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Written By Roran

Nov. 9, 2021, 6:07 p.m.(7/15/1016 AR)

I think the person who this is directed to can read these journals, he most likely has spies and agents here and there because that's what things that hide in the shadows have.

There's a man who's lost the way, lost his name, lost his soul, there is nothing redeemable about him. A deceiver to his very core, a man that forsakes the gods and the goodness they represent. A man who delights in shackling those who would otherwise be free because he himself is shackled to the darkness that's overtaken him. A man of zero honour who wears many masks to hide the dishonour that binds himself to evil.

Orichalcum, Horned God, whatever it is you're wanting to call yourself these days. You're a disease that threatens the body of which we're all part of, and the only remedy is to cut that diseased part off and cauterize the wound so the body is safe. The change you desire to bring about isn't following the teachings of Lagoma, you desire to usurp and bring about chaos so that you can try slipping in like a thief and take taking what isn't yours to take. How dare you!

You have no power over the Compact, it's a thing you cannot break. Crown of wood and tree, however? This can burn, it can shatter. The blight following you can be purged and purified through Lagoma.

You seem to be pretty smart and yet incredibly daft so here's another warning you can ignore. Wide is the road to ruin and narrow is the path to peace. You might have an army of bound servants that do terrible things in your name, but for every act you take you simply will inspire a free soul here in the Compact to stand up and fight against you.

I don't pity you, you chose your choices. I instead look to see you purged and a dire lesson to any following you.

Written By Roran

Nov. 8, 2021, 1:34 p.m.(7/12/1016 AR)

May Lagoma encourage you to explore a new path. May Vellichor give you knowledge on your path. May Gloria grant you strength and courage on your way. May the Queen of Death give you laughter as you go.

Written By Roran

Oct. 26, 2021, 3:09 p.m.(6/14/1016 AR)

I'm reminded today that those to whom evil is done often do evil in return. Those who are hurt will often hurt others.

Written By Roran

Oct. 4, 2021, 2:05 p.m.(4/26/1016 AR)

The Fidelities of Change: Part 3.
The fidelity between Skald and Lagoma: There is no free will without the chance to do ill as well as do good. Change cannot happen in bonds of stasis and desires to break free. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Change calls attention to what remained constant, to look at the patterns that have a new way of expression despite things moving around it.

The fidelity between Death and Lagoma: To grow, to do and be, more. Life is where our souls grow, growing changes the shape of the world as our new lives change them. Live life fully and well, and when things look bad, find something to make you laugh a little even when the going gets tough.

The fidelity between Aion and Lagoma: The best part of tomorrow is you know it won’t quite be like today. We shape and change the world of tomorrow by our decisions we make today. Each day is unique, a million million possibilities of which your actions had an impact to that change. Don't waste that dream, dream of a better tomorrow and work for that tomorrow today.

The fidelity between the Thirteenth and Lagoma: Take every negative moment, every failing, every bad feeling and make it yield to a positive outcome. If avarice builds cities and despair builds heroes, then let us choose to change ourselves and our situation for the better. For us, and for all.

Written By Roran

Oct. 4, 2021, 2:04 p.m.(4/26/1016 AR)

The Fidelities of Change: Part 2.
The fidelity between Jayus and Lagoma: There are so many possibilities, each one spinning a million more, all leading to different possibilities. Some may fall to sorrow, some may head towards good. Whatever we have experienced with our choices, hope is found that different people make different choices in the future. Hope of what might become.

The fidelity between Limerance and Lagoma: Obligations given and exchanged take incorporeal honour and transform it to physical with our actions and words. What was weaker separately can be brought together stronger.

The fidelity between Sentinel and Lagoma: Change never happens in isolation of accountability, all actions have consequences. Failing doesn't mean there isn't an opportunity to seek redemption and heal.

The fidelity between Gild and Lagoma: Hurt and pain exist in the world, but we can act in the present to make sure things don’t get as bad as they can.

Written By Roran

Oct. 4, 2021, 2:03 p.m.(4/26/1016 AR)

The Fidelities of Change: Part 1.
There's been some terrible things that have happened in the recent past, I thought I’d write a little on the fidelities between the ideals of the gods and our lady of change so that it might maybe find a little spot in your heart when you do have an inclination to read this.

The fidelity between Mangata and Lagoma: Water sustains and purifies, much like fire. Without temperance, one can lose control of both water and fire, leading to terrible consequences. We seek not change for change’s sake, but to sustain and further the plans of the gods.

