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Definitely, Maybe

Story Emits

As the sun sets for the day, rumors start to filter through the tavern of a rather horrifying nature. It seems Baron Audric de Lire, leader of the Valorous Few, teller of tales, deliverer of vengeance, arguably the worst party decorator in the history of the city (heads on spikes do NOT make for pleasant party favors, Audric), by turns hero and villain, has been murdered.

The walls of the de Lire mansion are liberally painted with blood. From the markings, it looks very much as though a battle raged unseen through the halls, with blood splatter and spray marking what seems like every surface. Rumors say no one heard a thing. Rumors say that there's more blood than any one body could account for. Rumors say that when the maid saw the mess, she fainted dead away. Rumors also say that Audric's body is nowhere to be found, but he is definitely, definitely dead.