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Getting A Character

In order to play on Arx, a player needs to either create a new Player Character or apply to a pre-existing character from our Roster of available characters. After connecting to Arx using a client (such as clicking on the Play Online button at the top of the webpage under , then at the login prompt one logs in as a guest by simply typing 'guest' , and then you are able to chat on our guest chat channel by typing 'guest <any message>' on the command line.

Arx is an original setting low-fantasy game set in a world of conspiracies, political intrigue, and forbidden magic, inspired by works such as Joe Abercrombie's 'First Law' series, GRRM's Game of Thrones, and similar thematic styles. Since an original setting can be a little difficult to make a new character for, don't hesitate to ask for staff for help in making a new character that fits the world if you choose to create your own by using the '@charcreate <your email here>' command, and feel free to browse existing characters off the webpage or by using the @roster or @sheet commands to get an idea for what works in the setting. Feel free to also browse the many lore files of the game that are listed under 'help lore', or off the web page under the 'world' tab.

Alternately, a new player can apply for a character from the roster. These are all characters that much like major characters from a series in fiction, likely have already played a part and are already interconnected with other characters, and a new player picking one up is much akin to a new actor slipping into an existing role in a series. Many players will be ecstatic to see a favorite character making a return under the control of a new player, but not to worry, it's understood that a new player doesn't really know what's gone on before, and they will need time to acclimate themselves and look at the character's journal that details their thoughts from an IC perspective, old IC messages that were sent to and from them using the 'message' command, and the hidden secrets on their sheet that ties them into many of the plots. If you need help figuring out if a character might be a good fit, don't be afraid to ask from a guest and speak to staff, who will be happy to point you to a character or help you make your own.

To apply to an existing character, first add the email that you'll be using with @add/email, then use @roster/apply to select a character and write out an application message. The message is generally intended as a check to see that someone understands what the game is all about and seems like a good fit, though we're much more picky about very popular or powerful characters that go back on the roster that receive multiple applications.