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Dayne Story Hour: Tragedy at Sanctum

Sir Corban of the Silver Swords continues to speak of the legacy of Sir Dayne Valardin, now telling of his reaction to the Tragedy at Sanctum.


Jan. 4, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Alarissa Merek Sophie Tesha Holden Vicente Ciaran



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Mercier Tea Shop

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Daisy, a mountain dog arrives, following Holden.

Sir Corban is here in the Tea Room, having arranged for the space to be set aside for Dayne Story Hour and for tea and cakes to be served, apparently reasoning that you capture more flies to listen to the story of Arvum's greatest knight with cakes than ... uh. Whatever else one catches flies with, apparently.

"Come in. Come in. I am so glad that you could join us," says the First Captain as he watches the crowd. "This is the next chapter of my story of Sir Dayne. Of his time in Sanctum and how he reacted to the Tragedy there."

Alarissa's taken up a spot at one of the tables in Mercier, one she's familiar with and turns her attention to Corban when story time is bound to start.

Merek makes his way into the place while he looks about a bit, his gaze looking between folk while he finds a place to settle in and listen also.

Sophie enters quietly, though there's a somber look to her face when she does, and she settles at the table next to Alarissa, leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek before straightening and waving to an attendant and mouthing the words 'tea, honey'. Then she turns her attention back to Corban, offering him a smile and a nod of her head as she does.

Tesha is seated with a cup of tea that's cooling in front of her. She's tried to make the story times when her cousin holds them, but she's missed one session. The redhead gives a smile as she looks to Corban, but doesn't bother him since he's getting ready to start. She does give a bow of her head to the others in attendance though.

Holden Morgan is not a quiet man; a knight's armor is not made for stealth. Still, he tries to be as little of a disruption as he can upon his arrival, moving to take up a position near the doorway which is half-audience, half-sentinel, as though prepared for whatever trouble might arise rather than allowing himself to relax. And his expression is somber, even by Holden's standards; he knows the tale of the Tragedy all too well, and there's no joy to be found in the retelling.

With what silence he can must, Vicente enters in as he sees the crowd has already gathered. His expression is rather flat as he moves in and he finds a seat somewhat near the back. As he settles in, he draws his attention up to Corban.

"When we last spoke," says Sir Corban, even though not all of those here were there when he last spoke on the great Lord Commander. "Sir Dayne had won the Rose Tournament, been appointed to the King's Own, and rapidly rose to the rank of Lord Commander, winning the biannual grand melee every year it was held, but never after that first day claiming the Crown's boon for himself." His hands fold around his teacup in front of him, holding onto the cooling cup.

"Yet like so many godsworn and King's Own, Dayne did not cut all ties with the Valardin. He spoke of the King's Own as his family now, yet the only time he took time for himself was to visit Sanctum. He would attend Valardin marriages and the like, often as the King's representative. And one story is perhaps representative. The season before the great Tragedy, the White City was holding a tournament to celebrate a Valardin marriage and Dayne was there. Yet after the feast, Dayne was not to be found. He had instead overseen the delivery of unusued food to the pilgrims at Valor's Point, feeding them and tending to the wounded, using the Mercy training of his Youth."

The Mother Mercy among them is recognized.

Holden gets a dip of Alarissa's head to the man in recognition and then a kiss for Sophie's cheek before she settles down to listen to the story of the man she once knew.

Vicente folds one leg over the other and crosses his arms over his lap, his eyes remains largely on Corban, but here and there he looks about on those present.

As the Mercies are mentioned Sophie nods her head, giving Corban a faint smile. She leans in to whisper to Alarissa, letting her arm slip around her waist, her eyes remaining on Corban.

Tesha sips at her tea as Corban talks and her stormy gaze gives a look about as he does. She wasn't going to interrupt and there was enough that she'd not heard in a few years that she was interested in relearning.

"Even though he was the Lord Commander, Dayne took pains to go unnoticed among the pilgrims. He left House Valardin surprised at his actions, but his brother, Prince Radley, could only laugh. He announced, 'You didn't know? Dayne /always/ does something like that every time he visits.'" Corban chuckles, even as he tells the story, thinking of how Prince Radley must have said it.

"Dayne would always engage in charitable acts or snuck into the forest with commoner friends to rescue kidnapped farmers, and never said a word of it. He was, Prince Radley said, 'allergic to glory.' He also claimed that he would write one day the 'Forgotten Acts of Valor and Chivalry of One Dayne Valardin,' but never had the chance."

Vicente gives a soft chuckle at the allergic to glory, even though his face does not seem to alter it's flat expression but he does give a subtle nod of his head. He had not gotten a drink as he came in but moves to take a small flask from somewhere around where his cloak meets him. The drink from the flask is brief and moved back to its residence.

As Sophie's tea is depositted on her table she pulls it toward her, adding honey as she listens. Her eyes are on Corban and she can't help but smile slightly at her Uncle Radley's words. She stirs the tea and glances to Alarissa as the two women whisper to one another from time to time.

