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Whether it's a humble local friar tending to the spiritual needs of a tiny hamlet or the Dominus of the Faith who speaks to dukes as a peer, a priest of the Pantheon represents arguably the most respected vocation on the continent of Arvum. Most of the priests are generalists with a broad range of duties- the same local priest might perform marriages, provide witness to vows, annoint a knight, act as a healer, grant scholarly counsel to the local lord, perform feast day celebrations for the different gods and goddesses of the Pantheon, and lead daily prayer services. But in Arx as the seat of the Church, there's no place the Faith is more politically powerful or influential. While the fervor of many of the priests and disciples of individual gods is undeniable, only the most idealistic assumes that religious conviction drives many to take up the cloth. The Dominus in other times has been called the Kingmaker, and it is a very unwise high lord that discounts the vast influence and power wielded by the Faith.