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Demands from Unexpected Quarters

A lone rider is spotted entering the city, making his way under an tattered banner of three interlinked rings towards the Rectory....

<<OOC: This is a pretty open start to a Faith and Oathlands orientated [but not exclusive] PRP. Please note this and future events will be GMT-friendly>>


Nov. 17, 2019, 2 p.m.

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Evaristo Reese Sina Cassandra Alarissa Kaldur Tesha Sydney Teagan



Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Rectory - Main Hall

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Word has come from the city gates of a rider coming into the city under a tattered banner of the Faith, the three interlinked rings. As word spread a few came to the Rectory, and Templars were sent to escort the traveller in, waiting to hear what he has to say. That is the figure that enters now.

The man is clad in ill fitting plate armour, rents and tears in the metal poorly beaten out and repaired. The three rings on its chest have lost all their gilding, and now are simply raised steel. Thankfully it seems to have been oiled, but there are wool scrabs stuffed in around the edges, both to make it fit better but because it seems the original lining has long since rotted away. The helmet is of an old style, open and showing the man to be young. He holds a mace - a crude ball of iron on a stick - at his side and in his other a folded over letter, carefully sealed with the emblem of the Faith. "I am here to see the Dominus." he asserts, in rather undue pomposity. And a thick and rather odd accent.

Evaristo is mostly here because he's nosy and curious but he's part of the faith as Second First Harlequin, Voice of the Voice of the Queen of Endings and Mother of Beginnings - a title he'll imperiously declare if questioned why he's walking in here to take a look at the weary, worn out knight.

Reese serves as one of the templars and so upon hearing word of the stranger arriving, she goes to join them. She is adorned in her normal pink and ivory. Ribbons are tangled up in her golden locks. Despite being adorned like this, the princess has a somber expression. She looks upon the man with curious interest in her blue eyes, giving him a faint and polite smile. Reese keeps her weapons sheathed. "Greetings." She says in his direction. "May I ask who you are?" She then adds a moment later, keeping her tone polite.

Sina steps out of her chambers in the cloister when she hears of the arrival of the strange visitor to the Rectory. Wearing a dress of pristine aeterna embroidered with Lagoma's flame, and her winter Archscholar's robes, she pauses just outside the doors to the cloister, her three Templars hovering about her as usual. She studies the stranger curiously, noting his old, archaic attire and the strange accent. "The Dominus may not be immediately available," she says softly. But she nods to one of her Templars, who goes in search of him, nonetheless. At the very least, perhaps a Legate can be turned up! "May we offer you some refreshment, and a warm place by the fire while you wait? It seems you have had a long journey."

Once Cassandra was notified of the rider's appearance, she strides down the hall, her trio of Templars in tow, as well as one brawler who had come to speak with the Legate. As opposed to any other day, she is, as she usually is, adorned in her armor befitting of her role, and once in the main room, she comes to a stop across from this new arrival. "The Dominus is attending to matter of the Faith. I am Legate Cassandra Laurent, Sword of the Faith and Legate of Arts." A slow, careful eye takes in his personage; the armor, the helmet, the banner, the accent. "I will speak for him in his stead. What have you come here seeking?"

Alarissa was tending to the few tasks that she has with the Templars, Teagan with her as they descend from another level. The Princess Consort pauses at the base of the steps at the sight of the ragged armor man makes his way in demanding to see the Dominus. The others are asking questions and so, Alarissa remains silent. But still watches, murmuring to Teagan.

Kaldur is here as a (albeit only affiliated) Knight of the Road, those travelling along it and the news they bring ever of interest. How he'd heard? Rumors fly like darting house wrens. Armed (appropriately peacebonded, of course) and armored, he stands to the side, bearing witness to the proceedings.

Tesha was dealing with matters for Telmar and other things. She'd heard the arrival and there's a curious look to Cora before they head that way. She hears others already asking the pertinent questions, so the crimson clad woman simply observes for the moment.

