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On Excommunication

Posted by Octavia on 09/04/19
On Excommunication Though the Crown Court is a secular institution, we still draw many of our ranks from the godsworn, and we employ godsworn heavily as scribes and to administer the oath of honest testimony. These individuals are vital to the functioning of the Court, and we are ever grateful for their service to the Crown.

The business of the Faith is their own. Who they excommunicate is their concern, not ours. However, we are bound by that excommunication. One who cannot swear before the Gods cannot speak before the Crown Court. One who cannot swear before the Gods cannot bring business to the Court, or petition it in any way. Should an excommunicated person be a defendent before the Court, it is advised that none of the attorneys of the Bar taint their practice by defending them.

Note that this information only applies to those formally excommunicated by the Faith of the Pantheon. Practitioners of shamanism who are in good standing with the Faith are still able to swear the oath of honest testimony and interact with the Court.

Any further questions on the legal concerns of excommunication should be addressed to the Office of the Chief Magistrate.

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Marquessa Octavia Kennex
Chief Magistrate
Crown Court of Arx