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Crafter-Scholar Joint Project Launch

Crafters and Scholars meet up at the Crafters Hall to discuss obscure or neglected knowledge that needs artistic light shone on it. A broad variety of materials and supplies will be on hand for transcriptions and sketches. Come ready to learn, ready to be inspired, ready to create.

Though this event is sponsored by the Crafters Guild in partnership with the Scholars, attendance is open to anyone with knowledge they feel would benefit from an artistic rendering, or those with a willingness to create such illuminating works. Refreshments will be provided.


Nov. 30, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Ripley Griffin Mirk Caprice Lianne Delilah Samira Cadern Rowenova Khanne Lisebet Hamish Merek Harlan Sina Cufre Galatea


Crafters Guild Disciples of Jayus Scholars


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Crafters Hall

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Comments and Log

Apollo has been directing some very helpful people in the setup for this event the last while, distributing parchment and sketching supplies, pens, all the necessary things, making sure that the banquet is prepared. As people start to filter in, he waves them in cheerfully with no formality whatsoever. "Come in, come in! Please - have a seat somewhere - and intersperse yourselves, if you will, I'd like to not have all crafters to one side, all Scholars and scholarly-sorts to the other. Feel free to talk and introduce yourselves, and I'll explain a bit more about my hopes for this project in a moment."

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

Clean shaven, trimmed hair that's just long enough to not look disorderly and shaggy, clean clothes and lacking something wrinkle smoosh faced at his heels, Ripley's coming into the hall in a far better mood this time. With a stack of tins. "Excuse me, coming through, mum's biscuits." He warns, lest anyone think to trip him.

Griffin is a scholarly-sorts, but really doesn't know anybody (yet!). Still he's here, albeit quiet.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 2 Bisland pride guards, Pearl, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, 2 Armed Confessors arrive, following Delilah.

Mirk slips into the Crafters Hall, looking curiously at the symbols of Jayus that ornament the hall. Then he finds a seat, nodding his head to familiar faces - that is, most of them - as he passes them. "You know," he comments to Apollo, "I'm not sure I could stick to the Scholars if I tried. I'm not wholly sure which are Scholars and which are Crafters at this point."

Caprice has come early to claim a good spot. With Apollo's soft-start suggestion, she rises obligingly to greet the growing crowd, ahead of any stampede for the food. "Caprice Artiglio, for those I've not met yet," she introduces herself, one hand lifted in a half-wave, "Scholarly-leaning crafter, Disciple of Jayus."

Lianne arrives arm-in-arm with Khanne, a little lean against her shoulder as she wonders, "Which do you consider yourself, mm? Are you an artist or a scholar tonight, oh dawn?" In high spirits, her smile is easy and bright, the comfortable sort of thing one doesn't even need to think about wearing, as if all might somehow be right with the world. Rather than looking for a spot, her focus is stolen by biscuits. Thattaway first, with a murmur of thanks to Ripley. And something softer under her breath.

3 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar, 1 Harlequin jongleur arrive, following Hamish.

Mirk has a shadow; shorter than him, brighter by far, and accompanied by an Inquisitor or three who diligently keep themselves out of arms' reach for the most part. Lilah carries a book already pressed to her side, the bold stride conveying her through the world at a rather steady, quick clip measured by buoyant enthusiasm. Free drinks in one of the city's wards might respond why, though she offers that blithe and sunny smile upon spotting Apollo. Others, too, though she still needs to acknowledge the guildmaster before harrowing some poor Halfshav. "I think the line betwixt scholar and crafter is a thin delineation at that."

Relic arrives, following Harlan.

Stepping into the Crafters Hall, Samira looks somewhat more put together than usual, except for a smudge of charcoal upon her cheek to which she is likely oblivious. She appears to be in a pleasant mood as well, no dour scowls in sight - at least not yet. She waves to Apollo and flashes a quick grin to Caprice as well before turning to survey the crowd curiously rather than claiming a seat just yet.

Cadern picks his way into the area with interest. He looks particularly bouncy as Cadern's can occasionally be as he peers around to see who has amde it. He makes his way over towards Lilah and Mirk for whatever reasons and then he points out to Lilah, "For you maybe, some of us are not known for our ability to do you know...productive work."

"Ripley Thornburn!" Comes from behind the tower of tins, putting one down, then the others until they're all down and then he starts cracking the tins. The bottom one having little pots of jelly of all kinds, butter, even a thickened cream to do dolloped on top of the biscuits. His job down, the ginger haired man is turning as if to go find a seat. But there's a Lianne. He grins sheepishly to whatever she says and dips his head and offers that awkward terrible bow that he does before ambling off to find a spot to sit.

After Mirk and Delilah slip in, Rowenova and Floppington move in after him and find a seat somewhere in their vicinity.

Looking towards Lianne, Khanne smiles. "My dear dusk, you know I am either or on any given day. Let's see... tonight, I shall play the part of an artist. It did feel good to create again. And yourself?" Oh! Biscuits! Apparently, that is where they are headed first. She lifts her free hand to wave to Mirk, and therefore Delilah as well. Overhearing the latters words, she gives a nod. "This is true, it is a thin line." She then sends another wave over to Apollo. "Oh, and, for those who do not know me, I am Khanne Halfshav." She leaves it at that, not wanting to start a whole thing about titles again with Lianne.

