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The Great Templar Auction

The great Templar Auction, being held in the Templar compounds courtyard, is a mix of silent and live auction. Goods donated or purchased from around the compact and beyond will be available for bidding. The funds will be used to support the Templars in their duties, through the establishing of new or fortifying existing strongholds, fortresses of the faith across the lands to make it easier for the faith militant to assemble and protect the people of the faith against the dangers of the world. So join the Templars for an evening of temperance and enjoyment, pit your skills against a templar on their training grounds and help them build a better faith. A dromonde will also be up for raffle.

ooc: All items up for bid are to be found in the 1-case in the Maw. Animal Companions are following Alarissa around oocly.

Highest Bids:
Raffle: Trebuchet & Dromonde


Feb. 23, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Catriona Rosalie


Ailith Domonico Dianna Silvana Monique Emilia Catalana Apollo Nina Teagan Sebastian Juliana Rowenova Brigida Lucita Brianna Merek



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Templar Compound - Courtyard

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

All the fanfare about the Templar Compound has roused the majority of the godsworn from their chambers at the Rectory. In support, the godsworn mill about. Some even attempt to coerce a smile from the stoic pair of Templar guards. Disciples that arrive none too far behind notice the festivities and join in the fun. Rested in the midst of the crowds sits the lone Legate of Concepts in her resplendent formal attire. She even permitted Alarissa's attendants to fuss with her own hair, braided and spun about. Ailith enjoys watching as people arrive, then sips at her full tankard of cider and mead.

Domonico enters with Silvana, the stoic Malvici a marked contrast to the smiling Silvana.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane arrive, following Catalana.

Naturally, Sister Dianna - milling about already at the Templar Compound, makes her way to the Make A Templar Smile game - where the Lycene priestess is somewhat-skilled at the task. Passing by Ailith, Dianna pauses to smile at her, then continues on her way, confident eyes twinkling at one of the stoic Templars already.

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The compound is abuzz with noble and commoner alike, armored and not as the city filters in and out to partake in some not oft found frivolity in the Templar Compound. One normally finds sweating faith militant out here. Not children screaming with joy at getting to climb all over an actual trebuchet or adults trying their best to make a Templar smile. Alarissa moves about in the daytime affair with Maxene at her back and oversee's the placement of the pieces for auction, the cordoning off of... yes, that is a Bisland cow. A basket of wine gets many raised brows and a diamondplate sword is on display, one of Ida Ferron's creation. People place bids for the silent bidding, servants and volunteers standing watch to assist. All brocade and Aeterna, that fall of copper and turquoise that shifts and sways where a full arm would be, jingles as she eases through the crowd. "The live aucton will be starting in ten minutes! Raffles for the trebuchet and the dromonde are ongoing! Speak to Princess Catriona if you wish to take a chance on a Dromonde, and to Maxene (ooc: Alarissa) if you wish to gain tickets for the trebuchet. Silent auction closes in an hour" She calls out over the crowd, heading toward a dais and lecturn.

Food and drink comes out of the refreshment tent and though the day is crisp, it is enjoyable.

The hand of the Fidante rests on the arm of the Malvici lord, he really has no choice but to walk at her pace with that touch. Which is likely considerably slower than he is use too. "Have you seen anything you want?" she questions him and nudges Domonico towards a spot to sit.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sebastian before departing.

Dianna checked charm + seduction at difficulty 45, rolling 12 higher.

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Arriving as the festivities begin, Rosalie moves quickly through the crowds, offering fleeting smiles and quiet greetings as she winds her way through. Pausing for a moment, she glances about the crowd to get her bearings, moving towards Ailith to rest her fingertips lightly on the woman's shoulder, "Thank you for attending tonight, Legate. I hope you find something that strikes your fancy. There are a number of truly exceptional items up for bid tonight." She offers a somewhat longer and warmer smile for the Legate before offering a brief but precise curtsy and hurrying along to make sure Alarissa needs no assistance with final details before the live bidding begins.

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page ailith=Will do!

Lady Monique Greenmarch arrives on the arm of Prince Sebastian Pravus, the two battling it out for who can look the most amazing, and settling for a draw. "If I don't get to climb the trebuchet tonight," the Minx announces to the devastatingly handsome Pravus, "I will consider myself a failure in life."

Ailith nearly splutters her mead in observation of Dianna's attempts with the guards. Eyes sparkling with mirth, she shifts at the touch of a hand before noticing Rosalie. "Sister Rosalie," warmth fills her tone, "it's lovely to see you present as well. I see that you've come to assist Princess Alarissa. Was there an item that caught your eye?"

Emilia finds her way next to Ailith, both hands clasped together at her hip. The radiant, pure imagery is thwarted by a pair of pommeled hilts sticking out from her hips. "Greetings," Emilia says, inclining her head politely to Ailith. "How is your day?"

Catalana arrives without Wash, but with a nanny and a brood of children. Three in fact. The minute they enter the two older go screaming off, The little girl to take a wooden sword and to start hitting whoever's shins she makes contact with, while the little boy heads to play pin the sword on the Preston. The final child, a baby boy stays in Catalana's arms while she makes the rounds greeting those she knows before making her way to the refreshments. An iced tea taken and a hand wave to the nanny to make sure the children don't actually hurt someone.

Apollo arrives and - of course - approaches the case to see the items on display; he seems very satisfied with some pieces, and openly admires others, though he doesn't make any motions like he's going to bid - not yet. He lifts his head when Princess Alarissa speaks, and there's a smile for her, but then he turns to see if he can pick out who's who, administering things - perhaps Princess Catriona in particular.

The bard Nina is a bundle of energy as she arrives at the auction, fearless now to approach the site of the church as she sees some nobles she has seen before.

The Templars off to the side get her attention, and she skips off that direction, seeing Dianna is already there trying to work her magic. Nina is innocent, smiles and grins.

In a sort of classic Teagan fashion, the Blackram Marquessa is neither attired in anything new or flashy nor is she attended by anyone save her own guards who go off to mingle with Templar friends. This is, of course, a safe place. She drifts through the crowd at first, but ultimately surfaces near to Ailith, offering a brief smile to the Legate. "Good to see you in attendance."

