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Igniseri Family Dinner VI

House Igniseri invites you to attend an informal family dinner, hosted by Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and the Igniseri Family. Igniseri hosts may invite up to 1 guest, in addition to the usual guests hosted at their family affair.


Feb. 8, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Quenia Ariella Lucita Luis Leena


Avaline Silvio Aurelian(RIP) Estaban(RIP) Astraea Caelis Laric Alaric Dafne Apollis Grazia Echo Cara Amarantha Lysander Karadoc



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Nightshade, a tiny black kitten, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Ariadne, Penelope arrive, following Dafne.

Astraea wields a bastard sword with an inset topaz in the hilt.

Philomel, the Nightingale, Micana, the efficient amanuensis, 2 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards, Golden, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Lucita steps into the Great hall, cloak resting over her shoulders. She gives a curtsy and a smile to those present and moves to take a seat.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Ever-punctual one of the most average-looking nobles in Arx is present as well. Height, build, even his plain and non-descript face leaves Aurelian one easily forgotten in appearance. Yet his dirty-blonde hair, blue and white attire, and his sole distinguishing feature, his strikingly pale blue eyes marks him as a member of House Valardin. While he did bring his cloak it was passed off to a servant upon entering the house where it isn't needed.

Lucita says, "Baron Estaban is unable to attend right now so Lord Karadoc is going to try to fill in for him but may be late.""

Right on time, Quenia slips into the Great Hall. She's dressed in an exquisite winter white and blue silk gown, with matching hairpins. She takes a moment to see who has arrived, and then smiles warmly at everyone. "Good evening. Welcome to dinner!" she announces, seemingly in good spirits. Word that Igniseri efforts to call people to arms having succeeded likely plays a large part in that. Those closest to her know just how worried she was about the whole ordeal.

Dafne arrives, clad in shadows and velvet, her dark curls pulled away from her face with a pair of harlequin-patterned hairpins. "Good evening," the little duchess greets the room generally.

Apollis enters the room wearing a black and gold silk brocade doublet and black linen pants. He has a pair of twins on his arms, Astraea and Amarantha. The three of them are a visions of snow-blonde splendor. The lycene rogue inclines his head toward Quenia, bowing with reverence to his esteemed cousin. "Good evening, sweet cousin," he says in his creaky, honeyed southern voice. His emerald greens regard Dafne and gives her a polite smile.

Astraea offers polite waves to everyone and a respectful bow to the room in general before taking Apollis' arm again. "Hello cousins, Duchess, and ladies and gentleman whom I have yet to be acquainted with."

Aurelian greets each he knows with their proper address, those he doesn't either waiting to hear the title or addressed by the always safe 'My Lady' or 'My Lord'. Quenia is given a respectful bow of the head, "Marquessa. Always a pleasure to be invited to your home." In his calm and conversational tone, as though he were a mere guest and not formally courting her.

a black robed Silent Reflection arrives, delivering a message to Astraea before departing.

Amarantha is quick to untangle herself from her brother's arms, giving quick but proper greetings to all those present. It's Lucita who her attention lingers on and the white-blonde girl will grin. "Cousin! You're married now." There is a teasing note to her voice. "I have something to show you."

Leana, an Igniseri Guard arrives, following Luis.

Lucita chuckles softly as others arrive, gesturing to the seat beside her for Estaban to join. "You finished your patrol! Oh, good, I just told the others you might not be able to get here and Lord Karadoc might fill in for you later possibly. I'm so glad you could come."

Quenia grins at Lucita. "Well, I'm sure we'll try not to scare Lord Karadoc away while he tries to fill the Baron's shoes this evening." She walks over to her and kisses her on the cheek, asking, "Settling in well at Saik tower?" She glances over at the cousins, and nods to them, and gives Dafne a quick curtsey before making her way over to a seat at the table, which happens to be right next to Aurelian. Once settled she notes to Aurelian, "I believe you know Luis and Lucita, and Duchess Dafne from our last dinner. Those three over there," she points to Apollis, Amarantha, and Astrea, "Are Lord Apollis Malvici, Lady Amarantha Sanna, and Princess Astraea Redrain. They are cousins who married away from Igniseri." She nods to Lysander, "This is Lord Lysander Rubino-Zaffria." And, finally, to Estaban, "And I believe Baron Estaban finally walked in." She grins in Estaban's direction. She looks around to make sure she did not forget anyone. Did she? DID SHE?

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Astraea before departing.

Luis arrives, dressed in silks of excellent quality depicting the firey nature of the phoenix and its majesty. He wanders slowly through the gathered guests and settles himself into his seat so that he can watch the comings of others.

As Estaban enters, Amarantha gives him a curious once over. Then she'll turn back to Lucita, rummaging into her bag. "Someone actually wrote down my poems and compiled them into a book."

Estaban smirks at Lucita moving to sit down, "Your having my cousin fill in for me hmms?" he winks at Lucita and nods his head to Quenia and then to Aurelian, when he sits down he moves to take one of Lucitas hands and smiles.

Aurelian takes his seat and nods to Quenia's words and says, "I've spoken with Her Highness before." likely meaning Astraea. He then gives the others polite nods and says, "Greetings. Prince Aurelian Valardin, a prince of Valardin." In case it wasn't already known who he was. Then to Estaban and Lucita, "Good to see you both once again, a lovely ceremony and reception." Yes he was there, even if he was dragged around by his new cousin Caelis for the entire thing.

Lysander was absolutely never early, and almost never anything but fashionably late. Living across the plaza, however, seemed to change the artsy Lord's itinerary. For those that saw him of the last couple weeks all of the bandages were gone from both hands replaced by a soft pair of black gloves. That said he actually dressed up? Did Quenia put him up to this? Threaten him perhaps? Who knows but he was looking very much an echo of his late cousins this evening in black and red. Footsteps carried him forward with purpose, stopping to let Lucita pass through first and in the glazier went seeing Quenia who actually got a smile. "I told you I would be here, and in one piece, no greater this time."

"Ah, the Prince," Apollis says with a smile as he regards Aurelian after walking Astraea over to the table. "You can call me Apollis, sweet Prince," he say with a wink as he pulls out Astraea's seat for her. He sits two seats down leaving a seat for Amarantha.

Astraea breaks away from her siblings to give hugs and kisses to Luci, Esta, Luis and Quen. "I've missed you all terribly. Thanks for inviting me and all, know how it can be hostin us Northlanders and all that. Promise not to be boisterous." She raises her hand in a solemn oath before slipping down into the seat Apollis pulled out for her, thanking him quietly before leaning in to converse with Amarantha over a missive she received. She's waiting for everyone to get settled, mostly.

