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A combination statistic to represent a character's coordination, reflexes, agility, manual dexterity, often used as a measure of accuracy in combat and related feats. As a scale:

0: Pet rocks are more agile than this.
1: If something can be tripped over, stumbled into, or bumped, they will find a way. Walls are their eternal enemy.
2: Average human adult. Can occasionally be agile, and at other times they are walking into inanimate objects.
3: Fair odds of performing acrobatics and not immediately killing themselves.
4: Stories are told and ballads are sung about how limber they are from past romantic partners.
5: "Well, I'm sorry the thief escaped, but we really didn't think she'd jump out the window, sprint across a tight rope and bound down three stories with her hands tied behind her back."
6: The guards couldn't actually -see- the demon except for a blur that moved too quickly to be perceived, but that wasn't really much of a comfort.