"Why do you want to--" really, Sebastian should know better by now than to ask such questions, and that's probably why he fails to finish the sentence, instead giving Monique an amused look. "I might just pay to see such a thing," he muses thoughtfully, gesturing to Briar and giving her some instructions. "Shall we get a drink to pre-emptively celebrate?" the Pravus suggests.

Catriona is slow to make her way through the crowd, pausing here and there to offer quick greetings and affable smiles. Ever careful to not actually bump into a person, she hastens her steps to attend to any last minute details Alarissa may need help with.

Alarissa's hand comes to rest on rosalie's upper arm, murmuring softly to the other woman and a smile. Whatever she's asked for, it was unheard by others and as Catriona appears, whispered words again for her.

Ailith scoots along the bench and raps at the empty seats alongside. "Please, do join me," she says of Teagan and Emilia. "I admit to eagerly wonder if Grandmaster Preston will be solemnly sad to see a trebuchet be gifted away. I believe he's named each one the Templars own."

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Nodding, Rosalie smiles faintly, "I have a bid in on the prayer bead bracelet... I have gone back and forth on the pygmy goat and the Preston playset." She chuckles softly before giving a nod towards Alarissa nd promptly heading off towards where people are starting to attempt to make Templars smile to make some order from chaos! "Anyone wanting to attempt the difficult task of making one of our Templars smile, please step up and lets see what you can do!"

"Darling," Dianna's amber eyes rest upon the largest Templar she spots at the game. "I know it's hardly fair to ask you this... but, every winter, I wind up knee-deep in snow - and how can I be expected to wear the gowns I've dedicated to the gods... if they'll be ruined so easily by such dampness? I wonder..." she purrs, her gaze so smoldering and intently-sweet that the poor Templar is baited already. "Would you..." The priestess leans in and whispers something privately, to which the large Templar immediately grins. "I thought so," she smiles, batting her eyelashes languidly. "Simply speak to Preston, won't you? And - so long as you come back safely to me - you /will/ come back safely, won't you? I'll have him arrange it for us then." Slowly, that smile of Dianna's creeps up and the Templar's cheeks lightly color. "May the gods bless you and keep you... for my special request." She winks coyly and turns to smirk at Ailith.

Juliana enters, in a picture of elegance. With her dark hair arranged high on the back of her head, small curls wander down over her shoulders and red and gold silk that defies the coolness of the year. The Igniseri steps inside, her eyes sliding as if on instinct to her twin. Pause.. then away again as she makes her way towards the Darkwater Countess.

Emilia takes a seat next to Ailith and smiles. "I would find it disturbing if he didn't," the blonde says, chuckling. "Each one is very important to him. Will you play the blindfolds game later on?"

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"Well! An excellent start by the Faith's own Sister Dianna Mazetti! I'm not sure what she said is repeatable in front of the kid," Rosalie looks towards the pygmy goat and grins briefly, "but its certainly earned her a prize! Thank you, Sister!"

"Mmn," Dianna shakes her head faintly at Rosalie and murmurs something.

Monique laughs softly to Sebastian's ability to know her so well, and she nods her crimson head to his suggestion. "We absolutely shall, Your Highness. Is there anything tonight you've got your eye on particularly?" she asks him, guiding him towards the trebuchet for inspection of footholds and handholds.

Nina checked wits + performance at difficulty 45, rolling 26 higher.

Dianna mutters, "/Former/ Mazetti; I ... now ..."

Ailith is overheard praising Dianna.

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Ailith sputters into her tankard of cider and mead. Someone breathed in the wrong way. And as her fist gently pounds at her chest, she spies the successful attempt by Dianna. Her fingers rap against her tankard to celebrate. "Good try, Sister Dianna. Sister Emilia was eying the blindfold game. Will you be trying your luck?"

Catalana takes her drink and the smallest of the Kennex brood over to the tables Ailith and Teagan are sitting at, "May I join you?" She looks towards the children. No tears yet. All good.

A glass front display case is now unlocked.

Alarissa drops A wine rack with a variety of bottles.

Nina looks a bit pink-cheeked herself at Sister Dianna's strong entry into the contest. And then she looks over and sees a Templar smiling too, while trying not to. Nina is quite impressed.

She feels as if she should give this a go herself, and walks over to another tall Templar standing in formation.

Then she tilts her head all the way sideways at a Templar, and bats her eyes at him quite too much. He does not so much as blink back at her.

"A templar with clerical powers,
Could stay standing stoic for hours!
But it shouldn't be hard,
For a cleverer bard,
To frustrate his stiff-standing glowers."

This probably wouldn't have even worked if Nina had not looked directly just below the belt during the last line, spoke 'stiff' with a little flick of her tongue, bent over just a bit too much... then peeked up at him with another bat of her eyes.

And then he smiles back at her. And she smiles at him. Squinting a bit.

Dianna checked composure + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Apollo murmurs something to one of the very helpful and swift attendants - there are always some about, aren't there? - who turns gestures toward Alarissa and Catriona. He smiles his thanks, then approaches, quietly. "Your highness," Apollo greets them both. "Is there yet time to purchase a ticket for the dromond raffle? And - is it terribly gauche to do it on a lark?"

Sebastian's head half-turns, sky-blue gaze seeking out its likeness in the crowd, his smile brightening as his gaze settles briefly on his twin. He watches for a moment before she disappears into the crowd. He manages to get the attention of a passing server with a variety of glasses, acquiring whiskey for Monique, and a glass of something dark red for himself. It seems to be a prop, mostly: he regards the trebuchet with an amusement that suggests he might well be imagining Monique climbing it in her current outfit. "Nothing specific," he murmurs, "Although I'm always partial to wines, of course."

Ailith calls out a bid of -- "40,000 silver for the wine rack."

A quick nod and quirky wink is given to Alarissa before Catriona lets her voice drift over the area, "Come take your chances at pinning the crusader. I hear they don't even flinch." Surely nothing more than a jest as the woman makes her way over to the proper area for pinning, a bounce in her step as she goes.