"Northlander she is now," Apollis comments with a roll of his eyes.

Aurelian nods to Apollis and says, "It is more my custom to use titles, but I have noted your preference, forgive my habits My Lord." in the same calm, conversational tone. He seems unphased by being called 'sweet prince'. He then looks to Astraea and says, "For my part Your Highness, boisterous is a minor concern compared to some of my relations, past relations, and friends." offering one of his uncommonly seen soft smiles, paired with what passes for a good-natured tone. Then to Apollis adding, "Do you expect me to remain a forever unchanged Oathlander after the marriage as well My Lord? I suppose it would be less effort for me."

Lucita smiles up at Estaban as he teases her. "Just for dinner. Lord Karadoc was kind enough to come and brave meeting the Igniseri family and friends. And I appreciate it." And she winks at him then turns to the others. "For any who have met him, this is my husband, Baron Estaban Saik, and in s short while, cousin Lord Karadoc Saik will be joining us, too."

Quenia grins at Lysander, waving him in. "And we're quite glad to see you, Lord Lysander," she tells him. "Come find a seat, have some wine, enjoy good food." She smiles at Aurelian as he introduces himself, and takes a moment to look around the room to see the reactions of others. To Astraea she says, "You are, of course, always welcome. And, it's nice respite to just dine and try to forget about the woes of the world for a bit."

Karadoc arrives. He is not dressed for an affair of lobster bisque and braised lamb, dressed as he is in his usual desultory loose silk, bound at the waist by his desultory silk rope. He's wearing unseasonable sandals and his feet are red and chapped. Even so, he's no sooner entered than he's bowing deep. "Thank you for the invitation, Lady Lucita. I will try to be on my best behavior, granting that my best behavior is still fairly poor."

Estaban smiles over at Aurelian, "Thank you, your highness. I am glad you and Princess Caelis were able to make it." he grins looking up hear Karadoc come in watching him for a long moment, "Lord Karadoc it is good to see you cousin."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Astraea before departing.

Princess Sparta Thistlefur, the shy stoatlet leaves, following Astraea.

Lucita finally gets through with hugs and kisses to her family, murmuring to Astrea and Apollis and Amarantha welcomes and her pleasure to see them again. To Amarantha she gives a delighted smile and says. "You are giving me a copy, yes, I must have a copy of your work! Maybe can set some of them to music, yes?" A moment later she says. "If I missed someone speaking to me or anything, my apology, my attention at seeing everyone has just been pulled from one to the next, not meaning to ignore!

Here comes drama! Well, a little bit. Prince Silvio does not /explicitly/ have an invitation, but...he's dressed really nice and truly, a man who is dressed really nice and can head-bobble his opinion like Silvio, can definitely crash a party. It helps that he knows most of the guests. "Lord Lysander..." He totally calls his cousin out, "You would dare try to leave behind your guest for the evening's dinner?" He arches his brows as he comes up behind the other man and puts a hand on his shoulder and squeezes. Then a sly grin crosses his pink lips, daring the man to argue with him. And then he spots Quenia, "Ohhh, Marquessa, you are absolutely /winter/ embodied. I love the whole thing, especially the hairpins.

Aurelian nods to Estaban and says, "I thank you for your hospitality, though I fear I may still have need to punish my friends for the impromptu snowball fight." Looking to Quenia for a moment, his expression still neutral, yep he hasn't forgotten that snowball that hit him.

"Unchanged?" Apollis asks quirking his head as he regards Aurelian with his emerald green eyes. "I expect you to make my cousin happy, that's all I expect," he says sweetly. He reaches over and grabs a glass and pours himself a glass of red. He takes a sip and lets the crimson ambrosia coat his insides with happiness. He turns toward Lucita and raises his glass. "Congratulations, Lucita. Estaban. I hope you found a nice spot for that liquor cabinet. You'll need one for each room, I suspect," he says with a grin.

Rohm the Blackguard, Karrigan's Watchful Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd puppy of ultimate fluffiness arrive, following Caelis.

Princess Sparta Thistlefur, the shy stoatlet, Caelis arrive, following Astraea.

"So, who else is relieved they didn't cause members of their vassalage to riot over their efforts to get them to answer the call to arms?" Quenia asks. Yes, this is a thing. Perhaps her prime worry! She is new to being a Marquessa, still, after all. She gets one of the servants to pour her some wine, as she awaits any answers she might get. "And what juicy gossip is there to be had this evening?" she asks, clearly definitely looking to forget about the up and coming plans she'll need to make with regards to the war. And then there's Silvio, with his silver tongue. She flushes faintly, and inclines her head, "Prince Silvio. A pleasure to see you again." She glances to Lysander curiously to see if he invited him as Silvio has indicated.

Says Karadoc, "Matrimonial congratulations are due all around, are they not? The good Lady Lucita and my dear cousin Estaban. I imagine we will all be wed one to another before too long." He takes a seat. "I agree, Marquessa Quenia. A heartening lack of rioting."

Aurelian nods to Apollis and says, "If I fail at such, contempt would be a more than worthy punishment for it." He then looks to Quenia and says, "I had no doubt rioting would be avoided Marquessa, only the question of how many would rise to the call. For your circumstances, from my observations, you have no need to feel lacking in your abilities. If you were truly a failure as a Marquessa riots and the like would have happened long before now. Calm your mind and ease your worry, you are doing a fine job." as he sips from his own wine, his tone still calm and it has become serious and he seems to genuinely mean every word.

"Of course you can." Amarantha says with a soft chuckle, smiling at Lucita. "I'll have copies made and delivered as soon as I can. In the mean time, you're welcome to browse the original." With a flourish, she'll pull out the small book and offer it to her cousin--before winking and slipping back towards her siblings. Taking a seat, she'll lean in to hear what Astraea whispered. Then! She kicks Apollis under the table with no subtly at all.

Lucita keeps a straight face but her voice tone is laced with mirth as she stage-whispers to Estaban. "Don't you dare tell cousin Apollis we already put it in the bedroom." And to Apollis she speaks in a normal tone, still containing a humorous thread. "We'll take your suggestion of a liquor cabinet in each room under consideration, thank you." To Quenia she says. "I was surprised the song caught on so well they are even singing it around the campfires and such, they must have really liked it!"

