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Fickle Fortunes in the Saik Sculpture Garden

Neilda Saik has found a stack of handmade divination cards at the Black Fox that she's borrowing for an evening. Want to get a single card read at the Saik Gardens? Come by. Although, you're expected to bring your own open bottle in addition to an open mind.


Nov. 2, 2022, 7:30 p.m.

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Pasquale Caspian



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Saik Tower - Gardens

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Comments and Log

Neilda's seated on a wooden bench in the Saik's sculpture garden, idling with a dusty, tattered, hand-painted deck of divination cards. She is trying to sound mysterious and full of portents, but she truly sounds congested. As Neilda's shuffling, a card drops from the deck, and she reaches over to set it on the bench - facing up. "Pasquale. That's the nine of swords." She squints at it. "You may be feeling isolated, or alone - worrying about all the things that trouble you and keep you up at night. Fear. Nightmares. You are haunted by something that was - or will be."

"That is vague." Pasquale tells Neilda with a hint of a smile. "Is there any situation where it doesn't apply?" he shakes his head slightly "But it is true, nontheless. Interesting." he looks up as others come into the garden. Nodding his welcome.

"If you want specifics, Pasquale, you would need to sit for another couple of cards. But, that's not the game for this evening. It's a single card only - so, it remains vague and interesting for you." Neilda grins. She catches her lower lip between her teeth and gazes around the garden, "Who would like to be next?"

Caspian is guided into the gardens and lets his face break into a smile at the words of neilda. "ahah! so THATS the game is it? I should go find lord Savio, he wopuld adore this." he laughed merrily as he approached, "i heard there were readings going on, so i had to come by!" he offered a bow to the pair, "its good to see you!"

"It's good to see you too, Champion Caspian," Neilda returns with a wide and happy smile, and she offers the deck out toward him -- "draw a card and set it face up and I'll read the meaning for you."

Caspian moves closer, "i never put much stock in divination for obvious reasons. And im sure the archlector of skald is appalled at me for even taking part but.." he laughs, "i do enjoy it all the same!" he takes the deck, shuffling the cards with a practiced hands. while maybe not having dealt with tarot cards, he was clearly familiar with cards before. a few more shuffles, a bridge, a cut and he drew the top card, flipping it over and laying it on the top of the deck for neilda to see.

"This is just a bit of a game to play to idle the time away. As a peer of the realm, I consider it a fickle past-time and naught more." Neilda murmurs, "For Champion Caspian, yes, the queen of wands." Neilda gestures to the card that Caspian draws, "This is either you -- or someone who has a very important and positive influence in your life. This person is self-assured, independent, and fiercely passionate -- although they can act like a diva from time-to-time. This is a person you want at your side, or standing up for you because they are fiery and courageous."

Pasquale gives a soft chuckle. "Sounds like someone I used to know."

"Oh, who was that, Pasquale?" Neilda asks, curiously.

Caspian looks at the card and smiles, a laugh bubbling up from inside of him. "Ahah! i could think of several who fit that category..myself included. Though please by the gods dont tell them i called them a diva!" he beamed, looking to pasquale and cocking his head to the side in curisoity

Neilda laughs when Caspian does because the sound is so damn contagious, and she settles down with a squeak. "No names, Caspian, and there will be no one to get in trouble with."

Pasquale smiles a little at Caspian's laugh as well. "She died. So there is nothing to tell."

Caspian lowers his gaze a moment, perhaps a tinge of understanding flitting across his eyes. "im so sorry. I can think of at least one good friend who is no longer here.. and i know that pain." he offered a sympathetic smile to Pasquale before looking to neilda. "So i always thought the divination cards were pulled in three. past present and future. pulling one.. how do you know where it fits?"

"That's part of the fun, I think. Because - with one? You don't know. It leaves more room for chance and choice," Neilda opines.

"I'm sure she'll be back again." Pasquale tells Caspian. "Just as I am certain that both you and Neilda here will be back again." he gives Neilda a soft look. "You're just too remarkable for the Queen not to send you back."

Caspian ponders that a moment, "i.. i dont know about that. If you bear the soul of someone already.. does yours ever really come back? or are you just now part of the old soul, or just vanish in the breeze." he shrugged then, offering a grin and banishing the thoughts. "Either way, i do agree! no one could look at that amazing hat and not send you right back!"

Neilda takes the cards back into the deck and gives it one last shuffle, drawing a card for herself: "Seven of coins, for myself." She pauses, glancing up, cheeks touched with color at the unexpected compliment. "I - what was I oh, yes, the seven of coins is a signifier for preserverence, for hard work coming to fruition. The harvest, reaping the rewards --" she shrugs her shoulders. "You're right. That is vague, isn't it?" She shuffles the cards back together into the deck. "I love this hat to pieces, Champion Caspian, thank you."

Pasquale says "I dont think there is any devision Caspian. Your old life was you. Your new life is you." he shrugs a little. "Only circumstances, memories and those types of things change." he chuckles a little at the hat comment. "Perserverence and hard work Nel? Interesting." a slight nod. "It is a rather flamboyant hat."

"The hat is a statement. That card? Hm, less so." Neilda shrugs, setting the deck back into the box it came in. "I'll return the thing to the Black Fox in short order."

Caspian ponders pasquale's words a moment then nods. "i like that notion. thank you." he offers a warm smile to the man, "I should go see to my duties. i promised to help Raja with some things. thank you for letting me pop by for a reading!"

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