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Renewal Ceremony at the Chapel

Legate Ailith invites the Compact to attend a ceremony at the Palace Chapel -- a ceremony of renewal, a time of offering to the Gods, a moment to rejoice in the love of the Gods, and a gathering of community and good will.

(ooc for offerings -- all I ask for is a rp vial of water from your home and prayers of renewal and love to the gods. No actual coded objects needed)


March 10, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Lucita Victus Cornelius Teagan Reigna Monique Scipio Symonesse Valencia Mirk Raya Ilvin Liara Alessia Ophelia Aine Merek Jaenelle Miranda Kiera Philippe Amari Rosalie Carita


Faith of the Pantheon


Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Palace - Palace Chapel

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Comments and Log

The shimmer of the high noon sun streams through the stained glass windows, creating a prismatic flourish to the white and gold regalia adorning the Palace Chapel. Standing before the altar is the Legate of Concepts whose aeterna robes glisten with its white silk and gold embroidery. Thirteen short marble pillars with a glass bowl upon each; these pillars rest beneath an alcove, each dedicated to a deity in the pantheon. The altar receives similar treatment with a silk white and gold runner, embroidered with the pantheon sigils, a vibrant ewer that features silhouettes of the faithful through different times of their lives, and a set of pillar candles alongside the ewer. Ailith waits for all to assemble and settle, smiling at familiar faces.

Lucita quietly steps into the chapel, head bowing a moment before she glances around. She makes her way toward the pews and settles into place there, smiling at those who preceded her.

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards, Sir Harrier, a hunting hawk arrive, following Ophelia.

It's dusk, not high noon. And the candlelight by the chandeliers warms the stained glass windows to still create a prismatic light upon the pillars in each alcove.

Victus trails inside with a steady gait. Atop his shoulders was the shimmering, shiny otter companion called Scarf. Meandering in the shadow of his coat was the large, angry looking feline in Lilybelle. The animal companions are all the company he brings with him to the pews. The Prince of Maelstrom settles in, close to the front where one can watch the ceremony with ease.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound, Aine arrive, following Mirk.

Cornelius strides in with one hand tucked into the lapels of his longcoats. He casts his gaze around the chapel with visible appreciation, and settles straight-backed into a pew.

With the others that make their way in is one Teagan Blackram, the new(ish) Marquessa accompanied by Chessa and a kite on her shoulder, preening himself in complete ignorance of what everyone else is doing. The woman hesitates briefly within the chapel, taking everything in for a moment before she makes her way to the pews to join the others who have sat there.

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Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle have been dismissed.

Reigna arrives with a pair of dogs, taking a moment to take a quiet seat at the altar, watching and waiting for the sermon to begin. She smiles to those she knows, she lifts a hand to wave to Teagan as she arrives, and then goes back to people watching.

Monique arrives, the Minx of the Marches resplendent in her dragonweep jewels and star iron filigree corset, her flame-bright hair loose in a waterfall of fiery color spilling over her bare shoulders. In her hands, the Greenmarch beauty carries a vial of water, bright and clear, and upon her carmine lips, a smile for Ailith, and an abashed look for Reigna.

Scipio Harrow is here, seated already in one of the pews near the front where he can play witness to the sermon that Legate Ailith has prepared. He is outfit in fine silks and rests with his hands folded atop his knees. As the others enter in and begin to take their seats, Scipio offers them a smile and dip of his head.

Symonesse arrives shadowed by the King's Own, but without her own beloved animal companion since bringing a calf into a chapel might stretch the patience of even the godsword for the Queen. This does not stop her from offering smiles to the other animals present and also their humans. She spots Ailith at the altar and gives her a tiny wave and a huge smile of encouragement before she slides into the pew next to Victus and reaches out, silently, to offer him a fistbump.

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Arriving a bit late, Valencia enters the chapel dressed simply, hard held back modestly by silver pins and a small vial held gently in her hands. The little vixen offers a polite nod and perhaps even a soft smile to those she knows before seeking to find a place among the congregation.