Reese looks over to Sina as she arrives, giving her a polite smile of greeting that is laced with a subtle warm admiration. She then lifts her gaze to Cassandra, looking relieved to see her and the Legate is given a smile as well. She peeks over to Alarissa aware of her cousin and Teagan, seemingly aware of their presense. Kaldur and Tesha get a polite nod.

Sydney is the unlikely brawler in Cassandra's retinue. She matches the surroundings about as well as can be expected for a Lowers pitfighter. She carries herself with an easy confidence for one who so clearly sticks out like a sore thumb in the Crown Ward. Her gaze shifts from Cassandra, to the rider, and back. Lips thinning, she keeps quiet for the time being. She sweeps her gaze over those who have assembled, eyes appearing to light up at the sight of Evaristo specifically. She doesn't shy away from lifting a leather-wrapped hand and waving it his direction.

There is nothing of the faith on Teagan's person, but she has been known to work with and donate to the Templars, so perhaps it is no big surprise. Or maybe she is simply attending to Princess Alarissa for the day. Still, the tall Blackram Voice's green eyes take in the man that has arrived and there is a faint furrow to her brow. She remains by Alarissa's side, her coat gathered in against her for the added warmth as she watches the various members of the Faith gather; curious, like many surely are, to see how things may proceed.

"Yes. He would be." Comes the derisive snort from the ill-equipped knight at the answer, before he turns to speak to Reese "My name is unimportant, I am on a holy mission. But. If it makes you all feel better here in your walls, it is Volgan." The knight, if that is what he is, looks around the Rectory. "Such waste and decadence. Is this what you have become since you lost your ways? Sundrin was right. Alor must have failed." The man's eyes focus on Cassandra and Sina as they seem to speak with authority, "Sword of the...yes yes. I am sure you believe you are. But, you can tell the DOminus he is commanded by Carnifex Galdar to send troops todeal with our enemies, per the terms of the vote as decided by the leadership of the Faith in Conclave."

'Sir Volgan... What year do you think it is?" Alarissa asks from her corner.

As Cassandra arrives, Sina gives the Legate a respectful bow of her head. "Mother Cassandra," she greets warmly. She sends someone off to fetch a hot cup of tea for the weary traveler, the former handmaiden seeing to all of the niceties of hospitality. Then she turns her attention back to the visitor, as it seems the Legate has things well enough in hand. Her Templar returns to her in short order with a little shake of his head. Seeing Cassandra has arrived, the man moves to take up his post once more. The Archscholar gives a little nod of her head to Reese, and offers a soft smile to her. Another is offered to Alarissa, and to Teagan, and Evaristo, familiar faces, all. Then her attention turns back to the man as he speaks of a Carnifex Galdar, and she lifts a black eyebrow in skepticism. "I am Archscholar Sina Godsworn," she tells the man after a moment. "I fear there has not been a Carnifex in some many years, and there has been no such vote that I have heard."

Tesha's brow was quirking up the more the man spoke, but, Princess Alarissa asks him what year he thinks it is and the woman gives a nod to that. A very good question. She folds her hands in front of herself, the sleeves of her dress hiding them as she speaks quietly with her guard and Atramentous settles into a seated position near her left side.

Reese looks to Sydney, having a quick smile of greeting for her as well. The girl is quick to turn her focus to Volgan, seemingly very curious about him. She sucks in a soft breath and everything. "Volgan.." She echoes. "I am not sure who Alor is." She says, looking to Sina and Cassandra as if thinking they might know. "I am not sure who Carnifex Galdar is either." She muses, partly to herself, partly to the others and partly to Volgan. "I should introduce myself, I am Princess Reese Grayson, Knight of the Templars."

Evaristo winks at Sydney, upnods at Reese, tips his chin at Sina and does a little wave to anyone else, hovering nearby. He's eating an apple and watches with large interested eyes, their violet gleam always mischievous. The apple pauses in mid-air and he tilts his head and looks thoughtful. Then he shrugs, and continues eating and eaves-dropping, for now.

