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Tho Much Is Taken, Much Abides

Story Emits

It has been some time since the defeat of the pirate king known as the Gyre, and his tremendous attack on the Compact. Though many rejoiced in victory, the last year has not seen an easy peace return to the Compact. Before the time of the King's Rest, Arvani far and wide were quick to dismiss fantastic rumors, treating each whispered story of superstitious foolishness with a skepticism that seemed fundamental to the character of the Arvani of the Compact. But that's changed in the past few months.

Whispers of wild tales don't seem quite as easily dismissed, in these past few months. When a commoner mentions a ridiculous rumor of 'demons', the normal mocking laughter might be a trifle forced. When a priest talks about the stories of magic all being allegory, the faithful look at each other sidelong. Children sing songs of dragons and beasts, of stories not so immediately dismissed. To be sure, no one wants to look like a fool by embracing old superstitions. Of course not. But there's questions unasked that hang in the air throughout every city in Arvum, a sense of something stirring in Arx. A few whispers of the world beginning to wake after a very long dream.

And perhaps of finding answers to questions they dare not ask.