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Khanne's open hours

Open hours to catch up with House needs, Fealty needs, Shaman/Spirit Walkers needs, ALL THE NEEDS! You need me? this is the time to catch up!

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March 20, 2020, 11 a.m.

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Magpie Darren Rowenova Donella Rosalind Brianna Mirk



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Halfshav Hall - Study

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Vale, A Baby Arctic Fox, Pearl, A Baby Arctic Husky, 2 House Crovane Guards arrive, following Clara.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound, Rowenova arrive, following Mirk.

It's the open hours for one Khanne Halfshav, and in the study things are still quiet. Sitting behind a large wooden desk is not Khanne. Nope, it's Magpie Grayhope. He's sitting there slouched back in the chair with his feet kicked up on the desk as if he owns the place. There's a wooden board in his lap, a few sheaves of parchment, and a writing implement. He appears to be taking notes.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound leaves, following Rowenova.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound, Rowenova leave, following Mirk.

Bear, a war mastiff, 6 Last Watch Sentries, Nils, an aging Northern steward arrive, following Darren.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound, Rowenova arrive, following Mirk.

Mirk drops Westwind Whiskey.

Heeeere's Darren, the High Lord sweeping in with Bear close on his heels. He doesn't seem to be in any particular rush, though he pulls up short seeing Magpie behind the desk. "You're not Khanne," he offers unnecessarily as he looks about the room as if she might be hiding behind a curtain. If there's alcohol or snacks, he gets distracted going to pour himself a glass or steal a plate.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Mirk.

3 Last Watch Sentries, 3 Redrain Guards arrive, following Donella.

Magpie smiles, "High Lord! Welcome to the meeting! And you're right. I am definitely not Khanne. I can't pull off her figure. I'll be running the meeting on her behalf. Please, come in, relax, help yourself to the booze and I think that food there is fresh." (He has no idea) The commoner scratches a note down on the paper, muttering to himself, "High Lord showed up." Then he grins widely, "So what can the Lady Khanne do for *you*, your highness?"

Apparently, Scout Rowenova and Sir Floppington are the only people from the House itself who are showing up. They do so, and they both scan around before speaking up, "Uhm." Uncharacteristically uncertain for the macho woman. "Welcome to our Hall." She has a cheese and meats tray with her she sets upon the desk where those boots of Magpie are not currently situated.

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Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Khanne.

"More than anything, I came to see if there was anything I could do for the newly risen Duchess," Darren says, his eyes lighting up at the arrival of the meat and cheese tray.

The wife of the infamously cool High Lord strides into the area, but she is not alone. Donella not only has her guards, but she has her son (Taran) and a daughter (Siaran) with her. "We are going to watch without being a distraction, understood?" There is a solemn nod from Taran, but he's already looking around for his hero. "Sharks?" That question comes from Siaran. So adorable in her two year old voice as she flutters her lashes. Donella pauses. "No, we don't feed people to sharks at this meeting." This causes a lowered brow but the three find a seat out of the way.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound arrives, following Rosalind.

"Oh! That's so generous of you, Prince Darren. I know for a fact that her finances are a little tight. She told me just last week she'd have to forestall payment as patron. Of course, I understood. It's a time of need. We're all staring Eurus down." He scratches some notes. "So if you could provide further ... financial support, I'm sure Khanne would greatly app- Oh! Thank you. That's just wonderful. Look, meats! Everyone dig in." Magpie says, gesturing to the tray that Rowenova brought in. He throws Donella a warm smile. "Ooooh, I have a daughter. she just turned a year old. Sweetest thing. My son is an obnoxious kid. I don't talk about him." He leans forward a little to whisper over-loud to Siaran, "You can bite anyone you want here. You're still young enough to get away with it."

After setting the tray down and hearing out Magpie, Nova grins big but it is not exactly wolfish (when not wearing the wolf pelt that she usually does wear but must not be for whatever reason). She reaches back into her Messenger Bag then pulls out a fat stack of wooden saucers which she sets down with a bunch of the wooden forks from the back kitchen, too. Wooden cups are also produced.
Now that there is meat, cheese, and Westwind Whiskey that Lord Mirk brought a moment ago, Nova steps back. With a fond smile for the Taran and Siaran, the House servant waves to those little ones. "Sharks you say?" She lets out the briefest giggle about that one.

