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Great Cathedral Restoration: Window Design Edition

This place needs new stained glass windows! Calling any and all artists (definitely including any who have already contacted Porter!). A little short notice but ahhh.


Feb. 5, 2021, noon

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Bree Jan Samira Bhandn Bianca Caprice Arion



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Great Cathedral of the Pantheon

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It's an extremely nice morning and the tarps have been pulled off the roof of the cathedral, allowing natural light to be cast in from the repairs to the roof as well as all of the open and currently glass-less windows. It's a bit /cold/. Earlier in the morning there was a SUNSHOWER which has left the interior of the building a little damp. Porter is standing there now, looking over a table that is currently covered with slightly damp papers and drafting tools. This clearly wasn't what he expected earlier today. There was SUN, it should have been DRY. But instead it also rained? The world is very confusing and that confusion is written across the man's face as he turns to stare up at that partially repaired ceiling hole. "Hm." There's a sailor from one of his ships here to assist him, though she's currently /scaling/ the scaffolding. "Hey- wait. No. Get back down here. Can you find some dry parchment?" And off she goes, after clattering down and THUNKING to the floor.

Bree is no builder, and no great creative mind, but she is here. Most likely to support Porter in his endeavors (and probably the Faith, too, since she's a priest and all). She strides into the Cathedral, much having changed since her last venture inside when she scaled upward to ring the bell. Her lips curve in a smile, and despite the dampness, she is utterly charmed by the work that has been done. She hears a familiar voice, her head tilting under blue eyes settle on the man responsible for all of this. A hand lifts, waves, but she doesn't immediately rush over to put herself in his path. He's working!

Jan kicks off her gaiters at the steps in a ruckus. Her escort tends to the courser she rode here on while her wolf sniffs at passerby's from a safe distance. Finally satisfied, the savage strides into the cathedral, an optimistic grin splayed across her face. Yes, she might already be drunk. "Porter! A little bird told me you might could use a hand." Her jumble of words seems to be her attempt at sarcasm, but she could actually be good for some of the heavy lifting.

Sir Alren, Scholar Duran, a perpetually put-upon assistant, 5 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Bianca.

Bundled in her full-length cloak to ward off the chill, Samira arrives to the cathedral. As is often the case, the dark circles under her eyes suggest a lack of sleep and her hair that remains a tangled mess. When a glimpse can be caught from under the folds of the cloak, bandages can be seen on her right arm, which she takes care not to move much. Despite all this, the diminutive artist appears with a smile. "It looks far better than the last time I saw it," she notes, remembering the piles of rubble and debris strewn everywhere.

Sir Bhandn could almost be mistaken for a laborer, based on how dressed down he is today. Without armor and tabard, he's only sporting his two swords to indicate his martial prowess. He's accompanied by his even-now reading assistant, though the latter is wearing what appears to be a leather satchel big enough for the book he has open in his hands. Bhandn will cast his grey eyes around, looking for Porter, but seeing the taller man currently occupied with organizing, opts to wait before making his presence vocally known.

Porter begins picking through the slightly damp parchments spread out on that centrally located table, the sunshower has passed, but it has left behind all of this... soggy stuff. As people begin to mill in, he's caught first by his cousin calling out his name. He smiles, some mild concern crossing his expression when she seems drunk. "Hello.... do you want to help with window design?" he offers to her, sounding hopeful. Does she like designing stained glass?? He's not really sure. But there's Bree as well and he waves to her, his smile breaking wide for her. "Bree!" And then distracted again. "Samira! I'm glad to see you. Do you want to look some of these over?" Because she's an artist and he steps forward, guiding her to the soggy papers that no doubt have a variety of different 'drafts' for future stained glass displays in the blown out windows.

The steady clank-clank of Templar boots first announced the arrival of one of the Faith hierarchy. The remnants of the entry doors opened for the aeterna and umbra swathed holy woman and Bianca stepped within the husk of what once was, her eyes lifting to the light that shined through in its faceted glory and caused the woman a touch of a smile to grow in its subtle curve across her lips. "Gratitude to Lagoma." She murmured in thanks for the brief respite from the seasonal (and not so seasonal) weather they'd faced the past few days. Silvered gaze dropped downward from the ceiling to assess the grouping already present and note both familiar and unfamiliar faces before she proceeded at a slow gait toward the design table. The Templars fanned out near the door to give the Legate some space while Scholar Duran remained near Sir Alren, diligently note taking the day away.