Lisebet has dragged her husband along over here for this event. Apparently he needed some culture? She's got her hand in his, as they enter, the duchess and duke of Ashford. She smiles as she sees who is already here, of course recognizing very many people. "I do apologize if we are late. We were somewhat distracted by a couple of very cute children insisting we had to tell them stories," she says. "But I wouldn't miss this, even if I am neither excessively scholarly nor excessively artistic."

"Surely it is productive if we try, though I profess no chance of equalling any of these designs." A gesture swivels to indicate the various display cases, the statue of Joscelin that earns a softened smile, if plumbed by a certain quiet reflection from Delilah. Pots of jelly have the most enchanting scent, but she resists for but a few moments yet to turn and exchange a swift grin with Cadern, offering a slight dip. "Delilah Shepherd," she offers by way of greeting and introduction bound together, then offering the warm wiggle of her fingers to Khanne and Lianne. Soon enough that's extended to the duke and duchess of Ashford; and of course, Flop and Nova.

Caprice has just introduced herself and hasn't yet returned to her seat. Samira's grin earns one in return, alongside a higher wave, before she turns her attention to the others; most earn a familiar glance, nods, but one or two earn longer, curious looks.

Lianne's smile only brightens for that response from Ripley, but she doesn't keep him, quick to claim a biscuit with a bit of butter and jam. And then another, one for herself and one for the self-appointed artist for the evening. "Oh, I find the line very distinct, personally. Entirely a scholarly sort, tonight and other nights. Any evidence to the contrary is..." She angles a sidelong look to Khanne. "Well-hidden away, I'm certain." Snacks gathered, she wanders with Khanne to find a place to sit, fairly central. No name or introduction from her. Just smiles and a waggle of her biscuit to familiar faces, reciprocating.

Accompanied by a veritable platoon (well, four) of Templars, Father Hamish Farmer makes his way into the Crafters Hall. Neither crafter nor scholar, the Legate of the Lost still finds himself drawn here thanks to the description of the event. While others socialize and network Hamish keeps himself more to the back of the room, arms crossed and attention flitting from here to there.

Mirk nods his head to Khanne, returning the greeting. As people start to introduce themselves, he adds, "I'm Mirk Halfshav. Here purely as a Scholar; my artistic abilities wouldn't impress anyone." Then he leans back, looking around at the rest of those gathered. "Interesting crowd we've got here tonight."

Apollo watches /mum's biscuits/ scoot on past and is almost diverted. Stealing an entire tin of biscuits for himself would be a crime too great even for /him/, though; so it's a longing look they win. He turns eyes back to the crowd, gives a dip of his head at Caprice's introduction. "If you've not met me before, I'm Apollo Oakwood. One of two Guildmasters of the Crafters' Guild of Arx, amongst a litany of other things they've told me to stop announcing as half of it's nonsense." He smiles. "But importantly, I'm a tanner and artist in general, working with hides, textiles, metals, gems, all that sort of stuff. I can be found at my shop often, Acorn Arts & Armor, off Lord's Lane North - the lane is across from the Black Rose Theater."

An expansive gesture follows - dismissive. "Enough about me," he says, and flashes smiles at a couple of people he's had greetings from. "A bit now about the project. As Duchess Delilah says, the distance between scholar and crafter can be very thin. But apart from them that are both, it does exist. The studious habit and probing acumen of many scholars - aren't always happy bedfellows with the inconstant attention and obsessive perfectionist tendencies of many artists. But we all have our strengths. Knowledge... and expression. I would very much like if those of us with knowledge and thorough understanding of some compelling topic could share with those that can render them in some form of art. Visual. Performnace, though in my distraction I missed inviting the Bard's College or some of the other performing guilds. Music. I don't care about the form. What I want is art that simplifies or elevates, or renders clarity for something that's difficult. I have ideas for the artwork produced, but first I'd like to ask if there are questions about the intent."

Merek looks around while he comes about into the place.

Harlan settles in next to his wife listening to the speach Apollo gives.

Ripley parks on a counter, crossing his legs, a dip of his head for Khanne and biscuits balanced on his knee's, he starts to devour them, two bites but usually just one, shoving it in his mouth and listening.

Taking the biscuit offered by Lianne, Khanne looks it over and smiles. "I will never turn down a bit of pastry and some jam." She lifts it in an appreciative gesture towards Ripley, walking with Lianne to find someplace to sit. When the brunette gives a sidelong look to Khanne, the shaman can't help but smile slyly in return. "Oh... certainly. Very hidden." Something Apollo says makes her grin more and she leans over to murmur something softly to Lianne with a small chuckle. Tilting her head after, she asks softly to Lianne, "wait, am I to paint tonight?" Perhaps her date was not specific about the intent tonight after all.

"Samira Culler, artist often found at Rabble Art," the diminutive Culler offers, introducing herself to the group. A familiar nod is offered to Lianne, Ripley, and some of the other familiar faces present as she meanders her way toward Caprice to greet the woman with a murmured remark. She begins to curiously study those she doesn't recognize before Apollo's remarks steal her full attention. "A melding of knowledge and art, should make for a good project," she notes, then quiets. No questions here evidently.

Nova wiggles her fingers to reciprocate the gesture that Delilah sent her way, and then she also greets Khanne with a smile. "Good to see you!" says she to the Halfshav Duchess. She quiets down then curiously regards the ongoing activities.

