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Once More, With Feeling

Posted by Puffin on 09/14/18
Cassandra, Donato, Gaston, and Ingvar have been banned. Again. See also Cullen, Ardoin, et al. I realize that I'm no technie, and I realize that he clearly can circumvent the ban. However, I'll gladly keep banning and hoping that eventually he'll get the message. Here's a short list of things we don't do here:

1 - Don't circumvent the alt cap. That's against the rules.
2 - When someone turns you down ICly as a romantic partner, you don't find a different character and pursue them again. That's creepy.
3 - When you do RP with someone regularly, don't page them about who they're RPing with that isn't you. That's abusive.

These aren't really difficult rules. They amount to "don't be a gross, creepy, abusive stalker." Apostate would probably phrase this nicer than I do, but I'm kind of over this guy and the way he preys on our good community members. So. It's my turn for the banning post.

-Puffin of Truth