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Annual Clearlake Archery Tourney: 1017

House Clearlake invites all to come and try their archery skills at their annual Archery Tourney. The top three shooters will go home with prizes. All attendees, whether shooting or not, will go home with a token of House Clearlake's appreciation for them visiting.

1st Prize: Cupridium & Blackwood Bow with quiver.
2nd Prize: Rubicund and Goldenwood Bow with quiver.
3rd Prize: HQ Steel Bow with quiver.


July 1, 2022, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Kritr Kastelon Rosalind Mattheu Drea Kiera



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Clearlake Lodge - Festival Grounds

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Comments and Log

Violeta Emili, tall and shadowed rivenshari, 2 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman, Virgil - an agile wildcat kitten arrive, following Mattheu.

It is the day for the Annual Clearlake Archery Tourney! It's a little late in being ran this year, but that just means that the weather won't boil people alive while they are trying to shoot. The festival grounds of Clearlake Lodge have been transformed to house said tourney as it usually is held here. There are plenty of places for those that want to spectate to sit comfortably or to enjoy time mingling.

The archery rounds have been set up at the back of the grounds and faced away from the general public areas for obvious safety reasons. They are freshly painted for this occasion! Archers are able to line up at the rail to line up their shots and have distance from the other archers.

Countess Acantha is on hand tonight with her ever faithful companion, Benny the Beaver. The rotund animal is dressed in a little umbra jacket that matches the womans dress and he has climbed up onto the little wooden platform that has been built for his grandness to be presented to the incoming guests. "No trying to eat arrow shafts and if Lord Mirk shows up no begging twigs." she tells the beaver with a half hearted stern tone. He just slaps his tail in response to her as she turns to greet those who are incoming.

Kritr is wearing pants! He strolls the grounds with his thumbs hooked through his belt.

Kastelon lingers at not too far a distance, though it's harder to look about with but the one eye. That he hears the admonition to the beaver does little to draw a smile to the Keaton huntsman's features, even as he's turning his attention to Resolute, the brief pause as if he's about to say something... and then a shake of his head. No. A breath. "If your companion eats an arrow, it means that the archer was not close enough the target, no?" Ventures he to Acantha as he's checking his gear.

Siggi, a small fox, 2 Redrain Guards, Aralie, the shy assistant arrive, following Drea.

Rosalind is all decked out in leathers, which isn't even uncommon. She has her bow strapped to her back, a bright smile on her scarred and freckled face. Her copper hair is braided and she finds herself waving to everyone as she rushes in. "Hi"she greets with great enthusiasm.

The song of many small bells echo their way ahead and around Mattheu as he wanders closer, slow at first then a nod to Acantha with a smirk. "Countess Acantha. Suppose my cousin is about?" Then looking to Benny, "Smart looking beaver."

Drea arrives to the festival grounds to find herself in good company. Serene, she makes her way among the throng, little fox trailing along weaving in and out between the legs of festival-goers and tables alike. Drea lifts her face to the wind that brings the music of bells to her ears, smiling at Mattheu. Then, as is proper, "Hello, Countess. It's a lovely showing you've made. Where is a good place to observe?"

Acantha gives a wave to Kritr as she sees him and his pants wearing self! Then there is a look to Kastelon from the smokey eyed woman and she chuckles, "That is a very good question to ask, my Lord." she tells him. Benny looks a little smug at that as well. There is a dip of her head to Rosalind, "It is good to see you, Lady Ravenseye." she greets her. She's not met Mattheu before, but she's guessing by the bells that he means Vano, "I am afraid that the Count-Consort has returned to Clearlake Hold on minster business." she tells him with a sad frown. "And thank you, Benny is quite the star of the show here." she tells him with a smile. She gives a dip of her head in respectful greeting to Drea when she enters, "Your Highness, thank you. We have seating scattered around the grounds. We can have someone show you as well if you'd like." she offers.

"If you are shooting in the competition we'll be starting shortly on that." she announces after she's greeted folks.

A lifted arrow - with the green fletching up, naturally - is Kastelon's sign that he has heard the countess' announcement about the matter of having heard the direction. Though there's a respectful bob of his head to the familiar faces as he's still seeming to be trying to get his mind in the zone for this competition. He's very quiet, and looking fairly grim as he does turn his eye for a moment to the targets.