In light of nothing to toast with, it shall be with a delicious biscuit instead, plucked up with long fingers. An appreciative survey of that lush combination of biscuit, cream, and fruit-saturated jam doesn't split her attention overly much, focus elevated with bright, wide eyes upon Apollo as he chooses to speak. But then no amount of creme pat' or the delectable fruits of the forest can plausibly separate her from the business at hand. What with a warm smile, anyway, even as she leans in to listen intently. "The Scholars often turn to songs, art, and various crafted items in the course of their work. Indeed, a study of a weathered tympanum or statue might offer precious insights lost, like certain languages. Naturally, though, we do not work in a vacuum. The stories that end up woven into tapestries, painted on canvasses, or sometimes even donned in garments speak to a greater thread, if you will. Through the lens of a craftsman or craftswoman, those tales might take on different dimensions, and it's been to our gain historically and culturally." A bit of a crumbled pinch to the edge of that tasty option, she smiles all the warmer. "This looks positively scrumptious. I would never ask to divulge the recipe, but thank you, whomever put this together. Mm! Pleasure to meet those I haven't yet, and now I'll hush up."

3 Templar Knight guards, Jacinthe arrive, following Sina.

Lianne has to draw a hand to her mouth at whatever Khanne murmurs to her quietly, though the look which goes with that self-censorship is more one of concern or pleading that wholly amusement. With a shake of her head, she whispers something short back. After, her attention turns forward. If biscuits are meant for toasting tonight, she gives hers a little lift to celebrate the intention before finishing it off, thumb catching at the corners of her lips briefly to clear away crumbs. Her companion's question gets no obvious answer. Who knows what the night yet holds.

Lisebet too is listening, the petite duchess sitting down next to her husband. She's got a serene look on her face, as she listens. "I think this is entirely a lovely idea. I am hoping to be able to participate somehow, even if it is just helping to purchase materials or the like," she offers. There's a mischievous glance over at Delilah with that, before she waves to Mirk and Rowenova among others.

Apollo gestures to Delilah, pausing for her remarks, then nods. "The respect is very much mutual," he says. "And that's exactly what I mean. It would take volumes - has taken volumes - to describe single moments in our histories. I don't disparage the written word, here at all. Stories and poetry or factual accounts, either. Everything has a place. And I would contend that the things I've understood best, I've seen as histories, heard sung, seen in statute, held and turned around to consider from all the angles. So that's what this is for. More angles." His mouth opens - there's a pause, a momentary smile, then it fades. Inspiration at all moments.

"For tonight, I would like if the scholars - or those acting in a scholarly capacity - could speak briefly on an area of interest or two that they'd be happy to see included in art produced by this project. Crafters, if you would indicate that you're interested in something particular, then - perhaps go sit with whoever's got the knowledge that's caught you." He smiles again.

"Just a few final notes before we set into the main of tonight: First: I intend there to be a showing of all the pieces produced in a month or two, depending on the complexity of the works being produced. Second, in case there is widespread interest in any particular topic, any information shared will be made available to the Crafters' Guild in general, unless otherwise indicated. Third, after the pieces are shown, those more appropriate to the Archive can be kept there on display long-term; others might be shown here, or at other venues throughout the city, as makes sense. Fourth -" he gestures to the tables: "There are rudimentary supplies for sketching and such, but none of this work is expected to be done for free; if Scholars find themselves wanting for resources to do further research, or Crafters find themselves wanting for materials for their works, those will be made available at our discretion. And finally - anyone that contributes either knowledge or artistry to a finished piece for the project will be given a token of thanks at the conclusion of the project. Any questions?"

Spotting that wave from Lisebet, Nova sends one with a smile back her way, too, also including Harlan. She also greets Cadern as well, and Flop does the same.

Sina makes her way into the crafters hall just as Apollo is explaining what the thing is about. She moves to an out-of-the-way spot in a corner, her Templars finding places where they can observe and generally keep an eye on things without being overly obtrusive. Sina's assistant, Jacinthe, is here with her as well, carrying the Archscholar's writing case, along with a satchel filled with sketchbooks, charcoal pencils, brushes, pigments, and other things that may be needed. It seems Sina is prepared to be either Scholar or Artist today. For now, though, she hovers, listening to what Apollo has in mind for the event. She offers a warm smile in his direction, and then glances around as he asks for questions.

Harlan gives a wave to Rowenova. He grins over to Lisebet, "Feeling all kinds of charitable these days aren't we."

Grinning, Caprice murmurs something in turn to Samira while looking out over the gathered, at nobody in particular. She quiets, attentive, as Apollo speaks up again and when the call goes out for questions, she offers one, "How will we be keeping this effort organized?" she asks - him, the others. "For those who couldn't come today, or who hear about this later and are interested in joining the work, who should we go to so we're all more or less on the same page?"

"Certainly we can arrange for scholars or crafters to have sessions privately as need be. There might be sheer chaos trying to settle on but a single topic and then the artistry bursting forth as a result of that," Lilah playfully adds in response to Caprice, though the wheels there in her mind are certainly bound to be turning at some rate. Turning when Jacinthe and Sina make their entrance, she dips respectfully to the Archscholar, the corners of her mouth turning up higher. "I already imagine a few of us might need the time simply to whittle down the possibilities."

Ripley still sits cross legged and watching the people in the room while chewing on the biscuit in his hand, gaze directed from speaker to speaker.