With a flash of red hair and black leathers, feathers included, Rosalind makes her way inside,"Im late! Im so sorry!"Her Northern accent is thick and apologetic, but a smile is on her lips. Her freckled face is flushed as she makes her way over to sit,"Oops sorry,"probably stepping on a toe.

Khanne walks into the Study a bit late. It's not really unlike her to be A LITTLE late, but to her own meeting? "Sorry, I got too deep into paperwork and lost track of time. Hello, ever-" This is when she sees Magpie sitting at the desk with his feet up on the fine wood. "-yone... Magpie? If you are going to sit there, at least place your boots and feet on the floor." She smirks and really, it's a good thing she hadn't heard what he said prior to her arrival. She steps to each person present to greet them personally and thanks Rowenova for setting up the food and drink. After, she moves to sit near the hearth where a cozy fire burns. She has a favorite chair and takes residence in that currently. "Everyone, please, grab a snack, a drink, and tell me of your needs... wants.. concerns.. or, whatever. For now, my time is yours."

In her element within the hall of her Halfshavs she serves, even when the speeding Rosalind passes her, Nova shifts her feet just so, and she is not a victim of being stepped on this time. She smiles brightly to her fellow scout, "Lady Rosa, it is wonderful to see you. We have Westwind Whiskey here from our Lord Mirk Halfshav, along with meats and cheese from the back. I will be back with the apricots and the nuts, too." And with that, she speeds away just like Rosa had sped in a moment ago but without stepping on anyone and making sure that she does not collide with any new entrances. It does not take long before that same woman returns with a bowl of Khanne's favorite fruit and a bowl of tree nuts, too. She bows deeply without spilling anything before standing up, setting those bowls down near their Duchess, then quietly welcoming Khanne.

"I see," Darren says seriously, the arrival of his wife and his children (or at least two of them) distracting him for a moment as he sends a wide smile towards them. "And what manner of financial support..." he starts, and then Khanne comes in, the prince turning towards her. "Duchess," he greets, shifting smoothly out of the way and towards a seat. "I am here to offer what support I can," he says cheerfully. Has Magpie been forgotten? Probably!

"Chomp?" Everything about Siaran lights up on that one. Magpie said she can bite anyone and the look on her face says she's trying to find just the right person to bite. Taran wastes no time in his four year old glory to end up right next to Darren. In fact, if Darren sits, Taran sits. How Darren sits, Taran sits. He copies /every/ mannerism.

Donella takes in a deep breath and just cuts a look at Magpie. "No, Siaran. We do not bite people, even if others say it is okay. Did your High Lord say it was okay?" Siaran shakes her head back and forth sadly and then gives the biggest pleading look towards her father. "Daddy?" Lip wobble included. "Shark?" The Princess-Consort just puts the two-year old on her lap to observe. She might be wondering why she didn't bring the other daughter instead.

Magpie gives Khanne the most charming of smiles when she strides in, "Heeeey! You made it! I had it under control, you know. Not my first meeting." He does pull his feet down, setting the very brief list of notes on the desk. There is a doodle of a shark eating a person under the initial line of 'High Lord showed up.' When Donella gives him that look the man feigns total innocence, then tears off the doodle and reaches to hold it to the toddler. "There ya go, princess."

Vale, A Baby Arctic Fox, Pearl, A Baby Arctic Husky, 2 House Crovane Guards leave, following Clara.

Rosalind instantly perks at the mention of whisky and oh! Nova! Rosa waves to her with a smile,"Hi!"but then spies Donella and Darren and well, she hunkers down and TRIES to be quiet. Right--well--then the fidgets happen.

"Oh, thank you, Darren. At this time, I don't think we are in need of anything, really... I have been running things Arx side myself for quite a long time, and try to keep us strong. I do appreciate you coming though," says Khanne, "and your offer. I will certainly take you up on it if the need arises." She smiles as she watches Donella with her children. "No biting, please," she asks to them. "We reserve that for the unruliest of people here." At that, she looks to Magpie. Speaking of unruly... "Mags, it's been quite awhile. How are you? Thank you for starting it off then.... should I be worried?"