Quenia has joined the a walnut wooden table stained a red-brown.

Astraea looks at the missive she received and rises from the table to go and speak with Quenia and Lucita on a quiet aside. It only takes a few moments and she's smiling when she heads for the door so only good things one can hope. She's gone for a while but when she returns it's with Princess-Consort Caelis Valardin by her side, chatting idly and grinning widely as she leads the other princess to a seat. "Everyone knows Princess Caelis I'm sure, but in case not I'll be sure to give quiet introductions to those who so wish." Which she does, and then she pulls out Caelis' chair and grins to Mara, tossing her twin a wink. "Thanks sis."

"Apologies for my tardiness," Avaline says as she strides easily into the room, apologetic smiles offered towards Quenia. "I didn't miss too many courses did I? I got held up," she says, looking over the seats and with a bright smile offered towards her trio of Siblings, she moves to take a seat nearby to them, giving them each a hug and kiss on the cheek as she passes, brightly grinning as she pulls our her own seat.

1 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards have been dismissed.

Bedlam, a devoted doberman puppy have been dismissed.

Aubyn have been dismissed.

Stikingly pale blue eyes shift to Lucita's stage wgisper as Aurelian adds, "A fine first choice of rooms, especially when the matter of heirs becomes important." with another of those soft smiles, seems Lucita is doomed to be forever teased by the Valardin prince. His eyes then shift to Caelis as he says, "I've made no vow this time cousin." with another of his uncommonly seen soft smiles. Yay for not having to escort around the independent new cousin!

"Contempt is the least of your worries, sweet Prince," Apollis says with a small smile. "Hot gossip," he then says thinking for a moment putting his hand to his chin. He winces when he his kicked and then finishes his thought. "Besides all the trouble my sisters have been causing in the whites?" he asks. He then pats the seat next to him for Avaline after her greeting before leaning in to whisper something.

Caelis walks in holding onto Astraea's arm. She relaxes after a moment, recognizing faces. "Oh, much more fun than drinking alone. Doc, Esta, Lady Lion of Saik." She nods to Lucita with a wink. "Even Aurelian. Afraid I would slip you a second time? Someone dredged poor Rohm out of retirement to mind me." She assures the prince.

Lysander looked to Karadoc actually breaking his stoic silence, "Oh by the gods I hope not. Lucita, Congratulations are in order. You'll have to tell me about your design for your music room at some point in length." To the artist joy was ties to the tangible. Silvio got a quint of a look and his tone went dry with some amusement, "Prince Silvio, How am I to help you become a salacious point of note if I am consistently announcing intentions." He sighed as if greatly put upon. It wasn't true but it didn't stop him. "You ruin all my best surprises these days." Sadly it seems he had and has left the room bereft of any decent scandals this evening which to be a twitter about tomorrow. "Marquessa, glad I am you remember my cousin from the other engagement. He was in need of good company. What finer?" A hand gestured to the gathered room.

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"Lady Lucita, it is official then? know I shall never get married now that she's taken." Silvio teases with a smile. "Oh who have I not met? Lysander is your sister not here? I'm starting to think she is something you made up." There comes a light-hearted chuckle and despite his rank and privaledge, he definitely seems genuinely friendly. "Did someone say gossip?"

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Aurelian looks to Apollis and says, "I may not care for weapons or violence but I am more than capable, just imagien those I grew up with and those I've had as cousins in the past." Then to Caelis he nods and says, "Long as you are safe cousin."

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Estaban looks up and over as Caelis walks in he breaths deepl watching her come in then he looks back around and looks for a drink, yeah a dirnk would be good. "Don't care what? Hmm?" he asks Lucita tthen looks over at Apollis and winks.

Quenia grins at Lucita, "And you thought song writing wouldn't be useful for this particular task. I told you something might catch!" She gives her Baroness cousin a very proud look. She glances over at Aurelian, then reaches out to gently squeeze his arm. "Well, you were a big part of that. You gave some sound advice when I most needed it," she tells him, equally seriously. And then there's Avaline, entering. "We're only just getting started, really. Though, do feel free to take a seat and have some food!" She gives Apollis a curious look. "They've been causing trouble in the whites?" She looks at the sisters three, her gaze equally curious. To Aurelian, she quips, "Unless it's snow!" A mischievous smile touches her lips. She moves her hand from his arm to take up her wine glass and sip at its delicate tones.

"She's always safe with me," pipes up the white haired princess as she sits down adjacent to the Valardin princess. Then she throws Aurelian a pleasant smile and takes a drink of water and leans back into her seat, content to listen to the conversations going on around the table while she settled in. Quietly conversing with her date.

Luis looks up from his food and drink, catching something in the conversation and he looks around, attempting to pin down where he had heard it. A glance to Lucita and then to Quenia before he realizes just how full the dinner table truly is.

Avaline settles in the seat besides Apollis, beaming towards him with a dip of her head, snow-white hair cascading over her shoulders in loose ringlets as shifts. "I didn't cause that much trouble," Avaline protests, she tilts her head towards Astraea as well. "And her heart was in the right place, the people of the city can be like jackels at times, just waiting for a chance to pounce." There is a sigh and a beat before she's loading her plate, smiling towards Quenia. "Thank you! It's been too long, I swear. I do need to visit more often!"

Aurelian doesn't residst the touch to his arm and says, "Advise is one thing I can give, how useful it turns out to be we shall see Marquessa." He then nods to Astraea and says, "Be sure you can run well, and keep track of her preferred hiding spots then Your Highness."

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Karadoc taps his long chin with two long fingers. "I did mean to tell another dark story in the whites. I have yet to get a jackal's level of attention, though."

"Yes, Marquessa, they caused quite a stir. Ava is a liar," Apollis says to Quenia with a small nod of his little white haired head. "Don't tell mother," he says with a grin. He reaches up and loads up his plate with food. "We're little instigators, I think."

"Aurelian, you make me sound like a stray cat." Caelis teases and looks over at the Valardin prince. "I'm perfectly well behaved...when it suits me." She points out and leans over to murmur to Astraea quietly.

As Luis seems to be drawn more into the conversation instead of his food and drink, he looks from person to person as they speak, attempting to catch up with what has been said, but adding a soft laugh as Caelis speaks, "Ah your highness, after watching you spar, I would assure you, you don't sound anything like a stray cat." He says to her, though that is probably also a mark against her well behaved observation. He quickly summons a messenger from nearby, scratching out a brief note and then sends the messenger on their way... only to have them deliver the message to Quenia at the far opposite end of the table.

