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Written By Olin

April 17, 2022, 10:41 p.m.(6/25/1017 AR)

My arrival here was quiet, my connection to the city one gleaned only from the tales read in books and the word of other travelers. Despite such a humble entry into the heart of the Compact, I have found my welcome warm. I had feared that the remnants of prodigal roots that still hold to tongue and manner would alienate more than they had, but I have found several of Arx' nobles kind in their regard to me and open to discussion even with what my history must say. Amongst the commons, even as lofty a position as Guildmaster has shown me that same courtesy and delightful interaction. Where Gild eventually leads me, I do not know, but I find myself looking forward to this path -- hope firmly rooted in heart. All thanks to an unexpected and unreserved kindness by an elite that still sees with the grace of humanity.

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