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Ardoin and Marcas' last player

Posted by Apostate on 04/11/18
Some games, particularly some RP MUDs, have a bareknuckled approach to PVP and an environment that permits and even invites player hostility in the spirit of competition. Arx is not that kind of game, and if I intentionally set out to design that, it would be a very different game. We allow conflict, but we take great pains to try to cultivate a collaborative atmosphere. So when it comes to my attention that a player intentionally sets out to cause a great amount of OOC distress to another player by trying to IC humiliate them to prey on their insecurities based on animus from a previous game, it runs extremely contrary to the environment I want to cultivate. OOC possessiveness, OOC anger at IC consequences, slut shaming, try to control others' RP, taking pains to try to plan IC responses based on OOC dislike... all of these are extremely contrary to the environment I would like to see here, and when it's egregious there's not much point in me even talking about it.

If you dislike someone OOCly, don't roleplay with them. There's enough else to do.