The warm greeting from the Knight in charge has Bree smiling even wider, and now she takes the opportunity to move closer. But no so close as to stand in the way of the true artists giving insight into what might make the Cathedral return to its old glory. She waves a hand for Samira to take precedent, and distracts herself with a look toward the others gathering. The white-haired woman is hard to miss, and she brings a fist to chest, bowing her head. "Mother Bianca. Do you come to offer insight on the stained glass? Shall we tell Sir Porter to make certain there is plenty of purple in it?"

Eagerness shifts something in Samira's expression, bringing an entirely brighter look to her face. "Good to see you, too. And yes, I'm looking forward to seeing what can be done." She flashes a quick grin to Bree, drawing forward to peer at the soggy papers with rapt attention. For a moment, it seems, she'll ignore anything going on around her. Lost in thought while she ponders.

The papers spread out over the table are a rough series of designs, panels of glass that will represent each of the thirteen gods in some fashion. There are different ideas for each, and all seem to be at a stage where they can be taken and shaped into something else as the creative process takes hold. "And there's even one here for, um, the ceiling!" The 'um' comes because Porter has to dig it out from his clearly very organized situation here. "There and there, the stone masons are going to leave space to have glass installed to let in light from overhead." He twists when he hears Bree create Bianca and he bows once, respectfully. "Legate, thank you for visiting us."

"You don't need like, muscle?" A sigh and the Kennex woman glances around. "Well I mean, it kinda looks like seaglass. I like seaglass. Where uh.. where do I start?" Then as an afterthought, the bottle of Filopi is swirled, "Oh and manners, right, need a 'Courtesan Toothwash'?" This is the term used for brushing your teeth with potent liquor.

"Oh, there /must/ be an exceptional amount of purple." Bianca replied to Bree's question in a teasing tone, harkening back to a previous light-hearted conversation with the Butterfly Knight. As she neared the group she fell to her usual stillness, ink-stained hands coming to fold before her and eyes drifting over the plans laid thus far. "I suppose in manner I have come to offer insight, but for the most part I simply wished to see how the project is progressing and be sure Sir Porter has all he needs." She inclined her head more deeply to the group as a whole, "Blessed be." though after her words chin lifted to peer upward toward the area that Porter had indicated to. "It is my pleasure, brother. Has the discussion on what will be portrayed already begun?"

Bree is momentarily fascinated by Samira, the way she pours over the papers, the concentration of an artist. She finds herself leaning closer to try to spy on the page what Samira must see, but finding it just to be pretty pictures and designs, she shrugs, turning her attention back to Bianca and Porter. "The people of Arx have been very generous in giving their time and their coin to make certain the restoration here goes as smoothly as possible, and with Sir Porter's guidance, it /has/ gone smoothly." Clearly she's proud of the man and his accomplishment, heard in her tone, but also seen in the look she casts him, the smile that deepens. "But that is a good question. Have you decided what will be displayed in these windows?"

There's a moment where Bhandn regards Bianca -- Porter did call her Legate after all -- but it's quickly followed by a bow and "Good day, Mother." Bhandn himself looks a bit discomfited as he realizes his particular talent (heavy lifting) seems to be a bit unnecessary. "What is it you're trying to decide upon?" he asks Porter, Bhandn's grey eyes peering toward the stack of papers.

Samira spends a few moments muttering to herself, the fingers of her good arm reaching to gingerly touches the edges of the damp papers. "Stained glass is not my specialty, but it seems to me color is a big part of what shapes the outcome, right? So I think it's important that the colors worked into each design be representative of something. Representative of the principles of each god or of the emotions we wish to be conveyed." She blinks, and it finally seems to dawn on her that she's not alone, brainstorming aloud. She glances over her shoulder toward the others, offering a faint grin to faces familiar and unfamiliar alike.

"You can look at the pictures, Jan," Porter offers to his cousin and directs her to one of the piles. When she pulls out a bottle of vodka, he lifts his chin and then shakes his head. "Nooo, not right now. But thank you! Here." And he shoves a paper into her hand once she's put the bottle away. He splits his attention among those at the table, or at least, he tries to. "No firm decisions yet, I wanted there to be an opportunity for people who aren't me to look at the designs from the glass makers and give their input. Like Mistress Culler here, she's an artist and owns a shop in the lowers." This explanation is offered to Bianca, as he gestures the young woman pouring over the designs. And for Bree there's an agreeable nod, "They've been very generous. We have all that we're going to need to complete this work, possibly /more/ than we're going to need, so it should cover any surprises the repair work throws our way."