Clearly these assertions were not agreeable with the northern angel. "Polli...maybe you and Mara but...Avaline is more like Echo and me don't you think? Ya know...the good apples and not the troublemaking type?" Astraea flashes a perfectly sweet smile to Amarantha and shakes her head,"I regret it right away. Mara's good too." Caelis says something that catches her attention and she looks to Aurelian. "Your highness you should know that I am quite the athlete. It's not hard to keep up with Cae." Luis' jibe is given a sheepish smirk,"You're so bad."

Dafne murmurs, mildly, as she gestures to a servant to refill her wineglass, "I have always been rather fond of stray cats."

"You do," Quenia confirms to Avaline. "All of you do. Igniseri's doors are open to all of our cousins." She then quirks both brows at Apollis. "Who'd have imagined? Former Flames as instigators?" she grins. Flames being the nickname of members of House Igniseri. She notes to Aurelian, "I used the best parts you gave." She smiles over at Caelis, and inclines her head to the Valardin Princess. "Welcome to House Igniseri," she greets warmly. When she is of a mind, she remembers to put some actual food on her plate between the conversation, selecting bits of both braised lamb and some seared scallops. Maybe a few potatoes too.

Lucita nods to Silvio. "Quite official, yes." She gives a beguiling smile as she teases. "Flatterer. I've seen how some of the ladies smile at you. And Lord Lysander, instead of telling you in detail, will have you come visit and see for yourself! That way you can get the full effect of it." She then gives Estaban a sidelong glance as he watches Caelis. "It is always a relief when a white entry does not trigger snide comments or bickering, isn't it. Princess Caelis, I wnted to thank you for the riding lessons. And I have finally recovered and not stiff an dsore any more. I'm looking forward to getting to ride with you again sometime."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

Karadoc smiles at Caelis and Dafne in turn, closed-lipped and easy. "Stray cats are the most interesting cats. The fascination has not been domesticated out of them yet."

Quenia receives a messenger, then looks down the table and gives Luis a pointed look, with a raised brow, pointing towards the messenger.

Aurelian nods to Caelis and says, "As much as a couple friends of mine do when snow is involved." in the same calm, conversational tone. He then nods to Astraea and says, "Long as you serve better than myself, which shouldn't be hard as I seem only suited to take injuries on behalf of others." with another soft smile. Then another sip before leaning over to try and whisper smething to Quenia.

At Dafne's murmur, Luis looks over at her, and raises a wine glass. Just before it hits his lips, he speaks, "Meow," and then drinks, looking back at his food and to the others. "Now now, dear cousin, ummm, that's not really a decent descriptor, is it..? Princess... nope that doesn't work either... Astraea!" her name is loudly said, "If there's a good apple Igniseri, I've yet to meet them, so whose bottles have you been getting into?" he asks of her, chuckling along with her smirk.

Avaline squints towards her brother. "All I did, Pol, was point out that we must hold a man's deeds before his words. Words are hollow unti they've been proven. I can speak of duty all that I want but unless I do something about it, why should anybody believe me?" Avaline dips her head and laughs towards Astraea's comment. "Now, that's not fair. Mara and Apollis are just... spirited," she settles on the word, grinning as she sips her wine. Quenia gets an agreeable nod. "I'll make it more of apoint to come check in, and don't hesitate to invite me over if you ever want to talk. About anything at all."

When Quenia points at the messenger and does not seem to be using them for their purpose, he waves them back, and scritches out another note, sealing it with a bit of dinner and sends it back to Quenia.

a black robed Silent Reflection arrives, delivering a message to Astraea before departing.

"My troublemaking days are behind me, sweet sister," Apollis says with a smile to Astraea. "Ask my liege. She loves me. Asks me about strategy and tactics like I'm Avaline, she does." He then looks toward Avaline and smiles. "Avaline knows I'm obedient and reverent," he says with a nod. "Spirited," he repeats.

"Cats aren't domesticated," counters Dafne, pausing to take a sip of her wine. "They simply choose to live with people for their own purposes. Or some of them do."

Luis nods to Apollis, "As are mine, I'm totally on the level and straight now. True righteous path of sacrifice and charity, that's what I'm on," he agrees with the man, "My liege... actually I don't know if she loves me... to be honest, I do not think that I've spent much time with her since we've all grown up," Luis adds, then looks towards Dafne. "Meow?" The tone is questioning in its inflection.

Caelis bows from her seat. "Countess. Thank you for allowing me to accompany Princess Astraea. She's been a close companion for some months now." She offers formally. There's a mirth in her look as it shifts back to Astraea and she nods subtly to a whispered question. "Is it fascination that marks them? I always seemed to note the stray cats by their love challenging authority. I never could get the stray I held briefly to behave." She sighs and looks to Lucita. "I was so glad to have you at the stables. You must come again soon." She asks, leaning over a little.

"I cannot disagree," says Karadoc to Dafne. "The cat chooses you and as easily can unchoose you. After all," he nods to Caelis, "they recognize no authority. The best and most difficult people are like that, too."

Quenia nods to Avaline to acknowledge her comment, then takes another sip of her wine. Or, she tries to that is, until Aurelian whispers something to her and she nearly spits it out all over the place, her cheeks flushing a lovely pink shade.

Aurelian looks to Quenia and asks, "I assume that isn't my job?" gesturing passively to Apollis, likely a joke about how he is no longer a troublemaker. Then to Caelis adding, "I am not surprised you enjoy the company of cats xousin, you have similar personalities." with another sip of his wine after a soft smile. He shows no reaction to Quenia's spit-take. What did he say again?

"I'm not particularly fond of cats..." Avaline muses as she sips her wine. "They don't listen or follow instruction. A dog can be trained and be obedient," she eyes Apollis. "I never said you were obedient," she quips. Mulling over her earlier statement she considers before she says. "There's a reason nobody has ever uttered the phrase 'release the cats of war' in seriousness."

"Apollis if your troublemaking days are behind you then I'm /actually/ done wrestling bears." There's a soft raise of her glass in mock toast to her brother before sliding her glass to him supiciously. "Trade me glasses..." Nothing. No more explanation about why just do it. Then she's blushing at Caelis,"Oh ya know. She's kind of the coolest thing in Valardin. Don't tell Edain..."

Her grin falters,"Seriously though I probably allow her to do things she shouldn't. Don't tell him." Luis is tossed a suspicious glance of her own, she wants to comment...but no words. "Quenia I heard about how well you rallied the banners. I'm very proud of you! I wanted to say it before I lost the courage...or forgot in my cups."

