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Roster Suggestions

We often allow players to propose and design characters for the roster for other people to play. We're delighted to see players help address niches that are missing, and to help fill out the organizations like families or houses that can really use more consistent characters to help make a great environment. But it's easy for players to get excited about what they want to see, and make a character a little too niche that might result in a new player taking the character not really finding their footing in the game, so for any wishing to make a new CG, first propose it in a request before they do it, and in the request, I'd want them to answer a few things:

1. A pitch for the character. What makes them compelling? What goals do they have? What are their motivations? What early experiences shaped their lives? What are at least 3 different groups that the character has reason to interact with, and for the organizations to interact with them, to get them involved in the story?

2. What makes the character fun to play? What traits about them will appeal to players? What kind of fun RP will they be able to pursue?

3. What makes them fun for everyone else that interacts with them? What about the character creates positive RP for others, if played by a fair minded player?

I view those 3 questions as a baseline for a solid roster character that helps players get involved with their first character. And if any roster characters don't fit that, I'd also be happy to let players propose revamps that aren't necessarily retcons in other +requests as well.

In short- roster cgs need to be not reliant on anyone's activity to be successful, have an extremely compelling story, fill a unique niche in the context of the game, have an interesting idea for a metaplot tie in, be fun to roleplay, and have some goals and direction to help a new player be integrated.

Further, to avoid roster bloat, there must be no more than 2 available roster characters in one of the character's proposed orgs.

Lastly, due to the amount it eats up from staff taking it, I want every character to have a proposed metaplot secret as well, with what areas of the plot they can interact with, and the character must show some areas of involvement that are separate and distinct from their 'parent' orgs (in other words, if someone is making a roster suggestion for their sibling, the CG can't be dependent upon their family for their RP).

If I do approve you to go ahead and make the character, you log in as a guest, and use a dummy email for the roster suggestion, using the format of rostersuggestion@by<yourcharactername> or similar. In the submit information at the end, please say the names of the characters parents and grandparents (and if any already exist), and what @orgs they should be members of and at what ranks, and I'll review that.