When now the matter turns to the Tragedy, Corban's voice becomes softer, more sober, as he speaks of it. "At the Tragedy, Sir Dayne lost most of his cousins and his extended family. He was not there, for his duties to the King kept him in Arx primarily. Yet such tremendous loss would break a lesser man. Not Sir Dayne. He saw to his duties. He saw to the funerals at Sanctum. He comforted a young Prince Edain, talking to him at length, preparing him for his duties as High Lord." He swallows hard at that, forcing down the lump. "Sir Dayne acted in the King's stead at Sanctum, ensuring that the Oathlands were secure and that there was no collapse following the decapitation attack, a very real possibility under the circumstances."

Here Corban pauses.

"And when the Assembly of Peers was called following the Tragedy, it was Sir Dayne Valardin who spoke for the Crown."

Sophie's eyes close briefly as the story turns to the Tragedy, and the funerals. When she opens her eyes they're slightly dewey. She nods respectfully to Corban, and takes the first sip of the tea that's likely still too hot to sip. She gently lowers the cup back to the table and folds her hands in her lap to continue listening.

1 Farshaw novice guards arrives, following Ciaran.

Alarissa reaches over, right hand settling on Sophie's forearm when eyes get dewey, a faint nod of sympathy and empathy with the former Valardin Princess.

"The Peers were in a panic. How could mere Abandoned, they fretted, have laid a Great House so low? Killed so many?" Corban's eyes flick to Holden for just a moment. "But Sir Dayne spoke forcefully and at length, appealing to the unity of the Compact, the challenges that had been confronted and defeated before, and that their efforts combined could fell any foe. And Sir Dayne's words, delivered on the King's behalf, turned the tide. The Thrax delegation -- which had previously announced that it was considering raiding the Oathlands coast to 'suppress Abandoned' --" There is a pause here to made clear that Corban doubts the truthfulness of that statement, "Rose only to offer its condolences and support for the Valardin. Even the monstrous ruler of the Thrax, High Lord Donrai, was forced to famously admit, 'If one should chip off the plated gold from the Crown, he's the steel underneath.' "

Vicente does happen to spot Sophie in that moment, but his eyes do linger only briefly before he turns back towards Corban. His attention shifts back to Corban, not to linger too long on anyone in particular.

Tesha's attention is on Corban as he speaks, her tea forgotten for the moment as her cousin speaks on the tradgedy. She gives a bit of a sad smile while he is talking, but makes no move to interject. He was an expert on this, she was not. So she listens. Meanwhile, Atramentous lays down at her feet so that he's not in the way of others.

"There are perhaps hundred stories about Sir Dayne that I collected in my times, of charity, of dignity, of humility, of honesty, and of resolve." Corban sounds as if he is wrapping up, a far-away look in his eyes as he speaks of the former Lord Commander. "He was a peerless warrior, with skill with the blade that almost none can or ever will match. But more than that. He was an ideal in chivalry that eclipsed even the First Knight, the founder of the ideals that Sir Dayne modeled so well."

Corban looks from his tea to his audience. "There is just one chapter left to tell, that of Sir Dayne's death in the Night Grove. And that I will tell at the unveiling of his plaque and statue. But I should be glad to take your questions or anything else now."

Ciaran strides into the tea-house at a slow amble, pausing in the entrance when he spies the ongoing tale. He leans heavily on his cane, something he seems to need, rather than an affectation of fashion. He frowns thoughtfully, brows furrowing as he tries to piece together just what story's being told and just where along its course he's arrived.

Holden simply closes his eyes, his head bowed slightly as Corban reaches the point in the story of the Tragedy -- and the aftermath. The small, ephemeral smile that briefly brightened his expression at mention of Radley's reaction to Dayne is nowhere to be seen now. It's been chased away by the all-too-vivid memories of screams and blood. Any questions which haunt him... they likely aren't of the sort that Corban can answer.

"It was a sight to behold. Him at the Night Grove." Alarissa murmurs.

Tesha was listening to Corban, but the redhead is distracted when a new face enters. There is a dip of her head to Ciaran, but she doesn't speak just yet given her cousin speaking. Then when things are over she gives a smile to Corban and a nod of her head, "I will try my best to be there for it." she tells him.

Vicente nods his head several times but otherwise allows his silence to remain. He is not among the first to stand though, glancing around the group with some hesitation. He does at this point, unfold his hands from his lap but remain at his side.

Sophie moves her hand to rest on top of Alarissa's, giving her cousin a brief smile as she does. When Corban completes his story for the time being her smile increases for him, though it's somewhat forced and she responds to Alarissa, "Uncle Dayne's loss was a great loss to the Compact and to my family, especially after all of the loss in Sanctum."

"It was a great loss for many." Alarissa murmurs. "The house endured many losses, and only recently has it started to truly recover and the halls vibrant with life again." There's a sad smile on her face. "I can only think that he would be glad to see how it's flourished in the wake."

Corban rises, then, as his story comes to a close. "I thank you all for coming tonight. It means much to have Sir Dayne's story heard, and, I hope, shared. Remember him and the ideals he represented. But most of all, resolve to be the next one to uphold those ideals, for no enemy can defeat us if we have an unbroken chain of men and women even half as great as he."

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