The fidelity between Petrichor and Lagoma: We are simply stewards of that which we have been given. Should we be faithful over the little we have, we may be given more. Change for good is hard work, the world can reap the bounty of our good work.

The fidelity between Vellichor and Lagoma: The past is written and cannot be changed, but it can spur us in the present to change the future.

The fidelity between Gloria and Lagoma: As we yearn for truth in a world beset by falsehoods and struggles, it’s in this present life we are challenged to pursue the ideals of the gods and live a life of honour to the end. It isn't easy, this life. It's a fight if we want to see a change for good.

Written By Roran

Oct. 4, 2021, 12:25 a.m.(4/25/1016 AR)

It's very much okay to say "I don't know enough about this to have an educated opinion".

Written By Roran

Oct. 1, 2021, 11:15 p.m.(4/21/1016 AR)

Relationship Note on Wil

Eyes like acorns, I said. But I should note that tonight's dinner with the faith was very lovely even though there were concerns. That's why it's so important the faithful meet together for the light within us grows stronger together. One conversation among many stuck in my mind, so I'll keep it here in the journals as it might be of use to someone else as we were talking about Lagoma, fire cleansing and purifying and other aspects of change and action.

"Yet one must know how to use this." Sister Wilhemina added gently. "Without proper knowledge of invocations, you simply have a fire that you cannot control."

Archlector Roran replied to her, “Knowledge without wisdom is a dangerous thing, I completely agree. Knowing of a thing doesn't mean knowing how to do it. And knowing how to do it doesn't mean you know when to do it, right? While Lagoma spurs us to act, that doesn't mean acting in a way that isn't furthering the good work of the gods, nor saying you're acting to act and try scooting out of accountability for your choices. Beloved Sentinel keeps us accountable, Skald encourages us to choose wisely, even the Thirteenth has us give pause to make sure we're not just leaping to whatever idea pops in the old dome. You're absolutely right, sister." towards Wilhemina.

A fire will consume what it’s fed and grow quickly if not controlled. Lagoma isn't just about action, that's irresponsible. Lagoma is about acting with temperance, using knowledge with wisdom, thinking how our actions help heal a little hurt and make the world just a little bit better than yesterday. Without this, the fire can get out of control and you'll be burned. How often have we seen someone we know be hurt, and not letting grief out, they become bitter and angry? Or someone feeling the bitter sting of love lost and then find themselves hurting others? There's so much power in our actions that the gods look to us to further their good plans for the world. Pray each morning that we try to use that change for good and not lashing out instinctively without control.

And your eyes remind me of acorns, they do.

Written By Roran

Aug. 23, 2021, 12:01 a.m.(1/25/1016 AR)

What happened at Bastion is a terrible thing. A wicked act carried out against our friends and families. You might feel hopeless and lost, or questioning whether or not you can make a difference. You might be unable to sleep, concerned and second guessing that what you did wasn’t enough.

Within you is the greatest of our hopes and dreams, a person created to carry out good. Our callings are all very different, some of us becoming godsworn, some taking up arms as templars, others swearing allegiance and service as knights and still others inspiring with poem or song, or crafting the millions of items needed for life. Each one of you are important.

Lagoma is ready to see how you’ll react to this challenging problem. Will you help wickedness or will you be an agent of bettering change?

I believe in you, reader. I believe in every single one of you are capable of greatness and I pray that should you need someone to talk to or just have a cup of tea, that we'll share that moment together.

Written By Roran

Aug. 9, 2021, 2:14 a.m.(12/26/1015 AR)

Change. The most exiting, dangerous and rewarding event we can participate in this life. We're free to choose but we should be responsible and wise when making that choice. Traditions are earned by repeating what our forbears did so we don't have to repeat their mistakes and we should always be thankful for the paths those who came before us on this journey up the mountain of life blazed, but that doesn't make traditions ironclad or immutable. There will be a time when you can only go so far with the path of our ancestors and then you'll be faced with either holding back where the trail ends, or striking out in unknown territory so humanity at large can grow.

You'll stumble. You might get a tad lost. The gods are there to help guide you, to be a light when you're making your way through dark woods and so when you get to that mountaintop, you'll shine brightly for so many more to follow behind you.

One day, the new changes you make can become traditions. And one day, someone else will be challenged to try and improve on what gifts you've given them with those traditions.

Pray, contemplate but by all means, act.