There is no expression on Cassandra's face, save for taking a step forward. "You claim a great deal. Whatever you seem to believe, it appears that you are mistaken in who's house you are in. You do not make demands of a Legate never mind that of the Dominus himself." A glance over again. "Curious. That you would assume that Carnifex still exists. There has not been a Carnifex since the Marachian Heresy. Hundreds of years ago. Whatever title that this Galder appears to claim is not one that Dominus Orazio recognizes, as there is no Carnifex. And until give proof to the contrary, you will be dealing with me, Sir Volgan.

For her part, Sydney's head simply cocks to the side, brows knitting together as she echoes in spite of herself, "Carnifex." A skeptical sideward glance is sent toward Cassandra until she speaks up, and this seems to satisfy the question that was hanging on her lips. She swivels her focus back to Volgan, curiosity dominating her features, a bemused smile working its way onto her features.

There is a furrow of Teagan's brow as the knight speaks loudly and she takes a second look at him: staring closer, perhaps, at the armor. She looks sidelong to Alarissa at the woman's question, then back to this 'Volgan.' The woman speaks, but not so loudly as to talk over Cassandra: "Perhaps we should offer the knight a seat as well." Since Sina is seeing to the tea. "I worry for the distance he has traveled." Since it may not be simply a matter of 'leagues.' She turns to the Princess near her side again, speaking softly.

Kaldur's brow furrows as the man speaks, eyes darting to the opulent surroundings when the man sneers. His eyes crinkle at the corners, not understanding the people or terms. He definitely doesn't have anything substantive to add in this company, but looks to the speakers as they speak, brow amply knit.

Sina glances to Reese at her questioning look, and steps over closer to her, before she explains quietly, but not too quietly, so that all who do not know may hear, "A Carnifex is only appointed in a great crisis of the Church. The Carnifex is appointed from among the Templars if it is deemed a crisis of a martial nature, or a crisis of a philosophical nature. There has not been one since Carnifex Alor Valardin, during the days of Marach the Apostate. I have seen no records of a Carnifex Galdar, but that does not mean there never was one in the past. Much knowledge has been lost, after all," she murmurs quietly.

Sina amends, "A Carnifex may also be appointed from the Scholars, that is. If it's a crisis of a philosophical nature."

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

"It is the 14th year of the 22nd Godrinian Crusade." That one at least was a simple question for Volgan to answer "Though, by the reckoning calandar, hmph. Spring of 1012 After the Reckoning." When Sina questions him though, Volgan's head tilts to its side for just a moment in confusion before he looks at the letter in his hand and then reaches into a pouch to check another small piece of paper "Per the terms of the vote as decided by the leadership of the Faith in Conclave." he repeats, as if that helps in some way. "Carnifex Borrus fell in the last raid at the start of winter. So his son, Carnifex Galdar, is Carnifex. He is the last of the line of the First. Carnifex Godrin." is his reply to Cassandra, as though she just declared that the sky was red and cats are excellent jousters "There is no choice. The Carnifex summons. Well. The council. Well. Most of the council. The Carnifex is young. It was not his time."

"What council is being summoned?" Tesha gives a bit of a confused look to the rest of the group. She was not all up to date on the ways of the Faith. Better to ask than to keep quiet!

"What is the Dominus' name that you know of?" The year is right, but Alarissa looks confused and toward Sina then back to Volgan. "Our apologies, but, as the Blessed has said, we know of no Carnifex having been declared. And your armor has me worried."

Reese has a nod for Evaristo as well. She then leans into Sina, listening to her words and her blue eyes widen in surprise. Her cheeks are rather pale and she looks to Volgan with an expression of shock. "Oh, maybe he will want a chair." She says, seemingly in response to Teagan. She then turns to Volgan, nodding. "That is the right year." Reese says, looking baffled.

Evaristo checked intellect + linguistics at difficulty 20, rolling 5 higher.

This is just getting better and better! Evaristo is watching everything (while eating that apple, crunching bites taken now and then), like it's an entertaining show. "Sir Volgan," he says suddenly and walks closer, all charming smiles. "The lands are vast and clearly you have travelled far. It'd perhaps help if you explained /where/ you come from?" he suggests. "Do I detect an Oathland accent there?" he says cheerfully. "I am Second First Harlequin, devotee of the Queen of Endings and Mother of Beginnings," he introduces himself.

