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Carnifex on a Hot Tin Roof: A Quite Decent Proposal (PRP)

A solitary messenger has arrived on a horse now the winter snows are a memory. He carries with him an offer for the Compact and the Faith, and is being escorted to the Rectory. A few of the Templars recognise him, it is 'Sir' Volgan - the abandoned Knight who came seeking help last year. Only this time, he is smiling.

((OOC: This is just a preliminary scene for the PRP, setting it up so people can have a chance to consider if they want to be involved, and whether anyone wants to try and be sneaky! Will be trying to run the PRP on EST/GMT crossover times))


May 23, 2020, 3 p.m.

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Brigida Rowenova Evaristo Gaston Kiera Dianna Ravna Rosalind



Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Rectory - Main Hall

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Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig, a lively Ostrian gelding, Daisy, the overly enthusiastic Keaton pygmy goat arrive, following Brigida.

Brigida has obviously been here for quite some time, sat in a chair, head bowed. If asked, her attendant Disciples look shifty eyed at each other and say that Archlector Brigida is in... silent prayer as she listens. Yes that sounds right.

Word has been sent ahead by messengers about a knight at the gate wanting to speak to the Faith and Compact with an offer. The knight gave his name as Sir Volgan, a name that seems to have gained a slight groan from some of the Godsworn who remember his last visit. But apparently he is on his way to the Rectory to deliver his missive once again, and the guards have sent out notice to various Godsworn and others to find people who might be able to receive him. Or at least take responsibility.

After passing off her alchemy work to the lab asssistants, Scout Rowenova ultimately equips in her scouting leathers, heads out with Sir Floppington, and shows up at the Rectory Hall, doing so on quiet feet/paws.

Evaristo caught word of it by pure luck and happenstance as he wandered by when some Iron Guards talked about the knight having entered the city - and here he is now, slinking into the rectory with all his Death-related items in as much display as possible, maybe in attempt to make himself look more 'Faithy' and garner less questions. He smiles a mild and warm smile and nods around like he has all the reasons for being here, it's OBVIOUS he has an important errand.

Here on a more official capacity, Gaston is present for House Blackram, attentive and ready to listen in on what is to be discussed. No doubt waiting to hear if the subject will have a chance to impact the lands on or near Cloudspine, his home.

Kiera has heard little but what she had heard seems sufficiently odd enough to draw attention bamely the words knight abandoned and mirror in close proximity not to mention if she is going to be engaged in diplomacy for the new house she might well learn something'

As soon as word is sent, Dianna instructs her Templar guard and nurses... and Ravna that she is going to theis meeting. The battered priestess is carried from her bed at Saving Grace Hospital, her assistant, Trini, trailing. There seems to have been an argument, but it's clear Dianna won.

Once she's arrived, Dianna is settled (amidst grunts and stifled groans) in a fur-draped chair with a footstool propping up her bare feet; the right foot is bandaged and splinted. Trini arranges another fur blanket over Dianna's body, handing her a glass of Third Wall afterwards. She and the Templar settle into chairs close-by; and, every once-in-a-while, Trini glances to Dianna, a sad, frustrated expression on her face.

As the doors of the Rectory open, a knight in old plate armour comes in with his helmet tucked under his arm. His face has a ruddy complexion, dirt from the road almost making him soory - it's clear he has ridden a long way to get to Arx. In his hand he holds a small sealed messenger tube, the paper note rolled up inside. Volgan looks around and coughs gently "Well. The Legate from last time isn't here..." His accent is quite thick, as if speaking pure arvani is unusual and each word is carefully chosen "Who gets the message?"

You think Trini is frustrated? Ravna Culler is still burned, soot covered and tending to Dianna quietly. Third Wall? HA. Saikland Peach Brandy is offered, and the staff wielding madman lingers near Dianna. Touching. Fretting. Shooting looks.

Scout Rowenova steps up and offers out one hand for the messenger tube, as her opposing hand motions off to ultimately indicate Diana.

