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Physicians Planning Meeting

Guildmaster Eirene Riven calls a meeting of the Physicians (And Mercys if they want to come) to discuss the crisis presented by the Thornweaver threat and what aide they can lend.

(OOC: This is to brainstorm for Crisis 1577)


Aug. 12, 2022, 6 p.m.

Hosted By



Mabelle Medeia Lou


Mercy Physicians


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Operating Theater

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Comments and Log

Eirene was clearly expecting a bigger crowd. She has a snack tray set up, a map of Arvum with sighting points, and a drink cart where she's pouring a whiskey. Seeing the small turnout she shrugs. "Just us chickens, eh? So plans. We got weird shit happening which might be a precursor to a larger attack. What do you suggest, ladies?

Mabelle collects a cookie and makes her way to the map, "I'm going to need a bit more of a rundown than this, unfortunately. I'm well aware of what happens in Thrax and in the Oathlands, but if there is anything else going on, like what the Arch Duchess is worried about, I'm low on details".

"I admmit, I am not as well versed in all of what has been happening across the Oathlands, and on into the Northlands," Medeia says softly, looking over the map. "The Isles have been keeping the large part of my attention. But..." She glances from Eirene and Mabelle to the map again. "This is all... familiar, no? And I know that you have been speaking with Guildmistress Auda about this. I am prepared to assist however I can." When Mabelle asks about the Lyceum, she shrugs slightly. "That is not much /we/ can help with, it is primarily an economic concern."

Eirene says, "There's been attacks in the Oath and Crownlands on outlying villages, which seem driven by the Thornweave threat. There's been dead elves found drained of blood and lashed RP trees in several places. And mysterious trees keep popping up here and there, not all friendly. So I think we need to prepare for an attack by... plants. As dumb as it sounds."

Mabelle confesses, "Not that dumb, most of the Sylv'aflar elves in our lands are plant people. The Traitor had House Thornweave in his ropes before but not its even a stronger pull. There are kidnappings, people disappearing, earth quakes as well and I'm surprise you left out the Ice dragon the Traitor now has in position". Her tones is sarcasm laced with amusement but really she looks like she wants to punch someone. Starts with O.

Medeia shakes her head. "No, I heard Haakon's reports from when he helped in reclaiming Bastion, as well as the details from the attack on Whisper House. This is all... Stupid, but not in the way you suggest." She frowns and nods as she hears Mabelle's input. "I wonder if we can use Arvani Fire against an ice dragon...?" But then her attention moves back to the situation at hand. "I know some about THornweave, but I was not involved in the repelling of it back during the Silent War. Is that information still good? And how do we intend to equip people with the means of fighting it?"

Eirene arches her eyebrows. "Ice. Dragon. What fucking ice dragon," she asks, dead serious. She DIDNT know about no ice dragon. This is new and she's not happy to learn it. "As for the Thornweavers, I'm working on a solution to fight back against plants. Same shit we used at Granato six years ago. Alchemy and all." But back to guild business. "I think we need to set up mobile clinics - prepare them to respond quickly to where these sightings have been so of things go southward we can mobilize from that location."

Mabelle exhales, "Which to answer first. I have the Elixir we used on the centipedes, small quantities. However, it works on minions of Legion and I'm not sure Thornweave arent in it without the mind control. As for the dragon, Maw of the North. Used to be worshipped by House Stalhben and once they bent the knee, they serve the gods of the compact. He came back recently, froze some villages to death of some Rex'aflar and Children of the sun. They asked the late Marquis to do it, he refused, so Helena killed him. Said the Maw sends his regards so clearly they are all working together".

Medeia nods again. "Once we have talked about what needs doing for the Thornweave problem, I can tell you what I know about the Maw. Unpleasant stuff." She looks between the two other women again. "I like the idea of mobile clinics. However, I am concerned about our ability to protect them. While the Mercies have the Knights of Solace, we do not have our own muscle."

Willen arrives, following Lou.

"Well fuck me with an icicle," Eirene swears, shaking her head. "One more problem. Okay. You're right," she says to Medeia, "We don't have muscle. We could hire mercenaries? I know a few companies, and there's people our quartermaster knows."

Mabelle eyes Eirene, "Well if you're into that", she shifts her eyes amusedly, "We can build the mobile ones next to waystations where the Knights of Solace are present already", she points out, "I dont know about hired muscle remaining in place if a dragon comes at them. I'd run. To the abyss with the silver".

Lou seems to have slipped in at a fortuitous time as she makes her way into the hospital to attend the physicians meeting. While she is no physician, she is an explorer, and exploring opportunities for the Society of Explorers. She raises brows gently in Eirene's direction. "You are welcome to put out word to the Explorers. I don't expect all might be coming to scout anything that might need scouting."

For her part, Medeia lifts one hand to cover her mouth to keep from laughing at Eirene's colorful exclamation. On the matter of mercenaries, she notes, "I can speak with Zakhar about the Crimson Blades. Or, we could reach out, as Lady Mabelle suggests, to see if the Knights of Solace would be willing or able to add Physicians to their watch. I suspect that asking the individual houses would be amrt, but I also worry that they are stretched too thin to provide additional coverage." She stifles a sigh as she sees Lou. "Princess Grayson, welcome. I was not expecting to see a representative of the Explorers. How can we help you?"