Lysander looked up to Lucita actually interested in this music room with an earnest intent, "We'll have to arrange for that this week. I've recently moved and was considering a number of projects to work on my newest magnum opus and the thought to me of your music room had crossed my mind. I think..." Those dark blue eyes squint ceiling-ward. Silvio knew that look, that was a thinky-plotty face. "I think I wish to construct something for it to help you finish that endeavour." Apollis's words knocked the glazier clean out of artistic vision with what might be a personal affront, Oh no potential disappointment, "If your troublemaking days are behind you I will mourn all our loss. You're too young to give up. You can find that potential again. I'm certain you seem capable of mind enough. Certainly you have the savvy, yes?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

Aurelian looks to Astraea and says, "Given how Edain and myself are, I do not blame a Lycene over much for such a statement Your Highness, fear not." Edain ad Aurelian may have at one time been very similar in formality, Aurelian likely wins hands down now.

Apollis picks up his glass and passes it to Astraea over Amarantha and then takes hers. He smells it suspiciously and then takes a sip. "Luis and I are on the straight and narrow," he says. "I might join the Templars too. Is there a sign up sheet somewhere?" He looks over to Avaline and pouts a little. "I'm obedient to you, sweet sister."

Astraea is overheard praising Caelis for: Life is so much better when Karrigan's around.

Luis pauses a moment and realizes that his silliness is probably too much and so he waits for an opportune time and then clinks his glass a little before standing up, "Kidding aside for a moment, I wanted to make something clear that probably has been said in passing, but maybe not quite formally as of yet." He looks around the table at those who remain with them, "As you all know, Prince Aurelian Valardin has engaged in a formal courtship with our lovely Marquessa Quenia, and while some of us may have thought she was done with suitors, we still held out hope. He swept in and we all thought she was about ready to murder him for his antics, he wooed her in such a way that brought her around. For that we are ever grateful, your highness," there's a pause as Luis lets that title linger a moment, "So, I'm going to get in the 'highness' bit a few more times because if all things go well, at the end of this, you're never going to hear it again," he teases the man, "Well, aside from whatever it is that you two choose to do in your own time," he nods solemly, "Still I wanted to simply make a wonderful toast to a pair of wonderful people whom I do hope grow on each other over the next while and perhaps in time, we too shall welcome you into our family proper, as we have our sweet Baron here," he adds, noting Estaban, "To Quenia and Aurelian, may the road be pleasing to you both."

There's a longer pause, but Luis' glass remains held up, "Dear sister, I did not get a chance to regale your reception with tales of your youth and even those more recent, but to save our guests, I will not do so now, however I would like to say that I am happy for both you and Baron Estaban, that you have solidified friendships, houses, and I look forward to the future that the two of you will bring together. Thank you and congratulations." Done, Luis drinks and then settles down once more. Then receives a messenger.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Luis before departing.

Quenia takes a few moments to compose herself, setting her glass down. The messenger comes up to her once more, and whispers in her ear. This time she deigns to respond. The messenger gives her a 'Really?" look, sighs, then walks back over to Luis.

"I am arguably the most difficult thing to happen to the Valardin, but then, I had good teachers on how to be difficult. Like stray cats." Caelis nods to Aurelian at the observation before circling back to Luis. "I didn't get to see you spar. Perhaps you'll indulge me some time. I already have promised Princess Astraea I'd cross blades with her."

Silvio spreads his hands, "So many notes this evening! I am jealous. Ohhhh, when the day comes that I receive so many notes, I shall be a very happy cat that chooses to live with people." The Prince winks at Daphne.

Apollis raises his sister's glass to Luis and nods his head to the toast. "Hear, hear," he says. "You'll look splendid in a mirrormask, Your Highness."

Luis nods to Caelis and gives the princess a smile with a tilt of his glass, "Thank you your highness, I shall endeavour to do so. Though after my last bout with the Champion Caspian, I find my pride has been woefully cut short. I shall need some time to recover, I think," he adds with a soft laugh, and yet his eyes hold some seriousness. "And no Prince Silvio, I was sending messages to my dear cousin to let her know that we should probably acquire a larger table, for it is wonderful to have so many friends and family here together, but I shall endeavour to leave the messenger at peace for now, your highness."

Aurelian looks to Caelis and says, "I do believe the Minx holds that honor even now cousin." with another soft smile. He then looks to Luis and says, "I wouldn't say I wooed her, more a case of friendship maturing. That said I thank you for your kind words." Apollis however is given an extremely abnormal sight. A very serious and COLD look at the mention of Mirrormask, but it is only a few moments before his expression returns to its neutral state as though nothigjn happened.

Astraea raises her glass,"Well done you two. Your highness we'll discuss this later! I hope you will take good care of my cousin. Quenia...I like him, so you did good." She grins and then downs the rest of her drink before rising,"I have to go have words with a priest. Forgive me for my early departure but you'll scarcely notice my absence." A polite bow is offered to everyone, siblings, cousins and Caelis gets hugs and kisses and then she's off.

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Rohm the Blackguard, Karrigan's Watchful Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd puppy of ultimate fluffiness leave, following Caelis.

Princess Sparta Thistlefur, the shy stoatlet, Caelis leave, following Astraea.

Rohm the Blackguard, Karrigan's Watchful Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd puppy of ultimate fluffiness arrive, following Caelis.

Princess Sparta Thistlefur, the shy stoatlet, Caelis arrive, following Astraea.

"Again, to matrimony!" Karadoc raises his glass to that. However, he raises his glass once more, more muted. "To people and things that cannot be controlled."

Rohm the Blackguard have been dismissed.

Once composed, Quenia inclines her head in Luis's direction. "Thank you for the toast, and your kind words Luis. But, that still doesn't let you off the hook of eventually finding a wife for yourself," she grins at him, her tone teasing. "I'm sure Lucita has several lovely suggestions to give," she looks to her Baroness cousin for such suggestions.

Lucita attention rests on Lysander and there is a delighted smile on her lips. "Oh, indeed! I'll look forward to your coming to visit and will have wine and refreshments ready." At Luis's toast she lifts her glass to Quenia and Aurelian and gives Luis a nod of thanks when he does a mention of she and Estaban, color rising in her cheeks. "Thank you Luis, that was beautifully said." And to Aurelian she grins. "Well, that was the way she needed to be woo'ed. Anything else may have scared her off." She teases both Quenia and Aurelian. As for suggestions for Luis she says to Quenia. "Oh, I've been keeping watch, he seems to be managing fairly well on his own in meeting eligible ladies. Of course Prince Aurelian may also have a few suggestions."

