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Wanted Concepts

Subject Poster Date
Archlector Wylla of Jayus Sina 01/19/20
House Difidante Lora 01/14/20
Datura Juliette 01/14/20
Bzzzz @ House Laurent Cristoph 01/13/20
House Melaeris Wants YOU Llewella 01/12/20
Off-screen Pilgrimage Rymarr 01/10/20
Join House Crovane Fianna 01/08/20
Deepwood Family Grady 01/08/20
Why can't we be friends? Silvana 01/07/20
House Farshaw Ryhalt 01/06/20
Templar Reminder Cassandra 01/05/20
Rising Tydes Margot 01/04/20
Lyons Needed Elrych 01/01/20
House Ravenseye Rosalind 12/29/19
Past and Present Connections Calista 12/25/19
Dark, Nefarious, and Morally Ambiguous Segrid 12/25/19
House Ravenseye Rosalind 12/22/19
Seeking the Ambitious, Driven and Bold Yasmine 12/20/19
House Ravenseye Rosalind 12/14/19
Seraceni Pirates, Family and Agents Dio 12/10/19
Do Something With Your Life And Be A Templar Cassandra 12/09/19
Liberators of Skald Astrid 12/09/19
Lady Marina Redreef Ember 12/09/19
House Ravenseye Rosalind 12/09/19
Shark Plushie needs a friend. Eshra 12/08/19
Involvement Mabelle 12/03/19
All sorts of relationships Emeric 12/03/19
Join us! Riagnon 12/01/19
House Ravenseye Rosalind 11/28/19
The Iron Guard Michael 11/27/19
Wanted: Clearlake Family Acantha 11/27/19
Are you Weird? Calling All Harrows! Felicia 11/26/19
Does Your Blood Run Black? Skye 11/25/19
Hear, hear! Calling All Sinners! Belladonna 11/25/19
Daughters wants Vicente 11/24/19
A letter from home Lucita 11/20/19
House Ravenseye Rosalind 11/20/19
House Stahlben Arcadia 11/20/19
Do You Want An Alt? Sparte 11/19/19
non-traditional marriage Samuele 11/17/19
Fledgeling Crafter Apollo 11/16/19
Archlector of Gloria Cassandra 11/14/19
Orchid is a Thing Orchid 11/14/19
Jewelers and Armorsmiths! Aleksei 11/13/19
Be Grim Vanora 11/11/19
Jan Kennex Ian 11/10/19
Want a commoner big on money? Play Seymour Sparte 11/05/19
Clearlake Commoners & Ministers! Acantha 11/03/19
The Wyrmguards Want You! Dominique 10/30/19
Join House Keaton! Reigna 10/27/19
Oathland's Next Top House Sword Dominique 10/25/19
Fidante: Swords and Roses Calista 10/20/19
Join House Hawkmour! Kamaria 10/20/19
House Grimhall Wants You Valdemar 10/19/19
House Stahlben Arcadia 10/15/19
King's Own Recruiting! Eleanor 10/14/19
Knights of the Sea Llewella 10/08/19
So you want to play an OC but are worried about not getting staff secrets.... Margot 10/08/19
Join the Black Bloods Skye 10/07/19
Join House Crovane Rysen 10/07/19
Farwatch Seeking OCs Violet 10/05/19
Learys! Elloise 09/25/19
Looking For A... Cambria 09/19/19
Former Thrall Protege Caspian 09/17/19
Flame On! Quenia 09/11/19
House Melaeris Llewella 09/11/19
Legate Cassandra Laurent Sparte 09/10/19
More Family Esme 09/08/19
Prey to none. Tyche 09/08/19
Do YOU want an AWESOME little sister?! Reigna 09/06/19
Consider the King's Own Corban 09/05/19
House Lyonesse wants you! Demura 09/04/19
If You Apped Redreef, You'd Be Home By Now Ember 09/02/19
Call for Crafters - This one is for you! Mabelle 08/26/19
House Ravenseye Aella 08/18/19
Baron Thorley "Dad" Farwatch Ronja 08/15/19
Seraceni Folks! Nadir 08/01/19
The Sword of Caina Tyche 07/27/19
Does Your Blood Run Black? Skye 07/26/19
Looking for More Grimhalls Valdemar 07/25/19
House Telmar & Vassal Houses Tesha 07/23/19
Theo Velenosa-De Lire! Saoirse 07/22/19
Join House Leary! Ilmia 07/20/19
Play Seliki Orrin 07/18/19
Be my Fellow for a Gray Sparte 07/17/19
Get Your Hands On Some Deepwood Rymarr 07/17/19
EuroFriendly Events Mabelle 07/09/19
Tyde needs YOU! (The non-roster edition) Margot 07/03/19
Tyde needs YOU! (The roster edition) Margot 07/03/19
Why are you stahl-ing? Arcadia 07/02/19
House Wyrmguard wants YOU! Tescelina 07/02/19
Reverse Wanted Concept? AKA: Who needs a Knight Denica 07/02/19
House Melaeris Wants You Llewella 07/02/19
House Shepherd Still Needs Ewe Malcolm 07/01/19
Orphans Maja 06/29/19
Yelana Igniseri! Saoirse 06/25/19
House Inverno! Tyche 06/20/19
A Distant Relation - Adventure is Out There! Elloise 06/10/19
House Laveer Needs Love! Ilmia 05/29/19