Eirene says, "I think if we reach out to the North, Crown, and Oathland leaders they can give us small military groups for protection. I've already reached out to them in the past and usually they pledge to send support." She smirks at Mabelle and replies, winking, "too cold for my hot Southport blood." She raises a hand and welcomes Lou to grab a drink or cold cuts and cheese. "We're discussing preparing mobilized clinics for the regions we've had recent thornweaver activity so we can respond when shit goes down. Except an attacking dragon, ain't nobody got time for that kind of response until it's all over and gone."

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Lou as she walks in, "Even before we meet again", but then she contemplates both Medeia's and Eirene's notes about armies of the houses, "I mean.. Noble houses can help per mission, if the mission is relevant to them. I doubt they will chunk out part of their armies for constant protection as we are always facing surprises.... perhaps we should consider forming... a knights of solace of our own.. Knights of.. I'm not good with names right now. Knights of Anesthesia".

"I meant to ask Mabelle about that earlier. Has he got a dragon captured or, like, are we talking about the Maw of the Blizzard?" Lou asks as her attention falls on Mabelle. She does not, consequently, speak to Eirene's earlier epitahs about icicles. She looks to Eirene as she explains the plan and nods her head in guildmaster's direction. "That sounds sort of similar to what Aindre is planning to do for Grayson on the side. We're going to be creating way stations, towers, and mobile units to prepare for a quick military action and to signal the holdings when attacks are reported." She decides not to partake in refreshment for now. "But, seriously, if you need bodies from the Explorers, you know where to post your notice. Either to act as scouts for you or to help protect folk. While we have some hearty people, I don't know that all of them are going to be up to scouting out dead zones in the north."

"The Maw," Medeia confirms for Lou, her gaze turning back toward the map. Her lips press thin as she considers something, then laughs softly in response to Mabelle. "The Orderlies Guild." She shakes her head gently before looking over at Lou as she exaplins Prince Aindre's plan. "Hm. I wonder... Rather than use our resources to prepare mobile units, could we instead embed some of our number among existing companies? That way our people are out doing what needs to be done, but we are not re-inventing the wheel, so to speak?"

Eirene says, "The Order of Orderlies." That's her contribution, grinning at the other suggestions. "So we don't do our own thing, but instead embed with the existing troop units and scouts?" She glances at Lou at that. "Many armies have their own medics who focus on the soldiers, so we could add ours to focus on the civvies."

Mabelle nods also in confirmation of Lou's question about the Maw. "That might me more practical", she notes to Medeia, "I mean waystations by default should have medics on board, mine has a branch from our hospital constantly staying at the waystation outside the city, so perhaps they will just be orderlies".

Lou raises a brow at Eirene as she's looked at, but first she answers Medeia's question. "I'm here to offer help where I can, not ask for it," she offers to Medeia. She looks back to Eirene, puzzling it out. "I mean, Grayson won't reject any help we're given for the Crownlands. We feel like our pants have been pulled down while we were sleeping with everything that's been happening and keeps happening since Bastion, and we only know about that attack by the grace of some good fortune that someone came to us and warned us," she adds in meaningful way to Eirene. "I think other holdings might be interested in seeing that sort of thing available to them. Especially among those most affected right now."

Eirene hums. "We do have the clinics we prepared when giving Ruin the finger. Let's fortify those for a crisis with more trauma physicians. Rather than build more, let's build -up- what we have."

Medeia's brow furrows, then she nods. "I think that may be the way to go." She nods to Lou, her appreciation evident. Then, she turns to Eirene. "Mught I take a moment to fill you in on the situation at Whitefrost?"

Mabelle's eyes jump to Medeia at the mention of Whiteforst and she nods quietly, on her part at least.

Lou grows quiet when another place is mentioned and she settles back and waits to hear the details.

Eirene nods to Medeia. "We got some time, go ahead," she says as she refills her drink. This seems like a drinking conversation.

Medeia tries to explain thoroughly, but quickly, "House Grimkin - you may recall them as the house which harbored perpetrators of the attack on the capitol several years ago - has taken Whitefrost and murdered Baron Edward Stormbreak. While loyal forces were able to repel their navy from the waters around the island, there is yet some 1200 of their men on land. We have had some luck in speaking with those who oppose this hostile takeover. They are attepting to reclaim the stronghold. We need help in getting them properly armed and armored, and in speaking with them, they have no proper medics among their number." Taking a deep breath, she continues, "While there are so many things taking our attention, I feel I must impress upon you all that Grimkin is waging a campaign of terror: slaughtering civilians, starving them and putting a chokehold on trade, and pressing many into thralldom." That last makes her eyes flash with anger.

Edward's name being brought up hangs a cloud over Mabelle's head, "Prince Jasher contacted me. I sent them a quarter of the military contracts they needed, its the best I could do", she notes quietly and rises, "I need to travel for another meeting. Keep me updated on what's to come?"

Eirene says, "The Guild will send people and supplies. War is for warriors, civilians shouldn't be exposed to it." Says the (former) Malvici. "And I can personally contribute some of my mercenary contacts to assist."

Cupcake, a cookie girl leaves, following Mabelle.

Medeia bids Mabelle farewell before turning her attention to Eirene. "Much appreciated. Duke Grimhall will ensure any people we send are protected among his forces."

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