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The skill used to determine how capable your character is as a sailor, from everything to not tipping over a canoe to commanding fleet maneuvers.

0: You can probably sing a sea shanty or make a valiant attempt rowing a rowboat, but that's where your expertise ends.
1: Basic sea legs. You can use sailor jargon and not feel too pretentious.
2: Yarr, ye be a valuable contributin' member on the team, yarr.
3: No one wants to be on a ship in a storm, but if they are, they are glad you're there.
4: "Blast, that smuggler slipped through our fingers again! How does she do it?"
5: A peerless expert on naval matters, or in the Mourning Isles, a potentially acceptable commander to the Thrax Leviathan.
6: Race the actual leviathan and win.