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While the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Compact could say the name of each deity in the Pantheon and what they represent, the theology skill represents a deeper knowledge of the religions of Arvum, its philosophy and debates. Practiced by priests, but also pretentious nobles who wish to quote dead philosophers to excessive degrees.

For information about what your character should generally know if you have this skill, do 'lore theology 1', 'lore theology 2', etc.

0: Average layman for their faith. Knows the basic tenants, though might have some mistaken assumptions even about their own faith, and limited knowledge outside of that. Usually assumes their one way is correct.
1: Someone that serves as a disciple, or might have some basic insight into their faith.
2: The average priest or shaman or similar religious leader.
3: Often a religious teacher, sometimes with a particular fixation that might spiral into something that has them executed for heresy.
4: Senior experts of religious study and knowledge, usually with a wide grasp of the differences between religions.
5: Someone that Dominus goes to for clarification for obscure religious points.
6: Knows a few things the gods might not know.