Alarissa's on the dais, all that copper and turquoise gleams against the white. "Thank you for coming down and participating, whether you are bidding or not. As we work to see the Templars to realize something that was more prevalent from days of old, it requires deep pockets, the agreements from other houses and a willingness to work with the faith. The Templar Fortresses, meant to be raised in each region will assisst the Templars in being able to more quickly assist houses in need during our trying times that are sure to come. And so, I declare the bidding open on this event.

Templars brought out the wine rack with great care. "Eleven bottles come with this, as you can see. Some wine, some not. From all across the compact. And from other lands. Cardia has donated a bottle, so kindly, to the collection. Bidding will start a-" And Ailith calls out and Alarissa smiles. "Forty thousand."

Teagan looks sidelong at Ailith and smirks, following: "50,000."

Pulling a smile out of somewhere, Dianna turns towards Ailith and nods gratefully, the steps with measured, elegant steps to find a drink.

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Monique gives Ailith a stare that could wither lesser mortals, but of course, not Ailith. Still, it's very withering. "One million silver." There's an air of MINE in her words.

Nova wows quietly after Monique's bid.

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"Fifty thousand from Teagan Blackram" Alarissa pauses. "And a million from Monique Greenmarhc." Alarissa points toward the red haired woman. "Do I hear higher? A great many of these bottles are one of a kind, in no other collection."

Emilia stares at Monique. If her gaze didn't wither lesser mortals, that call out surely withered the blonde templar.

Ailith stares at Monique and Teagan -- "Alas, it is a fine rack of wines. I had thought to freshen my collection for guests. One million silver is very generous, Lady Monique. Is it the Pink Harvest that caught your eye? Or a certain red?" She teases and sits back to sip her cider, overly happy to concede to the Lady of Greenmarch.

Juliana stops not beside Catriona, leaning in to press a kiss to her cheek and a whisper before ducking back into the ground this time heading for Catalana and the children.

Ailith twitches her nose. "On second thought, Lady Monique. It's far too irresistable of a collection -- even one that I'd share with His Majesty. One million and two hundred thousand silver."

Sebastian looks both unsurprised and kind of amused at Monique's high bid.

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Slack-jawed, Emilia stares at Ailith next. An unvoiced 'What?' lingers there, frozen in wild eyes and mute tongue.

It's a good thing Ailith has the favor of the Gods on her side, because the look Monique gives her is promising retribution. Her brows loft along with it, and she returns fire. "One million, five hundred thousand silver."

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"And the Legate raises." Alarissa points to Ailith, then to Monique. "One million five hundred. Legate? Anyone else?" Alarissa inquires with a smile

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Ailith drums her fingers against the tankard. "Only that high, Lady Monique? Surely the minx can play more? Or were my sources wrong about your intrigues?" She chuckles and motions at Alarissa. "One million seven hundred."

Domonico shakes his head as he listens to the amounts being bid over a wine rack.

Emilia plants her jaw in the palm of her hand and just watches. Expectations went out the window two bids ago.

Does Monique sputter? Gasp? Pluck out a dagger and lunge at Ailith with the fury of a million burning suns? No. She smiles. It's a slow-dawning smile. One of appreciation. One who has met a worthy foe. "Let it not be said," she drawls, soft laughter in her tone, "that the Minx of the Marches was ever caught. Fine. Two million silver. Will that suffice, Shield of the Faith?"

Alarissa looks between the two as they bid, a well curated brow inching up.

Giving Juliana a warm smiles as they pass by one another, Catronia positions herself just near the intimidating representation of Preston. Her lips quirk in a humored grin before turning to assess those before her.

Ailith sucks in a breath and raises her tankard in a toast to Monique. "Agreed, Lady Monique. I concede. May your winnings bring you and yours prosperity."

Lifting a glass of whiskey to Monique from the Refreshment Tent, Dianna smiles with pure amusement. "Brava, my lady," the Lycene priestess congratulates the winner, exiting the tent and sauntering - with a full glass in one hand and a half-filled bottle of whiskey in the other - to the table where Ailith sits.

Emilia blinks. She raises both palms as if about to applaud, but then just stares in confusion. "I am not sure if I should applaud. Honestly, that was more tense for me than the Silent War."

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With Ailith backing out, Alarissa takes a deep breath, a glance to the wine cabinet then back to the crowd. "A bid of two million silver going once... twice... three times.." Alarissa waits to see if anyone will interject.

From the Minx's side, there's a low, amused chuckle from the Pravus prince. "Well done," Sebastian says, with a lift of glass towards Ailith, in salute, and then to Monique, leaning in to murmur something quietly to her.

Monique, too, waits to see if anyone will interject. Glowering.

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Apollo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig, a lively Ostrian gelding arrive, following Brigida.

Brigida stomps in, clacking her staff! "TWO AND A HALF MILLION!"

Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

"Two and a half from the blessed." Alarissa looks to the older woman who comes in, and then to the glaring monique.

Ailith is overheard praising Brigida.

Teagan is overheard praising Brigida.

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Ailith applauds in the manner that respectfully acknowledges the suitably sound Blessed Brigida's bid -- clap, clap, tap.

"Goodness, how does the Faith afford to pay their fold so much!" Monique makes her reply, shaking her crimson head, clearly piqued. "Two and three quarters of a million," the Minx counters then, the stubborn set of her brow a telling indication.

'Two and three quarters from the Minx." Alarissa looks to Brigida. "Would you care to counter higher Blessed?"

Ailith cheerfully responds to Monique, "Blessed Brigida saw through the Good Harvests of the year. What one plants in spring blooms to prosperity in fall."

Brigida seems a little out of breath from racing from whereever she has come from and leans against her staff before patting her Disciple on the shoulder, "What was I bidding on again?" Before Keski even answers the Iron Thorn of Arx gives the Minx of the Marches baleful glareand she clucks her tongue once... still staring at Monique.

Brigida checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving arrives, delivering a message to Sebastian before departing.

Monique checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Monique stares back at Brigida, but there's something decidedly warm in her gaze.

