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Game Updates: 3/26 - Introducing Masks!

By NV on March 26, 2017, 4:39 a.m.

Added Masks, which are wearable face-slot items that obfuscate a character's identity. Level 3 mask recipes have been introduced for many crafting abilities, with one extra for Alchemists at level 5.

The name of the mask will form part of the wearer's identity; for instance, A Fox Mask will grant a female wearer the identity of A Lady wearing A Fox Mask. The wearer's description will similarly be covered by whatever altdesc is provided during creation, which is accomplished with a new /altdesc switch for +shop and craft.

Masks provide no protection and require repair (refining) once their quality level has diminished from use. They also can't be worn while traversing into a public area, so it is wise to wait until you're about to step into a private room before putting one on.