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Mirk arrives, his unusual entourage left outside, his assistant keeping track of his guard dog. Instead, he's accompanied by Aine. Despite the finery around them, he's wearing traveling leathers and fireweave, shamanistic charms hanging from his beard that sway as he walks. He heads towards the pews, selecting a seat and producing a small vial of water to cradle in one hand, awaiting the beginning of...Services? Ceremonies?

Sister Raya Vishel, faithful fashionista, arrives looking as stylish as ever. Her long aeterna dress is cut to perfection, giving the impression of a robe whose skirts swish elegantly with every graceful step she takes. Her hair is pinned up in seemingly artless auburn curls, a touch of make-up graces her wholesome features, and her smiles are positively gleaming as she walks by those she knows and those she does not know. Of course, she offers pleasantries to the faithful before she makes her way to where she can take a seat out of the way from attention. But does she make her way there with an elegant little turn on the way? Of course she does. Confidence, she has it.

Ilvin arrives with the anticipatory air that might be more expected at a joust or a feast, and the first thing he does is try to catch Ailith's eye and give her a radiant smile. But the man would never dream of doing something so obvious as calling a greeting across a church. Instead he makes his way through the growing crowd to settle in at one of the benches.

2 Redrain Guards, Ciro Sclafani, a world-weary manservant leave, following Lorenzo.

Liara's in place a bit in advance of the start of proceedings, seated in one of the pews at the front, a vial of water in hand. The Princess of Bastion appears rather caught up in her own thoughts, though with an eye kept on the altar.

Brenlin, an overworked aide, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, Juana, a harried Lady's Maid, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Miranda.

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Having arrived early, Alessia is seated at the front pews holding a vial of water, offering smiles to people in her row, though her attention is mostly fixed on the altar ahead.

Ophelia Velenosa walks into the chapel and immediately finds a vacant seat to say a small prayer before sitting down. A small wave and a soft smile are given to a few familiar faces before she pivots in the pew to see that Sir Harrier, her hawk companion, has found a suitable perch nearby.

There's a wide-eyed awe to Lady Aine Halfshav's expression as she steps into the chapel, escorted by her cousin Mirk. Her gaze catches on Monique's sparkling, bright self; it catches on the Queen and the Highlord that she fistbumps with a little whisper to her cousin; it finds a fox and a bird on a shoulder, and a veritable menagerie of animals. She almost doesn't notice that he moves towards a pew, quickly moving to catch up even as she watches Raya enter in aeterna, tearing her envious gaze away to settle gracefully next to Mirk.

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Merek makes a way to the palace chapel so he can witness the ceemony! He brought his vial of water.

Chessa hands Teagan the vial of water that's been brought as the Blackram settles in. She lifts her free hand to return Reigna's wave, offering a brief smile to the Keaton. When Mirk arrives, there's a nod for him as well.

As the Queen arrives, Reigna gets up to her feet and offers the Queen a deep and respectful curtsy. She waves to Victus as well, only returning to her seat after the Queen has settled.

Jaenelle is no stranger to the Palace, and seems to know her way around as she enters the Chapel from the Great Hall. Her guards seem to know where they need to go so they are not in the way, and the spider on her head gives her full attention to the room around them and those who are filling it. Ailith is given a finger wiggle from the spidersilk clad Archduchess, a warm smile directed towards the woman as she moves to settle.

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Victus keeps his own vial of waters close to his chest. His near black eyes drift toward Symonesse when the Queen-Consort arrives and offers a fist forward. With a soft utterance of, "Your majesty", he in turn bumps knuckles. Scarf travels the length of his arm to join in, patting the back of the Queen's hand with his otter paw. He doesn't know what he's doing, but by the gods, he's trying. There's the faintest hint of a smile upon the Highlord's face as he turns back to regard the altar, giving a dip of his chin toward Reigna as he does.

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Lucita slides further down the pew to make room for others joining the crowd. A warm smile is given them and a quick rise and curtsy where such is to be expected before retaking her seat.

