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Stormward after the Storm

Piracy is crushed and Stormward stabilizes due to the efforts of the Faith and others

Crisis Updates

Efforts have continued in Stormward and the Isles around it, since the demesne of House Kennex has found some hard won stability through the toil and treasure of the Compact. Duke Harald Grimhall coordinated with many of the other naval powers still in Kennex waters and set up a system of watchwords to identify friendly vessels and catch those flying false flags. The initial result crushes the remaining piracy in the region, or at least forces those remaining pirates to lay very low for the time being, with at least six ships being taken as prizes by House Grimhall. On Stormward itself, the Faith has been extremely active in making certain the recently won fragile stability does not collapse, with outreach led by Archlector Aleksei, Thena and her Knights of Solace and Legate Orazio. The Legate takes great pains to get the new zealots calling themselves 'Sentinels' under some measure of control, to mixed feelings of many traditionalists in the Isles. Separate outreach efforts led by Lady Khanne Halfshav and Lord Corban Telmar see some immigration and acclimation to Whitehold and the Telmarch in turn, and by and large Stormward is quiet. Many in the Isles quietly wait (and some hope) for something to still go wrong.