"A basket of rare wines and alcohols from all over the world, Archlector," Rosalie offers helpfully from by the 'Make a Templar Smile' game.

"Two million, three quarters from the Minx, going once.... twice... three times..." Alarissa looks to Brigida.

Sebastian's regarding Brigida with no small amount of respect, and interest, particularly -- when she takes on Monique with a steely look. Slipping him a note, his assistant murmurs to him, and he gives a quiet laugh, hopefully not disrupting the intense staring match that's happening.

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There is a whisper from her Disciple and then Brigida mqkes her way towards Monique slowly. Clack. Clack. Clack. Goes the staff on the floor as the Archlector of Petrichor gets closer. "Hmmm..." She lifts a hand and....

2 Halfshav skilled veteran guards, Domino arrive, following Brianna.

Lucita quietly comes into the compound, pausing along the way to a seat to listen to some of the bidding and comments. The corners of her mouth upturn in a decidedly amused curve.

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...points to Alarissa, "Monique is the winner. Do it."

Ailith is overheard praising Monique.

Monique remains exactly where she is, exuding charm, her emerald eyes focused on Brigida and the staff in equal measure. Maybe especially the staff. Especially when Brigida proclaims her the winner. Is this a trap? If it is, the Minx is a willing victim, that much is clear.

4"Sold to the Minx of the Greenmarch" Alarissa declares when Brigida concedes. "Congratulations Monique, may you enjoy every bottle in there. I have no doubt that delightful times rest ahead." And that bid is closed. "If expensive. Gracious."

"Next up is a perrenial favourite. Daisy is a... exuberant pygmy goat from the Keaton farms. She already has developed a taste for Kennex hems, and eel. She is sure to bring much delight to many. I open the bidding to the floor." Alarissa looks over to where the small goat, that excitable goat is struggling in the arms of it's escort and it does, plopping to the ground, but a leash keeps the little bleating goat from wandering around.

Monique is overheard praising Brigida: When's our wedding?

Ailith applauds the pair, Brigida and Monique. "Well done, you two. And Lady Monique," she clucks jokingly, "our dear Blessed is quite married to her faith. I daresay she may bid on the goat as a consulation prize." A pause and she opens the floor to, "10,000 silver."

Catalana immediately lifts her hand "50,000. I must gift it to Aethan after that dinner."

This time, Sebastian lifts his glass to Brigida first, then Monique. He chuckles under his breath. "60,000 for the goat," is offered, shortly after Catalana, with a nod in the Kennex's direction.

'Ten from the Legate, fifty from Catalana. Yes, she did enjoy that dinner of his hems." Sebastian is up "Sixty from the Pravus Prince."

Brianna is perhaps a little more than fashionably late, but she slips in, finding a glass of something pleasant and watching the bidding.

Catalana squints at Sebastian and instantly counters, 'Seventy."

"Light and stars, you want a /goat/, your highness?" Dianna asks Sebastian, startled. "Whatever /for/?"

Monique is beyond pleased with herself, it's entirely clear. And more than a little besotted with Brigida. Though she looks aside as Sebastian starts bidding for the goat, and squints.

With a spread of hands, Sebastian seems to acknowledge the speed of her counter, his steady gaze regarding Catalana for a long moment. "Not for myself," he answers Dianna. "Eighty."

Brigida gives Monique a pat on the cheek and a warm smile before she hears the bleating and turns to see the goat and shuffles off towards the little goat. "Why hello there. How are you? You are the most gorgeous little goat aren't you? Aren't you?" she says as she fusses it, seemingly ignoring the bidding going on.

Juliana raises her voice "Bas, did you forget that after the cow, Belladonna has a decree no livestock in the house?

Mr. Hops arrives, following Jules.

Catriona checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Catalana immediately lifts her bid again "Ninety."

Brianna lifts her bid. "One hundred thousand." Apparently, the Halfshav lady has decided that the very thing her household needs is a goat.

Catalana promises Sebastian, with a crooked grin and some big ol' puppy dog eyes. 'You're welcome to come join the chaos a pant eating goat will create at the kay."

Enjoying a failed attempt - and a bit of laughter - with Catriona, helping with her own turn at the pin-the-Templar game, Apollo turns to see the goat, there, and smiles. Apparently he's fond of them?

"I remember quite well," Sebastian answers Juliana with a smile. "But Lady Catalana seems determined." He looks consideringly at her -- when Brianna jumps in. His hands spread, as if to invite them to battle it out, seemingly conceding.

Alarissa points to each person as the bids go up and up and up. "One hundred thousand from Brianna." Alarissa gesture to the Halfshav.

Juliana narrows her eyes at her brother. "If you win and send that beast to my children.. I will have it BarBQed just like the cow."

Mr. Hops leaves, following Jules.

Rowenova says, "That's my Halfshav!"

Catalana immediately squints at Brianna. She hands the baby over to Juliana. This is serious bidding now. "One hundred and thirty."

Juliana takes the baby and stands, so she can better stare at her twin. There are threats there in those blue eyes.

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"One thirty from Catalana." Alarissa looks to Brianna, even as the goat is nibbling at Brigida's fingers.

"I doubt that," Sebastian counters to Juliana. "You kept that... what was it? Turkey? Pheasant? For far longer than you should have, Jules," he states, gaze flicking to Catalana as she counters Brianna's bid.

Teagan is overheard praising Alarissa: For such grace in handling these shenanigans.

Brianna sucks air through her teeth. The goat /is/ adorable. "One hundred and forty."

Her own attempt is much worse than either gaming occupant could have imagined. Sticking not the wooden Templar but in fact the more fleshy one she had, ironically, been sent to save

Catalana groans and runs a hand over her face. Still, up she goes, "One fifty." She tries to bargain with Brianna while laughing. "This goat has a taste of Duke Aethan's pants. Imagine his surprise and delight when he wakes up tomorrow and finds a goat in his office."

Monique gets A wine rack with a variety of bottles.

Jules pats the baby's back, laying the child against her shoulder as she arches a brow at her brother. "Peacock who was from Karadoc.. which you know perfectly well, Sebastian."