When the old man steps through the Rectory doors, Gaston's gaze focuses on the visitor, recognizing the well traveled appearance. His eyes than drifts to the sealed messenger tube with an arched brow before looking to the others present, waiting to see who will be backing the message from the Abandoned Knight.

"Sir Volgar, it's so nice to see you again!" Evaristo exclaims and he holds his arms out as he walks to greet the knight. "Hopefully under less dire cicumstances," he adds, grin widening like he's greeting a good old friend, and his hand held out to shake - he makes no attempts to take the tube however. "Everything alright back home? No more tombs we need to go visit?"

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare arrive, following Rosalind.

Kiera looks the knight over carefully but respectfully. Evaristo drawing a longer more surprised gaze as no one seems to have yet made a move to officially greet the man

"Volgan." The knight gently corrects "Your accent perhaps has trouble? And, well, Sundrin is still dead. So. Things are not terrible. The attacks continue from others, but no-one goes missing. Your people showed us some things that were lost. And told us we had several years before we had to have an opinion on those Gods you found." Comes Volgan's response to Evaristo "The War Pick serves you well, I hope?" As Rowenova comes for the tube, Volgan pulls the end off and hands it over to her "One of your leaders?" Volgan asks Evaristo somewhat suspiciously

Rosalind enters bursts inside excited, a limp still, wounds still healing. She gasps, breathless,"Am I late? Im so so sorry! It takes forever these days to get anymore, and I was helping Ruk-,"but her trails as she sees an unfamiliar man. Rosa smiles pleasantly at him, greeting him all friendly,"Hello "her northern accent thick. Yeah. This may not be the time.

Nova gracefully/graciously accepts the unsealed tube from Vogal, doing so with the practiced ease of a fellow messenger. She swiftly makes the transfer trek -- a short one -- from Sir Volgan to Sister Dianna. On the way there, though, Nova curiously examines the tube interior as well as briefly sniffs before ultimately handing the open tube to the Godsworn disciple.

"Volgan! I'm sorry, I'm terrible with names. I once called a high lord something else entirely - the only thing I got right was the first letter," Evaristo says apologetically. He does not go into what happened after that terrible faux pas, but he just smiles brighter and warmer. "Ah, if you need someone to talk about DEATH, I would be happy to visit. I am one of the leaders of the Harlequins, the discipleship of our Queen of Endings," he explains, since that likely never came up back then. He gestures around at the group gathered in general. "Scout Rowenova is giving the message to one of our beloved Godsworn - Sister Dianna. Do not worry, she speaks for the Faith here today... I am not sure there are someone else?" he queries and cranes his neck to look around once more. "The war-pick has been serving me honorably, as a weapon of a true knight should, aye. I have smote...smited...smoteded? Err, bludgeoned evil men with it, in the name of the Gods." He smiles that semi-sad but still charming smile once more.

Gaston's eyes remain on Volgan for a bit longer before they shift to the message as it is passed from Rowenova and from there to Sister Diana. The conversation between the old knight and Evaristo is heard with half a year as the Blackram is more focused on the message and Dianna's potential reaction upon reading what's written.

"...Interesting," Dianna quietly speaks, looking down at the document and speaking to the group. Her voice is not very loud, as she apparently was quite recently very injured, but she tries her best to speak loudly enough for all to hear. "The tribal council has taken a vote having been guided by the Faith and to others; they wish to speak to the Compact and the Faith about swearing vows of fealty and bending the knee. They write that they wish to hold a feast where this may be discussed, where we might sort out the practicalities of what will happen to the tribe, and to the place that they guard. ...And to whom they will swear," the priestess speaks, her cultured voice clearly indicative of her noble upbringing. She hands the document to Trini and nods, "Trini, darling; see that the Legates find this in their hands?"