Darren dips his head to Khanne. "Of course," he says as he finds a seat beside Donella, grinning at Taran as he sits beside him. "Then, pretend I am not here, it is your meeting, but I will take the opportunity to educate my children in the proper running of such things." He looks to Siaran then and shakes his head. "No darling, we are in Duchess Khanne's hall and she says no chomp. Her word is law here," he nods. "You can chomp when we get home."

Siaran's arms cross as Darren says no to her. Her chubby toddler expression is all about petty over pretty right now. She opens her mouth and shuts it hard enough that her teeth all but echo. Then she /tosses/ herself back against Donella and mutters in toddler gibberish. It's probably swearing. Let's be honest, she's cussing out the High Lord right now. Taran leans over towards Darren and asides, "I won't bite anyone." There may be a carriage somewhere he just shoved his sister under for the upper hand on Dad Approval. Donella smiles in a political manner and offers towards Khanne, "Thank you for showing a wonderful Duchess in a position of power and care. I'm /sure/ that my daughters shall learn much in observation of you." She does drop her voice to Darren's ear as one hand reaches out to attempt to thread her fingers with his.

Magpie gives Khanne a confused look, "Worried? About what? No? I just heard someone at the Murder talking about a meeting and thought I'd wander by. This feels like it's about to get very boring though, so I think I'm going to head out." The man rises, stretching, and snags a handful of snacks to eat on his way out. "Have a good one, nobles, royalty... And Siaran? I like you. You and my daughter should network." He pauses, "Oh, it's still early in the planning, but... there's going to be a very exclusive, invitation-only event. I might need some financial support for that." He's looking at Khanne. "A whole new collection. We'll talk more later. Very hush hush."

Now that Nova has nothing in hand, Nova flings her arms around Rosa after the Ravenseye has come her way. "Hello!" says she in a quiet way before then squeezy hugging her. Nova lets go and stays near Rosa but turns toward Khanne and lets out a little sigh as if 'no biting' may include what Nova might do. Though, she soon smiles and gets down to the business aspects of all this. "Should you ever need someone to potentially streamline productivity needs, please do consider me. I would be all over that in a heartbeat if you wish." Then, "Within the Great Hall I set up the mammoth horn about which I wrote, but... later realized that it may be too big for actual expeditions, since lugging around that thing might be too impractical, but credit goes to our vassal Marquessa Arcadia Stahlben for generously donating the mammoth tusk to the Templar Auction. It is an impressive piece." Then, "In my own home out on Honor Walk Central -- the 3-room abode with grey paint and blue trim by the Stormwall Haven -- I completely re-renovated the alchemy laboratory into a 'Defense Lab' which is a fortified space for alchemy work. If Lord Percephon along with any other Halfshavs ever need somewhere that they can spread out their alchemy work, my Halfshavs are always welcome. The only thing I ask is that they write me to see if there is a big project going on there like now, with the improvement work on Thraxian pitch." She gets out her list here, and runs down her fore finger about half way. Half done!

Khanne smiles to Darren. "I could never pretend you weren't here..." She is about to say something else, but Donella is praising her for being such a good example of a woman in a position of power, she refrains, pressing her lips together. Instead, she gives a nod to Taran and Siaran. "No chomp. Not here and now. I will let you know when you can chomp someday." Her head turns just slightly to look to Donella. "Thank you. I hope I am able to teach a great many people, but I will learn from them all too."

"Leaving already Magpie?" Khanne asks then, turning to him. Looking at the others she says, "Magpie has made a great many lovely things for me, and this house. The magnificent table in the Great Hall, for instance, was a gift from him. It's wondrous." Her attention drifts back to Magpie himself. "New collection? She nods then. "Okay, we'll talk later. Thank you for starting the meeting for me."

Then, Rowenova has business to present. Khanne's eyes go a little wide with it and she smiles as she listens. "I will consider it, Scout Rowe," she says of the first matter then nods. "Please express my thanks to Arcadia for her donation to the templars. Unless I see her first." Nodding again, her smile broadens. "When he is within the city, I will tell my husband to take his smellier experiments there. He has a worktable in our suite but... phew. Sometimes..." Her head shakes slowly with dismay. "Thraxian pitch, huh?" Lips purse briefly. "Interesting."