"One hundred and fifty thoughsand from Catalana, for the goat with expensive tastes." Alarissa looks to Brianna. Even as that goat prances about on it's leash around Brigida, leaning down to nibble at her hem and bleat.

Teagan seems more amused in Brigida's attention to the goat than the bidding, but she does call out: "Lady Brianna, if you're trying to procure a goat for your cousin, we could talk about getting him a fainting goat from Blackram."

"Anything to make a duke's day a little more surreal," Brianna, the daughter of a duke, replies, conceding gracefully. She cants her head at Teagan. "I wasn't planning on burdening Arik with a goat, but now that you mention it, that is a fantastic idea. Let's talk later."

Nearly-finished bottle of whiskey in one hand and a nearly-finished glass in the other, Dianna meanders with unhurried grace towards through the crowd to the exit. She pauses by her assistant, Trini, watching the room as the auction carries forth, then drinks the rest from her glass and hands both glass and bottle to her assistant, who rids herself of both in a discreet way and follows the priestess out of the Templar Compound.

Trini Albricci, an attractive young Lycene woman leaves, following Dianna.

Brigida giggles at the goat's antics and takes the leash off whoever is holding it and beginning to walk it... wait... towards the exit?

Rowenova says, "160000"

After Brianna's joke about Arik, Nova pipes up with her own bid there.

'Going once, twice, three times...." Alarissa nods to Brianna and looks to Catalana. But there's Rowenova, "One sixty from Rowe-" Alarissa trails off at Rowenova's bid as Brigida seems to take the leash and is leaving.... with the goat? Alarissa looks to Ailith with a worried look.

Catalana gasps with almost joy, but then there's Rowenova and she groans and shouts out again, 'Two hundred thousand!"

When Nova pipes up, Brianna laughs so hard she almost chokes on her wine.

Juliana blows a kiss towards her twin then sits back down at the table she was sitting before.

Alarissa motions for Teagan to come over and murmurs to the woman.

A wolfish grin comes from the Halfshav servant there.

"Someone get that goat!" Sebastian calls out, not that he's trying. He's just... watching with great amusement.

Emilia watches Brigida walk off with the goat and raises a hand. "Two fifty thousand."

Nova lets out a humored grunt! "I'm out!"

Teagan murmurs to her table as she's called over by Alarissa, stepping away to approach the Thrax princess. There's a slight pull of a grin to her features as she listens to what's said, but she gives a nod. Then clears her throat. Or is that a laugh? She says something in reply.

Catalana flails her hands as Emilia enters the ring. two-fifty?! Catalana does some quick maths in her head. "Three hundred."

'Two hundred and fifty thousand from Dame Emilia... blessed Brigida....seems to have walked off with the Keaton goat, but Blackram has offered a golden fainter to the winner in lieu of... this... situation." Alarissa looks puzzled. 'So... two fifty for a golden fainter..." Alarissa looks to Catalana. 'Three hundred for a golden fainter...."

"Four hundred," Emilia says, glaring at Catalana. "Blessed Brigida is walking off with that goat. Don't invest in a losing fight."

Apollo has left the Pin The Crusader On Preston Game Area.

Catalana pauses and looks deflated "Oh. I just want the goat that will eat Aethan's pants." At Emilia's bid, Cat dips her head. "You can win. It's not so funny if it won't eat his pants."

"They're great with children," Teagan says after giving Alarissa a small nod as she makes her way back to her seat. "Or... children are great with them. I think." Look, she has no kids. She's assuming. As she sits back down, she scoffs at Catalana. "All goats will eat pants. And books. And shoes. And..."

Emilia nods respectfully. "Good choice," she says.

As he's wandering over to have a seat, Apollo offers to Catalana, "Oh, any goat will likely eat any pants they can get. And anything else as well."

'Four hundred to Dame Emilia... going once... twice... three times...." Alarissa looks to confirm. "And sold to Dame Emilia."

"And next, fresh from the forge of the faith's smith, Felix Meadson, is a diamondplate hairpin. A communing of minds between Dame Emilia and Brother Felix. One such that I had great sorrow and pangs in my heart in placing it up for auction. Bidding will start now." A servant brings the small daggered hair pin from the case to show off.

Brigida's progress is slow as the goat pauses to try and nibble at her robes and everyone elses as well but the venerable Archlector seems quite happy with the little fella indeed. "You will be wonderful to help maintain the Shrine. Won't you? Oh yes you will."


Alarissa takes a diamondplate hairpin of thirteen swords from A glass front display case.

Alarissa drops a diamondplate hairpin of thirteen swords.

Ailith twtiches. THE HAIRPINS. TWITCH. Her eyes go to them.

Lucita watches the bids and coming and going with amusement. She glances back at the next item that is up for bidding.

Ailith applauds emilia absently. "Glad that our Blessed Brigida will have a dutiful goat for company."

Catalana defeated reaches back for her baby, 'Yes. But it's not as funny when it's a new goat. There's history there. History!" She sits with a dramatic swish of her gown before laughing with the group she's sitting with

Nina looks at the hairpins with a little bit of quiet reserve. She does love them. They are so beautiful. But she knows she cannot afford such an item with so many rich people here. She wonders who they will go to, but her eyes sparkle as she examines the item from afar.

Emilia smiles and then sees the hairpins, and then notices Ailith's twitch. The blonde gulps and sits down.

Teagan takes a sip of her whiskey, ponders, and calls out: "40,000."

Rowenova says, "20000"

Rowenova says, "or 45000"

Apollo has joined the Round tables for sitting.

Lucita says, "Oh, what lovely hairpins! I'll bid 50,000"

As the bids fly in for the hairpins, Alarissa's right arm lifts and she gestures to each so they're acknowledged. "Fifty thousand from Lucita"

Sebastian's attention is distracted, understandably, because he's watching Brigida's departure with the goat with no small amount of pleasure. "Well worth that price," he murmurs, quietly to Monique. When the next item is put up for sale, his eyes track it with interest. "One-hundred-thousand," he puts in, with a nod towards Lucita.