Cadern waves back at Nova as he settles in. He considers this for a moment, "I don't know... well I'm concerned that it might be a touchy subject for some. But if a Crafter is interesting. I'd like to do a piece or pieces around the Nefer'khat. Specifically the points where they've come to our aid, the great sacrifices that have come of it, the Venandi, the Griffons, the many people who have come to our aid when we needed it and who we have forgotten. They are perhaps not individuals as regarded as our traditional heroes but they are people wh have given greatly to us and we have forgotten." He says even as others might suggest a more moderate subject because... well it's Cadern.

"We've forgotten so very much," Lianne murmurs on the wake of Cadern's words. It's an incomplete thought, from the shape of it, but it finds no follow-up as she scans her fellow scholars to see who'll pitch their ideas next.

A murmured comment from Caprice receives a wide grin before Samira responds, voice kept low so as not to interrupt the event. Folding her arms over her chest to keep from fidgeting, she listens to Apollo's words with focused attention, nodding once in a while to indicate agreement or understanding. Her gaze flickers to each person in turn as they speak.

Cufre arrived rather on the late side, so she hadn't quite made it to the spread of food and its promise of conversation when Apollo speaks to the crowd. His words impress concern between her brows, and she speaks to the woman to her right. "I wonder what a jeweler might do..." Her words trail off, and it's clear she's thinking aloud more than she is seeking a response. Even clearer as she turns to follow the words that are address to the crowd.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Samira before departing.

Lianne finds she does have a question, voice raised to wonder, "Need the history we're considering be explicitly relevant to Arvum itself?"

"Ohhh. Okay, so, not necessarily tonight, but, I will paint something for this." Khanne tilts her head and hmms, nodding a bit. "I can do this.... It's a very interesting project," she notes before finishing off her biscuit and licking some jam from her fingers. After, she taps those fingertips against her lips in thought. Nodding to Lianne, she murmurs, "those words sound familiar. We have forgotten so much indeed." Her attention then shoots towards Cufre. "Ooh. Now I wish I was a jeweler. Imagine the dramatic pieces some topics might inspire!"

Mirk leans forward slightly, propping his elbows on the table throughout the explanation, as if eager to hear more. Once Scholars are invited to share topics of interest. He rises to his feet and says to Delilah, "No fear. I already have something in mind, the contents of which will surprise no one at all." There's a self-deprecating chuckle. "My ideas are in a similar vein to Lord Cadern's, focusing less on a historical moment or a particular person so much as a place. Two of them come to mind."

"The first, and closest to my heart, is the city-state of Foraiso. In the middle of an ancient woodland, homes built in the branches or clustered around the base of those mighty trees. At its heart lay the Grove of Learning, where people from other lands came to study the natural world. The second is Uanna, the Land of Light, home to great crystal lanterns that shone like stars in the night, and cities where travelers from across the world were welcomed." His expression darkens a little as he continues, "Both were destroyed five hundred years ago in the Cardian betrayal, when the Metallic Order attempted to treat with the Cardians to keep them from intervening in the Elven War. Instead of diplomats, the Cardians sent a dragonflight, and burned the Suthyrn Reaches to ash. Of the countless thousands in that land, only one man survived: the Brass Knight. No living person in the Compact has seen those places, and few even know they exist, which is why I have an interest in artwork depicting them."

"We have forgotten much, but perhaps the strands we weave today and in days to come can play their role in rebuilding that narrative." Lilah returns to the biscuit with enthusiasm, surreptitiously eyeing it up before taking a good bite in a way that won't end up with cream on her nose. For cream most definitely wants to perch on the end, so she carefully dodges that. Hearing of jewels, she looks up to Cufre and breaks into a slight grin. "Count me shocked. Stories of Uanna in jewels, perhaps?"

Shining a smile in Delilah's direction, Sina inclines her head in return, before she quietly begins setting out her art supplies, while people begin bringing up topics that they would like to see art on. To one side, she sets up her writing case, and to the other side, the art supplies. Soon she's ready to do either, as inspiration strikes her. She glances toward Cadern as he speaks of what he would like to see rendered in art, and she begins to take quiet notes. Occasionally, she glances around, noting familiar faces. Samira and Rowenova receive a brief smile each, Cadern as well. Hamish gets a respectful inclination of the head, as do Mirk and Khanne. She offers a warm smile to Lianne and Lisebet as well. She relaxes a little, in the company of friendly and familiar faces. Those she doesn't know do get curious glances as well. For now, she does not speak, but merely listens, turning her attention toward Mirk as he speaks. She writes down his suggestion as well, nodding thoughtfully with a shadowed expression on her face.

"Few know that they existed, I should say," Mirk amends, almost as an afterthought. "The land remains, but little else."

Apollo nods to Caprice. "Yes, I'll have Siri noting down areas of interest and coming 'round to collect details, which will be made available to the guild." To Delilah, he nods too, and amends: "I expect that many pieces will require an ongoing collaboration in general." To Cufre, he flashes a toothy smile. "Honestly, some of the pieces that have helped me to understand ideas best have been the art of jewelers. If you find yourself at a loss, come talk to me." To Lianne, he shakes his head. "I don't think there's anything in the world that /can't/ have a bearing on Arvum - we're learning that, aren't we?"

He listens with interest to Cadern and Mirk's contributions, and nods to Siri, who heads around to - when they're done speaking - collect some details about those topics.

Relic have been dismissed.