Avaline squeezes Astraea as she departs, kissing her cheek and settling herself back down, raising her glass to Luis and joining in the toast.

Settled into her seat, Caelis lifts her glass silently at Doc's words before smiling a little smugly. "I got hugs AND kisses from Astraea. She must like me." She decides and sips from her glass with amusement. Her dark eyes looking to Aurelian with some amusement. "Give it time cousin. I drove Baron Estaban up a tree with frustration once, Lord Doc will tell you. We were cackling hard enough over it." She nods to the two men.

Quenia leans forward them at Lucita's words. "Ooooooh? Do tell!" she encourages Lucita, then eyes Luis rather keenly.

Luis arches a brow at Quenia, but nods to those whom had complimented first, that done, he continues with his /older/ cousin, "You should hear her suggestions, I'm all ears, the one she usually recommends have a wild side in..." he realizes he's getting ahead of himself, " scribing ledgers..." yes that's exactly what he meant to say.

Lysander warned a faint grin and lifted his glass in agreement. At the 'threat' Quenia was levying upon her brother, Lysander offered to him, "My sister threatens me thus consistantly. Have you need, I'd be happy to hide you." Which could mean any number of things rightly. To Prince Silvio he offered simply, "Cousin, be at rest that we are ever tirelessly accomplishing what few can. 'Tis a noble sacrifice...and truly we are in need of a larger table."

Estaban nods his head to Luis, "Thank you, Lord Luis." he holds his glass up to Aurelliam amd Quenia he takes a sip and coughs a little looking over to Caelis a brow arching up but there is a smirk on his lips.

Dafne glances at Lysander sidelong, and says, with a quirk of an eyebrow, "I am not entirely sure all my relations need marry. After all, our coffers are only so large, and it is better to have enough potential heirs to stave off extinction and still live well, instead of having dozens of children and living in poverty, no?" She glances down to her wine with a flutter of lashes, and adds, wryly, "However, strictly speaking, Lysander, you are not _my_ family. I leave you to your sister's mercies."

Princess Sparta Thistlefur, the shy stoatlet leaves, following Astraea.

"Oh my lovely Quenia, alas also now taken, though...why do I get the feeling that your parties will be somewhat less exciting with a Valardin Prince for your match?" Silvio sits down and tries to get himself a drink with a flip flip of his hand. He shifts and settles, dark eyes moving to Luis as he enjoys the elegant speech. "Would that be...being single, Lysander? Yes.../frightfully/ good at it." His eyes momentarily widen. "This is why I flirt with the /safe/ ones...those who are already with someone else." Smile!

"A little lordling like myself can go unwed for quite some time," Karadoc muses.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Luis before departing.

Aurelian looks to Lucita and says, "I fear not. My search so far has been for candidates for a match to myself based on my own criteria. I fear I don't know your brother well enough to provide suitable candidates." He then looks to Caelis and says, "Do not forget I put up with Alis, Beaumont, Marian, even Monique. You are welcome to try to phase me cousin." with another soft smile. Then itcomes to him being dull at parties, "One must balance out Lycene parties a bit, else chaos would reign." with another soft smile and what passes for good-natured tone.

"I shared similar assumptions Lordling Karadoc, and then they went and made me respectable. It's almost taken, too. Some days I even say please and thank you." Caelis teases and hears Aurelian's words. "Challenge accepted." She declares with a bright look in her eyes.

Lucita says, "Oh, I think will wait a little longer and see how things go, Quenia." She gives Luis a glance as she tries to give him a little breathing room. "Luis can tell you of any interests he has when he is ready.""

Estaban looks to Aurellian, "YOur Highness, you may want to reconsider that challange you just put out to princess Caelis." he looks to her and knows that look in her eyes all to well.

"Marian and Monique... you poor, poor soul," Luis says, shaking his head as though he were speaking at someone's deathbed.

Quenia chuckles a bit wryly at Dafne's words, then gives Lysander a considering look, before Silvio calls her attention away. "Almost taken," she corrects him. "Though," she looks over at Aurelian, smiling at him, "It seems a certainty." She looks back to Silvio. "But, I expect my dinners will be no less exciting. Prince Aurelian has lots of layers behind that unassuming look to him." She does not go into those layers. But, she adds, "You might be surprised."

Karadoc raises his glass to Caelis and laughs. "I will never be respectable. Especially while I remain somewhat invisible."

Luis looks around the table and now that Lucita has thankfully gotten his name off the topic of conversation, he bows his head to Estaban, "And of course, brother. Thank you for all that you have done and for the joy that you bring to Lucita." Saiks are smiled at, though the talk of respectability has him laughing, "Oh, are any of us respectable anymore? Truly? I mean...let's look at the last year, a true self-reflection..." he tilts his head, and waits.

"Don't ever change Doc." Caelis replies to Karadoc with a look. By the time they hit Estaban, they're all innocence. "What challenge? I'm thirty weeks a whale. I will be perfectly reasonable." She slides to her feet. "That being said, as I'm not dateless-I should go catch a drink with a sellsword and find out a thing or two about assassins." She says cheerfully. "Be good." She eyes a few people with a crooked smile and bobs her head to Countess Quenia. "I'm glad to have shared your table. I see the attraction now." She remarks and wiggles her fingers to Aurelian. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Luis waves to Caelis as she leaves, "Evening, your highness," he adds to her, but then looks to Lysander, "Wildly single you say? Well hello Lord Lysander... I fear we've not truly had an opportunity to get to... know each other..." Luis winks, then sips his wine. He leans back a little, stretching and puffing out his stomach cause he's stuffed. "We're losing people Quenia, you need to bring out the good stuff!"

Apollis checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 74 higher.

Wasn't Apollis here a second ago?

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Estaban is given a look as Aurelian says, "Little brings about fear or concern within me, my cousin is not among them I assure you. That said, my observations tend to provide a degree of protection at times as well as I am less often surprised when I know someone well enough." He truly shows no concern about the challenge at all. To Luis he adds, "In truth I consider them both friends, and Marian is still like family to me even if there s no longer familial ties between us." At least that he'd count. "I have even been thanked by Marian for assisting her through a rough time as it were, but I will not discus the details as it would be a disservice to her."

