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Subject Poster Date
Help me stay married Noah 05/17/22
It's not illegal, you are illegal Noah 05/17/22
Oleander of Lenosia Noah 05/17/22
Physician Needed! Raven 05/17/22
Artwork Teacher Wanted Lou 05/16/22
Legendary Diplomat sought Erik 05/16/22
Spidersilk Sale Jaenelle 05/15/22
Crafter Wanted Titus 05/15/22
Curious about city lore Erik 05/15/22
Perceptive People Sought Venturo 05/14/22
Combatants Wanted Giorgio 05/12/22
Wine Sale Orick 05/09/22
Houses and Woodworking Gifts Orchid 05/09/22
Teach Me To Be A Teacher Razija 05/09/22
Furniture needed Xanthe 05/07/22
looking to interview protegees Evander 05/07/22
Smith Sought Natalia 05/07/22
Assistance Needed Katya 05/07/22
Portrait Models Sought Karina 05/07/22
Seeking To Fellowship Samantha 05/07/22
Seeking Info: Griffons,Griffins,Gryphons Lou 05/07/22
Seeking Apprenticeship Dino 05/05/22
A Short History of Bastion Erik 05/04/22
Wanted: Artist! Raja 05/04/22
Are You Best Dressed? Orland 05/03/22
mason Evander 05/02/22
Flags Needed Jaenelle 05/02/22
A simple request Ripley 05/02/22
PATRONSDAY FESTIVAL - Last Call For Participants Mabelle 05/02/22
Seeking an aquarium Sunaia 05/01/22
Treaties of the Compact Umbroise 05/01/22
Wanted: A Fun Place To Explore Lou 04/27/22
Funding research on metals Ilmia 04/27/22
Weaponsmith Temira 04/26/22
Healer Temira 04/25/22
Toys: Valardin Set Accounting Claude 04/25/22
Skilled Haggler Sought Celine 04/25/22
Black Belt Needed Noah 04/24/22
Information About the Reckoning Mabelle 04/24/22
TENT Aureth 04/24/22
Toy House Mabelle 04/23/22
when the old man is away Zakhar 04/22/22
Healer Temira 04/22/22
Alchemy and Apothecary instructor?? Porter 04/22/22
Needed: Someone with a stern demeanor and leadership skills Aconite 04/21/22
Dress A Dude Iseulet 04/21/22
Toys: Farshaw, Harthall & Farwatch Claude 04/21/22
More Alchemy Sofia 04/20/22
Economic and Social for Military Martino 04/20/22
Seeking a Painter Mabelle 04/20/22
Seeking Intellectual Tutors Alexio 04/16/19
Seeking Streetwise Knowledge Alexio 04/15/19
Smith Sought Lianne 12/08/17