Menagerie is one of the most attractive buildings in the city. And of course it would be fascinating on the -inside-, too, and may help boost tourism." He grins - that may be an unintended side effect. At the whisper, Silas grins impishly and nods.

Wash didn't win anything, but he does leave something in whatever donation form he can find, jotting down some IOUs that he holds onto for other reasons.

Lou looks over at Cadenza, and grins. "I think it went rather smoothly," she tells her. She looks around the room, then announces. "I'll be staying here for a short while longer if anyone has questions about the Explorers themselves." She looks over at Ven. "We've a few that we're reviewing at the moment. Skye Blackshore wants us to help explore Blackshore island, to see if there are any areas that can be developed. I'm also helping the Scholars research ways to get rid of dragon's gas, since a section of the island had been attacked by no less than five? Six? Dragons. Possibly more." She looks over at Aiden, then back to Ven. "Aiden has a party that he's putting together to help search for the missing contents and treasure of a sunken ship, and there are a number of other projects coming up that have yet to be reviewed."

Elara nods her head at Lou's question. "Indeed. Only a week past now. But I had few roots or friends, so it is of little loss. I have made more aquiantences here than in two years in Stormwall," She says with a shrug of one shoulder as she stands. "But I am afraid I must away for now. I had promised to meet someone and time is ticking onwards," She says to Lou, Wash, and Silvio. "Thank you for the pleasant company. I am sure to meet you all again."

Wash stands. "Stormwall? Are you recently come from the island?" Wash asks. "I'll give you a lift in my carriage wherever you are going if you will give me news of the island."

Lou inclines her head to Elara. "Have a good evening." She smiles a bit at Wash as he approaches but turns her attention easily back to Ven to see if he has any other questions.

Elara smiles a little more at Wash and inclines her head. "I would appreciate that, thank you," She says. "And happy to offer what little I have for the company and ride."

Ven looks surprised at Lou's revelation. "What, dragon attacks recently? I hope these were a long time ago. What are the properties of dragon gas? I confess I've never heard of it. might be a good idea to ask the College of Apothecaries about a task something like that. I can bring it up to Duchess Nicia and the others. I was already planning a meeting to discuss possible group projects soon."

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Aiden smiles at Silas, "I want a place where ... things can be put on display, maybe things that people can even touch... and explore a little more than they could. Say like, if we have a display of.. well, an animal that perhaps they couldn't see less they go traveling half way around the world, and if it had already given it's life and it ..." he shrugs, "I was hoping to perhaps encourage this sort of study and passing on of knowledge." He looks over toward Lou and Ven, catching some of their conversation, "And a museum!"

Lou shakes her head at Ven. "Not recently. Centuries ago. But, the 5 mile bit of land that was attacked is /only/ just starting to come back and start to thrive. As for the properties, all I know right now is that it is toxic gas, around the keep. My assistant, Willen," Lou motions over to the Chief Archivist of the Explorers, "is the one actually helping Archscholar Bianca on this particular project. I'm sure she'd seek others wanting to help. Though, we're really, really close in some of the research."

Waldemai tells the corgi, "I'll see you sometime, pup." He takes out his cloth cap and heads for the door.

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A pigeon almost too fat to fly arrives, following Jhond.

Lou nods to Aiden, acknowledging his comment, "And we're seeking to add a museum to the Explorer's hall."

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Silas looks between Lou and Aiden and cants his head curiously. "Dragons have always fascinated me as a kid... definitely should get some dragon stuff in there." They were Arx's boyhood equivalent of dinosaurs. "Toxic gas, significantly less appealing. I do wonder why Blackshore of all things was attacked so much..."

Ven looks puzzled at that. "Odd that a gas would stay around for centuries. Is it very heavy and in a pit or something? Even then the motion of air should have gotten rid of it slowly over time. That's a real riddle. Hm. As for getting rid of it, the first thing would be to try burning it. That'd be the easy method, if you're lucky and it's flammable. Failing that you could bring a whole laboratory's worth of compounds to see if it reacts with anything. There's got to be something that can be used to soak it up somehow, or convert it to something else."

Aiden looks over toward Ven, tilting his head on the matter of dragon glass, "Dragon glass is... Well," his shoulders shrug, "Something I imagine we could all use more time to study and research." He peers back to Silas, "Something to do with the cultists I suspect." He pats the big armored moose on the chest, "Let me see if I am needed to do anything further...?" He then departs from Silas' side to walk over to Cadenza, reaching out to garner her attention.

"I am not well versed in dragon lore. I only know what information was passed to me after Sparte and Skye visited Blackshore -- and presumably to others." Lou tells Ven. "My expertise is less with great creatures, and more with the history of people. Plus. It's a dragon. I expect that there's some magical element to it that allows such gases to stick around," Lou replies easily to Ven. She nods in agreement with Aiden. "Especially if the one still remains in feud with House Valardin. Princess Alis was telling us about that during our last Explorer dinner."

"Perhaps I should ask those two for more information about the gas. There's a known dragon around somewhere, then?" Ven asks.

Silas nods to Aiden and shifts away, only to wait patiently for him like an armored sentinel. Quietly eavesdropping on the current conversation, too.

Lou studies Ven a moment before saying, "I know there is one that is feuding with House Valardin, mostly due to whispers and rumors. That's about all I know on that topic," she says apologetically.

"It's a pity it sounds hostile, if it were friendly it would probably be the best source of information on how to solve your gas problem." Ven muses. "Is there something important that the gas is preventing access to, then? Or is it just covering a lot of area?" he asks.

Aiden gives a little hug to Cadenza should she be willing, before he bounds back over toward Silas, looking over at the conversation of dragons. He taps his fingers on the metal, leaning in to Silas to whisper another word.

"It's covering the area of Blackshore Keep - the domicile of the Blackshore family. Their ancestral home," Lou says, adding the further clarification there at the end. "Really, that's all I know on that topic, other than I'm participating in research to discover more. Archscholar Bianca and Baroness Skye Blackshore would be the best people to talk to regarding anything specific to Blackshore itself."

Silas smiles again when Aiden returns to him and kisses his temple. "Let us abscond to dinner. I'm hungry and know precious little about dragons myself."

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Cadenza out of her stupor of dealing with all these auction things, she'd return that hug to Aiden and then exhaled. Back to cleaning up the table area it would seem for now.

Ven nods. "I'll have to talk to them, I hope I can be of help. It sounds like an interesting problem. With the keep being abandoned for so long there might be interesting artifacts there that we could learn from, too. And maybe we can learn how it upset some dragons so severely."

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