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Oathlands Interlude

Story Emits

Word filters out from the hills north of Artshall in the Oathlands, a band of individuals claiming to be knights of Valardin are terrorizing the small villages and towns dotting the area. Dispatched to take care of the situation by Duke Laurent: Sir Norwood Clement, Sir Fawkes, Sir Daemone Dracone and Count Kael Keaton travel to the area, accompanied by Princess Alis Valardin. It's said they came upon a petrified village who told them an awful tale of the would-be 'knights'. Death and pain, but worst of all: the destruction of beehives. Also something about 'Malar'. But that's probably just rumors, what's truly important is the loss of innocent bee-lives! The group follows the nose of Count Kael's young hound to the enemies hideout and there they're said to engage in a short, but blood and victorious skirmish. It's unclear if this was an isolated incident or if it's part of a larger group... only time will tell.