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Subject Poster Date
Seeking Bolt of Spidersilk Cassiopeia 12/05/22
Searching For A Puppy Tesha 12/01/22
Seeking a Carpentry Master Mailys 11/28/22
Apothecary Pasquale 11/24/22
windspun wool recipes Evander 11/23/22
Protege Ezra 11/23/22
Adventuring Companion Xia 11/23/22
Mad Tales and Darker Tidings of the Mourning Isles Titus 11/18/22
Seeking: A Spear Neilda 11/16/22
Items for Sale Dacian 11/15/22
ISO Fireweave Mabelle 11/15/22
Mythical Places Kiera 11/14/22
Got pearls? let's talk Mattheu 11/12/22
Are you a Champion? Noah 11/11/22
Shooting Star Noah 11/07/22
Designer Needed Raja 11/07/22
A Game of Questions Neilda 11/07/22
Seeking Information Mabelle 11/07/22
Broker Needed Noah 11/06/22
Spidersilk Dress Maerigan 11/03/22
Moon and Fate Raja 11/02/22
Designer Needed Noah 11/01/22
Do You Need Steel Armor Noah 11/01/22
Investigate a Painting Titus 11/01/22
Keeping Up with Studies Briseis 11/01/22
Last Minute Mask Dacian 10/31/22
Last Minute Silks Dacian 10/31/22
Seeking: Beyond Brawling Basics! Neilda 10/31/22
New Opportunities! Dacian 10/28/22
Leadership Training Sought Sira 10/28/22
Brawling Instructor Pasquale 10/25/22
A Black Pearl Ilira 10/25/22
seeking models of the obscura Zakhar 10/24/22
Masquerade Stuff Sira 10/24/22
Roll in the mud? Mattheu 10/24/22
Seeking Information: Weeping Woods Mabelle 10/24/22
Looking for a Patron Ilira 10/23/22
Turtle Haze Noah 10/18/22
Men's Ready-to-Wear Available Sira 10/18/22
Stories of Fire Quenia 10/17/22
Ready-to-Wear Dresses Sira 10/14/22
Shop Location wanted Ailys 10/12/22
Armorer Sought Emma 10/09/22
Need Some Teaching? Tesha 10/09/22
Seeking a Mentor in the Faith Valerian 10/07/22
Seeking Patron again Zakhar 10/06/22
Seeking a Patron Gaspard 10/06/22
Seeking: Stories of Nox'Alfar Pranks Neilda 10/01/22
Finding Farhaven Folktales Titus 09/30/22
BABIES! Zakhar 09/30/22
Seeking Intellectual Tutors Alexio 04/16/19
Seeking Streetwise Knowledge Alexio 04/15/19
Smith Sought Lianne 12/08/17