Kiera waits patiently for Dianna to greet the visitor,yet her eyes goes from the knight to varius libations in the room and back to dianna with a questioning gaze

"Mmph. Better that than. Well. It is a holy thing and yet, a reminder that for so long we were fooled. A separation that lasted so long, and we now have to work real from story. My mother is likely one more with questions. I am Honour now, I sit on the Council for Gloria." Volgan gestures across at Dianna "The message explains. Mother spent time writing it. The other tribes are still around. Abandoned not always civilised like us." The knight looks to Rosalind and offers a small bow of his head "Sir Volgan." he offers in introduction before he turns his head to Dianna as she reacts to the piece. His eyes stop for a moment at Gaston, returning the man's look, but as all seems silent, he simply looks to Dianna "We are not Godsworn to swear to the Faith. And no-one else has come to our valley in a long time other than the abandoned. We have been told of Redrain and Oathlands lords who squabble over the mountains now - something about Three Rivers and a fantastic road? I wasn't listening."

"Well, of course, I'll come," Dianna replies gently to Volgan with a sweet smile. "Just as soon as I heal from this little scratch." Her smile lifts more, a smirk and a twinkle in her amber eyes. "I beg your pardon, though; I'm Sister Dianna Godsworn; my guard, Oscarr, and my assistant, Trini Albricci; and my beloved, Ravna Culler." She peeks down at the huge jackrabbit, "And one mustn't forget Finn. Ravna's companion."

When Dianna shares what she has read in the message, Gaston can't help but widen his eyes at the announcement that the tribal council has the intention of swearing fealty and bending the knee. That is certainly a major prospect of change and the Blackram is certainly glad that he was able to attend this meeting.

Scout Rowenova settles back into the slight shade beside/beyond one window, doing so not far behind Sister Dianna. The wolf scout slightly grins within the darker shade of her wolfy headdress, doing so after 'fantastic road'.

Rosalind grins over at Volgan,"Lady Rosalind Ravenseye, of Stormheart. Nice to meet you,"her demeanor friendly. The redheaded prodigal limps her way to find a seat, trying to be quietm

"Oh! You can me Rosa or Rosa,"Rosalind quickly adds!

"Bit chilly up there, ain't it? I'm just... never mind," Evaristo says, as if he was about to suggest that nothing forces them to STAY up there, they can go wherever. But he looks curious and a bit contemplative, and glances around at everyone again. "The compact needs people of honor like you and yours," he nods at Volgan. "I bet there'll be houses lining up at your proverbial door, to get you to join them."

Hearing Evaristo mention the chill, Gaston can't help but chuckle lightly in amusement, "A little bite of cold is good for everyone." The statement made more out of jest than anything else. The Blackram then looks back to the old knight and inclines his head respectfully, "And no matter who your people choose to join, it would benefit everyone, forming stronger bonds with each other." A pause before he introduces himself, "I am Gaston Blackram, Voice and Sword of House Blackram. Honored to meet you, Sir Volgan."

Kiera hms "Pardon, I know that many in the Oathlands believe in temperence but might we not offer sir Vulgan some water and a chair after coming such a distance?

"The winters are bracing, but. It is where we were sent by Alor, and so where we have served. Now, we can hardly simply walk away from what is there. You saw it. Weird place." Volgan answers to Evaristo, that familiarity breeding some comfort. There is a flash of an awkward smile at Rosa as she introduces herself, and he gives another small bow "Mmf. I am sorry. These places are not yet familiar. A lot has happened in the years since the Crusade." His eyes rest then on Dianna and to Gaston "Mmf. Then the Compact and Faith will send people? I will tell the Carnifex. He will be happy. He recovers from Sundrin's work, but slowly. I think he wishes to lead his people home. Romantic notion. Not all agree." Kiera's suggestion gets a wave of Volgan's hand "I have fought the Many Tusked Boars from sunset ro sunrise. Talking is no problem."

"I can't say I enjoy the cold, myself; but I've learned how to dress for it," Dianna chimes in with a nod of acknowledgement to Gaston, then refocuses on Volgan - for a moment, before bobbing a nod to Kiera. "Thank you for your kind thoughts, my lady." The priestess looks up to Trini and purrs softly, "Trini? Fetch a chair for Sir Volgan, if you would? And water; and, if he likes, please offer him some of Third Wall?"