Evaristo adds the name too cause he would: "Evaristo Arterius."

Teagan lifts a hand to tap at her cheek as she studies the young knight. She does not seem to want to interrupt, but she does speak up. "Sir Volgan," she says finally. "The design of your armor... It is unfamiliar to me. Please, can you tell me about it? I must say I am curious. And-" ah, but Evaristo just asked. The Blackram gestures, briefly, to him as she waits for such an answer.

Sina checked intellect + theology at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

For as at-ease as she appears, Sydney makes no effort to hide the fact that these matters are slightly over her head. Her brows remain knit, and she continues to look absolutely baffled - as such, she merely continues to appraise Volgan in relative silence. Best to speak only when there's ought worth saying.

Cassandra checked intellect + theology at difficulty 30, rolling 54 higher. Cassandra rolled a critical!

Tesha checked perception + war at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

An acolyte is sent for by Sina to attend to the guest's needs, offering him a seat near the hearth in the rectory dining area, and that promised cup of tea. If he wishes. Otherwise, Sina's silvery eyes are fixed on the strange man with his strange armor, and his strange words. "The title of Carnifex is not hereditary, Sir Volgan. A Carnifex is appointed in a time of crisis, and then the title is relinquished once the crisis has passed. I do not know what leaders of the Faith you have been conferring with, but none of the Archlectors, at least as far as I am aware, have been a part of any votes for a Carnifex lately."

Kaldur checked perception + theology at difficulty 35, rolling 0 higher.

Kaldur checked perception + war at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

"Whensoever an existential threat arises to the Faith, particularly within the ranks of the Faith itself, the Dominus,, Legates, and leader of the Templars are to meet and vote whether to appoint a Carnifex. If they choose to do so, the meeting must immediately continue to choosing who will fill the role." Cassandra sounds like she's reading something off from memory after the young knight's reponse. Or perhaps like she's lecturing. "While any Godsworn may be asked to serve in the role, the most likely role of Carnifex will be appointed from within the rank of the Knights of the Temple or Scholars, depending on whether the threat is martial or philosophical." She pauses, letting others speak, before she continues. "The Carnifex will serve until the threat is passed, and the Faith is secure once more." The last sentence is somewhat punctuated. "Sir Volgan, I will give you two points. One. The role of Carnifex, as decreed by the Dominus, is not a hereditary role. The idea that it is passed from parent to child is not ridiculous, but also impractical. Secondly, even if there were a Carnifex, whatever threat that caused for the creation of one has long since passed. Ergo, the need for a Carnifex is no longer required."

But something catches her, causing her to pause for a moment. "Godrin. Godrin. I recall a book of Templar histories I read recently. A commander of the Templars of some reknown in the time of Alor Valardin was named Godrin." Her gaze turns a touch scrupulous at the knight. "Are you suggesting that you are the descendants of Sir Godrin?"

1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Hamish.

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Tesha gives a look over the armor, a bit of a furrow to her brow, "The armor would be considered an antique at this point in time." she murmurs to herself. "Sir Volgan, is your armor passed down from generation to generation or is that armor that has been with you for awhile?" she asks him.

"This would probably all be very helpful if it wasn't for the fact he's likely Abandoned," Evaristo says merrily. "So, Sir Volgan likely has no idea about how we do it around /here/." He takes another bite of his apple. "Right?" he asks of the knight.

Kaldur squints, studying the armor, the man, the armor again. He moves to Legate Cassandra's elbow and murmurs something to her before standing back.

Reese is still here, the princess looking completely baffled. She keeps silent for now thought, maybe wanting to see how Volgan responds to the lastest questions.

