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Oathlands Strife

Some lingering questions remain in the Oathlands, for who might have been responsible for different issues, and just what might be done about them. And whether the peace between Fournier and Daveiga will hold.

Since the creation of the Great Road, there had been a number of ongoing brushfire conflicts throughout the Oathlands. While some were resolved quickly, the matter of House Beaucage and House Fournier remained. House Beaucage, a vassal of Laurent, had terrorized prodigals and Abandoned alike, warred with neighbors, and had taken actions in open defiance fo the Faith. House Fournier, a vassal of Lyonesse, had a massacre of pilgrims on their lands including the brother of the Marquessa of House Daveiga, a Malvici vassal, which resulted in an Oathlands-Lyceum border war. Individuals from the Faith, the Oathlands, the Lyceum and beyond have visited both houses in an attempt to end the ongoing conflicts.

There has been some success...