Written By Roran

July 3, 2021, 1:44 a.m.(10/8/1015 AR)

As colder clime of Autumn starts rolling in, goodbye we say to summer’s heat. The leaves of forests showcase their fashion, so break out your jackets, coats and scarves. The way condensation on windows glisten like diamond beads while a warm bowl of creamy oats with maple syrup drizzled on top is steaming on the table.

The way the fire crackles in the hearth at the tavern while I sip a mug of spiced cider, singing songs with newfound friends. The way a scarf knitted by a friend is tossed around the shoulders like a warm hug they give from afar.

Scents of burning leaves, spices, caramel and burned sugar. Of apple pies and roasted potatoes. To go out in the fields and reap the harvest you sowed earlier with faith and prayers, preparing your bounty now for a cold winter. Trees crowned with rubicund, gold, neodymium and praseodymium leaves.

For blessed Autumn, how will you change and grow this season? Will you be a Mercy that focuses on healing one of the many small hurts in the world? A Warmth who bakes wonderful treats to bless someone less fortunate.? A Beginning which takes this season to reflect on what you sowed earlier in the year and improve? Or perhaps this Autumn is an Ending, where you say goodbye to the things that held you back or the harm you caused and look to start afresh as you close one chapter of your life?

This Autumn, may you find a new friend today that will become an old friend later on.

Written By Roran

March 1, 2020, 11:09 p.m.(11/8/1012 AR)

It's not that hard to not get the Blessed Brigida's staff across the shins. Be respectful, don't poke her, make sure she has ample warm liquids to drink and a warm fire and bring her a rose or three. Simply done.

Written By Roran

Feb. 17, 2020, 10:55 a.m.(10.316191302910052/11.706712962962964/1012.7763492752425 AR)

Relationship Note on Brigida

I enjoyed it so much it is currently being framed for the wall of my modest house.

But you haven’t lived till you have been cracked across the shins by the blessed.

Written By Roran

Feb. 2, 2020, 1:18 p.m.(9.148972387566138/9.342453703703704/1012.6790810322972 AR)

The Marquessa diFidante shared with me two cats from her household. If there is something that I love more than the people surrounding me and in the compact, it is cats. Not that this is a secret. They randomly appear and follow me now and then. It is not often to find a kitten in a pocket.

Dee and Ree were wonderful companions and I look forward to seeing who else will reach out so that I may experience life with their companions be they animal or human and gain a changed perspective.

Written By Roran

Jan. 25, 2020, 11:52 a.m.(8.573778521825396/19.13159722222222/1012.6311482101521 AR)

Outside my home, modest as it is, stands the remains of a tree of sincerely large proprortions. This would be notable for it's girth alone. But it's been stripped of it's bark and upon it's surface it's been carved. I wonder how many hours it took for the artist to render the scene that's etched upon it.

I like to sit on my steps or look out the window and regard this piece of art. A battle totem I am told. Such change, and unasked for change, that the tree undertook. Transformation from something beautiful to something grand and inspiring of awe. How long has it been here and I just didn't see it till now?

Written By Roran

Jan. 23, 2020, 1:58 p.m.(8.437230902777777/18.484930555555554/1012.6197692418981 AR)

Lady Mabelle,

You have done a great thing for you and your house. For your lands and the compact. Never, shall you be underestimated again by at least one person in this city. Now, go enjoy a walk with your dogs and this entry into this Archlectors whites.

Written By Roran

Jan. 21, 2020, 8 p.m.(8.312341683201058/11.491134259259258/1012.6093618069334 AR)

What has been the most profound moment of change in your life? How did it impact you?

Written By Roran

June 18, 2018, 4:27 p.m.(1/14/1009 AR)

It has been crowded at the Shrine of Limerance. At least Aleksei will not feel lonely during his penance, but I admit that I would /hate/ to have this many people around me at all times. I suppose not having any privacy is an intentional part of it. All in all, people here have not seemed to be too harsh to him.

Written By Roran

June 16, 2018, 3:27 p.m.(1/10/1009 AR)

Visiting shrine of Sentinel today proved fruitful. Not only I prayed for justice - we need it these days - but I got to meet a few interesting people. After having been terribly busy for so long time, it was good to talk with commoners again. Hearing about why they happened to visit just that shrine was certainly interesting, too.

Written By Roran

March 15, 2018, 7:14 p.m.(5/13/1008 AR)

I give it two days, and there will be cats seeking me out. Even here. I never have figured out why they love me so much. Some day perhaps I will.

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