A renewal ceremony brings all kinds! Miranda is amongst them, slowly following the crowd in ... she doesn't so much as sort of waddle and one of her guards is politely making sure no one bumps into her and what not. She carries a vial of water between her hands and looks about as she enters, for a pew or any available seat. Her aide points to the front pews and Miranda shakes her head, gesturing towards the back pews. Why? Who knows? Maybe because they are full! So, she gladly takes up a seat by the aisle.

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A hushed breath and she calmly begins, her voice raised to be heard in the far reaches of the Chapel. "Our world. Where we live. This realm. I'm certain the Nox'alfar have a word for this world that perhaps the Queen can assist me with," Ailith smiles at Symonnese as the Legate gradually steps down from the altar area to be on the same level as the pews. "The Abandoned have other terms as does Cardia and the Undying Empire. In Eurusah, the real world roughly translates to 'The World Around Us'. Their slaves call it Urugerish, which means 'the hell we are trapped in.'" She swallows a touch, her blue eyes glistening as she lifts up her chin and continues. "With eyes full of wonderment and adoration of our gods and their gifts, I call this place -- Beloved."

Symonesse grins in delight when Victus returns the fistbump and hiccups with the effort not to laugh when the otter does so as well. She leans in to murmur to the High Lord before she sits up a little straighter. She flashes that brilliant smile at Reigna in greeting before her golden eyes settle on Ailith.

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Kiera look symonesse

Aine's gaze catches on Jaenelle, clad in a material she has never seen before, and /stares/ for a moment before she whispers to her cousin again. There's so much to see, so much happening, that she only forces herself to pay attention to the priestess at the front after a moment through ground-in training, folding her hands into the middle of her lap.

Jaenelle eyes Victus and Symonesse like a mother with two children who are almost about to get into trouble but have not yet reached that point and wish them both to know that she knows that they know they shouldnt.

Philippe is among the faithful today. As is normal among the Oathlands orthodox, he is attired in a somber, respectful way for the ritual, but the count is usually always dressed in an austere manner and carries himself solumnly even when he's going to the pub. The old count is attentive and silent as Ailith gets underway.

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Amari arrives in no particular hurry, which is good, because at least she doesn't get all the way up to the front pews to realize they're full. She figures that out long before, so finds a spot near the back for herself and her two giant dogs who take up a lot of space on their own. Probably for the best then that she's not trying to fit them in where it's already too crowded.

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Ailith watches those gathered as she brightly says, "We are all part of this place for we all can share in the beauty of our Faith. I have called upon our faithful to express their devotion, to show their love of our pantheon by a simple gesture. And over the past few months, from the crowned to those in the lowers, each ever deserving the grace of the pantheon, the many graciously responded to extend their offering -- a vial of water sacred to them, each holding meaning to their personal connection to the gods, to their people, and to their family and friends. I could not be ever more proud than to see this outpouring of love from you all." With a hand gesture, the godsworn at the alcoves rise. First, the godsworn by the alcove for the Lost. He lifts the bowl dedicated to the Queen and approaches the altar to pour the waters into the sacred ewer.

Ailith explains, "And as we honor our pantheon, so do they look upon us with love. In our lives, that begins with birth. A child is born." And if anyone notices, the very bowl the godsworn poured in honor of the Queen, it features the birth of children -- the beginning of life.

"Creation. We can easily see this earlier in our lives." Ailith pauses to chuckle in correcting. "Well those of us grew up working in the fields. In this case, for through Petrichor, Mangata, and Lagoma, the child sees the family crop planted, the rains come down and the sun shines. And as the crop grows, so does the child. She tills the earth and sifts the loam between her fingers to smell earth after the rain. There's harvest when the crop is gathered. And come winter, preserved food is available as the family keeps warm by the fire." This is when three godsworn approach, each carrying a bowl - one each for the deities of Creation. Each featuring the child's silhouette growing alongside the crop and the weather changing with each season.