"Is this some kind of passcode?" Volgan asks, warily. But. That at least makes sense to him "The Dominus? Just because we were not seduced by the mirror as you all were does not mean we do not follow. Dominus Orazio - a Lycene, as if you want proof of your fall." Offers of chairs are ignored, offers of drink make him seem a little horrified "You...drink things where Lycene prepare? Dangerous." There is a wear sigh at Sina's words "The First was commanded to act. And before he left he told his son in charge. He said he was to go on final crusade, to fulfil the holy mission, said it must be him alone. Commanded that we seal the place after him, but when we needed him, he would return. We need him. But. Need you." Then everyone gets very uppity about his armour. Which is just mean "It is from my family, an heirloom. When the parent dies, the child takes their post."

There is a small bit of mirth that emerges though at Cassandra's points "The threat? There is always threat. Others attack our people, we have always tried to drive them back, worshippers of the Mirror, those driven mad. But we are too few now. And if I were Godrin born, I would be Carnifex and there would be no concern that we are at the last of our line. Only Carnifex can open the cave. No carnifex, no cave. No cave, no First Carnifex. Simple." That mirth though dissipates at Evaristo "Abandoned. We have followed the true path. You deviated. You surrendered. Who abandoned who? Our banners still fly. The orders remain. To stop the cult and to hold the land until the Carnifex could come. Carnifex died. First Carnifex becomes Carnifex. First Carnifex die. First Carnifex only Carnifex who can return."

Sydney remains near Cassandra's side, remaining quite the amusing visual counterpoint to the rest of her Templar entourage. She props her fists on her hips and waits for Volgan to react to the slew of guesses and accusations that are being levied in his direction. "Y'know, I can't say I got much stake in this, but if you're hoping to win friends and favors, there are better ways to go about it than riding into the heart of Arx and slinging insults. Good way to get yourself knifed, if your armor isn't as fancy as it looks. Any self-respecting bar in the Lowers would have thrown you out the door by now."

There is a small breath from Teagan and she takes a couple steps forward. "Sir Volgan," the woman offers quietly. "I am Lady Teagan Blackram. I am no Lycene and I can assure you, none here mean you harm. It is merely that which you speak of is not how things operate and it gives us pause. As foreign as things here sound to you, so you sound to us." She gestures to the letter he carries. "Perhaps you would give your missive to the Legate so that she may review it?" Hoping, perhaps, in her words he will feel soothed by another member of the Oathlands? "Please, where in the Oathlands do you hail from? Where is this cave?"

Sina raises an eyebrow at the visitor's complete lack of acceptance of any attempts at hospitality. "It was prepared here in the rectory, and with it, comes an offer of guest right. The tea was not made in the Lyceum, nor by a Lycene, but if you wish to reject simple hospitality, it is your choice," she tells him quietly. Nonetheless, she turns her gaze to the acolytes, and shoos them away, since their hospitality is rejected. She moves to take a seat herself then, folding her hands in her lap, then fixes her gaze on the knight. She gives no reply to his assertions at this point, letting Cassandra handle it. By her expression, she doesn't seem at all inclined to offer further assistance or hospitality, but she lingers to see what happens.

Evaristo squints curiously and... well, he has half an apple. "I ate from this and I'm no Lycene. Least accept this," he suggests, his voice taking on a considerably kinder tone. "So, if understanding you right - you're watching a cave, and there's a cult you're keeping off. But your carnifex died and now nobody can go into the cave, the cave which... what's in the cave? Who are the cultists? We're generally quite happy to go bash cultists, really. Bit of a favorite pastime by some. Err, I mean, a holy duty."

Is that a giggle from Alarissa at Evaristo's words?

That's a giggle that's quickly stifled.

"Tread carefully, Sir Volgan." Cassandra's calm expression betrays the sound of steel in her voice. "My patience has limits. To accuse myself and those gathered here of being apostates and blasphemers is an accusation I will take *very* seriously. To claim the Gods were mistaken in choosing their Dominus I might consider blasphemous in of itself." She gives the young knight a moment to consider the warning and hopefully heed it. "I will take your words or your letter to the Dominus and he will decide whether or not to take action. Or not. But consider this, you do yourself no favors by stepping into the house of the Gods and throwing insults and accusations. But." she holds up a hand. "I willing to listen and I am willing to see to your request, but it is not my decision. The well-being of your people is now dependent upon it. I'd suggest showing a fraction of humility. For all I see so far is hubris and zealotry."

