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The Great Templar Auction

The great Templar Auction, being held in the Templar compounds courtyard, is a mix of silent and live auction. Goods donated or purchased from around the compact and beyond will be available for bidding. The funds will be used to support the Templars in their duties, through the establishing of new or fortifying existing strongholds, fortresses of the faith across the lands to make it easier for the faith militant to assemble and protect the people of the faith against the dangers of the world. So join the Templars for an evening of temperance and enjoyment, pit your skills against a templar on their training grounds and help them build a better faith. A dromonde will also be up for raffle.

ooc: All items up for bid are to be found in the 1-case in the Maw. Animal Companions are following Alarissa around oocly.

Highest Bids:
Raffle: Trebuchet & Dromonde


Feb. 23, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Catriona Rosalie




Arx - Ward of the Crown - Templar Compound - Courtyard

Largesse Level


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