Kiera slips in late her face the look of one embarrassed to the point of mortification at being late for service as she slips into the back. it's quite obviously her first time in the room as once her eyes lift from the floor they seem to want to wander but she forces her eyes to ailith

Monique bows her titian head at the reference to Petrichor, a smile drifting across her lips, one of reverence and some small private humor. When she looks back up, the Minx fastens her emerald eyes on the impressive ceremony of the bowls, then on Ailith herself, and she settles in to listening in earnest.

Miranda shifts a bit where she sits in the pew, grimacing slightly as if uncomfortable. Clearly, when you're this pregnant, all pews are evil things one is forced to endure. Still, her expression shifts to one of warmth and some fascination as she listens to Ailith and observes the ceremony.

Reigna watches Ailith as the Legate gives her sermon, her own vial clasped in one hand. She studies the ewer, looking awed at it before she returns to studying the Legate. The corners of her lips curve upward, nodding along with the words spoken. At the mention of Petrichor there is a brighter quality to her smile.

"And time passes. We see the child has grown -- is grown. There's a man who catches her eye in the village. The two swear themselves together. And the lord comes by occasionally and as they see his horse and retinue at a distance, they know themselves of his fealty. The seraph of their parish knows their name." Ailith smiles at the Archlector of Limerance, nodding to give his cue, then continues, "Harvest comes, the couple gathers grain and they take to the roads under the watchful protection of the Knights of Solace to give the lord his due." There's a brief pause as a Knight of Solace walks from the Gild alcove, carrying the bowl which has similar silhouettes outlining the story. "However, the child now woman has gotten into a conflict with her neighbor and it turns quite violent. The magistrate takes the journey down the road to settle the argument and finds the woman at fault. She accepts the justice, tempers her wrath, and gives restitution." This is when another of the godsworn carries the bowl from the Sentinel's alcove. And as more waters join the ewer, the deeper and richer the hues glisten within the crystal container.

A few disciples approach Miranda, armed with some plush pillows and cushions at the ready for such emergencies! Miranda, looking rather surprised, smiles brightly and, with a disciple's aid, stands so that the pew can be made a bit softer for her and better support her back. Once cushions and pillows are applied, Miranda settles back in, silently touching the disciples in gratitude. Ahh, that is better. Her expression is far more cozy now!

Ilvin temporarily abandons his place by the altar to fetch Limerance's water, smiling brightly at Ailith as he passes by and joins the two other Godsworn with their offerings. As he lets the water stream into the ewer, he turns a bright-eyed gaze on the audience, catching eyes and inclining his head. His own silent thanks for the faith these people have shown.

The Arts flow next as Ailith continues the story of the woman. "And so the lord goes to war and the woman takes up a spear and a rough shield to face the enemy. At one point, she discovers her enemy has been exhausted, wounded, and bleeding out. Exhausted herself, she sits with the stranger until he expires." A Templar stands to attention and with military precision brings forth the bowl of Gloria to pour those waters into the ewer. "The woman returns home. Over the years, she records her experiences. The birth of a son. The birth of a daughter." One of the scholars with a quite fanciful hat with a feathery-feathered plume of blue dutifully carries the bowl to the altar to repeat the process. He adds a flick of a dewdrop off his quill, bowing his head to give a prayer to Vellichor, then hustles back as to not receive any scolding. Ailith smiles at the man, then turns back to the assembly. "Sometimes, the woman sketches mushrooms, an apple tree, the bee hives of her home, even a bad ear of corn. There are other times, she wistfully draws her family and includes hymns the devotions shared at the shrines or on the road." A bard tucks away his lute and repeats the same process, but his is done with a dramatic flourish!

Reigna is so enrapt in the sermon, that she seems to barely breathe, listening to the story, watching the light shift and shimmer and sighs softly. She shakes her head, not in negation, but rather at a loss to speak in the wake of such a story.