Tesha gives a soft look over Sir Volgan and there's a bit of a look at the others before she looks back to the Knight. "I'm Lady Tesha Telmar, Voice of House Telmar, Sir Volgan. If you need assistance, I am sure that we can help. But there seems to be a lot of confusion on your part that we need to work out. As it seems that you are not up to date on a lot of what is going on within the Compact." she admits. "If I'm hearing it correctly you are thinking that the Lyceum is an enemy or that those of the Mirrormask are." she states. She was certainly confused on what rock this man had been under.

"The Bear doesn't ask the Salmon nicely to swim. The wind does not ask permission of the tree. These things simply are. Carnifex commands, so the Holy Knights obey. So the Faith obeys. A Faith that Sundrin said would not help us, was too corrupted. My mother believes there is hope, and she was our JournalKeeper. The others agreed." Comes his response to Sydney, the tone suggests that Volgan was probably quite in agreement with Sundrin. "Still. The Council wished it tried. A last hope before the end. The attacks will come soon, once the melt is fully gone. Then we will hold but, Sundrin says it takes one who has taken oaths to the Gods to restore the Carnifex. We do not ask you to fight all our enemies, just. Let us return the First Carnifex. All he had was buried with him - Valiant, his warpick. Given to him by Alor from the armouries. Blessed." Of course, stories always go in that way over generations. As Evaristo offers an apple that must surely be safe, there is a faint rumble of a stomach and it is quickly taken, with a nod of his head to bite at it, nodding to both Evaristo and Teagan. "Mmph. I can show, but. There is a map. All in the letter. Sundrin made it. He is Carnifex's guardian. His uncle."

"He's orthodox." Alarissa fills in for Tesha. "They do not believe in worship of the thirteenth. They would have issue then with the Dominus, as he is of Saik by birth." A Lycene house. "They reject the thirteenth."

Kaldur continues to stand silently, listening to this man stepped out of a strange tapestry seeming woven ages ago. His eyes flick around as folk speak, but he stands silent. Ready? Mostly just silent.

Teagan furrows her brow a measure, pursing her lips. "I understand if only the Dominus may open the letter, Sir Volgan. If we brought another map-" she looks around for someone, perhaps even Chessa who has attended her today (if only to be able to spend time with Alarissa as well!) to go fetch one. "Would you be able to show us upon that? As has been said, we do not stand for cultists in our lands. I certainly do not wish to see cultists take hold in the Oathlands. If there is somewhat we can do, I would. But I feel the need to know more."

Reese still seems rather baffled. "I am leaning toward helping Sir Volgan, although it is not my choice and I am sure there are many things to consider. But if there are cultists..." She says softly. "These cults are working with the abyss? It looks your armor has been through some rough times, any battles against the abyss lately?"

"Thank you, your highness." Tesha dips her head to Alarissa. Then she looks to the others and there's another frown, "Great, now there's supposedly cultists." she sighs as she reaches up to pinch the bridge of her nose. "We'll have to see what all is going on then if we can." she murmurs to Cora.

Well, Volgan's response prompts a rather expansive roll of the eyes from Sydney. "Indeed - I find you are quite full of wind, Sir Bear. You are fortunate indeed that cooler heads prevail among the Salmon you beg help of in all but manner."

It's possible that Cassandra was buying time. But for what, isn't revealed until a Templar Initiate returns with a tome. A very, very old tome. But well-kempt, holding a series of symbols that might be in line with Volgan's armor. "Yes, thank you Colin." she states, setting the book down and opening it. "Where was the passage....yes." She reads, beginning to read off exerts to two. "Sir Godrin Valardin, cousin to Alor Valardin. He was a Templar Commander in the time of Marachian Crusades. Which does line up during the last time a Carnifex operated in the Faith. Thought to be Alor's closet confident, the swore oaths around the same time once becoming Templar Commander. He was notably absent during the Siege of the Archive, having been sent by Alor with a Templar company to track down a scholar...don't note the name...with a number of Knights of the Scroll who had escaped with a number of 'artifacts'." A finger taps the page. "The nature of the artifacts isn't known."