Mattheu smiles in return to Acantha, "Yes, Count-Consort Vano nee Rivenshari." He gives a little tap to his sash belt to allow a bell or two sing out before bowing into a flourished dip where all of his bells sing out. "Lord Mattheu Rivenshari." He turns to Drea with the same smile and nods to her as well before looking to the others lined up for the archery contest and gives a jingling shrug. "I haven't a bow, though this could be fun." looking over to Acantha, "There's no horses about, yea?"

Kritr isn't shooting, but he is happy to cheer those that do.

Rosalind is excited bouncing on her feet. "I've waiting forever for this,"she tells Acantha, smiling more. "Oh hey Krit! Where have you been?!" There's a wave to Mattheu too,"Hey Matti!" Rosa spies Drea grinning more. "Hi Princess Drea! Long time no see! Are you good?"

Kritr says, "Working." Kritr answers Rosalind. "Mostly with the Iron Guard. I wish my sister was here for this. She was looking forward to representing House Clearlake.""

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

Acantha gives a look to Kastelon, but seeing as he's ready she looks to the others and there is a smile to the others. Mattheu's introduction makes her smile, "Well met, Lord Rivenshari and welcome to Clearlake Lodge." she tells him. Then there's a grin at Rosalind, "I apologize that it's been so long between tourneys, I have promised others that we'll make them more frequently between everything that is going on." she tells her. Then there's a look over to Kritr when he mentions Yvette and there is a soft nod to that, "I'm sorry she couldn't make it." she tells him.

"Oh, we have spare bows, Lord Rivenshari!" Acantha motions for one of the helpers to assist with getting the bow for the man.

She reaches out to take Benny from his post though and settles him on the ground as they walk to the archery range. "Rules are rather simple for this for my shooters. We'll be doing eight passes in total this evening at differing difficulties on the archer." she explains. Then Benny is climbing up onto another small platform that's next to the range. That's a really spoiled beaver.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at easy. Kastelon is successful.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at easy. Kastelon is successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at easy. Botch! Mattheu fails completely.

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at easy. Mattheu is successful.

Rosalind checks dexterity and archery at easy. Rosalind is successful.

Drea nods at Acantha and accepts guidance to a seat where she may observe those gathered to display their prowess at archery. Somewhere in the mix is a little fox, mischief and curiosity combined - a tiny stomach on adorable paws. As the archers begin to line up, Drea leans forward.

Once more, Kastelon lifts his arrow in salute, before he's taking his mark. HIs motions are slow and steady - slower, perhaps, for his being entirely concentrated on the task before him, because he's really handling it with but the one eye, and the usually placid expression... well, that doesn't change one iota. He does look down and up the line for a moment before nocking the arrow and firing at the first of the target. The smooth motion after the release, a practiced hand from the hunt, before a second arrow is let fly with a sharp twang from the bow.

Rosalind is growing pretty excited. She hurries over by the targets and finally settles. Nocking her bow, she starts to relax. Rare for the woman really. Taking a deep breath, she releases the arrow and watches as it hits its mark.

Mattheu has seen bows before, has watched a many Ironfoot use them too. Even trained with the Ironfoots... As he lines up a shot Violeta yells at him in Ravashari and Mattheu is left with the bow and drawn arrow pointing upwards only to yell back with a laugh and let the arrow loose sending it up....

And Up and Up it goes to be caught by the air and slip right back down.
A near silent -Thwap- As Mattheu looks at the arrow sticking out of the ground less than a few inches from him.

"Violeta! I shot the ground from the air! That's got to be a new record!" He laughs at himself, then lines up a second arrow and lets this one sing through the air to find the target. A shake of his head, soft jingling bells. He looks over to Kastelon, "Nice shots." Then nodding to the arrow still stuck in the ground. "Think I should be a bell or two on that one?"

Rosalind checks dexterity and archery at normal. Botch! Rosalind fails completely.

Rosalind checks dexterity and archery at normal. Rosalind is successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at normal. Mattheu fails.

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Kritr instinctively flinches when Mattheu's arrow goes up instead of at the target. His smile though is broad and he is happy to help by moving the targets back.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at normal. Kastelon is successful.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at normal. Kastelon is successful.

Acantha checks command and leadership at normal. Acantha marginally fails.

Drea watches, breath held as the archers take aim and fire arrow after arrow.