Magpie pauses when Rowenova whispers to him. He gives her a confused look. "Aaaah. Write to me. We'll talk." He says, then gives the room a wave and heads out. "Don't forget about the commoners! We have feelings too!" Then he's gone.

Zavi leaves, following Magpie.

In between speakers, Drysi slips in to deliver a note and a small package to Khanne before seeing herself back out.

After her whisper to Magpie on his way out, Nova gratefully smiles his way before looking back to Khanne with a bright smile after hearing that the initial piece is a potential consideration. She firmly nods to the 2nd part, and she lets out a bright laugh. "Well, I have 4 double pane windows across a couple walls: which can be opened up by lever action right away to vent out that whole lab, so... yeah! You are quite right: no more needing to stink up your sleeping space, indeed!" Down the list some more here. "I have been on several adventures. I picked up alchemical recipes which can help versus Thornweave vines. Lord Mirk also knows it, too, since he was one whose hard work helped discover the whole process. Anyway, people can be sent to me for those particular recipes. I will have copies drawn up by next week." ((OOC: Because she has no AP this week!)) "I recently decided it is was finally time to figure out what my birth origins are." She looks around herself here, but there are only trusted fellow Northerners, so she also adds. "And why the chivalrous Sir Floppington has picked me." She glances over toward him there and probably gets an innocent look from that soulful hound. Looking back to where Khanne is, "I am not sure what that is going to look like yet, but... will keep you posted. And then last, but not least." Her voice quiets but certainly expresses itself with a sincere tone, "After 2 years as a Lone Wolf after my prior divorce, I finally have eyes for someone new." *Starry eyes!* "Someone who has told me that they want to come back to me after what will be a dangerous mission, and that when they do, they will want to seek to WORK," Actual Emphasis! "To prove themselves worthy to be my husband. I feel that there is no doubt that they will succeed where others have failed to do the quests and tasks they were given, by you. I feel it is only right to send the new man your way, and since he is already a commoner of our House, then it is only fair that I prove myself, for him, too. That we might have your blessing after doing so?"

Darren is overheard praising Khanne: She is the very model of an excellent leader.

Bear, a war mastiff, 6 Last Watch Sentries, Nils, an aging Northern steward leave, following Darren.

Rosalind is still here, really! Just listening..and drinking.

Donella sent off her son with his Dad. She's just observing for now too. This is the Khanne meeting of awesome. She does sort of follow the conversation with her deep blue eyes.

Donella is overheard praising Khanne: New to her position, but excelling at it already. Redrain could not be more proud.

"Oh," Khanne nods to Rowenova. "That could be quite useful, a thing against the vines. I did not even know you were an alchemist." Pausing for just a moment to ask the others; Rosalind, Donella, Siaran; if they need anything. Are they comfortable? Attention back on Rowenova. "Oh? So you have not yet found anything? Well, if I or any of my assistants can be of help, please do let us know." The topic turns to love, and Khanne can only smile. "I see, well, congratulations, and I do hope this one isn't as much a headache as the last. Oh... is he?" (Of our house) "Who is he?"

Nova ayes quietly, "I trained up with Voice Valery of the Apothecary College, so we could help heal Draven of his energy loss and his color blindness from several years ago. I have been keeping my Alchemy skills sharp, since they are incredibly useful for more things than 'just that'. Alchemy may be the best thing that I actually got out of that whole mess." Then, Thank you, stress relieving -- not stress inducing -- is what this new love is. He is Goodman Tarik Morien. As for the background situation, I plan to head up the Great Road to Whitehold to talk to Now Mom and Now Dad, my Second Parents about what they might remember from over 22 years ago. It is along shot, but will see."

Rosalind tells Khanne with a grin,"Im not a voice (technically there is none) or anything, but I know Countess Aella would say the same--if you need anything, Ravenseye would be willing to help,"eyeing Nova curiously. "Is it just to have your hundreds of babies?"

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

2 Halfshav skilled veteran guards, Domino, A Pridehall Highlands Cow named Sunflower arrive, following Brianna.

Brianna has to see this.

Brianna comes in fashionably late, her column gown making her look even taller than usual. She slips in to observe, standing unobtrusively against a wall.