There's a flash of something across Sina's expression as the Legate of Arts reads passages from the book. She rises to her feet abruptly, and then she turns to leave without a word of explanation, making her way back to her room.

Sebastian, an adorable gray and white tabby, Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 3 Templar Knight guards leave, following Sina.

Evaristo listens closely to Cassandra, and his eyes gleam with even more interest. Could be the mention of 'artifacts'. "You're welcome," he tells Sir Volgan and is all chummy with him. "So... you need a new Carnifex appointed by, uh, the Dominus, is that what you're saying?"

"And a weapon, A warpick dubbed Valiant." Alarissa supplies for Evaristo.

"Each day is a battle against the Abyss, it's temptations, it's darkness. It is why Sundrin has us pray, he says we must show devotion. We must purify ourselves. But that it is not enough." Volgan offers to Reese, there is a touch of sadness. "The cults? Hmph. Other tribes we fight. Worst are the ones we don't see. People go missing. Or ambushed. Bodies drained of blood. Parts missing. Last Carnifex went that way. Sundrin says it is the ones from up the mountains. Northern. Spirit lovers." As the talk continues, and no doubt the phrases prepared on his long journey wear down, words become clipped, a language practiced in isolation for so long with its own shortcuts and alterations reinforced. Volgan reaches for the letter and offers it out to Cassandra, it repeats much the same as before: A request in much nicer words written by Sundrin and by Volgan's mother, Jedarra, for a party to be sent by the Faith to help find the First Carnifex and return him to his people so they can see off the enemy. There is an offer to for talks about a place for them in the Compact, as if the First Carnifex returns, it means their mission must be complete, and they can rest.

The map question, however, is difficult. While the letter does have a map, when Volgan tries to help's very obvious the scale just isn't one he works on. He has operated on the same land for so long. Evaristo gets a puzzled look "We /have/ Carnifex. Last Carnifex for now. Boy. But. Rules are rules, he is in charge. The Gods must have a meaning for it. But. if he dies before the First returns? We will have failed." There is something slightly incoherent about the belief structure, almost like it has changed and each change accepted because the alternative was fracture and disorder.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cassandra before departing.

It's a face made for brow-furrowing, canine and troubled. Kaldur looks to Reese, expression eased, a sense of growing unease in his belly as the man's pattern of speech is hard to follow. Whether because of the difference in dialects or some underlying flaw or difference... he doesn't know.

Sebastian, an adorable gray and white tabby, Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Sina.

Once the map is revealed, Teagan spends a moment with it. She is listening to the rest of what Volgan is saying, but the woman seems to be taking a more gentle approach with the 'knight.' She tilts the map towards Cassandra, pointing to a few locations upon it. "They're between Telmar and Pridehall, I believe." There is a look to Tesha, as well. "Presumably somewhere in the valley. It would explain the season. And issues with any shav clans they might have." With his talk of the spirits. She does make sure the map is remanded to the Legate, properly. There is a regard for Volgan, then. "Sir Volgan, have you seen any... banners or other heraldry with these cultists that you can describe to us?"

Sebastian, an adorable gray and white tabby, Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 3 Templar Knight guards leave, following Sina.

Reese turns to Cassandra, listening to her words with thoughtful and respectful interest. She then turns her focus to Volgan. "I am sorry for those you have lost." She says in response to his words. The princess then sucks in a soft breath. "Well if Legate Cassandra agrees it is okay, I would be honored to help however much I am able. Of course I will to need to follow my code and not harm any innocents in the process, but I think you could understand that. So if the Shavs are not hostile and not following the abyss, I wouldn't war with them. That being said, your cause sounds like a very honorable one and I am eager to be of service and aid." She says and it seems like Volgan convinced Reese.