Kiera steps quietly onto the grounds, glad not to be the only one choosing to observe the proceedingf, sliding into a seat next to drea

"Thank you, my lord." Kastelon's head once more does the lift and descent as he's glances to the arrows that Mattheu is indicating, and a sound slides from him. "Perhaps one, though mounted with mind to the balance. So it knows it belongs to you, if the wind doesn't tell it." That one hazel eye slides along the line to judge the others for a moment, the lift of his brows as he's slowing down a hint more.
A breath again - and a glance towards the beaver, as if he actually might be worried the critter would come forth to go after one - before he's again nocking arrows to fire away at the target..

Acantha gives a respectful bow to Drea as the Princess moves to find a seat with assistant from one of their attendants. She watches from the sidelines with Benny giving a critical eye as well. She calls a hold between the shooting though so Kritr is not filled with holes while he helps with target moving.

"Archers, loose!" she calls, but she falters a little when she sees Benny starting to eyeball some of the misguided arrows, "My little friend, I will have you stuffed if you eat an arrow." she tells him.

Drea smiles at Kiera, "This is all very tense, isn't it!"

Kritr returns a respectful distance for the next round of shooting.

Rosalind is obviously---too excited and she watches when her one arrow just, well. It may zing all over the grounds. Hopefully out of the way from hitting someone. Rosa blinks. "Well shite,"she mumbles in a thick northern accent. Taking a deep breath, she preps another arrow. "Deep breath, Rosa. Deep breath."

Mattheu is left trying to tie a bell onto his next set of arrows, giving each a small toss in the air before deciding if the arrow is balanced or not. It might be a clear sign that he doesn't know much about archery, one that his guards are left laughing about his attempts as he calls back to them in Ravashari and making faces then a shrug while attempting to pull the first arrow back. The bell behaves perfectly and leaves Mattheu with a wide grin. Only the arrow sails wildly off course hitting a tree well past the targets. A shake of his head, then look over to Rosalind. "At least yours went somewhere?" He nods to the one he's left in the ground and now has a strip of scarf tied to its end. Taking another arrow and closing one eye, as if he's heard this might help, and letting the second arrow loose. Its little bell sings out, hitting the target just to the side. "HA! Is that what you meant as balanced Lord Kastelon?"

Rosalind checks dexterity and archery at hard. Rosalind fails.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at hard. Kastelon fails.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at hard. Kastelon is marginally successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at hard. Critical Success! Mattheu is spectacularly successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at hard. Mattheu fails.

Drea exhales sharply as arrows ricochet and go wide, looking suddenly and sharply around for Siggi. He is sneaking morsels from a food stall, so not in the line of fire, however wild the shots.

Rosalind checks dexterity and archery at hard. Rosalind fails.

"I think it suffices, no?" Is that a hint of a smile beneath the shadow of Kastelon's beard, as he's considering Mattheu's latest attempt at the thing? One might be mistaken to think so, though there's also a commiserating look to Rosalind when she's upset with herself. Though he's spending so much attention -considering Mattheu's shot with the scarf attached, the jangling of the bell upon it, that he's clearly not going through the same ritual as before, and it shows in his next shot, though the one after does manage to find the target...

Kiera grins as she watches the various failurres and successes on the field and responds to Drea . She gives a curious smile to the rivenshare retinue as if trying to guess by their expressions what manner of insuult they might be hurling at the rivenshari

Acantha gives a smile to the archers as she watches the tournament progress and Benny seems to have lost his appetite for tasty arrow shafts. Beavers, what could you do? She calls for the next round after the targets are moved back and there is a nod given as tallies are brought to her. So far so good. And no one had been injured! Which was always a bonus to running things.

Kastelon takes Arrowhead Necklace from Snowflake Chest.

Mattheu takes Arrowhead Necklace from Snowflake Chest.

Rosalind takes Arrowhead Necklace from Snowflake Chest.

Drea takes Arrowhead Necklace from Snowflake Chest.

Kritr has to applaud a perfect bullseye, and he does. "Well shot Lord Rivenshari."

It must be the combination of bell and scarf thread as the next arrow Mattheu lets loose zings across the field in a loud song of bell and THWAP hits the bullseye of target. The Rivenshari lord is well shocked himself and simple sits down to stare at the shot. "I should try that again?" He looks to the others, "Or do I stop there? I don't think the next one is going to be anywhere near as good..." A look back to Violeta, "You keep your words to yourself!" Then notching another arrow he tries again, another bell and strip of scarf and lets it sing through the air. Missing the target this time. "I'll take it. The wind was kind to me! HA!"