Ailith paces before the pews, to one end and to the other, to give herself time to acknowledge each face with a smiled greeting while she shares this story. "Now, her children have grown and the crops have been poor two years in a row. The couple decide to go Crownsworn and travel to Arx to work as merchants -- the freedom of choice and service." One of the Liberators appears from the Alcove of the Lost to carry one of the newer bowls, this one of Skald. Those waters mingle with those within the ewer. Candlelight causes further shimmering to the water. "The couple age together. At need, they send coin to their children, then grandchildren. Every morning, they watch the sun rise, and every evening they watch the waking stars." A godsworn carries a clear bowl, no markings, from the Lost alcove. Those waters twinkle like the stars which hang in the distance beyond the stained glass. "And while the couple have a quite stiff terror of mirrors, even into old age, they examine themselves for harshness. For sadness. For desires unfulfilled." Reflections shine forth for one of the Mirrormasks, garbed with their mirrored mask, stands forth from the thirtheenth alcove to deliver the bowl of water. "The couple goes to the shrines, depending on the season, depending on their needs, with respect and wonder. They go to the sovereign bridge to look off of it. They go to the great hills. They visit the graveyard."

Ailith waits and bows her head. "And they die within hours of each other." The return back to the Queen, now the Queen of Endings. "Throughout the passage of her life, the gods were present. Their love was expressed. If anyone now wishes to bring forth their own offering, please approach the altar to pour your vial so that our devotions of love can be joined -- this is our faith, this is our expression of love to our pantheon. You may say a prayer aloud or privately. How you express yourself is of your own choosing."

Sacred waters blessed by the godsworn await any who approach without their own glass vials. Disciples and godsworn patiently assist any who seek to participate.

The end of the sermon brings a bright, grateful smile to Ilvin's features. With his offering itself already mingling in the ewer, he simply bows his head, murmuring a prayer of his own.

Merek offers up his offering along with people, then makes a way back to place.

Cornelius rises from the bench and travels over with a smooth gait. He delivers a small glass vial of water from within his longcoat, and pours it into the ewer with a broad smile to the palace seraph. "From the shoreline of New Hope," he murmurs, bowing, and retreats.

Reigna rises to her feet, moving towards the front to take her place in line, to make her offering. There is a vial of water in her hands and when it is her turn to do so, she unstoppers her vial and with a few murmured words to Legate Ailith, she upends her vial into the ewer. "Love is the greatest gift we can give or receive. It nourishes the soul as water and wind does our humors, as meat and wine do our bodies. Love for the gods guides our steps, giving us the path to follow to be our best selves. This is water from the creek outside my Hall, pure and clean, the water that my children play in in the hot summer days. The water that nourishes our gardens and rchards. The water that creates ice for healing in the winter months. May the gods know my love for them is as endless as the flow of water in that creek, and may the feel the love I was blessed to feel." Once she's said her peace, her gift of water given to the ewer, she curtsies to the Legate and goes to retake her seat.

Once the call is placed out for others to approach the altar, Teagan gets to her feet with her vial in hand. She doesn't rush forth and seems, in fact, to want to avoid being in the first few to approach. Perhaps it allows more time to sort through in her head what might be presented in her prayer. When she does finally approach and uncap her vial, the Blackram woman takes a moment to consider before pouring it into the ewer. "For home, for the Cloudspine," she says quietly, but the rest of her prayer is a simple movement of lips: something lost to silence and shared with just herself.

Teagan is overheard praising Ailith.

Raya is overheard praising Ailith.

Cornelius is overheard praising Ailith.

Symonesse is overheard praising Ailith.

Aine's dark eyes tear up slightly at Reigna's words, watching the others as well with her hands clasped together, leaning forward slightly.

Victus makes to raise along with the others. His approach is slow and careful, holding the vial in front of his face with some reverence. There isn't much to read into on his scarred face, save for the pure focus as he approaches. Deep breath in. Slow exhale out. "From the docks of Maelstrom. Beneath the Mangata Colossus." Scarf stands atop Victus' shoulder as he pours in his lot. The otter gives an approving nod. Or at least, it /looked/ approving. With the task done, he steps back. His shoulders slump. Relaxed.

