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Rosalind must wear a dress!

Marquessa Arcadia Stahlben and Lady Rosalind Ravenseye have a bet. They are going to shoot arrows and if Arcadia is better, then Rosalind must wear a dress and makeup and sit nicely! Like a lady. If Rosalind wins, well, gods help Arcadia. Come down and cheer them on.


Jan. 31, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Arcadia Rosalind





Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Northlands Arena

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Comments and Log

Arcadia is already and waiting. Comfy leathers and a bow strung low across her back. She is certainly still not her bright or bubbly self, but today she is not so sad. Something else bubbles beneath the surface and she stalks back and forth while she waits. A small yapping puppy at her heels.

Rosalind comes sprinting in, red hair tied back but still it flies behind her. Dressed in her normal black leathers, longbow across her back, she shouts,"I'm here!"a grin on her freckled face. Rosa is looking awfully tan for a northerner these days. Spying the puppy, she gasps,"Where did he come from?!"

Arcadia orders Champion. "Sit." The puppy rolls over. "Stay." Nope. Barking now. She inhales through her nose. "Lady Thea decided Ginny needed a terribly behaved puppy. Not surprising since her dog is a lycene lazeabout." She strides over to the range, and pulls her bow out. "How many shots do you wish to go for? And have you thought of a counter bet?"

Rosalind watches the puppy and laughs. And laughs. "He is just a puppy. I bet he'll learn, though I dont know what a Lycene layabout is. Nor do I know who that is,"as she excitedly hurries over to the range,"One month. No dresses or gowns! Just leathers!" At the thought of shots, the taller woman looks down at the Marquessa,"five?"

Arcadia glances to her leathers and smirks "Alright. A month of leathers." Too easy. She saunters and readies her first shot. "Five shots. To the best woman."

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 47 higher.

Rosalind checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 29 higher.

Rosalind slides her bow from her bow from her back, reaching and grabbing an arrow as well. Nocking her arrow to her bowstring, Rosa pulls back, aims, and releases. The bow flies and while it doesn't land in the bullseye, it lands in the middle somewhere.

Rosalind grins, not disappointed in her shot. She hurries over to pet the puppy

Tarik makes his way into the arena and heads towards the benches.

Arcadia is all focus. No yapping puppy or crazy redheaded northerner can distract her. She's cranky, but the released arrow that hits the target hard and close to the center certainly relieves some of the tension in her stance.

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Tarik has joined the arena floor and pit benches.

Rosalind checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Because Rosalind -can- be distracted by puppies, she hurries back and resumes her stance. The puppy yaps at her boots as and shoots, hitting the outside ring. Well damn. "Er..."her hazel green eyes looking down at the puppy.

Rosalind checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 23 higher.

Tarik pulls out a flask and takes a big gulp, before cheering for the two noble ladies.

Arcadia tries to command the puppy, "Stay Champion." The puppy barks yet again. Her bow in hand, and another arrow released and it sticks. It's not the best shot, but hey. Better than Rosa.

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 41 higher.

Thork, the bone wearing warrior from the north have been dismissed.

2 Bone Wardens have been dismissed.

Champion, the tiny yappy puppy have been dismissed.

Rosalind lowers her bow as she hears Tarik. Grinning, she calls over,"Master Tarik, hi!"a slight worry at the targets.

Lifting her bow again, Rosalind aims again. A steady exhale as the arrow flies. Not quite as the second, but still...ah oh!

Fling! In goes Cady's arrow. She slants her blue eyes Rosa's way. "I am going to order you the prettiest dress ever. Perhaps some lycene gown that shows off your navel."

Rosalind checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 48 higher.

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 50 higher.

"I know 50 year old veteran sellswords that couldn't do better than you two." Tarik proclaims.

Rosalind Blinks at Arcadia. Her narval! That's all it takes as Rosalind thins her lips, the arrow hitting the center of the target. "There is nothing wrong with my naval by the way!"

She gasps at Tarik, teasing him,"You -are- 50, Tarik. You'll have to show us later "

Arcadia aims her bow and in that arrow goes too. Millimetres closer to the center than Rosa's. "Imagine how amazing we will be when we get that old." She grins briefly at Rosa. "Last one. Better make it good."

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 65 higher.

Rosalind checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Rosalind checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 78 higher. Rosalind rolled a critical!

"I am not 50." Tarik mumbles, "I just move like I am fifty. There is a big difference."

Rosalind twitches her lips and tries really hard to concentrate. With steady arms and a look of determination, Rosa's fingers release the arrow. The arrow flies and hits dead center.

Rosalind exhales and grins.

Arcadia grins, impressed with Rosa. "Nice shot." She releases her last bow. She aims a little to the left. She's not going to try to show up a bull's-eye.

Tarik applauds the nobles.

Rosalind looks over at the arrows in the target. She doesn't even say anything, her grimace says it all as she looks over at Tarik.

"Very good shooting. I was never really good with bow, but I guess I now know two peoplee who can teach me to actually hit the target." Tarik narrow his eyes, "I don't think I could even hit the target from where you two are standing."

Arcadia extends her hand to Rosa, "Good job. But I think you'll be in a dress for the following week."

Reaching out to shake Arcadia's hand, Rosalind smiles anyway,"I will learn to climb in whatever gown you throw at me,"absurdly hearing Tarik. "Absolutely!"

Arcadia is overheard praising Rosalind: A great shot!

Arcadia assures Tarik, "I'm happy to give you pointers if you ever want them." She shoulders her bow once more. "Thanks for the indulgance Rosa. I'll send a gown some time next week."

"Well, Lady Rosalind, it could have been worse. It could be during the winter time." Tarik smiles softly, "Think of it as a blessing. Northerners are built for this summer. I swear if next year is hotter than next year than I am going just live in the Grotto."

Rosalind dreads Cady's words but simply grumbles,"I know nothing about makeup,"adamantly stating,"Weapon stays though." She spins on Tarik's words,"Hotter? It gets hotter?!" She alreadyooks worried.

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