"Sir Yvar! Thank you for joining us." He steeeps that way, taking up another paper and holding it to him. "Sir Yvar has been with the Knights of Solace for ages. If you were to look upon a piece designed with Gild in mind, as a faithful man, what do you wish to see? Do you see images of an abundance of coins and wealth? Or do you see the lone knight traveling the road protecting a pilgrim? Or some combination of both?" Then he's tapping Jan's paper. "Sailor. General of Corsairs. When you pray to Mangata, what do you see?"

"The lone knight." It doesn't take Bhandn very long to come up with that particular answer, and he'll pass the paper back to Porter as soon as those three words have left his mouth. "I think many of the faithful would empathize more with the protector." As he says it, his grey eyes are going to Porter's piles of paper, and there Bhandn folds his arms and regards the stacks with a somewhat critical air to his features, and with no small amount of glancing to his off-to-the-side reading assistant. "Would it bother you much if the lad sorted through all of this? He has a better head for it than I do."

Bianca nodded as Porter gave his explanation, gaze drifting in its steady cadence Samira's way to take in the Culler and commit the woman to memory... only to realize, she had already seen the youthful artiste once or twice before! "A pleasure to meet you properly, goodwoman." She offered in softened tone, attention drifting as Porter sought inclusion of all present. She listened attentively to the expert inserts of names and their brief descriptors on behalf of Porter, though Jan got a bit of a broader smile and dip of her head after her more respectful nod to Bhandn.

Jan glances over Samira's shoulder, her words distracting her from teasing her cousin. The way she explains it seems to click with Jan, a thoughtful look replacing the perpetual grin. As Porter mentions Mangata Jan's eyes glaze a bit. "I know I haven't been around much but at least take notice of the fancy brooch I'm wearing on these ratty leathers." A calloused finger taps the image depicting Gloria on her, "Not really a drawing type though.." She hazards a glance over Samira, "Want to earn some drinks when we get back to the Kay?" A devious smile crossed her expression but at least now she is being productive.

Samira sends a smile toward Porter, his mention of her name prompting a polite nod of her head to any she hasn't yet officially met. "The one in the Lowers is an art center, a place for anyone to come create or display their art," she admits. "But I've just opened a new shop in this ward to sell my own things." That little tidbit offered, she guides attention back to the project at hand. Dark eyes flit to Bhandn, watching him pensively as she gives a nod of silent approval. Turning to Bianca, she bows her head in a more formal fashion than she might normally. "Nice to finally meet you properly as well." She's about to say more when Jan's words snatch her attention, prompting a widening grin. "Drinks?" Her curiosity is undeniable now. "I would never turn down such an offer."

Porter pat, pats Jan's shoulder. "Sorry, I was distracted by the /other/ brooch of ship. Wear less brooches next time," he offers to his cousin with a smile before moving on. He takes the paper back from Bhandn when it ends up in his hands again and he looks it over, considering illustration there fondly. Then he slides it back onto the table with the rest, of which there are quite a few. "Of course not! If he'd like to take a look, he's more than free to. I kept this session open for reasons like that." His own assistant returns finally with dry paper and things to write with. "Your cabin is a mess," she complains to him. "I'm sorry, it's an art center!" he says to Bianca when Samira clarifies, his smile breaking wide once again. "See, she's very qualified."

"I'm also working on my own board game. It started with Game of Stones but has become something else. I'll let you have a peek." She adds as more bait to her hook. Then she glances down at her chest. Porter is right, she is wearing multiple brooches. Muttering some expletives she calls after her cousin, "Way to tell me I have pie on my face." Her fingers fuss at the clasp awkwardly now as she returns her attention to Samira. "I'm not sure how this works though. I mean, how can I do better then a woman wielding a sword? How am I going to better show off feminine strength?"

Jan puts A Violet Sailing Ship Brooch in an aged leather rucksack lined in canvas.

Bianca leaned a pale palm to the table, edging to better view what Samira worked on but otherwise remaining her quiet self as the others engaged around her. "For the depictions, is it determined that each window depict a singular God of the Pantheon?" She looked to Porter for this question, "Previously the glass embodied historical artistic depictions of events that were once long-forgotten by us. Hints and reminders of not only who the Gods are, but what we have faced as a people at their side. I was curious which direction was planned? And will Aion have representation?"

