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Tell a Tale

An impromptu, casual gathering in which stories related to Petrichor, Lagoma, and Mangata and their Archlectors and disciples are shared.


Oct. 4, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Lucita Neilda


Ian Pasquale Ignacio Vayne Cillian Ann



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Sanctum of Nature

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Glasses and bottles of various beverages are set up for those who are sharing stories and their listeners to drink or offer toasts.

Lucita is over at the side of the street and glancing around. She sets out bottles of various beverages, not to give away but to give those who have stories to tell and their listeners something to drink. She turns on hearing people approaching and gives a warm smile. "Welcome, welcome. Lords Pasquale, Ian and Ignacio. Oh, goodness, how long has it been since seeing you Lord Ignacio. Do you know everyone here? I am not sure you have met my sister-in-law Lady Neilda Saik.

"Was it the conversation yesterday about the Archlector of Lagoma's cats that encouraged this small improvised storytime, my lady Lucita? If so, it is simply inspired -- and I do look forward to telling stories about my favorite influence of Petrichor and Lagoma in my life -- my wild cat Ringo." Neilda's sitting, sampling one spirit or another from one of the bottles that's been opened in honor of Mangata. After a sip, her expression registers pleasant surprise, "Oh, that's smoother than the most expensive Setarcan silk. Goodness."

Ian is here! For Reasons! Probably someone sent him a message or something. He's rocking what could charitably be called his summer look, a loose fitting linen shirt with his coat over it because he's too damned stubborn to take his coat off even in the heat of summer. He has yet to start really looking seedy, though, suggesting that even though the day is well advanced, he cleaned up at some point in the recent past. His coat still smells a little bit of salt and sea, a hint of where he's been over the past couple weeks. He takes in the scene with a flat countenance, a little bit of his weight eased over onto his cane.

a Silent Reflection, 5 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Vayne.

Lucita laughs softly at Neilda. "Oh, those would be delightful storis to share. Do you want to start off then? It is always interesting to hear all the tales."

Pasquale arrives a short time ago and has already claimed himself a place to sit. By his standards he looks positively summery although, like Ian, he's still wearing his coat. He inclines his head when Lucita greets him. "How could I resist Baroness Saik?"

Lord Ignacio steps into the Sanctum and smiles when he is addressed by Lucita. He walks over and places a hand on her shoulder, "It has been far too long since last we met. I feel we have much catching up to do," before he turns his attention towards Neilda and gives her a smile, "You have not, no. Where have you been keeping her?" he asks lightly.

Dodger, a black-and-tan terrier, 2 Blackwood trained guards arrive, following Cillian.

"I've been hiding in Saik Tower, my lords, waiting for an opportune time." Neilda considers, "Now --I never told you the story of how Ringo caught a thief, did I? It was almost the hottest month of the summer when tempers flare the highest, and, well - I don't remember where I was -- but -- there was a pick-pocket and of course, I didn't realize it but then it seemed so funny now when accidentally tried to pick up Ringo, and I inadvertently stumbled into the pickpocket. Which was all well timed before it allowed the locals to handle the rest without incident. That's the story of Ringo's claw enforcement career."

Lucita reaches one arm round Ignacio to give him a little hug. "I'll have to let Neilda have the pleasure of telling you that." There is a teasing note in her voice. "Neilda has a delightful sense of humor and adventure." That statement was followed by a soft laugh. "Ringo and his sibling, Fluffy who is Lady Medeia's cat are a bit on the wild side, being wildcats. Archlector Roran discovered them as kittens while they were hunting rats near the cemetery east of the city. Like the domestic kittens around Arx, they followed him around. I think his pockets in his robes were full of other kittens for which he was finding homes. Then he saw me... and I owed him some favors.. so wound up with the wildcat kittens. Dame Leola worked with them so they were... marginally better, and my guard dogs constantly needed bandages and salves from scratches from them. Finally they grew up enough they became presents for Neilda and her sister. PHEW."

Slipping the gathering doing his best to remain respectively unobtrusive, Vayne heads along to the periphery to observe the storytelling about to commence. He offers a warm smile to the hostess, inclining his head respectfully, and exchanges polite smiles with all who look his way. While somewhat accustomed to being a storyteller, he knows this evening he is as off-duty as one might come. Plenty of time to lecture when it is Tehom on the docket.

Ian hangs back a bit, standing in the shade of a tree and leaning idly on his cane, listening. The raw power of his focus is there, but his expression, as usual, gives no hint of what he thinks about whatever he's perceiving.