Miranda sniffs slightly and pulls out a small handkerchief. She can be heard, softly, grumbling, "Stupid pregnancy." She dabs at her eyes a moment, then excuses herself from the back pew. She hefts herself up, a bit of effort and then, oh! A disciple is there to help. She then rises and gets into the line. She waits patiently for her turn. As she approaches, she turns the vial in her hands, over and over, as if nervous. A few turns this way, then that way. Possibly thirteen turns before she changes direction. Hard to tell. Her lips move and she looks as if she's talking, but then shakes her head. As she moves forward, slowly, it becomes clear that she's practicing what she might say. Finally, it is her turn, and Miranda's got a few tears on her cheeks. She stands before the altar and seems at a loss, hands gripping the vial gently, but rather firmly all the same. She finally speaks a few quiet words, "Mother of beginnings, I pray you will see my children safely delivered. Healthy and strong. Mother of Endings, I pray that those you call back to your embrace have a story to share with you. Lagoma, I pray things will continue to change, hopefully for the better, and that you will continue to guide me. Gloria, please watch over all those who go to fight, may their arms be strong and their aim true." Then, more softly, likely something more private before she tilts her vial and pours the water out to mix with all the others. Finally, she heads back down the aisle to let others offer their own prayers and water.

At the invitation, Mirk rises to his feet and brings out a small vial of water. He heads to the front with that vial in hand, and pours his vial slowly, speaking a quiet prayer, "For Petrichor and Mangata, whose bounty was gathered at the Grove. This water came from fog nets, collecting the dew that condensed upon the leaves." The water, it seems. "And for Lagoma, who brought healing there." There's a moment of quiet reflection as it pours, his expression distant, thoughtful. Once the vial is upended and there's no more water inside, he slips it into a pouch at his belt and returns to his seat beside Aine.

Ophelia rises from her seat and joins the others to wait her turn in line. When it's finally her moment, she pours the contents of her vial into the ewer and murmurs a silent prayer, bowing her head as she does. When she is finished, she returns to her seat with the empty vial in hand and glossy tears in her eyes. A small smile, though, is present upon her lips.

Monique rises from the pews, radiant, and she follows close on Reigna's heels to the ewer. With deft fingers, the Minx of the Marches plucks the stopper free of her vial and gently, reverently pours her water into the basin. "From Petrichor's Wood, the Greenwood, and the Home of Greenhaven. My home. By the grace of Petrichor, by Gild and Gloria, I will do my best to protect it." She lowers her bright head, offering a wordless prayer thereafter, and then slips away to the pews once more.

Symonesse rises from the pew with her own vial in hand. She slips past Jaenelle and gives her shoulder a little squeeze with her free hand before she approaches, murmuring in her sweet, clear voice, "Water from the Bay of Arx, the Great Cathedral, and the Palace Chapel. Carried with me to the Shrine of the Queen of endings and prayed over for thirteen hours in recognition of the gifts that the Queen and all of the gods have bestowed upon us." She murmurs something softer in Nox'alfar before she empties the vial into the ewer and moves to return to her seat.

Rising from the pews, Alessia approaches the front with her vial, closing her eyes as she says a silent prayer. She pours the contents into the ewer. "From the shores of Ostria." She says before returning to her seat with the empty vial.

Before Monique can fully slip away, Reigna touches the redhead's shoulder and murmurs something soft to her before moving away.

Aine claps a little for Monique's prayer; or maybe just for the fabulous noblewoman herself. But she catches herself quickly, smiling apologetically. She watches the queen with a weighted study, fascinated, with a little approving smile when she says 'Bay of Arx'.

Jaenelle excuses herself from the pew, standing with a vial in each hand as she approaches the bowl once those who have watched are invited to share their own offerings. She holds up the first, removing the lid to pour the waters from the glass vessel, "the Lycene split. The water was collected from where 'the Shield', 'the Lie', and, 'the Silken Wine' meet to create the rivers and water ways that unify the Lyceum. It is the life blood, connecting each of the Hundred Cities to rivers and streams so trade may thrive and the lands may flourish and people may feel as if they are one. It connects us to the Oathlands, and shows us we are not always so different from those we believe we are.."

