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Oaths of Office (for reference)

Posted by Octavia on 04/05/19
Here are the oaths of office as given at Courtkeep 1010.

The religious oaths, administered by the Archlector of the Sentinel:
Do you each swear to honor and call upon the wisdom of the Thirteen in your judgments? Do you swear to uphold within yourself the discipline of the Sentinel: the discipline to see and hear without prejudice? To give no special allowance or favor to friend or ally in your decision? To give no undue severity to foe or enemy? To regard not coin, standing, rank or birthright in summations?

And do you know humility? And do you swear to withhold judgment until all evidence has been seen and heard? And to rule on the standing of evidence alone. Only and alone. And to let neither vengeance or specious mercy sway or nullify your rulings, or bring undue harshness to your sentencing? Or weaken your directed disciplines?

Do you swear this, before the Sentinel: that you will, to the best of your ability, yield no injustice upon the accused, or prevent a victim's justice due? And to rule upon the law as it is and has been decreed: not as you wish it to be?

The secular oaths, as administered by the Chief Magistrate:
And do you each swear to uphold the laws and the justice of His Majesty Alaric IV Grayson in every decision you make? Do you swear to leave your personal and house quarrels behind while you wear these chains, and speak each ruling without bias or favoritism? Do you swear to recuse yourself when you feel you are unable to avoid bias, and do you swear to always uphold the honor and dignity of your office in public? Do you swear to never malign your office or use it for unsavory things?

The admonishment following the oaths:
Then before the Gods and in the name of the King, I name you all magistrates of the Crown Court of Arx. Honor these chains. Feel the weight of your office. It is cold, heavy, and uncomfortable. Ours is a badge of duty, not of glory, but if you honor your office, then the city will honor you in return.