Another sip and then he looks to Quenia and asks, "Who told you?" with another soft smile, likely a response to her menton of his 'layers'. To the departign Xaelis he says, "I have likely done as bad or worse in my time. I simply ensure none find out cousin." with another soft smile.

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Silvio doesn't just shift his eyes between Luis and Lysander, but turns his whole head back and forth, causing long, loopy curls to sway while he goes about getting his own plate filled and enough alcohol to make poor decisions. There's a relaxed lean and an amused grin on his face, then! Fingers of his free hand tap in a drumming pattern as he considersthe two men.

Quenia ers faintly, then looks to Lucita. "Lucita hid it all before she left us!" This she tells Luis. "Something, something, padded something, stuffed somewhere something.... was all I remembered of her messenger."

"I don't want to think overmuch about Lucita is currently padding and stuffing," says Dafne, all innocence. She spears a scallop.

Luis nods to Aurelian, "As it is your highness, I do have an affection for the both of them as well, I just... they would be a handful," he admits with a chuckle, then shrugs lopsidedly. Silvio's looks encourage a laugh from the man and he winks at him as well, just because, and goes back to sipping his wine. Quenia's mumbles have him drawn back into the conversation, "Did she say where the stuffed padded something something was? I seem to recall her stuffed padded something something was tucked away..." he trails off.

Karadoc smiles, oddly contentedly. "I have no idea what we are speaking about, but it seems suitably Lycene."

Aurelian nods to Luis and says, "Simply pointing out I can handle myself when the need arises."

Lucita gives Avaline, Dafne and Quenia a glance then murmurs to the women. "Knowing the personalities of the men here, we have quite a collection, the most charming rascals in Arx at our table." She gives Dafen a wide-eyed glance at her comment and drops one hand to her belly as she clears her throat." not yet Duchess." To Quenia she says. "The servants put it in your room in the wine rack there. If they are hidden, was not by me! Or someone discovered and raided the stock placed there!

Dafne blinks at Lucita, blue eyes wide and innocent and guileless. She nibbles on a scallop.

Aurelian looks to Lucita and says, "No doubt your heirs will be fiery lions indeed My Lady."

"Not yet, that she knows of, still too early to tell, is what she means," Luis corrects Lucita, waggling brows to the rest of the table, though he does actually seem serious.

Quenia gives Luis a look, clearly blaming him for the hidden alcohol. "I shall go look for it!" she declares, then rises from her seat and to go rummage through her things.

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Quenia drops a bottle of traditional Shav honey mead with elderflower.

Quenia drops a bottle of traditional Shav honey mead with lavender.

Quenia drops The Shellback Current - A Navegant Rum.

When Quenia rises to go look for good alcohol, Luis actually seems shocked, "Wait... we had more?! Now I'm missing out on where she hides the good stuff!" he exclaims, trying to rise, but getting caught in the edge of the tablecloth. Somehow or another his belt has gotten hooked on it. He struggles to free himself quickly, noting that with each passing moment, liberty and good drink, mystery and adventure are passing him by! He hurries, only making it worse, and finally with a last tug he is free and he looks up... only to spot Quenia arriving back, "Damn it all," he curses.

Quenia drops The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine.

Quenia drops an elegant Granato wine called Summer Blush.

Quenia drops Third Wall, an aged cask of Ostrian cherry brandy.

Quenia drops a cup of Orange Spice Tea.

Estaban gets a message and after reading it he leans in to whisper something to Lucita before looking to Quenia, "I do hope you except my apologies it seems I am needed by the Lord Commander." he moves to get up placing a kiss on Lucitas cheek and looks to Karadoc, "Would you do the honors cousin?"

Quenia comes back into the room, with several servants following her with armfuls of things that were apparently stuffed away in her rooms! Rums, Brandies, Wines, and some tea. She directs the servants to spread everything out, then goes to retake her seat. "It appears that we had several liquors stuffed in my room. Why they were there, I can't be certain."

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Karadoc rises as Estaban does. "I would. However, what honors, my cousin, my Baron?"

Quenia inclines her head to Estaban. "Thank you for coming. You are, of course, always welcome to dinner now."

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Aurelian watches Quenia and the servants return and asks, "Should I be concerned about my future in your chambers Marquessa?" As though the stockpile was to keep him alive over a long imprisonment, as he gives another of his soft smiles.

Lucita lifts her gaze and then says ever so sweetly to Karadoc. "I think he means to see I don't wind up slip-sliding into the reflecting pools or being mugged or waylaid by playful puppies romping in the snow along the way home or somehow finding mischief to get into.

Estaban moves over to Karadoc a hand goes to his shoulder, "Fill my shoes well why I am gone and walk Baroness Lucita back to the tower if I am not back by then please." he looks to Quenia, "Thank you." he looks to Luis, "My brother Luis, soon we have some hunting plans to make." he smiles and lets his hand slip from karadocs shoulder and heads out.

Karadoc turns a smile on Lucita and then a smile on Estaban. "Of course! No harm or puppies will come to the Baroness and I will not embarrass you too awfully. I will see you later, after your duties."

Quenia brightens at Lucita when she mentions the pools. "Lucita! You have your own home now! You can build your own pool so Luis can go swimming!" Because, the ever long argument in the House is that she is not having a swimming pool built in their Atrium. She clears her throat at Aurelian's words, "Er. No." She tells him, then her cheeks turn another lovely shade of rose pink.

Lysander arched an eyebrow at Luis's brazen greeting and turned up a wry grin, though it was to Silvio he asked with a squint, "Should I have him visit the crucible, or spare him that?" Looking back to Luis he nodded with some certainty, "Wildly single I supposed depends on timing. In truth I left everything behind in Gemecitta. You should visit the forge though sometime. I do welcome good company while I create. It keeps me from destroying the things I'm working on. Eh, or perhaps inspires it. We may yet see."

Aurelian nods as he takes another sip saying, "If you are sure, that lovely shade to your cheeks makes me wonder." He then adds, "I do agree however, a swimming pool would ruin the present beasuty of the atrium."

"Puppies... indeed..." Luis looks at hte assorted bottles and casks of alcohol that arrive and so he's been rather occupied to truly respond to anything else that's been going on, but then he nods to Estaban, "Hunting trip it is! Take care and I will talk with you soon." He bows his head, selecting a cask of something tasty and then hoisting it onto his shoulder, he looks at the others, "It was a wonderful evening, I will talk to you soon, I have something I need to go get acquainted with," he admits to them all, "Thank you again for coming, it was a pleasure to see you all again, let's do this again sometime soon, and perhaps spend some time in smaller company in the near future?" He nods to Lysander at the last comment and he grins with a final wink.