"One hundred from Prince Pravus" Alarissa calls out

Alarissa takes a Grandmaster Preston plushie from A glass front display case.

Ailith bites her thumb. Yes, the biting of the thumb. Her eyes dart between the bidders as her breath is drawn inward. Hard swallow. "It reminds me of the blades at the parish," she whispers in awe, dipping her head toward Emilia.

Rowenova says, "110000"

Rosalie says, "One hundred fifty thousand," Rosalie calls out from where she stands, offering a faint smile."

Lucita looks toward Sebastian and Nova, catches her lip between her teeth, thinks hard then says. "One hundred and fifteen thousand."

'One ten from the scout, one fifteen from Lucita, one fifty from Sister Rosalie" Alarissa calls out.

Sebastian's smile widens as he glances from one bidder to the next. "A hundred and seventy-five," he calls out.

"I bow to His Higness' determination," Rosalie responds with a nod towards Sebastian.

Lucita makes a gentle waving gesture with her fingers toward Sebastian, yielding the bidding to him.

Nova seems to do the same that Lucita does, but less gracefully.

"The hairpins are going once, twice, three times to Prince Sebastian" Alarissa looks to see if anyone else is bidding and Alarissa's eyes land on Ailith and the quiet murmuring. "Two hundred thousand, from the Legate."

Ailith meeps.

"I thank my lady for her gracious description of my disposition," Sebastian returns to Rosalie with a nod, mouth twitching. His gaze shifts to Lucita, and then Rowenova, as if to invite them to outbid him. Alarissa's addition makes his brows leap, perhaps because he didn't hear the bid. He regards Ailith for a moment.

Brigida peeks her head up from fussing Daisy... and apparently feeding her some flowers from a satchel, "What are they bidding on now?"

Ailith tries to wrap her mind around the words she is about to utter and she smiles gently at Sebastian.

'Two hundred thousand, going once, twice, three times..." Alarissa looks to see if there will be any other last second bids before she closes it. 'Two hundred thousand, sold to the Legate."

"Now up we have a one of a kind, including replica crusader, trebuchet and horse is a Grandmaster Preston stuffed doll. No other has been made. It has been held by the Grandmaster himself and he approves of the detail. A unqiue collectors item." And a servant brings out the plushie as the hairpin is removed, for all to see.

Ailith meeps!

"Forty thousand. It needs to sit in his office," Rosalie calls out with a grin.

"The Legate's voice is soft," Sebastian says, after a moment, with a flicker of glance to Alarissa, mouth twitching. "But having recently won the favor of the Faith, I have no wish to contest and item clearly desired by one." He nods to Ailith.

Teagan casts a look to Ailith, murmuring with the Legate, before speaking up: "45,000."

Catalana has left the Round tables for sitting.

2 Kennex corsairs have been dismissed.

Jane have been dismissed.

Merek makes a way into the courtyard to watch, while he looks about, his red and black longcoat adjusted about him with a smile.

Catriona lends her attention to the ongoing bids, watching the bustling activity through the courtyard.

Ailith clears her throat, "The Grandmaster could use the embarassment that the doll went for a higher price. Um. Raise that bid by 20,000, please."

"Forty five thousand for the Grandmaster plushie" Alarissa calls out. "Sixty five from the Legate." Alarissa looks for confirmation.

Nova points out, "It looks like one of the late Guildmistresses designs, too."

Rowenova says, "70 grand."

Catalana has joined the Round tables for sitting.

Teagan tsks quietly, "80,000. The trebuchet is vital for... reasons."

"Eighty thousand for the Grandmaster." Rosalie responds with an expression that suggests she's fighting a bout of laughter.

Rowenova says, "85 thousand."

Rowenova says, "I always wanted a siege weapon."

"Seventy" Then another bid. "Eighty" then another "Eighty five from the Scout." Alarissa calls out.

"One hundred thousand," Rosalie responds.

After all that, Nova lets out a little phew and sits back. Nodding over toward Rosalie.

Teagan groans quietly, mumbling something to herself, but then adds: "120,000."

"One hundred thirty thousand," Rosalie chews lightly on her lower lip, then nods.

"One hundred and twenty." Then another bid. 'One hundred and thirty from Sister Rosalie." Alarissa calls out.

Alarissa takes a diamondplate hairpin of thirteen swords.

Sirra, a very quiet maid, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Alessia.

Teagan is briefly distracted and almost loses track of the bidding as she talks quietly to Ailith, but she does get in: "140,000."

Rosalie glances towards Teagan, then back to Alarissa and nods, "150,00."

"Do you wish to counter Marquessa?" Alarissa asks Teagan.

Sirra, a very quiet maid, 3 House Mazetti Guardians leave, following Alessia.

Teagan considers for a moment, taking a deep breath. She finally gestures to Rosalie. "I shall be left longing for my own tiny toy trebuchet it would seem."

"The final bid is one hundred and fifty to Sister Rosalie in... three, two, one..." Alarissa looks around to make sure then closes it. "A Preston plushie for one hundred and fifty."

"Here we have... something special. It's a Kite, a hunting bird from the Cloudspine, donated by the Marquessa Blackram. It's name is Tracker and is sure to provide countless hours of expertise hunting. Trained by the Blackrams as well. Bidding is now open for Tracker"

Rowenova says, "45000"

Alarissa takes a double-breasted mammoth fur jacket from A glass front display case.

Juliana rolls her eyes "Last thing I need is for Luis to realize he can shoot food across the table."

'Forty five thousand from Scout Rowenova."

Emilia raises a hand... then lowers it. Then raises it again. Make up your mind damnit. "Fifty thousand!" She finally calls out.

Apollo watches the proceedings, considering the kite but not pursuing it; with a bit of thought, he glances up to hail a page, murmur a few words, send them up toward her highness, running the auction.

After a momentary glance over toward Emilia, Nova gives a deferring wave to her, and then sits back.

'Fifty thousand from Dame Emilia. Going once, twice, three times..."Alarissa looks around.

Emilia's eyes light up as she looks at Rowenova and there's eternal gratitude there. It even looks like the blonde might jump up and hug her too. But she doesn't. Unfortunately?