Lianne bows her head in acceptance of Apollo's answer. "A very fine point. Thank you." Her smile flashes faintly wider, soon turned toward Sina as she settles in for the evening. "Compelling suggestions, Lord Mirk--" Certainly, she sounds intrigued. "--and a very lovely sentiment, Duchess Delilah. I hope that proves true." Softer, to Khanne, she murmurs, "I'll be curious to see what catches your eye." Her smile dims for a moment, lips lightly pursed. She should probably propose something herself, shouldn't she...

Hamish keeps to himself for the most part, though he's clearly listening to the discussions being sparked. Cadern's proposed project gets a brief grimace, but other than that he keeps any opinions or questions he may have to himself. On seeing the Archscholar Hamish returns her nod.

Lisebet flashes a smile at Harlan at his teasing comment. She also inclines her head in return to Sina, spying her greeting. She is listening quietly, as the ideas and information are shared.

Sina glances around, and then speaks up. "For me, I would love to see, perhaps, replicas of the various crowns of the Compact, both historical and current. I think it would make a marvelous display. The crown of Queen Alarice the Great, for example, is a topic that intrigues me lately, as well as several other crowns that I have heard mention of in the past. I am also looking for more information about crowns, in general," she adds. "For the Archives." Of course.

Cadern looks curious at Lianne's question and he strokes his chin, "Jewelry is fun to tell stories and colors and styles. one of the things we find is that there are many different ways to tell stories in the world, and items that tell a story are important to the telling itself." When Sina looks at him twice Cadern looks like he might be expecting a Look but after a moment it seems to pass and he relaxes again. "But for what it's worth I think most of us are adjusting. It's fun to tell stories in different ways and spreading knowledge is near and dear to us so if you have your own subjects you may know something about that you think would be interesting I daresay any of us would be happy to discuss more and expand your own stories of interest. We just... I daresay each have our favorite stories."

When Sina brings up the crowns, Nova peeks over her way as if a sudden idea recently popped into her wolf-framed/shaded noggin. She side-les over to the Archscholar woman and quietly speaks.

"Ah, beaten to the punch by the marquis," Lilah exclaims softly, shaking her head. No complaints to be found there, though, for she casts a thoughtful smile tracing a roseate arc. "Exactly that. While many of us can speak at great length about some of our favourite topics, the collaboration goes both ways. Are there any subjects that interest you? That you would know more of, or see as woefully underrepresented?"

Lianne's chin ticks upward slightly at Sina's suggestion, at that broader interest in crowns. Perhaps she finds some inspiration there. Lifting her voice, she says, "My possibilities include one bit of rather recent, if distant history, and one that's very old. The all of the Songless City of the Dune Kingdoms, Jay'alaz, the truth of its last, agonizing moment. Or the work of the Cult of Empty Rooms, remembering the nameless fallen, tending to sorrowful souls at the time of the Reckoning." It sounds, again, like there might be more, but she quiets and looks about.

Ripley looks lost. Things he has never heard of, being batted around and the eating of his biscuit has gotten slower.

Noting Sina's arrival, Samira flashes smile in return to the Archscholar, its warmth momentarily brightening her features. She makes a quiet sound in the back of her throat, the sort that signals inward debate. "I already hear of multiple subjects that spark interest," she murmurs to no one in particular. It seems she is waiting until all the scholarly types have had a chance to offer topics, expression pensive though she offers no suggestions of her own.

Khanne leans against Lianne lightly, fairly deep in thought. "I don't know. I kind of want something I am not very familiar with?" She gestures towards Mirk. "For instance, with Mirk's topics, I am somewhat familiar. I already have imagined images in my mind... Part of me is hoping for a challenge. Something new to spark inspiration, make my brain work for it..." Those unidle fingertips now begin to caress her chin lightly as she contemplates, listening to the ideas going about.

Caprice makes a better door than a window so she seats herself again, listening with interest as others suggest topics, give details. She's not reaching for supplies yet, but her eyes grow unfocused; the creative haze descending.

Rowenova says, "There should be commemorative artwork for the bunnies."

To Sina, Hamish says, "If you find someone to take you up on the idea of making replica crowns many of the Grayson kings and queens have old paintings up in the Grayson Mansion. I can't say how many of them were painted with a live subject, but at the very least they've one of Queen Alarice and one of King Alarius. Though I suppose that's the same crown." Hamish scratches his chin, then adds, "They also have paintings of dolphin chieftains, Prince Laric riding a dragon and a pair of truly ugly shoes, so it may well be their curation process could use work."

Apollo speaks up. "I have something I'd like to explore," he says. "I've read and heard much about great heroes and villains this last while, heroes going back all the way to the Reckoning, some before. But what I've come across, all painted - metaphorically, mind - in very bold strokes. Lacking the nuance of the struggles of the heroes - the obstacles surmounted on the way to becoming who we remember them as. And the villains - I understand many might have started just as they were, natures being what they are. But perhaps some started differently. I would hear more tales of the /before/. The becoming."

Sina goes back to writing notes, scribbling them quickly down to catch up with the ideas that are being tossed out. She glances toward Lianne briefly as she mentions the Cult of Empty Rooms, lifting an eyebrow curiously at that. But she writes it down along with all the rest. She glances toward Hamish then as he suggests looking at the paintings in the Grayson mansion, and brightens. "Really?" she says, "I hadn't thought of that, but of course, there must be paintings of them there." Then her eyes gleam with amusement at the reference to Laric's ugly shoes. "Now that might be worth going, just to see the shoes," she says, and giggles behind her hand, leaving a smudge of ink on her nose. She doesn't seem to notice. She glances to Rowenova then, as she mentions the bunnies, and nods sagely. She writes that down too, taking copious notes on everything said.

