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One of those impromptu Malespero Soiree's

An evenings gathering on the observation deck at Malespero Tower. Come for wine, elegance and conversation.


Oct. 17, 2022, 4 p.m.

Hosted By



Neilda Ann



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Malespero Tower - Grounds

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Vine-covered fencing stands with slight remove from the edge of the cliff behind the tower, flanking either side of a wide observation deck which extends out over the steep drop. The wooden construction is a masterful feat of engineering with sturdy railing around its broad length to assure nobody falls off accidentally. The view from the back is magnificent where the fences don't obscure it, especially from the observation deck. The drop to the Gray River below must be several hundred feet, the expanse beyond all rolling hills and trees, the whole world seeming wide open from here.

It is this observation deck that has been setup for this evenings Soiree. A pair of musicians play some light music nearby at the perfect volume to accompany conversation. Nilanzan wines, both white and red, are available as is limoncello, Guozhun, and one of Raconteur's reserved stock ales.

Pasquale is just settling into his favorite chair on the deck when Neilda finds her way onto the deck. "Get us both a drink Neilda? I'll drink whatever you choose."

Neilda's allowed herself to pause - in an effort to be noticed by her host. She's striking in umbra and aeterna, dressed to honor a particular darling magpie. Once Pasquale does, she nods approval and goes about fixing each a drink of limoncello. Smiling to herself, full of amusement. It takes but a moment. Next, she extends a glass out to Pasquale - shifting to take a seat diagonally across from the Malespero lord, "Here you go."

Said Magpie is currently sat on the back of one of the chairs. Claiming it for himself and the ever-so-precious bleached twig he's holding in his beak. Pasquale has also taken possession of a chair entire but in his case its because he is appropriately chair sized. His lips twitch as she pauses to show off her outfit and then again as she hands him the limoncello. "You want me to be drunk I see."

"It's too hot to think, Pas, and when it's that kind of summer - I think that's when you best drink limoncello," Neilda opines with Pasquale, settling back into her seat with a contented smile. She toasts her host, appropriately, "Thank you for your time and talents in throwing together a sudden soiree, my lord."

Pasquale tells her "Less my talents and more that of the staff. I expect if you put me in a kitchen and told me a hundred hungry nobles were about to descend I'd produce nothing but beef soup. If that." he gives her a brief smile. "I quite like this heat." Mar caws in a sorrowful fashion.

"Beef soup," Neilda laments sadly, as though she is agreeing with Mar. "That would be terrible in this heat. Although, no, I do not mind it in the least. It gives me an opportune time to leisure my time outside on your observational deck, after all. The summer quickens the heartbeat and the passions run higher -- and hotter -- I find, at least. Which would make it the best sort of weather for an arbitrary challenge."

Pasquale gives a soft little laugh at her mention of the challenge. "You might find it hard to find anyone who will agree on this side of the city."

"You're right," Neilda agrees with an airy laugh. The laugh dissolves into a giggle that she stifles with a drink.

Pasquale lifts his own drink. "I wonder if it would offend everyone if we had Mar insult you."

"Mar wouldn't get any more crickets from me if he decides to insult me," Neilda warns the bird, levelling a semi-serious look at Pasquale. It loses all severity with she beams, dimpling. "I would take offense and demand recompense in the form of a sun-bleached stick."

Mar gives another of those almost mournful little croaks before hopping over to sit on Neilda's knee. Pasquale takes a moment to savor some of his limoncello before giving her an amused look. "Sometimes." he says "It is like he understands."

2 Armed Confessors, Angwyn the otter, Mordred, Abner arrive, following Ann.

Neilda strokes the bird's little beak just a bit, tentatively, before she allows Mar to do as they will, keeping her knee still. Her free leg lengthens in an idle stretch, "Perhaps he understands a bird or two."

Pasquale and Neilda are sat at the metal table on the deck. Several other sets of tables and chairs are here too. Some probably occupied. A pair of musicians play light music nearby. Mar is sat on Neilda's knee getting beak-pets. "I think." Pasquale tells Neilda between sips of his lurid yellow limoncello. "He heard Mar and Cricket."

"A word. Not a bird. A word or two." Neilda mutters into her glass, "The limoncello is starting to have an effect."

Ann had some things to tend too but finally she finds her way to the Malespero Tower. A smile, a wave, a curtsey for anyone higher in station to her as she enters the observation deck. Looking around to see anyone familiar. Upon seeing the host she makes her way over to Pasquale. A smile and a greeting, "Hello, Lord Pasquale. May I join you both?" She waits for an invite to the table as she introduces herself to Neilda, "I am Lady Ann Crovane and you are?"

Pasquale chuckles softly at Neilda's comment on the limoncello. "I doubt that. I'm still sober and you always could drink more than me." he lifts a hand to welcome Ann. "Of course you might Ann." he gestures towards Neilda. "This is Lady Neilda Saik. The woman I almost married."

Neilda sets her glass of limoncello aside with a smile, bright eyes cutting aside, and she teases. "I know. It's barely touched me, my lord, but I needed an excuse to correct myself with." With a rise to her feet, she offers Ann a neat bow in her tailcoat. "Lady Neilda Saik, a pleasure my lady Ann. Lord Pasquale is correct -- thankfully, he made better choices than me, and for that the entire Compact is forever grateful." She takes a seat back down, laughing with delight.

Ann brow goes up when Pasquale gives her the introduction of Neilda. She bows her head to the other lady as she claims her own seat with them. "There has to be a story about this whole almost married thing." Her smile widens when she says that. "It is a pleasure to meet you, milady." Her words are sincere when she says that.

"There is." Pasquale tells Ann. "But it is a story told in a thousand books, a thousand times over. She fed me limoncello." he lifts his glass. "And most gloriously took advantage." he gives Neilda a brief smile before looking back to Ann. "It is true that I have a most wonderful wife."

"There is a tale in the telling, but, since it was my lord Pasquale that mentioned it - I shall allow him to speak it, from his perspective, and I will sit back and smile knowingly and sip my drink." Neilda smiles, utterly relaxed.

Ann laughs when Pasquale comments about how Neilda took advantage. "I believe you about your wife." She says to the Lady, "There is a certain charm about Pasquale isn't there?"

"Oh, yes, and it's a quiet charm that asserts itself from time to time in startling and refreshing ways. Which is why I continue to associate with him," Neilda agrees with Ann, gesturing again with her glass. Curiously, "How do you find the city, lately, Lady Ann?"

Pasquale glances to Neilda before saying "Given such trust I suppose I should at least tell the truth. I picked the limoncello and we took advantage of each other." he reaches to claim a lemon tart. "If you compare me in front of me I'll end up blushing."

"Too late -- we already started to talk about you to your face, Pasquale." Neilda says, trying her best to look serious. "You are truly doomed to blush."

Pasquale exhales in a sigh. "I should have known better than to introduce you both." he sits back in his chair in a way that suggests far more relaxation than embarassment though. "Ann is a scholar in much the same way I am. Neilda is an explorer."

"A hunter of treasure, a collector of stories, a collector of relics, a scholar of the field -- but, yes, I am an explorer first and foremost. I am also the Admiral of Saik's Sea Lion naval fleet." Neilda adds with a flash of a smile and a flourish of a hand gesture to Ann.

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