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Animal Ken

A representation of training in the handling and care of animals. This is the skill that determines what happens to the rugged outdoorsman holding up a cautionary hand to the rest of the party as he approaches the hungry apex predator and informs them 'It is about mutual respect'. Yeah a botch makes for an amusing anecdote after the eulogy.

As a scale:
0: Fair odds they know a dog barking and growling at them does not, in fact, want to play.
1: There is an outside chance the dog would probably, after a great amount of coaxing, not bite.
2: The dog would likely tolerate their's attempts.
3: The dog would be a good boy.
4: The dog would follow them home.
5: They have a very loyal dog that has forsworn off biting others except when appropriate.
6: The dog is alright with being introduced to your bear and fluffy legion of stalwart animal minions.