Ignacioreturns the hug and smiles a little mischievously in the direction of Neilda, "Is that so?" he asks, either to Lucita's remarks or Neilda's about hiding in Saik Tower. He then lets Lucita speak, and sidles into the background, listening to the tale.

Cillian comes slipping into thew Sanctum of Nature moving along one of the paths and finsing a place, a tree perhaps to lean against and watch and listen as people gather and stories are about to be shared.

Lucita says, "So, stories... This is impromptu so feel free to speak up, share stories, or ask questions. Jump in at any time you wish." She reaches for a drink and sips it. I've several stories I can share about the Archlectors, some dating back nearly a dozen years, but you would get tired of hearing me speak."

"That is so, my lord Ignacio, I have been in hiding and plotting. What am I plotting? Anyone's wild guess. You ought to simply be aware that I am." Neilda jokes, dimpling a smile, and her eyes practically twinkle.

Pasquale has been listening and slowly sipping on a drink for the stories thus far. "I for one wont get tired anytime soon Lucita."

Ignaciolaughs at Neilda's comment, "Well, hopefully it is something enjoyable. Or at the very least something people will talk about for a while." He then asks Lucita, "Is there a theme to the stories this evening? I have none to tell, but am happy to listen."

Lucita says, "With everyone being quiet, for the moment, Lucita takes another sip of her drink and then ventures into storytelling. "This was some time ago, back round 1008. It was Archlector Madeline ... Maddy, who had the statue of Mangata set up at the beach. I think everyone has seen that. But it came under attack from an abyssal growth, one that was like acid to tools, weapons, armor and men as well as exuding a miasma that sent a feeling of despair spreading toward the city. Templar guards had to swap out every few hours so not to be overwhelmed by it and people had to avoid the beach area. None of the alchemists could find a solution and faith was having difficulty. Finally Princess Tikva and then-Lady Sorrel and some templars, Iron Guard tried singing at it. We sang songs of faith.. and they.. worked. The growth recoiled, dropped off the statue and some creature with a lot of tentacles and eyes.. ate it and swam off. The miasma disappeared with the growth on the statue. The combination of faith and song seemed to work."

Lucita says, "We had tried to hide our identity, such things unpopular but .. some of the Templars were overheard speaking of it and who we were.""

Ian had started to smile as Lucita told her story, but something about the end, the part about their identities being revealed, steals those fragile threads of good humor away.

Neilda sips at her whiskey and listens to the story, reverent.

Lucita says, "There is one other story I can tell that relates to all three of the shrines and Gods of Nature here, and Legate Vayne, also. That of the cleansing of the Saikland Blackened Glass but.. I don't want to have this just something where I do all the talking."

Cillian tilts his head listening to Lucita tell her story, he looks over spotting Ian and his reaction. But he remains silent for the moment looking back around at the others there.

Ignaciohmms as he hears the story from Lucita and strides over to get a drink from a serving person. He comes to a stop near Neilda and continues to listen quietly. An obedient audience member if nothing else.

His name thus spoken, Vayne feels the need to step forward a bit. "If we really are in desperate need of tales, I suppose _I_ could share a tale of Petrichor in keeping with the theme of the evening." He glances around for a moment, noting Ian, and then turns his gaze back towards Lucita. "A story both beautiful and terrible at once, if you think it suitable for such a gathering." He clearly is determined to defer to the host on such things.

"-- Hopefully, my lord Ignacio. And, on that mote of a note, please Legate Vayne -- tell your tale," Neilda speaks up. After she's encouraged, she hushes a little to listen.

Lucita says, "Yes, indeed, please share!""

For a moment, it appears that Vayne was content to remain on the side. A guest of the event, of course, but this is hardly the place for him to sermonize. But the call for a tale is too great, and no stage is too small. And of course, while Petrichor is not typically the name which spills from his lips, the Faithful are the Faithful. He steps forward and there is a clear shift in his posture from guest to speaker, as if the spirit of the Pantheon induces a straightening of his form, and his voice as he speaks carries greater weight than it did mere moments before.

"Some years ago, I had the privilege of joining a pilgrimage to the site of the Battle of the Black Wood." He nods to both Ian and Lucita as he speaks. "There were a number of us in the company, of course, and I was simply there for support. Moral, emotional, and the like." He takes a deep breath. "To say that we found ourselves in a place touched by Petrichor would be an understatement. Those of you familiar with history likely know the tales, and if you are not, then I would encourage you to read up. It is a tale of great import, although not the topic of which I would speak this eve."