The Lycene assistant curtsies to Dianna, then rushes off to follow her instructions while the Priestess looks back to Volgan. "I'll personally see to it that we have a showing of members of the Faith and from the High Houses who can help with the arrangements. You have my word, Sir Volgan. And I'm grateful to any others here who might assist, as well."

"Right, right," Evaristo says - he looks at Volgan with a certain fascination, his dedication and knightly manner so contrary to himself, it really gives the rogue some struggle to keep up and trying to figure out how they think. "Wouldn't mind visiting again. Especially now that it's NOT winter," he jokes. "If I can go, I will, but we face our own troubles here in Arx right now, and I got duties here as well. Either or," he says and bows a little around the room, "you have word of the Faith, and interested parties."

Each moment or so that passes, Ravna quietly fidgets with Dianna. Moving to place the furs better upon Dianna, while Finn, or Knife-Fingers, lays on Dianna's feet. Daring a motherfucker to get too close. Each moment or so, the tired and stumbling man moves to pour Dianna yet more of that Saikland brandy.

Nova pipes up from her shady wall, "The winter gives us strength, though!"

Inclining his head at Dianna's words, Gaston seems to be showing that his House would be willing to assist if needed. For now though, he lapses back to silence in this gathering, listening.

Rosalind is already perking,"Go where Im not melthing?!"her face noticeably brightening. A huge smile appears on her freckled and scared face,"I'll go!"

"Winter isn't so bad. Abandoned struggle to come and attack, so we have time to enjoy pickles and hard cheese and rebuild walls. One of your people helped us find a way to make a suitable mortar, walls of stone again." Volgan offers to Evaristo with a gentle shrug. The knight rubs at his dirty face and hmphs "I will rest the night in one of your taverns - then begin the journey back. Let them know to expect. If you send word to the Seraph of House Telmar when you are coming." A gentle smile is offered to Dianna "And it will be warm enough, Sister. And thank you. It will make the Carnifex happy, and shut up some of those who still drink too deeply of Sundrin's lies. Perhaps the Sword of Blackram might like to test himself when he visits? The war pick was not the only good steel we had."

Kiera nods "There are changes to be sure but arx will welcome friends regardless of where you settle and there is always a need for men and women of faith and honor. for instance my brother is a knight of solace whose job it is to see that men and women can travel safely along the new road you speqk od

"Tell the Carnifex that you spoke with me, if you can remember my name, Sir Volgan? I'm pleased to know he's safe and well," Dianna softly smiles. "Oh, and... at whatever tavern you choose to take your rest, please have them send the bill to me? I'll tend to your the payment for your room and any food or beverage that you may wish."

Evaristo gets an idea. "IF I can go - and I sure hope so - I will bring the FESTIVAL OF DEATH to your village! It just started here in Arx and we plan on going around the Compact this year. I can sing and play, I'll bring Silk, my spider, I'll... well, there'll be festivities. I must talk to my Archlector first of course," he babbles, as if anything else - like a whole tribe bending the knee, what is THAT compared to spreading the word of DEATH?

Rosalind grins over at Volgan,"The Spirits is the northern tavern, if youre comfortable there. I can bring you!" She also agrees too,"Winter is amazing! Best season there is!"starting to chatter. Oh good Gods and Spirits, shut her up! Quick!

Gaston can't help but smile and nod his head in response to Volgan's words, "The invitation is well received, Sir Volgan. I am most certainly interested."

After what Rosa says, Nova cannot help it as her own grin only grows. "Aye, the best season there is!" She wholeheartedly agrees!

"Carnifex Galdar will, I'm sure, be glad to know who is coming Sister Dianna." It seems the abandoned knight does indeed pay attention, and Volgan bows his head to Dianna once more. At Kiera and Rosalind, a more gentle smile is given "We are familiar with Solace. We are not so distant from our origins - not from conflicts. And I think I will find a more...ah, neutral tavern, if that is the right word? Mother did say not to show any favourites, that all should be heard. And maybe the council even rejects." There is a moment's pause "Before I rest though, were there any questions? I can answer best I can."

