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Lord Alecto Charon

How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Capricious Co-conspirator
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Charon
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 1/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Steward
Height: tall
Hair Color: ebony
Eye Color: dark
Skintone: medium brown

Description: Lord Alecto gets much of his daily exercise from casual turns about the gardens or sudden sprints between offices. Although his posture is nothing to write home about from long hours spent hunched over a desk, he manages to still be mindful of his appearance without succumbing to an excess of vanity. His skin is a clean liquid brown and his hair is thick, growing atop his head in tight coils the color of a raven's plumage.

Personality: Beneath an elegant and handsome exterior lurks an academic with a bit of a cowardly streak. Wartime has taken its toll on Alecto's nerves, amplifying a once-abated squirreliness that plagued him in boyhood and now manifesting in frequent hand-wringing and fidgets. Entirely endearing if not sometimes downright comedic, his worrisome nature and the associated preparedness that comes along with it have lead to Alecto being a brilliant improvisor when problems actually do arise. As a result, he has routinely found himself promoted to positions he doesn't feel the least bit qualified for, even if the irrationality of some of his more imaginative concerns have given others reason to doubt his intuition in the past.

Although Alecto's true motivations are generally kept private, it can be said that he values his relationships over his achievements, and when something threatens someone he cares about, he has been known to use all the means at his disposal to extinguish that threat.. barring putting himself in actual physical danger, of course! Hahaha! He is gentle and good when his environment allows, but he does recognize that these virtues aren't always compatible with solving certain problems, and he does fancy himself a problem solver.

Background: A lawyer and dabbling-merchant specializing in maritime affairs, Lord Alecto Threerivers served as Voice to the late Count Trevor Threerivers and momentarily as Count-Regent in the days immediately following that man's death and prior to the new Countess of Highrock announcing herself. That Alecto sided with Magaen's succession claim over that of her sister in what he charmingly refers to as 'the trouble with having twins' was considered a big coup for her by outside observers, but privately the pair had been quietly allied for quite some time. Much of the influence Highrock enjoys on the system of nearby riverways crisscrossing the Northern-Oathlands border can be attributed to Alecto's efforts on behalf of his former house. It gives him no satisfaction to see that influence wane in the absence of his nuanced stewardship.

Now, Alecto has the prosperity of Glacial Grove to concern himself over. With House Charon inheriting a virtually uninhabitable tower castle, decrepit defensive walls, a crumbling infrastructure, and a withering Prodigal population, the newly conquered holding is bound to keep this consummate worrier up at night.

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