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Getting A Character

To play on Arx you need a character. You can either choose apply to a character from our roster of pre-written characters or create a new original character. Roster characters are strongly recommended for first time players. They give you connections to plots and other players while you learn the game.

Available Roster Characters:


1. Connect to Arx via your client
2. At the login prompt, enter 'guest'.
3. Add your email. Type 'add/email [your email address]'
4. Apply to the character. Type roster/apply [character name] = [application]. Your application should contain the reason you'd like to play the character, what you perceive as their goals and motivations, and what direction you will take their roleplay. Tell us your take on the character. How would you RP them in a way that contributes to a positive environment and creates collaborative, fun RP for other people?

Example: I think Andry looks like a cool character. I would type 'roster/apply Andry = I am new to Arx. Andry looks like a fun character who would give me the chance to learn Arx and also hit people with swords. I'd like to play him as friendly but also with a bit of a smartmouth and use him to get to know other players in game.

5. Hit enter and you are done! Staff will review your application and usually get back to you in 1-2 days at the email address you provided.


Arx is an original setting low-fantasy game set in a world of conspiracies, political intrigue, and forbidden magic. Since an original setting can be difficult to make a new character for, don't hesitate to ask for help in making a new character that fits the world.

1. Once you're ready to create the character, use the 'charcreate [email]' command to submit your email address.
2. Follow the instructions on the screen. Your first set of prompts will be for filling out the following fields: skintone, height, eyecolor, haircolor, age, fealty, social_rank, religion, gender, desc, marital_status, concept, family, quote, background, personality, and birthday. Use 'help [field name]' for more information about what these mean and the allowed values.
3. After you submit the fields, you will next be choose stats and skills for your character. Follow the instructions on the screen. Use 'help [stat or skill name]' for more information about what the different stats and skills mean.
4. Finally, type 'add/submit [application]' to submit your finished character. Your application should explain why you want to play this character. Example: 'add/submit I'm excited to play a commoner criminal and think this character will let me get involved in cool stories in Arx.'

1. "How many characters can I have?"
--We allow up to 2 characters per player with restrictions under