Withdrawing from the piles of paper, Bhandn finally approaches where the reading Aendal has taken up roost. A few quiet words later, and the younger male is getting to his feet and coming over to Porter's paperwork. At first, there's complete silence, but the more Aendal reads through Porter's work, the more he starts to frown. "It's a mess," he suddenly exclaims, peering towards Bhandn with something of an accusation on his face. That's all that Bhandn's aide has to say, before he's suddenly starting to move things around so that they make something of a logical sense. In this case, sorting by deity is the route Bhandn's assistant will take. The cathedral is about the gods, after all, so the gods should be the central theme!

"Now I'm doubly intrigued," Samira admits after hearing Jan's mention of the board game. The brooch catches her eye and she leans in to study it with a look of admiration. "That's a beautiful piece. I admit it does seem the most straightforward representation of feminine strength." Lips purse, the artist clearly sorting through the various ideas swirling in her mind although Bianca's inquiries draw a curious glance and then a sidelong look toward Porter to catch the answers. The pointed remark from Bhandn's aide receives a stifled laugh from the Culler whose wild hair and disheveled appearance would suggest she has no problem with a little mess herself.

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"It's been organized by--" something, Porter begins trying to explain to Aendal. Apparently that something might have been color. There's a reason that Porter isn't a professional scribe. He doesn't get in the young man's way as he tries to make sense of the knight's not entirely logical system. Instead he just lets him do his thing, stepping aside and answering Bianca instead. "That was the rough idea to begin with. But-" he glances at the many blown out windows that look out to the grounds beyond the Cathedral before shifting back to the legate. "Do you have recommendations? For historical moments? Because I would be glad to hear them. This restoration is meant to be a representation of the Faith and not 'What Porter Kennex personally thinks the Faith should be'." As for Aion, he nods. "I was hoping to get all of the Gods in here. Uh, at least artistically. Not, you know- literally. Or anything."

Bianca nodded, offering in her usual softened tone. "The Gyre War, The Silent War, The Battle of Setarco..." She listed as ideas for events that could be utilized in what could someday become imagery on display. "There are many options in that regard, all of which the Gods themselves in their subtle ways have been prominent facets of." Her neck craned, chin lifting again to the light coming through the openings above. "Aion could potentially be represented very simply, a singular star at the peak of what is displayed." She spoke thoughtfully and as she seemed to emphasize the Dreamer it was clear for whatever reason she felt a deep importance in it being present unlike the imagery from the previous glass murals where the Dreamer did not seem to hold representation. "Simply a thought, though."

Bree has been here the entire time, but surprisingly she's stepped out of the main chatter of possibilities. A woman who knows her limits, perhaps? She continues to smile, to nod, to be generally supportive all around!

Caprice is late, in spite possibly being noticed hovering about outside ahead of the official meeting time. But she doesn't skulk in guiltily like a truant student. She dives in, figuratively, to the conversation she's caught wind of - calling across at first, until her light footsteps carry her close enough to facilitate a more normal volume. "How many windows in total are we looking to design?"

Snapping her fingers in a sudden epiphany, "I've got it. The only thing to add here might be a silhouette. You know, to show the odds She is fighting. A great big shadow and inside, the sword wielding woman, head high, ready to fight despite everything." Jan scribbles on her paper but it looks as if her horse held the charcoal. As she makes her mess she glances up to notice Caprice with a wave.

"As many as there are holes in the wall currently," Porter answers, gesturing around to both sides of the building. Which is to say, Porter's player doesn't know because he doesn't ever remember the original desc of this room but there's probably plenty of space. There's a group of people standing around a table, going over different drafts and in general discussing what could be here in the future. To Bianca he replies, "Thank you for your thoughts. They're greatly appreciated and exactly why we're here. Historical context and all of that probably isn't something I would have thought of." His admittance comes with a rueful smile aimed at himself and a nod of his head in gratitude.

Samira's expression has clouded over again, not in darkness, but within muddled thoughts as she listens to Bianca's examples. Caprice's arrival earns a warm smile and a wave of greeting although her eyes flit back to Jan. "Oooh, I do like the imagery of that. I think-" Whatever she thinks is interrupted by the hasty arrival of a familiar urchin, beckoning to Samira. She heaves a rueful sigh and murmurs apologies to the group before stepping outside to see what business calls her.