Drea sits back in her chair, pale eyes wide, "I expected to see archers of varying skill, I can't say I thought to see that embodied in individuals. The wind blows as it will, yes?" She squeezes Kiera's arm warmly, and tracks her attention to the be-bell-ed archer, then looks back to Kiera. "Do you have a rooting interest?"

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Kastelon fails.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Kastelon marginally fails.

Rosalind checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Rosalind fails.

Rosalind checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Rosalind fails.

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Mattheu marginally fails.

Mattheu checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Mattheu fails.

Mattheu is still reeling from his bullseye that he turns to wave to Kiera before letting the next arrow loose hitting edge of the target before it flops right back out to the ground. He starts laughing hard, "The wind just said NOPE." Then lets the next sail with its bell singing out to fly over the target and if it wasn't for the bell, probably be left to never be seen or heard from again.

This is quite the feat. Kastelon nods briefly when he targets are moved again, before he lets a breath slip. "I might need one of those bells," he voices. His expression, serious as ever, does not bely if he's serious or jesting, leaving such to interpretation from others as he takes his aim.
And as such, that first shot falls short and to the side of the thing. The second fares only slightly better, striking the leg of the target. And both brows lift for a moment, before he pronounces it himself. "It's all in the heat of the moment. Clearly I am not heated enough."

Kiera claps her hand over her mouth as mattheu hits the bullseye" Well that was unexpected" She looks over to Violetta "you'll never hear the end of that one" She turns to Drea and answers "Several of the competitors are friends of mine, so choosing one is difficult. I could root for lord kastelon if i were betting as he's shown previous prowess, lady rosalind for her consistent energy and spirit or lord mattheu for attempting something out of his comfort zone

Rosalind is still clearly not all that focused. Which isn't THAT surprising. But what she is? Still smiling. Her aim isn't great, but it isn't TERRIBLE per se. It just doesn't get where it needs to be! As the others get their bulls eyes and get the proper marks, the copper haired Ravenseye is gladly being their cheerleader. That's great!" a broad smile appearing."

Acantha gives a smile as the last passes are called. She always loved watching the archers and it was something she enjoyed running. "After this last round of shooting we'll tally up the scores and then announce who are winners are." she tells them. She then heads towards the others that were helping to judge and gives a few quiet words, pointing out a few things.

Benny climbs down from his stand and waddles to stand at the womans side as she speaks. A little paw reaches out to tug on her umbra and she looks down to his big old eyes before she sighs with a chuckle and she reaches into her bag and then pulls a fresh twig out and bends to hand it to him, "Come and help me announce winners." she murmurs to him.

Then she's gathering up the final scores and heading over to announce them.

Acantha is overheard praising Kritr.

Acantha is overheard praising Drea.

Acantha is overheard praising Kastelon.

Acantha is overheard praising Kiera.

Acantha is overheard praising Mattheu.

Kritr collects drinks and brings them over to the contestants. "Regardless of who shot the best, it is excellent to see you all here and competing.

Drea likewise lifts a drink, rising to her feet, "Aye, indeed, Lord Clearlake. A fine showing from you all! Quite exciting." Drea waves her mug around, the sweep including all present. She turns her attention to Acantha who seems to be heading their way with the tallies.

Kastelon offers a more profound nod to Kritr at the bringing over of the drinks. A lift of said drink, to Acantha and Benny, to Drea, and to Kiera, as if to show he's noticed the audience, before he lowers the cup to his lips - pausing to take a breath to make sure of what he's drinking - before he takes a swallow. And makes sure to set his bow carefully aside before offering more of a bow to his fellow contestants. "Thank you for the engaging competition. I've missed shooting in public, and not in anger."

"Shoot and drink!" Mattheu appears to rather happy about the drinking portion of the event. Taking the offered mug from Kritr, "Yes. Showing up and having fun. That's the point. I'm still amazed I even hit the target."

Rosalind lowers her bow. She thanks Krit with a smile as he brings over a drink. "This was a lot of fun,"she says. "I should probably practice more though. "I've have a lot of energy these days, so I should probably work my jitters out,"her large eyes shifting a bit.

Rosalind grins at Acantha too. "Thank you for the bow. It's really beautiful!"

"You did better than I would." Kritr tells, nodding to Kastelon. "I prefer the spear, I trust my arm more than a string."