Apollo checks composure at normal. Apollo is successful.

Merek looks around, perplexed as to what to say or do or what's even going on, while he just watches.

Apollo doesn't even make a face at the mention of the painting of shoes. So innocent.

Cufre smiles at Khanne. "My most dramatic pieces so rarely sell. I have some doing their best to gather duest at the shop as we speak." She pauses, then adds, "Though maybe I just haven't yet hit on the inspiration that draws others in. I wonder what you would create." She begins to say more as Delilah's words catch her hear. Her brows lilt for a moment in response the suggestion. "Of Uanna? Oh, then it would be jewelry with quite a bit of research ahead of its making, I'm afraid, Duchess." She bows her head in gratitude to Apollo.

"Hmmm..." Khanne hums softly, misty grey eyes narrowing slightly as she considers the topic Apollo offers. Her lips purse and twist slightly to the side. Her left brow arches and she flashes a grin to Cufre. "Oh really? Well then, I will have to find this shop of yours and see them myself. Which shop is it?"

Merek seems to think about it a little bit, then he nods. "I am working with sparklegas, to create lanterns of light. It's... Well not a standard craft project, but I really enjoy them, and I'm always looking for people willing to assist in it. Alchemists would probably be the best for that kind of craft."

"I rediscovered it well quite a while back, and have wanted to make my own since then," Merek admits.

Apollo is overheard praising Scholars: I'm so looking forward to our collaboration with the Scholars, and I'm humbled by their engagement and generosity.

"Harrowed Grounds," Cufre response to Khanne. "On Crows Lane," she adds. In the Lowers is the bit that is left unsaid.

Ripley is overheard praising Scholars.

"Could merit research," Lianne chimes in for Apollo's idea, expression thoughtful, like she might be making some mental list of her own. Sina's look does not go unnoticed, a shallow nod possibly marking willingness to talk later. Scholar to scholar. Her attention drifts toward following the exchange between Khanne and Cufre, though she mostly seems focused inward.

Until an abrupt burst of sharp, jangling laughter erupts from Lianne's lips, seemingly without any clear inspiration. It might well be called a cackle for the madness written into it, for how wide and wild her eyes go, for how she shakes with it. Just a few terrible seconds of that out of place outburst, and she clamps a hand to her mouth, still trembling, and sits up very straight. Eyes angle toward the door.

Apollo is overheard praising Crafters guild: I'm incredibly proud of the guild, and the way they've shown up for such an abstract task. The spirit of collaboration is alive and well.

Khanne is overheard praising Crafters guild.

Sina is overheard praising Apollo: For putting together an amazing joint project with the Scholars. He is a credit to the Crafter's Guild.

Khanne is overheard praising Disciples of jayus.

"Before they were heroes?" Mirk asks, raising an eyebrow at Apollo. "Hm." There's a moment's consideration of that idea, his expression distant. "A shame I'm not an artist, or I'd be interested in taking that one up myself. But I'll not offend any particular topic by turning my own talents to producing art of them."

Khanne is overheard praising Scholars.

Galatea clears her throat delicately as she looks over towards Merek, somewhat late to the event and rather quiet thus far. "I've read about the subject of the old gas-lanterns, and heard that the formula had been reconstructed, but I've never actually had the privilege of looking at it. If you want people to make some fanciful sparkle-lanterns, well, you may count me willing to assist."

"I'm not entirely sure that falls under the purview of this project, Sir Merek, but I believe the other Guildmaster, Felix Meadson, he might well be interested in speaking with you about -" Apollo's answer to Merek cuts off, his brows drawing as he looks over at Lianne's sudden cackling... then follows toward the door. With nothing in evidence, he turns eyes back toward Khanne, questions in his eyes.

Mirk is overheard praising Apollo.

Delilah is overheard praising Apollo.

Mirk is overheard praising Crafters guild.

Mirk is overheard praising Disciples of jayus.

Mirk is overheard praising Scholars.

Khanne looks startled at Lianne's outburst of laughter. She is right here, leaning against her beloved friend and seems confused as to what might cause her to laugh this way. Grey eyes wide, she leans in to Lianne and asks, "are you okay?" Noting the look towards the door, Khanne also casts her gaze that way, as if she might see the root cause of laughter, but even when she squints, she can't seem to see anything out of the ordinary. Seeing Apollo looking at her, she just lifts her shoulders in a helpless shrug, mouthing, 'I don't know'.

Sina glances to Lianne again, hearing that strange laughter coming from her. She seems a bit startled and confused at the cause of it, and glances at the doorway too curiously, eyes narrowing suspiciously in that direction. She bites down on her bottom lip for a moment, then goes back to writing notes, just writing for now. Her drawing supplies have yet to be touched, inspiration not yet striking.

Khanne is overheard praising Apollo.

When Mirk talks about not offending any particular topic, Nova lets out what is a quick laugh she soon stifles behind her left hand. Then, she drops that hand and smiles brightly Galatea's way. "They have? I would love to help on that, myself."

That sharp burst of crackling laughter keeps Lilah poised and still, about to reply but certainly reconsidering it. Lianne receives something of a concerned look, an appraisal limited in part by the cautious degree with which she moves aside. It might be an important matter, allowing someone the liberty of a fast exit where need be. Drifting inward to Mirk, she exchanges a few soft words.

