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Story Emits

A terrible storm wracks the Mourning Isles, forcing most shipping to find safe havens in port. The storm grows and grows, becoming a hurricane smashing through holdings, and it is fortunate that much of the scouting parties of the Compact who had been locating the Skal'dajan fleet and diplomatic crews have recently returned to the safety of Arx, which sees a torrential rainfall. Numerous domains see heavy damage over the following days as the hurricane blows through the Mourning Isles, and the anti-Dominus Waldo holds a sermon in which he calls the hurricane a sign of Mangata's condemnation of Thrax turning away from their traditions.

As if the hurricane wasn't enough, there was signs of an earthquake, with some Islanders reporting tremors- and then a massive wave moving towards Tydehall, even before the hurricane had dissipated. Residents at Tydehall and the surrounding lands reported a cataclysmic crashing sound.

The domain of Astarrea, the holding of House Melaeris, is just gone. Astarrea was built along the coastline, and it as well as several miles inland just collapsed into the sea. At least thousands are dead, though ships are searching the sea and subjects of House Tyde are hunting the shores for survivors. Most of House Melaeris was at Astarrea and is presumed dead.

Rumors start to spread through the city late in the night only to be confirmed with the dawn. Archscholar Sina Godsworn has been assassinated during a late night meeting in the city by way of a poisoned blade. The assassin was put down with the help of Princess Katarina Valardin, Lord Griffin Redreef, and Samira Culler in the aftermath. While Lord Griffin and Samira seem to be unhurt, Princess Katarina is rumored to have sustained serious injuries. Many make assumptions as to who ordered the assassination, but no one knows for sure. The Faith and the people of Arx, who greatly respected the Archscholar, grieve for her.
Nearly eight months after the burning of the Great Cathedral, work has continued at a respectable clip. With the design help of Caprice Artiglio and Samira Culler along with the theological input of Legate Bianca Wyrmguard, the new stained glass windows are fabricated by the Saikland glassmakers and shipped to Arx. It's reported that Arion Harrow contributed to the tinting of said glass. They're currently being installed in Cathedral, meaning that with them in place, along with the repair to the ceiling finally being done?