Taking the letter, Cassandra looks it over momentarily before it is handed to a Templar in retinue. "See that this is given to the Dominus personally. No one else." she orders, the knight in question giving a snappy salute and moving off. That done, she looks back at Volgan. "Your mother puts the words a fair bit more politely and peacefully. Once the Dominus has returned with his answer, you will know where we stand on the matter." She pauses. "There will be discussion over how this will be handled, but if the Dominus decides that this is a cause we need to take up, we will see what can be done to see your people defended from these incursions. If and when that is done, there will considerations to be made. However, those discussions will happen only after the Dominus makes his ruling."

Evaristo nods at Alarissa but says nothing about the warpick himself. "Well... good luck with all that! Sounds like a mess," he says sympathetically. "Sounds like you'll be getting some help, so... your mom might be right." He grins, bows to the nobles and high faith leaders. "Let me know if I can be of some help, but this doesn't quite sound like my area of expertise. I best get going." And out he strides, his curiosity sated for now, it would seem.

Sydney offers an approving nod of her head as Cassandra speaks. "Well-put." She lifts a hand to briefly dust it against her leather shirt as she regards Volgan. She's acting rather smug, for someone who's got so little pull in these proceedings.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider leave, following Evaristo.

"I will return to my people. Ah. I presume I am free to go?" The Abandoned knight looks around the room to see if anyone if about to arrest him "Whether you come or not, a man should die with his people. A holy warrior at his post. If you come, follow the map. We will see you. Look for mark of the Faith on the trees. Not too many, hrm? It is not a large cave. But others could spend time in village if wish - mother asked for a scholar if you have one, to teach her to do it properly. We have only heard stories of them." Volgan sets the apple core down on the table "And the banners? Hard to see when you never see attacker I guess. But over years? Bears, birds. Various. Banners always change. We can deal with them all once the Carnifex returns."

1 Templar Initiates have been dismissed.

3 Templar Knight guards have been dismissed.

Tesha gives a nod to Teagan, "That might explain it, yes." she frowns to that. "Maybe it'll all be straightened out when Dominus Orazio returns to us." she states. Then there's a look to Cassandra when she speaks and there's a soft nod, "That sounds like the best laid plan for now." she states to that. Then there's a dip of her head to Cassandra and the others, "Sir Volgan, should you need any assistance that doesn't pertain to this, please feel free to reach out to House Telmar." she states before she starts to leave.

"As it seems it may be within the Telmarch-" Teagan gestures to Tesha, "I imagine we may well travel. I am with the scholars. I would be happy to visit with your mother." There is a curiosity there, perhaps. If only, maybe, to see these people integrated back into the whole. To be so long apart... She does, however, make sure to step away. So he need not feel crowded any longer. "You are, of course, I assume free to go." Sure, she may be speaking 'for' the faith, but... diplomatic to the end. Or maybe it's the lawyer side of her. Either way, Teagan is already looking back to that map in thought.

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound, Cora, the optimistic telmarine leave, following Tesha.

Sydney offers a baffled shake of her head on her way out the Rectory, granting a wave with the back of her hand. "I have a date with a Lycene and hopefully a drink. Both of which you could stand to avail yourself of more often, Sir Windbear." The commmoner pugilist heads out.

Well. The Abandoned Knight doesn't really hang around for anyone to countermand that - he certainly wasn't clear he was going to make it out of there. He pauses only to offer to Sydney "Humour is no defense when the mirror consumes all that you are." The line delivered in more perfect Aarvani. Well, it seems they are reciting old lines at least. The oldies really are the goodies.

"Might be wise that he remain around for a few days. In case the Dominus or the other Legates wish to speak to him. But that is just my thoughts." Alarissa states.

Sydney turns, to continue her walk backwards as Volgan passes her by, a grin on her face, "No? I'd call humour a wonderful defense when dealing with the pompous and the arrogant. I do hope your people are worth the effort." With those parting barbs exchanged, she takes a divergent path from the departing man, and is on her way.

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