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Cultists at the Lodge

Story Emits

Rumors generally make the rounds with the speed of a lightning bolt (and usually damage as many things in their wake), but this time the rumors are quieter. So it takes some time before it becomes fairly common knowledge that a group of cultists were caught attacking the Lodge of Petrichor. Sources say that Lord Commander Eleanor, Sir Corban, Dame Felicia, Seraph Ailith, Prince Valerius, and Marquis Rymarr arrived on the scene, only to be joined by Dame Leola and Mistress Petal in defense of the Lodge. Other rumors are substantially more ridiculous, of trees uprooted and wide swaths of destruction perpetuated, but what is absolutely confirmed is that there was a significant threat to the Lodge, and it was met and stopped.

Of course, with the recent proclamation exerting Crown control of the Lodge, one wonders if the enemies of the Lodge noticed the shift in protection schedules and saw their opening. But at this point, it seems as though the Iron Guard, the King's Own, and the Crimson Blades are coordinating to make sure that the gap in protection is met. And yet the wilder rumors always end with, 'is that going to be enough to defend it?'