Vayne looks about, making eye contact with each of those gathered, pivoting on his feet when needing to do so, as he intones the rest of the tale. "Upon our arrival, it seemed that the very trees about us had been twisted, but they were not there in horror, or to strike fear. No, they had embraced the very essence of what Petrichor would help us come to understand. Man had set about to destroy man, and nature wept at the carnage. While at first we thought we were beset by some dark magics, about to face attack by some animated remains of former warriors, what we saw was something...different." He takes a deep breath, as if the moment were moving him even now, but he continues. "The trees themselves had wrapped themselves around the bodies of the fallen, in pity, in sorrow, and in anger. In that place, Petrichor's spirit was mighty, palpable, but I will never so long as I live remember the faces of those trees. Their faces, mixed with those of the fallen from battle." He looks to each person again. "If you want to think of what real tragedy may be, think of a place where nature itself is twisted in mourning." He bows his head briefly, concluding the tale, before stepping back towards the periphery, relieving himself of the pulpit in favor of the next storyteller.

2 Armed Confessors, Angwyn the otter, Mordred, Abner arrive, following Ann.

"What an excellent story, Legate." Neilda murmurs, setting aside her empty cup.

Ian listens attentively as Vayne talks, and when he picks up the thread of the story, there's a dry skepticism in his voice. "Or you could go to the Saffron and see it in real time," he comments. "What we saw, the way the trees had killed people in the past, probably saved my life around the time of the battle of Pieros, because I saw it again, and I knew to get everyone out."

Lucita's eyes sparkle with unshed tears as she says in a low voice. "I remember that place. It gave me a sense of peace despite ...those trees, an easement, lightening of the sorrow of having become a widow. Thank you for telling that story, Legate Vayne." She then starts another tale.

Before I married into Saik, Baron Eos was drawn out of the Saik Keep along with his army to respond to what seemed to be an attack by Abandoned group. This was false. It was a trap set by the black skylord. As Baron Eos and his army were surrounded, he swept in and flamed them, killing them all and turning a two mile diameter circle of beach into blackened, tainted and poisonous glass.

Neilda listens, pauses, and her expression grows a little cloudy, distant. She'll excuse herself, intending to head back to the Saik Tower in her newly introspective mood.

Lucita says, "That began to taint and poison both land, Petrichor's land, and the bay, Mangata's waters.. and giving a terrible change.. Lagoma's change. Thus this tale belongs here, in the Sanctum of Nature. It took years and much support from friends, allies and faith, Legate Vayne a huge help in this along with the archlectors of the Gods of Nature."

Ignaciolistens to the story as well, and then hmmms at Vayne's story, followed by Lucita, "It seems an ill-fated place," he finally decides on.

Lucita says, "A combination of beseeching, holy water made by Legate Vayne, singing, and the support of some shaman who believe in Petrichor created a ritual. This followed a couple of years of careful research and some expeditions to deal with the mutated aggressive beastss. It succeeded in breaking the glass and cleansing it of its poison and taint. A massive effort by so very many people. It took longer to clean up the glass shards and a strange moss growing under that glass took even longer to cleanse. The Marin'alfar helped hunt down the mutated beasts in the bay water."

Lucita says, "Petrichor's land has been restored, fertile fields and healthy animals now in the area. The bay waters of Mangata now has fish safe to catch and eat, and the beach area now changes with the seasons as Lagoma wills."

Cillian is not much of a story teller really, well that is in public with so many people about. He is leaning on a tree arms crossed over his chest as he listens his eyes moving bakc and forth as they speak.

Ignacioconsiders Lucita's last words and then walks back over to her, to murmur something in her ear. He then pulls away slowly, and starts to head back towards the city proper.

Lucita says, "Thank all of you for coming. I hope one of you will set up a gathering next time.""

Ian watches after Neilda as she goes, then turns his attention back to the gathering. "It was good to see you again," he says to Lucita.

3 Fidante House Guards, Sir Fernando of the Knights of Roses, Niame, a white heavy warhorse, Stefano, a put-upon assistant, Rook, the Raven leave, following Ignacio.

Lucita replies to something Ignacio says then nods to Ian. It was good to see you, too though hope you will come visit soon.

Ann slips in late having caught the last story or two. A smile and nod for all that she knows. But it seems the event is leaving so she lingers close to the back of the room. A small wave for Cillian.

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