Samira has fallen silent, dutifully compiling mental notes about the topics suggested. Her head tilts to the side, another bit of inspiration seemingly struck by Apollo's input. "That's a smart idea. We always hear about grand or evil deeds, but it would be compelling to learn about what might have shaped them and led them to those events." The last word is cut off by Lianne's outburst of laughter and, like others, Samira's gaze travels from the marquessa to the door.

Apollo blinks, rapid-fire... where was his head? Oh, right. "Ah. I'd... like to convince you otherwise, Lord Mirk. If I can. Even just to sit with me for a bit - the way art flows from someone unpracticed is a rare gift for an artist to see. There's a joy in it." He turns eyes on toward Samira, gives her a slight smile, nods.

The color on Lianne's cheeks speaks volume; there's no composure to be seen in this moment beyond what rigidity she attempts in her posture. When her hand pulls from her lips that she might offer answer to Khanne, the first phoneme to escape comes in a giddy stutter that descends into aother trill of laughter. No, those fingers are going right back, buttoning those lips up. Sealed. Done. Everything's fine. Her free hand, shaking, gives Khanne's a squeeze, but her gaze doesn't seem to settle on anyone. Best not to see how anyone's looking at her right now. Up to her feet and toward the door. Poor thing probably just needs some fresh air is all. Nevermind the trembling tension in her form.

Cadern smiles as Merek's subject gets eager interest. He seems utterly unsurprised at the response. He looks then to Apollo and then he opines, "I believe we could raise a lot of money for a good charity to observe such a...performance." He says looking between Apollo and Mirk with utter innocence.

"It seems to me," Griffin speaks quietly. "Some of these projects could also be a project of a performance."

"Very right -" Apollo says to Griffin, but again he pauses. The worry on his face is not particularly subtle.

Merek watches Lianne confusedly, while he nods to Cadern.

Lianne is overheard praising Crafters guild: It's good to dig beyond the surface and to have partners in that exploration.

Lianne is overheard praising Scholars: Forever reaching for more, more. As it should be.

Lianne is overheard praising Apollo: A well-lead event for an inspired idea.

Sina sets down her quill and flexes her fingers a bit. Writing so much so quickly is hard work! She rises from her seat, and moves toward the refreshment table to get a glass of something, when she hears Lianne's strange laughter again. She turns her head just slightly, to glance toward the woman out of the corner of her eye. She doesn't want to add to her embarassment, yet at the same time, it's hard not to wonder. She chews on her bottom lip again, and proceeds to the refreshment table searching for something refreshing to drink. Her Templars are staring at Lianne a great deal more openly, shifting in an alert fashion.

Keeping her eyes mostly on Lianne, Khanne's expression turns from one of curiosity and deep thought about projects to one of concern. When the Marquessa rises up to her feet and heads to the door, Khanne rises as well, giving a nod to Apollo and using her hands to gesture writing a letter before she dashes towards the door and Lianne to try to catch her outside.

"Yes?" Griffin forget to be silent, asking Apollo his 'concerns'. "Perhaps not all of them, but.." He doesn't finish the sentence.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice leaves, following Khanne.

Fajra, Khanne leave, following Lianne.

Apollo, mollified, turns back to Griffin. "Sorry, ah - yes. I said that, you might not have been sat down. In my excitement I overlooked inviting the Bard's College tonight, but I do intend to forward on topics of interest and ensure that anything our bards and playwrights and performers wish to explore is available. I don't discriminate between the visual arts and performance; it's just I'm only particularly clever at one." He flashes a smile.

Poised like she might just bound off like a springbok, Lilah might be inclined to dart out the nearest window or door at the sign of trouble. That notion of duty and propriety holds her fast, though poised on her toes, she may well be intended to follow thereafter. "The Bard's College is a fine addition to the venture, adding another dimension to this lovely endeavour," she adds, tinted by a faint murmur once again to the Halfshav lord.

Nova moves along with Sina to the refreshments because this is the scout who eats things and drinks them, too. She gets herself a plate of least sugar, and then a tea or so, and then she heads back to whisper to the Arcscholar more.

"In your dreams, my lord," Mirk says Cadern in a dry, shooting him a flat look. "Perhaps one day, if there's the right subject. But art is not one of my gifts, and as such I leave these works in the hands of those that will make something beautiful of them." He watches Khanne and Lianne leave with a faint frown, though he doesn't comment on it, instead returning his attention to Apollo. "The Bard's College always adds a certain flair to projects they tackle, hm?"

"Well, that's the only topic I'm really good at, it would be a wonderful art piece if... Difficult, I will talk to him," Merek notes.

Sina does seem to be chatting idly in soft tones with Rowenova as she heads to the refreshment table and back, drink in hand. Her Templars relax back into their positions, staying where they are. Occasionally sipping her drink, Sina continues her whispered conversation with Rowenova, settling in once again.

"We all do," Apollo says, nodding at Mirk. "Perhaps I can engage your help another way. I'll talk to you when we're done." Then, lifting his voice: "Does everyone have what they need to sit down and set to work with one another? I'll come 'round and chat folk singly, if no-one has anything for the participants at large."