As the first vial is passed off, and a second vial is produced and opened to pour after, "this vial is a mixture of the small private pools that I have found love, acceptance, connections. The pool from the garden in the Velenosa estate, where those I loves sat around it to speak of matters great and small. Where the brass tree hangs overhead and protects as the flower fragrances sooth. It is peace, and quiet, and a sanctuary among the hectic and chaos. It is where my heart is full."

Valencia rises graceful from her seat and moves forward to make her offering, the slender Lycene's eyes lowered as she seem to try to gather her thoughts. As she arrives she offers a respectful bow of head. "I humbly offer my thanks to the gods who watch over us and have seen us safe and offer my hopes and love with a small but heartfelt offering from my home and Hart," The little vixen begins her voice seeming to be sure of the words she speaks. "It is not much, but to me it is my whole world. And those with good hearts who cross its threshold to seek its comfort and well-welcome, whoever they may be, are are beloved to me as my people, those I care for and my family."

The raven haired princess pauses a moment, her brow furrowing slighlty. "We seem to always be entering dark times in this realm. We seem to barely able to catch breath before the next travesty. I cannot imagine how tired you must be. So weary of our prayers and requests," Valencia reflects solemnly. "But I beseech you, do not think that you are not loved and cared for. Do not think you are not held dear and well in every heart and home of those who are yours. Perhaps one day when we find harmony we will have better prayers for you. I truly hope we do. But for now, I hope this show of love heartens you and reminds you how so many feel for. And so, from me and mine, from my heart and Hart, I offer this to you."

With that, Valencia unstops the bottle and offers the sweet clear water to the bowl, whispering softly before bowing her head politely before drifting back to her seat.

Isn't in a huge rush to get to the front, and if she said any prayers she did so back at her pew because she doesn't say one aloud once she's at the head of the line and it's her turn. Instead she takes a vial from her satchel, wrapped in silk and pours the water into the ewer with the rest. "From Oakhaven where the promise was made, carried through a successful campaign to Sanctum and back." She only explains before bowing her head to Ailith a moment and stepping back to clear the way for whoever is next after her.

Liara moves quietly forwards and then takes a quiet moment, foostering with the vial's stopper. Once she eventually frees it and pours the water into the ewer, she says, "Water drawn from the Gray River near Bastion - home. The means by which so very many people across a vast expanse of land are linked, from here at Arx to far into the middle of Arvum." She doesn't seem to have much more to say than that, and once the vial is emptied she withdraws to the pews.

Rising from his seat in the pews near the back, Scipio makes his way from near the back of the line. He watches and listens respectfully to the others pouring their vials out, nodding his head in agreement with their sentiments. When it is his turn, he unstoppers his own vial and pours the contents into the chalice. "From the docks in the Lower Boroughs, and from the fountain in the Ward of the Crown. To remind us that all that though we are many different persons, many different walks of life, and from all different stations, that we are all still one Compact. May we all remember that in these times of strife and darkness, and may we all become stronger in our unity, rather than weakened by internal strife." With that, he steps back from the altar and makes his way back toward the rear of the Chapel.

Lucita quietly rises and approaches, a little vial clasped in her fingertips uncapped and added to the rest as she gently murmurs. "Water... mostly from tears of laughter and joy, mixed with a few from pain, and sadness." Offering and a prayer finished, she returns to hr seat.

Monique murmurs something back to Reigna with a flash of a toothy grin and something very like respect gleaming in her green eyes.

Aine nods a little in agreement as Scipio pours his vial, a couple times. She listens at each, though she seems moved once again by Valencia's words with a fresh wave of tears in her dark eyes, blinking them away rapidly.

Once her offering is complete, Teagan returns to the pews to watch the rest. The kite on her shoulder preens at her braided hair a bit, but the woman seems used to it; she only swats (gently, of course) at him after a moment to distract him from his task.

Kiera walks softly in line to await her turn to add the vial "Praise be to all the gods for bringing me safely to arx there to be reunited with my brothers. Vellichor guide my steps, my words and my studies. gloria guide my brothers' aim as their duty is and done and together we serve and we honor" With that she unstops her val and aids her water to the mix

Philippe rises when it is his time. He moves into the procession and lifts his vial. "From Chevalle, in the Oathlands," he says, "in celebration of our successes, in memory of our failures, for a brighter tomorrow." He pours the vial, nods in recognition, and returns to his seat without delay.