"Ah.." Khanne nods slowly, though her expression seems slightly perplexed for a brief moment. She nods a few more times then. "Alchemy is rather important in many things, I have come to know through experience. I do not have a talent for it myself. Mist-grey eyes widen a little with surprise at the name mentioned, but, she nods. "Well then, good luck. It is a tricky thing, finding out what was once lost to a person. What you might find might be wonderful, or it might not. My advice is to prepare yourself for both the best and the worst, then you will be equipped to handle the in between." A smile is sent towards Rosalind then. "Thank you. Unfortunate to not see her myself. I think I had some business with her to speak on."

Mirk enters at some point during Khanne's response, not seeming at all surprised, and stands at the wall beside Brianna to observe. It seems he's just curious, rather than having any agenda to bring before Khanne.

Donella smiles towards Brianna, but she rises with a still pouting two year. "Thank you." She offers this towards Khanne. The toddler in her hands, snaps her teeth at Brianna and then giggles. Donella sighs a bit and mutters something about Magpie

With a list in her hand, Nova stands by Rosa as she converses with Khanne. Though, Rosa says something which draws Nova to look her way. A hearty laugh, and then Nova shakes her head. "I think the numbers you heard were millions, and no. I think he won my heart is what happened, and here we are." Then, smiling back to Khanne, Nova also notes. "Thank you, Duchess. Aye, that name, right?" She understandingly mentions with a sage nod. "If everything works, then I will be beyond honored to bear that name as my own. The man himself is more than his name alone, though. Very good to me. I will take your advice and prepare accordingly. Thank you." She puts her list away and bows deep before popping up to her full height once more.

Brianna sidles up to Donella. "I can send for Nurse and your little hellion can go play with Caleb and be her problem," she offers, tapping the toddler's nose.

Khanne leans forward a touch towards where Siaran sits with Donella. Giving her head a slight shake she whispers to the toddler. "I'm watching you, Princess." Straightening up once more she gives a nod to Mirk and Brianna in greeting before turning her attention to Rowenova again. "Oh, I said nothing of his name. No person is their name alone though." She nods again and smiles as Rowenova puts her list away.

"I can tell her or if you trust me enough, I can relay whatever it is,"Rosalind offers Khanne effortlessly enough. "Most people see me anyway, but I understand either way. I'll tell her you wanted to speak to her." See! Rosa can be responsible! Her hazel eyes blink at Nova and just--WHAT! "That's a lot of sex and months and years, Nova. And Im not sure how well you can sit on a branch when you know--you're all--"And.she.stops!

Nova ohs softly, "I meant to refer to your surprise, and to express that I was not only doing it for the babies and/or the name." She looks to Rosa with a quick laugh before she looks to Khanne, "No insinuation on you. So sorry it sounded that way. Many apologies it came out like that." Now, she grins big toward Rosa with whom she jokes about the millions. "It /sure/ is!" And here, she sounds ready to take up the challenge!

Khanne whispers, "little ears..." and covers her ears with her hands while glancing towards Siaran when Rosalind speaks about the amount of sex needed to fulfill Rowenova's babies wishes. "She messaged me," she then says to her. "We will be in touch, I am sure. But thank you."

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Oh right! Kids! "Sorry Uh...Obviously we dont have any running our House and I forget, sorry,"Rosalind apologizes FOR REAL! She silences her mouth with her cup. Safer this way.

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Nova reaches up and puts a hand on the bottom of that cup over Rosa's mouth, but only for a second there. She seems to be smiling and more than usual, especially since she had been pretty harried by traumatic events lately, but whatever those were, they do not seem to be able to dour her mood much now.

Standing, Khanne looks about the room. "If no one else has business for me at the moment, I shall retire to my suite and take care of some business before our dinner."

"Thank you for hearing out all my varying concerns. See you at family dinner! Also, do let me know if there is anything you need from me, too!" says she toward their Duchess. She hugs Brianna and updates her about the love sitch.

"My dear duchess, there will be a hot plate of apricot noodle bake waiting in your rooms for you. Eat something," Brianna insists.

Khanne starts to walk towards the door but stops near Brianna, surprised at her words. "Oh, I haven't eaten yet today, have I. Thank you, Bri Bri. And please. I am still your dear Khanne." She then gives her cousin a hug and a smooch to her hair before exiting the study.

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