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Clearlake Exploration: Part Four

The exploration into Clearlake Hold's new area continues with the search expanding to the crater lake that they have found and the new wildlife that is around.


Oct. 3, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Ian Cillian(RIP)



Outside Arx - Northlands near Clearlake Hold - Into Clearlake Hold

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Comments and Log

Clearlake Hold so far has been the sight of a lot of curiosity, thankfully there have been no large bears that have come out of hiding to try to eat the explorers of the newly found land.

At least not yet.

There had been a few hours of searching around the new area and coming back with theories of what this place was going to be used for. Mostly it looked like a gathering spot and a place to commune with the spirits. Which honestly makes sense given the people that came before them. There was a break to warm up and get food and drink before the next snow fall came rolling in.

Benny has been a bit antsy, but he's not gone running off, mainly staying with Acantha and tugging at her cloak every so often to make sure she doesn't wander off too far.

Ian is less eager to explore than other people in the group, content to settle in with something hot to eat and keep an eye on the various comings and goings, giving a sense that his primary role here, as he sees it, is to keep anyone from accidentally getting in over their head somehow. Or at the very least get them out if that happens.

Cillian gets something warm to eat and drink, but then goes back out to go scouting a bit. Its not often he gets to be in some place new to look about and so thats what he does. He is careful to make sure he does not angry any kind of wild life or anything, his eyes look about the area in a bit of awe if it was a place to commune with the spirits.

Acantha was off at the door looking out over things. She was trying to figure out what to do with it. What they might build or to best use the resources here without running things dry. It was all about balance.

She turns to head back over to where Cillian and Ian are at the moment, "I wanted to thank both of you for helping out with this. I know the weather is not the greatest, but I hope that we can finish the wealth of the exploration soon so everyone won't be out here freezing." she explains.

Benny gives a nod of thanks to the two Lords as well. Because he's not rude!

"Weather's not too bad," Ian remarks. He's settled in with a glass of whiskey, and could be forgiven for being a bit blase about the cold. "Decided what you're going to do with the place?"

Cillianshakes his head, "I enjoy this weather, its better then melting in the city when it starts to get warm again." he moves back in the direction of the camp nodding his head, "I was wondering that myself." he nods to what Ian asks.

There's a nod of her head to Ian when he speaks on the weather, then a bit of a look back to the exit out into the out door area, "That's a very good question. I think there might be a lot of uses for the areas, but I wanted to speak with Kritr and others before making any decisions. I think having a new selection of fish might be a bit of a nice change up. Probably could put them on the market." she chuckles.

"The sharks...on the other hand are a curiosity that I'm not to sure on. I think we'll just leave them to live peacefully." she admits. "I know that they can be aggressive, but I'm hoping their natural supply of fish will keep them from trying to attack anyone on sight." she comments.

The slight wrinkling of Ian's nose implies a less charitable opinion of sharks than Acantha has, but he doesn't voice it. "That valley looks like a pretty defensible location," he comments after a moment. "Might come in handy."

Cillian nods his head looking to Ian, "Something like if under attack, can go to and defend from there?" he asks Ian then looks to Acantha, "A new fish would be nice." he sips from his cup.

Ian angles his head and regards Cillian. "Most armies aren't going to be able to make it over those mountains, which makes the only way in through that cave system. Hard to get walls taller than that."

Cillian nods his head, "Yeah, that is true." he looks around and out at the area, he sips his cup. "Acantha, what do you know how what was here before? Has it always been the holdings of Clearlake?"

Acantha gives a look back to the Lords and there is a nod, "That is a good observation. Could make a very handy fall back point should the main Hold ever come under attack and we need somewhere safe for those that cannot fight to go." she comments on that. "Vano is our War Minister. I can mention that to him." she adds with a bit of a softer look when she mentions the man.

"Between the height and the weather Lord Ian is right, you'd lose more resources trying to climb than to just attack from the main way." she nods to that. Then to Cillian, "I think those that enjoy their food might enjoy some new things to try." she nods to that.

Then there is the sound of rushing feet coming from the main entrance from the Hold proper. Probably not any danger.

"Getting any kind of army in the front way would also be pretty rough," Ian opines. "Close quarters fighting through halls and caves would allow for a lot of choke points."

When the feet that were rushing finally reach the end of the stone corridor there is a man stopping to catch his breath, "Countess..." he breathes out. "You're needed. It's..." he tries to go on, but he can't.

Benny thumps his tail anxiously and before anyone can say anything Acantha is off like a streak of lightning. She's petite, but she can run!

The winded man sighs and then follows after the woman. Benny is also waddling off after her in a hurry.

Ian braces on a table and pushes to his feet when Acantha takes off running. He looks over at Cillian, a question, unvoiced, present in his gaze.

Cillian stands as well he watches as she takes off and Benny waddles after, he looks to Ian shaking his head. "I think if we are needed or something has happened she will send for us." his brow does go up as he watches them all leave in a hurry.

It doesn't take long for news to travel back down to where Ian and Cillian are with the others that were exploring and taking notes about the new areas. The guards and most of those that were working slowly get the unexpected news that Count-Consort Vano has passed due to the wounds sustained in the primary collapse and that is why Acantha was called off like she was.

For now, the exploration is at a stand still and will begin anew...but that will be in the future when things are settled with House Clearlake.

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