Alarissa takes a velvet gift bag embroided with the leaning coins of Gild from A glass front display case.

Alarissa takes and when she fell the stars themselves cried out from a velvet gift bag embroided with the leaning coins of Gild.

Nova smiles encouragingly to Emilia, and she would probably have loved getting hug pounced, but she /does/ have this neck bandage, so that might have made things a bit problematic.

Alarissa puts a velvet gift bag embroided with the leaning coins of Gild in A glass front display case.

And when no one else lifts a hand or calls out or whispers, Alarissa lift her own hand. "And to Dame Emilia, Tracker. May you enjoy her or his hunting skills hmm?"

"Apollo Oakheart and Lady Arcadia Stahlban together have created this next masterpiece. A mammoth fur greatcoat. Because what's one of my auctions without such a thing. Master Apollo wishes it known that whomever wins it, will be able to bring it to him to have it fitted to your precise measurements to ensure you are not disappointed." Alarisa gestures to the jacket as the bird is walked away and the jacket is brought out to be oogled.

Rowenova says, "45000!"

Teagan drums her fingers on the table briefly. "Were my brother here, he'd be bidding, so... 50,000."

"Sorry, Nova. Eighty thousand." Brianna pipes up

Nova sits back up from having lounged after an Apollo coat is brought up. 85000!"

Brianna counters, "One hundred."

Rowenova says, "105000!"

Catalana looks to the coat and shouts out "One-ten."

"Forty five" Alarissa points to Rowenova, "Fifty" To Teagan. "Eighty from Brianna." The bidding is furious. "Eighty five, One hundred, one hundred and five" And there's Catalana again "One hundred and ten!"

Rowenova says, "115000!"

Brianna puts her hands on her hips, stubbornly. "One-fifty"

Teagan has a hard time keeping up with these bids. She shakes her head slightly, then: "200,000."

After bidding against her Halfshav, Nova finally relents at that 150 mark.

Brianna raises an eyebrow at the Blackram. "Two-thirteen."

Two bids of one fifty are trumped by Teagan's two hundred and Alarissa looks to the furuous bidding.

Teagan does not seem bothered by the return bid. "220,000." She picks up her whiskey and downs the rest of the cup. She's drank with Halfshavs before. She knows how this can go.

Brianna looks almost offended, then grins. "Two-forty."

Teagan refills her cup, looking thoughtful. Maybe about to give in. Mmmmmmmmaybe. Possibly. "250,000." Not yet.

Catalana decides to add a little flavor and pipes up, "Two-sixty."

Alarissa keeps pointing to the those who are bidding as they list their price.

Looking between Catalana and Teagan, Brianna makes a small humming sound. "Two-seventy-five," she declares finally.

Teagan lifts her hands in concession, leaving it to Brianna. Or maybe Catalana to keep the bidding going!

Sebastian murmurs something quietly to Monique before slipping out.

2 Pravosi Honor Guard, Intruder, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Sebastian.

Alarissa looks to Catalana to see if she'll be bidding higher."

Catalana shakes her head and defers to Brianna, "Seems fitting it goes to a northerner."

"Bidding closes in three, two, one..." Alarissa looks around.

Alarissa drops and when she fell the stars themselves cried out.

"And sold, to the Lady Brianna" Alarissa gestures to Brianna then turns to the next item.

"Crafted from the lovely Jeweler Ephrath of the Brazen Serpent" Alarissa gestures to the necklace that's brought out. "A necklace of great beauty. I picked it up in the shop strictly for this auction." Alarissa lifts her hand. "Bidding starts now"

Rowenova says, "That's my Halfshav!"

Nova merrily applauds Brianna.

Rowenova says, "20000!"

Merek says, "50,000 silver!"

Rowenova says, "55000 Silver!"

Merek says, "80,000 silver!"

Nova finally relents at that 80k price.

"Eighty thousand from Guardsman Black." Alarissa calls out the highest bid.

Merek gets 30 silver from a belt made with black leather, and small compartments.

Merek gets 3 silver from a belt made with black leather, and small compartments.

"And for eighty thousand, to merek Black goes the necklace." Alarissa calls out, closing that bidding.

"Anyone who drinks milk knows that a Bisland dairy cow is the best cow for such a thing. Lord Michael Bisland himself, brought this lovely creature from their lands, to the city. Mind you, apparently, cows don't just give you milk, there's some drama that unfolds to get actual milk -but- this is Sunflower..." And a servant brings in a cow from a corner pen in the yard where attention was lavished on her. 'And she is up for bid as of now!"

Rowenova says, "20000!"

Alarissa takes Triptych- The Queen's Triumph from A glass front display case.

Brianna looks at the cow and can't help herself. "Fifty thousand."

After Brianna's bid, Nova ultimately defers.

"Sixty thousand," Rosalie calls out with a smile.

Brianna counters with, "Seventy-five."

Catalana discreetly excuses herself when the baby begins to cry. She attempts to round up the other children, but gives up, leaving the nanny to deal with them.

Catalana has left the Round tables for sitting.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane leave, following Catalana.

"Eighty thousand," Rosalie calls back.

Juliana has left the Round tables for sitting.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving leaves, following Juliana.

"One hundred... cowsand," Brianna bids, regretting the pun as soon as it leaves her mouth.

Apollo laughs in spite of himself.

Nova lets out a Northern laugh, right there along with Apollo!

"One hundred and a -calf- thousand," Rosalie comes back just as fast.

Clearing her throat, she adds, "One hundred fifty for the non-economically minded..."

Brianna sniffs. "I veally will come to regret this, but one seventy five."

Nova almost falls out of her seat. Thankfully, she does not do this, as she laughs aloud.

Alarissa looks back and forth at the fast bidding.

"And one hundred and seventy five, going once, twice, three times..." Alarissa looks around for any other bidders and when there's none, gesture to Brianna. "Lady Brianna, for the Bisland cow Sunflower. May her milk be ever sweet and delicious and envied by all oathlanders. You are bound to get all the oathland Templars lining up regardless of faith, for a cup." Alarissa smiles and with that, the cow is led back to it's pen as with great care, a relic is brought out.