Acantha gives a smile as she heads back to the range and she dips her head to the archers. Benny waddles after her and he gives a little dip as well. The Countess gives a look down to him and then back to the others. "I'll go ahead and announce these and hand out prizes. Our third place goes to Lady Rosalind Ravenseye who will be taking home a high quality steel bow. Our second place goes to Lord Mattheu Rivenshari who will be taking home a Rubicund and Goldenwood bow and leather quiver made my Sir Audgrim. Lord Kastelon Keaton is our winner and will be taking home a Cupridium and Blackwood bow along with another quiver." she states.

Prizes are handed over with a smile by the hostess, "Thank you all for coming and showing your prowess or for taking your first steps and shooting today." she states.

Drea cheers for the awarding of handsome bows, "Lovely craftsmanship. I should make an attempt next year." She claps with the others, "I understand this is every year? I'll have time to practice."

"My thanks for the delightful competition." Kastelon bows profoundly to Acantha after the presentation of the prizes, and there's likewise - again - a bow to the other competitors. "I enjoyed shooting against you both. I hope that we can do this again sometime soon." A beat. "And perhaps with Lord Mattheu's technique in play."

Mattheu looks at the bow that Rosalind is given and gives a small bounce to allow his bells to sing out inside of clapping. Then he's handed his own bow and he's left speechless just staring at the beauty of the Rubicund and Goldenwood, how they merge together and wrap upon the bow. "I..." A shake of his head, "This is lovely. Thank you!" A nod to Acantha, he is ready to turn to get his drink again and he's handed the quiver. Left to be quiet again as he stares at the design and grins. He looks over to Kastelon's prizes for a moment, giving another soft hop to let bells sing out. Then looking back to his own bow and quiver with a wide warming smile. "This is far too much Countess. I'll cherish it!"

Kiera grins "Next we have to convince Lord Mattheu to try his hand at jousting after all horses can have plenty of bells and scarves upon them" she smirks

Acantha gives a smile to Drea, "Yes, your highness, we tend to do this once a year and I'm hoping to bring back another tourney that we used to run. It always helps to have friendly competition in the compact." she nods to this. "Also, thank you to my cousin, Lord Kritr for his help tonight." Acantha announces with a smile as she bends down to scoop Benny up.

"I was hoping that the colors would compliment one another with the metal and wood pairings. I hope that they are used and enjoyed." she dips her head to all.

To Benny she gives a look, "How does a carrot sound? Maybe some green leafy things." she asks him. Talk of carrots makes him put his paws together excitedly. "Alright my little love, off to the vegetables we go." she grins. "If you'll all excuse me, someone needs their evening snack." she muses to that as she hefts the beaver off like a rotund toddler in search of snacks.

"And would be quite fetching, so decorated, my lady." Drea smiles at Kiera's suggestion for festooning horses for the Rivenshari lord.

Kritr nods to Acantha. "Always." He gives Benny a glance. "Good night Countess."

"I'm starting the best collection of bows. I love this,"Rosalind says with a large smile. "Can we just do this stuff just because?" When Acantha says she's leaving with Benny, she turns. "It was really really good to see you! And Benny! Thanks for doing this and for the really nice bow!"

Mattheu might still be enamored by his gifts, though is just on the cusp of overhearing Kiera's ideas for decorating one of the WRETCHED TERRIFYING beasts and looks up with a stare that is a mix of horror and curiosity. "Why would you dress one of THOSE creatures in bells?!"

Acantha is overheard praising Rosalind.

Acantha is overheard praising Mirk.

Mattheu puts Arrowhead Necklace in beeswax sealed pouch.

Kiera hms "To add to the pagentry of the event, but actually I wouldn't recommend an inexperenced rider try joust. icertainly don't feel my riding equal to it. i always choose nice calm mounts with far more experience than.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Dart, a Kite of the Cloudspine leave, following Kastelon.

Mattheu is overheard praising Acantha.

Mattheu is overheard praising Rosalind.

Mattheu is overheard praising Kastelon.

Drea smiles dreamily at the others and walks off whispering to herself, or to someone. Something? "Bells .. ..... would be quite ......."

Rosalind starts to rush out, laughing. "Matti rings all the time. He's not quiet AT ALL!" She gives a wave as she leaves, flashing a smile at the culprit.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior, 3 Sanna House Guards, 2 Northern Rangers, a Whitehawk rusted hawk leave, following Rosalind.

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