Arion arrives burdened down with a bit of a load. The crimson haired Harrow is toting a basket in one arm filled with delicate bottle of sparkling paints, the rest of his arms are dedicated to holding glass alloy samples neatly wrapped in cloth and stacked in his arms. Some are tinted some are clear but they are all hopefully beautiful and impressive enough for stained glass? He staggers in a bit out of breath. "Am I late? It took me a while to get the samples together. I'm an alchemist not an artist. But maybe a true artist can use these? Now where can I set them down, my arms hurt..." He blushes a little and peers around.

Bianca dipped her head to Porter's words, looking back toward the papers again. Granted that glance downward didn't last long as Caprice voiced her quiet arrival and the holy woman was inclining her head again, a warmth washing over her in regards to the seamstress. When Arion joined them, she moved to help him unload the samples onto the table without a second thought. "Alchemy is an art in its own right." She smiled to the man, taking a moment as she helped to glance over the various colors that were present in the collection.

Jan's greeting earns a quick smile and a returned wave, which extends warmly to include Samira; a curios glance follows the Culler out before she shifts her full focus back to the group, and... oh, blueprints? "Lovely," Caprice murmurs. A bright smile blooms again for Bianca before she, too, is glancing down in consideration. Then up again, scanning the distance from the walls to the ceiling, then the floor in such a way that suggests it's not all just idle looking around. "My notes aren't complete," she states, "but I've done a bit of tracking on the angles of light throughout the day in a few seasons. Depending on the designs we choose, it's possible we can arrange for patterns to show up across the floor here, depending on the time of day and the months."

Arion gives Bianca the most grateful of looks along with a warm smile. "Thank you. You are very kind. I brought as many colors and glass samples as I could carry. I have some bigger ones back at my workspace." As for the paints, there is an impressive selction of colors, all the primary color shades in large bottles for creating other colors plus black and white for adjusting the tint. Then there are similar colors but in glittering paint instead of matte. And a few specialty colors such as a beautiful metallic gold that glitters like the sun and a shimmering silver that could almost rival a diamond. Arion smiles gently. "I hope this is okay? I'm rather fond the of the gold paint. I thought maybe we could paintthe Pantheon's Symbol with it? It sparkles a little too if you where to put it on either the silver tinted glass or maybe the red, the effect would be striking....I think?" He studies the area. "I"m no arist nor am I in charge but maybe we could do a relief of each of the gods in stained glass? Or a glass mural of them all together united?" He bites his bottom lip unsure.

"Good bye, Samira!" Porter calls to the woman as she exits the cathedral. "She's really very lovely. One time in a-" he seems about to launch into some kind of tale. An /epic/ tale, really. But he wisely clears his throat and keeps it to himself instead. "Oh!" Then Arion is arriving with a bunch of stuff in his arms. He steps over, but not as quickly as Bianca. "These are absolutely great! I don't really know anything about how to make the glass. But I can have this sent to the producers in the Saiklands. I think they'd be really thrilled with this. I'm sorry, I don't think that I know your name. I'm Sir Porter Kennex of the Knights of Solace," he offers to Arion. His attention bounces back when he catches wind of Caprice's explanation about the patterns on the floor and there's an expression of near boyish excitement about the idea. "Yeah?" he wonders and steps back, staring at the floor as if with a renewed interest. "That would really be something."

Bianca added belatedly, "Oh, there is also the defense of the Lodge of Petrichor that is rather poignant to the Faith." She turned attention to Caprice and her input on the cast color being a possibility. "That sounds... magical." She breathed softly, neck craning again to look heavensward then to the sample of gold that glistened within the cover of her ink-stained hand. She gingerly set the sample with the others after her moment of admiration. She then extended her arm in an idle arc over the survey of open space, speaking to Caprice. "Where would the reflected colors shine down specifically according to your notes?"

Jan checks wits and artwork at normal. Jan is successful.

Arion smiles to Porter. "Oh. I'm Arion Harrow. A pleasure to meet you Sir Poter." Arion curtsies to Poter gracefully, yes a curtsey. The Harrow male is in a rather pretty dress after all. He nods. "I have more glass and paint as I said, and I can make more as needed depending on what your people need. Just keep me informed and I will be honored to assist. It is the least I can do to honor the Gods with my skills." He smiles gently. "Feel free to keep in touch with me Sir Porter if you need more glass or paints or anything else alchemy can create. I run a cosmetics shop and salon but I also spend time on worthy causes, and this....well it doesn't get more important than this..." he smiles gently and imspects his glass and paint for qualitya final time.