Galatea gives a somewhat belated shrug towards Rowenova, maintaining contemplative silence for a time. Eventually, however--when Apollo indicates the movement towards the next phase of the agenda--she inquires of Rowenova, "Did I miss anything interesting that would require an alchemist or apothecary's skills? Alas, those are the only ones I have to offer. Well, you know. Apart from being a scholar. But we are in the company of folk far more learned than I." She casts a knowing glance in the vague direction of Delilah, Sina, Mirk...well...the whole room besides her, really.

Grifin sits back, and pobders. After all, it's not like *he* was offering. Still, it was a good idea.

Nova scans across Cadern, Delilah, and Mirk before looking back to Sina then motioning back toward her own self a little bit during the quiet conversation before she looks up toward Galatea. "Besides the gas lamps you brought up, no, there was nothing that I have heard so far that would be like our alchemy, but one thing which might be interesting for stories of the North is trying to mayhaps create something chilly, but that might just be my convenient desire because it is way too hot right now... maybe not something overly applicable?" Then, she curiously glances to Apollo.

Sina seems to abruptly stop whispering to Rowenova, and stares at Apollo rather intently for a moment, as if trying to keep herself focused on him, and the event going on in general. She grips the edges of her seat rather tightly though, and there's a look on her face like she might be about to burst into tears of frustration, her face a bit paler than before.

Apollo turns his attention to Galatea, considers. To the room in general, "Are there folk that have background on the history of alchemy?" he asks. Then, dropping his voice a little, he says to Galatea: "I might like to speak with you about some materials and such to achieve new effects in my own art." His attention is drawn toward Rowenova and Sina, and he nods his head at Galatea. "Pardon me," he says, and slips over to speak with the frustrated pair, murmur something quiet.

Nova only says a quick thing which probably ends with a sorta apology due to those cobalt-blues looking somewhat regretful before offering out a maybe hug. Apollo can get in on hugs, too, if the other two seem willing.

Sina mumbles something to Apollo and Rowenova, quickly returning the latter's hug. Then she gathers up her things quickly, and moves toward the door, leaving about as abruptly as Lianne did earlier. Her Templars glance at one another, and hasten to follow, with Jacinthe trailing behind to carry Sina's things.

Galatea wrinkles her nose thoughtfully at what Rowenova suggests. "As in, something that has an icy temperature, even in warm climates? I know blocks of ice packed in sawdust have sometimes been transported south, but that's really not condusive for long-term storage...there's no herbs I can think of that have any natural temperature-affecting qualities of their would need to be the product of some fairly complicated alchemical processes. I can imagine the profit in having something that can chill drinks on command would be tremendous. But it would also take an enormous effort, I suspect."

That said, she looks over towards Galatea. "I know a bit about the history of alchemy. Regrettably, much of ancient alchemy has been lost, on account of profound alterations in the nature of the plantlife in Arvum as consequence of esoteric history. But what writings we do have, they are in my collection. I've researched this particular subject extensively."

Cufre eventually makes her way to the banquet table long enough to grab a few choice pieces of fruit before making her departure.

Galatea looked at Apollo. Not herself. She's not that vain.

3 Templar Knight guards, Jacinthe leave, following Sina.

Apollo declines the hug - perhaps largely because he's being spoken to. He gives a dip of his head to Sina, turns back to attend Galatea. "Mm," he says. "Perhaps the profound alterations you speak of would be a point of exploration for an artist. But I might recommend you speak with Professor Orick on the topic. He's quite passionate about it." A beat, then: "Not in terms of research, mind. Collaboration, though. Perhaps." After a thought, he turns toward Rowenova. "You might consider speaking with my former protege, Rowenova. Svana Grayhope. She's rather brilliant, and has a love for the north and the cold. She might like to portray it in a way you would find compelling."

Of course, Nova would never keep the Archscholar, so after the quickest snug, Nova lets go. She forlornly watches with concern which mirrors that of Flop whenever he casts soulful eyes upon people. After, she brings herself back to the ongoing event and its host here. "Apologies. I guess we should try to... mayhaps resume, yeah?" More regret, this time cast to Apollo for being the disruption of the evening. She nods understandingly after Apollo declines the offered hug and sets her gloved hands in her lap. "Ah yes, she is one of my bestest friends as well as nearby neighbor." She looks to Galatea then says, "Mayhaps, you and me and her could do a thing, or at least try the thing?"

Ripley's hopping off the counter to go for the biscuits again, grab a few more and go find a seat once more.

Samira has taken to swaying from foot to foot, an absentminded gesture that occurs as she debates which topic might spark the most interest for her. Her head turns, eyes following Sina's abrupt departure with a hint of concern, but she remains rooted where she stands.

Suzette - a Westrock Aerie Page arrives, delivering a message to Lisebet before departing.

Hamish whispers briefly to one of the templars assigned to him, then quietly ducks out.

3 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar, 1 Harlequin jongleur leave, following Hamish.

2 Redreef Wardens have been dismissed.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly have been dismissed.

2 Bisland pride guards have been dismissed.

Pearl, a Maelstrom Forest Cat have been dismissed.

2 Armed Confessors have been dismissed.

Apollo falls to quiet conversation with various crafters and scholars, pointing this person with a somewhat-adjacent interest to that person with somewhat-adjacent information, genuinely warm and excited for the various projects he sees in their nascency. He stays for quite awhile as people filter out with their questions and plans and sketches, answering what he can, until Siri (who has also been hustling) brings him a note. He considers that briefly and moves to direct the hired help to tidy up. He does, before he goes, move to snag some biscuits. It's necessary. He'll only take a whole tin if he has permission, though.

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