"You mentioned some tribes of Abandoned nearby?" Dianna asks Volgan, moving her right hand to rest upon Ravna's fussing hand, though the priestess' attention remains on the knight-messenger. "I suspect we should be prepared to make our way around them? Are they hostile, is what I mean."

Kiera hms "The legate you worked with on the first occasion, do you recall the name?"

Nova points out, "The Golden Hart is in the central ward and has nice lodging."

"Some are, but if you are on the roads it is safe. Worst are down the valley to the east. Road from Telmarch comes from west. Most just want the vault." Volgan answers to Dianna as he stretches a little "Do not worry, you should make it safely....and the Legate didn't come to us, we just gave her the request for help. Cassandra. This one came with your people, ended Sundrin, saved us." And Volgan gestures to Evaristo "Though festival is welcome. Festival of death? Ask mother."

"Aye, I will write a letter and send along, soon as I've talked to my Archlector," Evaristo suggests, still busy in his mind planning a festival. But he double-takes and looks with sharp focus on Volgan. "...the Vault?"

Like that, Ravna Culler's eyes pop up from his half-fuge. Vault? /Shiny/. The man grins and his blistered cheeks hurt, and once more a glass of Saikland is offered to Dianna. "C'mon, then, drink. Up, up, up, up. You need your nutrients, yes."

Rosalind gasps at Volfan,"I remember you! I went--I was at your village!" She smiles hugely them! "I went with that traveling party..."

"Where you fought Sundrin? And the pick was? The vault. Mirror vault." Volgan offers gently, looking with concern at Evaristo "Anything different is interesting to people who have nothing, mm?" With Rosalind, there is another smile "Then you know the way!"

Evaristo looks a little disappointed. "Right right, I thought you might have another. There's nothing IN that vault now, right?" he asks suspiciously.

With a soft chuckle that dies quickly, turning into a wincing, exhaled sigh, Dianna nods to Ravna. "Mmn, yes, alright," she murmurs, taking the glass of peach brandy from the Culler and drinking it - exactly like medicine (or, more closely, like water). She hands the glass back to Ravna and leans back, listening to the others speak. The mention of a mirror vault causes Dianna's brow to pull together, a crease forming above the bridge of her nose. "Why do they want the vault?" she asks, concerned.

Nova curiously regards the vault talk, "So many vaults. What kind is this?"

Brows furrow as Gaston continues to listen as the subject changes to Vaults. A topic he is not completely familiar with but one that sounds ominous enough.

"Yeah. I do!"Her large hazel green eyes a bit excited. Took Rosa a moment to remember that. "If I remember, there was blood magic involved in that trip. And Sundrin was uh...."she looks at Evaristo, looking for help.

Kiera looks sideways as evaristo as if she might be concerned as to why /he/ wants the vault than the poor folks that have the vault

"A complete arse," Evaristo replies, bobbing his head at Rosalind. "Oh wait, haha, he was their priest that was using the blood of Valardin to do dark deeds with, and he'd sadly used his priesthood to twist the truth to these people..."

"We got the corpse out. It seemed...sensible. Other than that, we have not been in. Would you want to spend time in there? Your seraphs do keep telling us that you haven't actually all fallen to Marach and such. And that you have simply found a balance, yes? There is no balance in there. We do not go in." Volgan lifts his shoulders a little, unsure of how to answer Dianna "It's different? It's ours? Ask Evaristo and your others who went, they spent more time in there than us." Taking a step back, Volgan gets his helmet out from under his arm "I'll look forward to seeing some of you in the mountains. May Alor watch over you."

"..." Dianna's forehead still creased, she stills her questions, nods to Volgan. "Peace be with you, and the gods bless you in your travels," the priestess intones softly. She watches him go before turning to look at the others or ask any questions.

Although Nova does not ask who Marach is, she does ask this: "Who is Alor?"

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