"Mistress Perronne is ever generous and brought to me this particular piece. Preserved as it is, cleaned up, along with a recitation of it's history with it as she was able to track down. A gift to Alarice the great, who then gifted it to another house and it had been lost to time but then found again. Bidding starts now."

Alarissa drops Triptych- The Queen's Triumph.

Alarissa takes and when she fell the stars themselves cried out.

Brianna looks around, surprised no one is bidding on a piece of history. "Thirty thousand."

Merek chuckles.

After Nova studies, she almost pipes up, but if it ends up with a Halfshav in the Hall, she will be sure to see it there, and so she settles back for now.

Apollo pipes up from the tables. "One hundred thousand silver."

Emilia blinks at the three-panel painting. "Such a profound painting..." Emilia whispers, barely above a whisper. "So sinister and sad..."

"It is an interesting piece." alarissa agree's. "One hundred from Master Apollo Oakwood"

Brianna bows out. "It's gorgeous, but I'm not entirely sold on the provenance. Have at it!"

Teagan considers the Triptych, thoughtful. "120,000."

Apollo's chin lifts. "One-fifty."

Rowenova says, "155 thousand."

Ailith considers, "200."

Apollo lifts a hand to signal that he is out of bidding.

"Highest bid, two hundred to Ailith." Alarissa looks to see if there's any other bidding.

At that point, Nova defers to Ailith.

Alarissa takes A carved ivory horn of the Northlands from A glass front display case.

Alarissa takes Triptych- The Queen's Triumph.

Brianna applauds for the Legate!

Teagan glances sidelong to Ailith before dipping her head to her. She gestures; also relinquishing the bidding.

Rowenova says, "Congrats, Legate."

Alarissa drops A carved ivory horn of the Northlands.

"two hundred thousand, to the Legate." Alarissa looks to the woman in question. "Ending in three, two, one..." And no other objections, everyone relinquishing to the legate, she gestures. 'To the Legate, sold."

Alarissa looks to the servant who brings out the ivory horn. "Carved from a mammoth's tusk, the tip of it at least and just a fraction of the whole, this is a working horn. Whetheryou carry it into battle, or it sits on display, it's a piece of the creature felled on a trip up north and the tusk donated by the Marquess Arcadia Stahlban. Bidding starts now"

Nova seems interested once more, "I could use that out on the battle field: 20000!"

Teagan glances towards Rowenova and then back to the bidding, considering the horn. "40,000."

Rowenova says, "45000"

Apollo slips up from his table, beckoned by his guard come to fetch him, and heads out.

Nina is tempted to bid on the item because it's an instrument, but she's already spent quite a bit. So she raises a hand but then hesitates. "Hm, if I played the horn..." But then there's a bigger bid, and she's definitely out.

Apollo has left the Round tables for sitting.

Teagan starts to say something to Apollo to wish him well, but ah- he's gone. "50,000," she counters, instead.

Nova again counters, "55000."

Teagan gives a sigh and looks to her cup. "Ah, I should just go try pinning Crusader," she decides, getting to her feet. This, it'd seem, is her way of ducking out of the bidding. She gathers up cup and whiskey bottle, slipping away towards that game.

Teagan has left the Round tables for sitting.

Teagan has joined the Pin The Crusader On Preston Game Area.

Alarissa takes A carved ivory horn of the Northlands.

Nova seemed nervous but then brightens up after the duck out of Teagan and then looks to the fore once more.

"Fifty five thousand." Alarissa takes that bid from Rowenova when Tegan concedes, and nods 'Going in three, two, one..." and with that done, Alarissa gestures for it to be taken away and the last piece in the auction.

"Rarest of all things tonight. a singular bolt of spidersilk. The culmination of a project by the Archduchess Regent, and donated by the Corestina's. Very few of these available and one here tonight. Bidding starts now."

Rowenova says, "20000"

Alarissa looks to a messenger that arrives. "A bid of one hundred thousand from Swift Grayhope"

Merek says, "200,000 silver."

"Merek at Two hundred" Alarissa takes another messenger. "Swift Grayhope at three hundred"

Merek seems to think about it a moment, and nods a bit. It looks like he can't or won't try to outbid it at that level. He settles back to watch.

Teagan is out of the bidding for now. Instead, she's being setup (after a good drink of whiskey to settle any performance nerves) to try to play the game. Blindfolded and given something just pointy enough. Because this can't go wrong.

Merek is out and alarissa looks around to see if anyone else will be bidding.

Lucita simply shakes her head as the biding goes so very high already. She quietly listens to the ongoing auction.

"Three hundred..." Emilia nods. "Alaricite goes at that price. I was sure spidersilk would be worth more."

Teagan checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 13 lower.

"Three hundred thousand, going once, twice, three times..." Alarissa gives a quick look before turning to the servant to have them send a messengers. "Swift Grayhope wins, for three hundred thousand." Alarissa smiles, regarding the throng gathered both there, and others participating. "The templars thank you for your generosity, items will be delivered once payment has been made. You have done much collectively to help secure the future of the compact and the faith militants ability to assist your houses in your times of need, in a more timely manner. That's all for this year." Alarissa smiles and with that, steps down to start minging.

Nina is overheard praising Ailith.

Merek stands with a little clap for winners, then he pulls his weave scarf on while making his way to the door, his longcoat shifted a bit, then he's on his way to the bank!

Monique is overheard praising Alarissa.

Emilia does applaud this time, even rises out of her seat. She nods at Alarissa's words and says. "I am sure all the faith militant, templars and godsworn hold you in the highest esteem. Thank you."

Teagan would have, after being spun around, just wandered back into the crowd rather than toward the wooden Preston. Thankfully, one of the Templars mingling around catches and stops her before she can do any (limited, thankfully very limited) damage with the miniature Crusader replica. She clears her throat, hands off the wee sword and blindfold, and retrieves her drink to slink back to the table and reclaim her seat next to Ailith. "Well. I'm terrible at that game."

Silvana has left the Refreshment Ten.

Alarissa has rolled 1 650-sided dice: 25

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