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Never try to control other people's RP

Posted by Apostate on 08/31/18
One thing I hear about in retrospect when discussing problematic people that I think can be driven home, is it is completely unacceptable for anyone to ever page you upset because of who you are RPing with for any reason. No guilt trips, no mild grouching, nothing like that. Most people are pretty forgiving of this and don't ever want to come forward and admit this is a problem, and it's usually only after someone is banned I have then a dozen people come to me and say how someone was a huge problem and making them not want to log in because they would get paged every time they RP'd with someone else. That kind of controlling behavior is never okay. Not whether it's someone being passive aggressive because they are turned down for RP, or angry because you are RPing with someone they don't care for. It's just not okay.