Luis picks up Third Wall, an aged cask of Ostrian cherry brandy.

Silvio chuckles when he is winked at and lifts his chin. "Ohhh, no, its too late now, Luis. I know who you prefer." He feigns a forlorn air. Then he tips his chin back down and reaches out to thwap Lysander's arm with the back of his hand. "Of course you should invite him to visit."

"I'm planning on adding a spider haven to the Palazzo's gardens," shares Dafne, finishing her scallops. "I was thinking ruined columns in the shade, draped with cobwebs." A pause. "Well. The webbing depends on the spiders." She raises a hand to wiggle her fingers to Luis. "Good evening, Luis."

Aurelian nods to Dafne and says, "From my understandign they should assist with pest control as well."

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Leana, an Igniseri Guard leaves, following Luis.

Quenia shouts from nearby, "You should thank Lord Theron for that brabdy!"

Quenia quirks a brow at Luis as he picks up the whole cask of brandy and absconds with it. And then she calls out after him, tell him to thank Theron!

Quenia turns then to look over at Dafne. "A spider haven?" she asks.

Dafne dabs her lips with a napkin. "So spiders may live unmolested and unsquished," she explains. A pause. "And to atmosphere. They are sacred to the Queen of Endings, after all."

Lysander seemed...pleased withthe prospect as much as the moody artisan is every truly pleased with anything. A hand pat Silvio's arm. There there. It was Dafne's plan that swiveled the whole of his attention around on the topic. "That sounds... absolutely amazing an idea. I'm biased, for certain, but it makes it no less a charming thought. Perhaps shallow pond for them so they can find water, attract food?"

Karadoc looks at Dafne speculatively. "What a curious garden idea. Are there other sacred creatures? Hornets, perhaps? I have always wanted a garden of hornets."

Quenia thinks on this a moment, then says seriously. "You may have any spiders that dwell in our homestead for this purpose." She looks truly serious about this! TRULY!

Aurelian seems unphased by spiders as he takes another sip, seemingly just listening for the time being.

Lucita says, "He took the brandy!" She mutters under her breath. "I had the idea of using that in a small decorative ...." She sighs. "Well, it is gone now. Don't expect to get it back Quenia. You know Luis." It takes a moment to get her thoughts collected and attention back to those at the table. "Did you and Lord Marcos make remarks like that when I took your last bottle of Plum wine?" She grins and then looks toward Dafne. "Are you sure, Duchess? Some at the Queen of Endings temple do not like pets and messenger animals in her temple for fear they will harm the spiders. If you do not have them in some sort of protective area, won't your kitten or some of our animals disturb them? I had to leave the shrine and send Golden and Phil back home with Micana one day before I could do my prayers there."

Quenia glances back to Lucita, "Never fear, Lucita. I have keys to all the rooms here. I'll get it back, if I want," she grins mischievously. "After all, he barges into my room often enough." She pauses then, and her eyes catch on the clavichord, and she grows quiet. "Perhaps, cousin, you should relocate the clavichord to your music room?" she suggests. "It is only collecting dust here, now."

"Alas," Dafne informs Karadoc, "I am unaware of any god taking a particular interest in hornets. Perhaps you could inquire of one of the Godsworn. They may know something further." She brightens at Lysander's suggestion. "I think that would be lovely. And some droopy, sombre trees to form a suitable backdrop." She glances to Lucita, and frowns faintly. "I would not bring a pet into any shrine in general; it is not respectful. But we cannot protect every spider. At some point, they must trust to their own wits and the Queen's graces."

"Alas!" Karadoc echoes. "I will find some insect to make sacred topiary with, though it kills me. In the meantime, do let me know when your spider shelter is complete."

Aurelian finally finishes his glass, his first glass mind you as he says, "New locks should be on the list then." likely in reference to Luis barging into Quenia's room.

"Luis is a Voice. He'll just get new keys made," Quenia notes to Aurelian. "But, we'll teach Ruby to make sure the door stays undisturbed."

Quenia rises once more from the table, offering a warm smile to everyone. "If you'll excuse me. I think it is time I retire for the evening. However, do feel free to stick around, chat, and enjoy more food and drink."

Aurelian says, "Unless I have the only keys. It shoudl be interesting to see him try then." If he has the only keys how does Quenia leave again? He then stands as Quenia does and says, "If I could have a moment first Marquessa."

Quenia inclines her head to Aurelian, "Certainly."

Aurelian nods and moves to lead Quenia out of the room for whatever business he has to discuss.

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Lysander sank back into his chair, for as well dressed as he was, the musing of buiksing somethingartistic and devotional on teh topic of mournings and celebration seemed to fall oddly in his wheelhouse, but then again he was a Rubino, and they have had more than an average share of both. "The QUeen of Endings has done a great kindness to me as of late, and I culd be moved to contribute to this and return the favour to Her. A new beginning for Her as well in renewed devotion? I think...yes." Lysander rolled a look to Silvio. "That... may be my muse for a time. I'll need to see an apothecary tomorrow for wah we'll need." We? He was not above conscripting Silvio to patron the merchants in the morning.

Lucita starts to say something to Aurelian and Quenia but after a glance at the other people at the table and a little color rising in the cheeks she reconsiders and finally just says...nothing. A sip of her wine is taken and she says "Mistress Valery may have some ideas on what plants the spiders may like the most if you decide to do that. Will you be replacing the hedge maze with something else as a unique feature for the area?"

"The Queen of Endings taught me to look for new beginnings in endings, and find hope when times seemed dark," says Dafne, and this time she is in perfect earnest. "And thus I became one of her first disciplines." She pauses to consider the question. "I hadn't decided. It was only a musing up to this point, not a plan. I do not intend to replace the garden as it is, only to add to it. It is Sylvie's garden, after all." Her voice is tinged by sadness, and she begins to rise. "I should be on my way as well, I fear."

Lucita nods to Dafne. "I am so glad you got to come to the dinner. Quenia and all of our family look forward to seeing you." She gives a gentle smile.

Karadoc bows slightly. "It was my pleasure to make so many acquaintances. I hope to see at least some of you again."

Dafne dips her head to the room and favours Lucita and Karadoc with a smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Karadoc. And pleasure, as always, Lucita. I am sure I will see you all again soon. Good night and best wishes to you all."

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