Even though Jan has never made a doodle in her life, she manages to pull off a simple drawing somehow. While not defined, it is even an interesting perspective. Charcoal makes up a large demonic shadow that covers most of the paper. Inside the paper has been left untouched, (besides some smudges), to create the negative image of a woman wielding a sword off to her side. She squints at it a few times before shrugging and bring it to Porter. "Is this on track?

Arion checks intellect and alchemy at normal. Arion is successful.

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Arion's dress is certainly fancier than anything that Porter is wearing, all of which is very much geared toward making him less easy to stab to death. He smiles broadly and dips his head, "Yes, I would say this is a very worthy cause. For all of the faithful but also maybe for those who revere Jayus? And Lagoma." The last is more of a musing as he considers the blank slate that the building has become. He finds Jan handing him a drawing next and he nods a few times and says encouragingly, "This is a very lovely drawing! You're getting very good."

"Ah! Hello again - you were at Lord Pasquale's party, no? The citrus scent. You left before I was able to introduce myself," Caprice wedges into the introductions too, dipping her head towards Arion in greeting. "Caprice Artiglio, Disciple of Jayus. These are lovely hues! Your own blends?" she inquires 0 though with everything else happening essentially at once, she won't be put out if he doesn't answer.

Pleased by the reception of her idea, Caprice's smile reappears - and Bianca's inquiry adds energy to the copper-haired clothier's step as she moves to answer, papers rustling as they're tugged free of her bag. Moving centrally, and relying upon the acoustics of the damaged edifice to carry her voice, she reaches out with her free hand in sweeping angles to indicate the shifting of light over time from where the windows sat and will eventually sit again within the high walls. "The pews here, you recall, mm? And so, mostly, down across the aisles here," she walks towards the pulpit, remarking on sharpness and diffuse light, the reflection off the marble...really nerdy stuff, honestly. By the end she's talking as much to herself as to Bianca, wondering about sigils for the gods being cast in their own window medallions, or whether or not working them into the lay of the cames would be too subtle.

"Mother Bianca, Ward of the Faith; Legate of Creation." She offered idly toward Arion as she took to movement to the area Caprice had indicated, per usual Oathlander habit sharing the breadth of her titles in her introduction. Once reaching the area where the pews would eventually rest. "It would be interesting if seasonally as you say there could be a trick of the the artist's work that the symbol of each God shines down upon us at a different time of the year and one wouldn't particularly see that it is deeply woven into the work of the individual window until the light is cast down upon the pews and its shadow (or golden light depending on what is possible) is then cast in the light's reflection through the windows." She stated thoughtfully, her chin again lifting heavenward. "I had a dream of what the windows would come to be. Twelve windows edifying each god at their peak and split by a line of gold so that the base of the window makes up a mural of glass depicting what I mentioned prior. Our struggles and the ideals of the gods at play within them, be it tangible depictions or symbolic. At the peak of the windows the Star, at its base the symbol of the Thirteenth." She lowered her gaze anew to those gathered. "Again, only ideas and please do not feel compelled to imitate them if it does not work with the greater whole or the artists in practice simply do not find inspiration from them." And again her chin lifted to observe the fall of light and what Caprice had indicated.

There's quite a bit of daylight left and plenty more talking to go, Porter isn't quite the artistic mind that others are so after awhile, he ends up back over with Bhandn's assistant. He's trying desperately to explain why color is a perfectly good organizational system. This is about art, right? Art has color? Yes? No. Probably not all that impressive an explanation. And after, he drifts off to begin speaking with some of the workers try and track down what the progress is like on all of the other many endless things that are happening here.

Satisfied with her contribution, (seeing as it was more then bringing the liquor), Jan begins to make her way to the door. "See you Porter. Come stop by and play some Stones with me sometime, aye?" She doesn't know many people here but she does take the time to say something to Caprice before she leaves. "I hung your drawing in my suite at the Kay. Looking forward to collaborating on those fliers." She offers the woman a wink but doesn't hover for a response, instead she takes her leave.

"Oh, I -like- that," Caprice nods agreeably towards Bianca, tossing a thoughtful glance towards the walls. "I wonder if they couldn't coincide at least roughly with the major holidays?" Especially as there's no heavy lifting required for this session, she seems content to linger long and hemorrhage ideas to anyone around to listen, wherever they may end up in final considerations.

"Praise be to Jayus." Bianca chuckled in reply to Caprice's postive reaction to the idea. "Oh, if the reflecting light could that would be wonderful."

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