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Relationship Continuity

Arx is a roster game, meaning that players have the option to play pre-generated characters designed by staff if they choose to do so. This is to offer continuity in roleplay and immediate roleplaying hooks to help a new player get involved. We're pleased if players get excited to see a character played again that they had interactions with, in the hopes of continuing roleplay, but we need to caution players that we're always going to err on the side of making anew player feel more comfortable and not overwhelmed with the amount of history that any roster character might have. Here are a few guidelines:

1. We wish for any new player to have a great deal of agency over choosing the direction a character wishes to go. This means that while journals and messengers written by the character are treated as canon and things that happened, a new player is given a great deal of latitude in interpreting the motives behind them.
2. Any roleplay that isn't specifically recorded by journals, event logs, written in game contracts, and similar can be taken with a grain of salt. Sure, a character could have given a verbal promise to make someone an heir. He could have also been lying through his teeth. I do not want new players to feel pressured by these, and if it's not recorded, I do not want new players feeling like they are coming into a character that is acting in bad faith without being able to access the details of the roleplay.
3. This goes especially true for mildly antagonistic relationships. They can be great fun to play. I don't want new players feeling blindsided by these relationships because there is no record of why someone hates their guts. The impetus is on at least one of the parties to record the relationship so there is something for new players to reference. If it doesn't exist, I will not hold any new player to it, and it is very not okay to make a new player feel uncomfortable or be dropped in RP they do not want because of unrecorded and unclear actions of a previous player that they have no way to reference.