Quite opposite to the gallantry of her arrival to the chapel, Raya's offering is given without any fanfare. She gently tips her vial of water into the sparkling ewer, eyes closing as each drop of water makes its glittering descent into the greater whole. Her words are formed of soft murmurs, almost inaudible, but a few can be heard: "...or those lost, for those alone..." Once the vial is dry, she moves aside to help the other Godsworn hand out own vessels of holy water to those who require them.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Luna, the Darkwater Assistant arrive, following Carita.

Rosalie rises up from her seat, bearing two vials. The first she unstoppers and pours in, murmuring, "Rain water collected from the Archives and the Library, may Vellichor's wisdom be carried with them." Then she glances towards Ailith and offers a sheepish expression, "From Archlector Roran. He was called to the roads again but wanted to offer waters collected from the cities and shrines he'd most recently visited..." Unstoppering the second vial, she tips it forward into the ewer with a small prayer before stepping back and returning to her seat.

Though it seems like Carita has walked in late when she arrives, she walks from the doors up to Ailith (or the pool or wherever the offering is because the player IS late here!), pulling a vial from her voluminous skirts to pour in. "From the healing pools of Darkwater."

Lyle, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Kieran.

Carita has joined the By the Beautiful Altar.

Raya has left the By the Beautiful Altar.

Monique is overheard praising Ailith.

Amari is overheard praising Ailith.

Scipio is overheard praising Ailith.

Teagan is overheard praising Ailith.

Rosalie is overheard praising Ailith.

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Carita is overheard praising Ailith.

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Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, 3 House Mazetti Guardians leave, following Alessia.

Philippe is overheard praising Ailith: For a fine and respectful ceremony and her excellent service to the gods.

Kiera is overheard praising Ailith: what a gorgeous ceremony

Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, 2 House Velenosa Guards, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air arrive, following Saoirse.

Saoirse has joined the Pews.

Reigna is overheard praising Ailith: A stirring and beautiful ceremony led by one of the most beautiful souls I have ever known.

Victus is overheard praising Ailith: Beautiful.

As the offerings are given, Ilvin rises again from his seat and threads his way through the gathering. He stops for a word there, puts a hand on a shoulder there, and occasionally murmurs to one patron or another, always favouring them with one of his bright smiles.

And as the last of the congregation makes their offerings, Ailith pivots to face the altar. Her godsworn and disciples arrive at her sides and bring forth a collection of other vials. These are added as she speaks in a clear and bright tone, her eyes glistening as she takes in a settling breath. "Please accept these offerings, each thoughtfully chosen and carefully carried. These are from our Great House leaders, from their vassals, and to all of us who walk in your light who could not be present." There's a hint of a prismatic one among the bunch of vials, sigils of Valardin and Redrain, markings for the tools of the craft, sigils of the Physician's Guild, of a painter's brush -- each so purposefully made. "I add my own to be among all of your faithful -- your humble servant. My days are filled, woken by your glorious gifts, and I seek to carry your words to any in need. Please accept these waters for as your nurture us, so we nurture you."

Ailith raises her head high, beckoning upwards, and lifts the ewer high as the light of the chapel catches the crystal -- radiant as it causes the mixture of waters to glisten with the hopes and prayers by all. "We see your love. We remember your love. We share your love with the world. Thank you." Her lips move silently, a prayer born of her own heart, and faint tears appear at the edges of her eyes. "Let these voices carry your love across this world so others may hear and awaken to your wonders."

Miranda excuses herself and heads out of the chapel..

Miranda has left the Back Pews.

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Mirk makes a quiet comment and then rises to his feet as the ceremony begins to wind down. He offers a nod of his head to Aine. "I can escort you back to Halfshav Hall, if you'd like. Did you enjoy the ceremony?"

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Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, 2 House Velenosa Guards, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air leave, following Saoirse.

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