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Charis Durant

Respectfully, no.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Failed Adventurer
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Durant
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 33
Birthday: 5/13
Religion: Orthodox
Vocation: Tailor
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Variegated Blonde
Eye Color: Pale Brown
Skintone: Tanned

Description: Compact of build and economical of movement, Charis moves like a person accustomed to wearing armor instead of plain linen and wool. The stance, the posture, they tell of a martial life, though time has softened some of her lines and thinned the callouses which decorate her hands. Variegated blonde hair has been cut bluntly just shy of her shoulders and is most often worn simply, with a center part and waves left to frame her face. No heart-stopping beauty, she still possesses strong, even features, and expressive eyes of a warm hazel-brown shade that complements the overall gold inspiration of both her hair and complexion.

Personality: Charis lacks the flair and flourishes so often seen in those who follow Jayus' path. Hers is a quieter way, steady and determined, though no less committed to the ideals of the Prince of Stories. Those outside of the Oathlands might call her rigid, overly controlled. Those within understand the deep streak of perfectionism, her adherence to a way which respects the process, the ritual and forms that must be followed, as much as the end result-- they are, after all, equal parts of a greater whole.

Background: In Oakhaven, it's a common jest that Simon and Thais Durant could populate their own crafters' guild with their extended family alone. Theirs is a line known to be called to Jayus' service and they've answered that call, both individually and as parents. Simon, a woodworker, and Thais, a glass-blower, number four children of their own, and countless cousins, nieces and nephews sponsored, fostered and apprenticed through the years. Of these, Charis was third-born of their own brood and most easily distracted in her youth. She was inclined to daydreaming through windows (many of them constructed by her parents) when she should have been minding the lessons of her master tailor aunt, Dorcas.

When a motley band of ruin-explorers and relic-hunters rolled through Oakhaven on the way to adventure, the Durants didn't stand a chance of competing. A wink, a crooked grin and a beckoning wave were all it took. Charis abandoned her studies and left home.

Being neither scholar nor adventurer, she took up training with the mercenaries who were hired on to watch the backs of the less robust members of the group. She flourished, living, laughing, loving. Fighting. Years passed.

And then they ventured into the wrong ruins, sought out the wrong relics.

When Charis returned to Oakhaven, she was older and scarred. She did not or could not tell her family what happened but they opened their arms to her all the same. She resumed her apprenticeship with Aunt Dorcas, took up needle and thread again. Years passed, but they were spent in quietly, in study, in renewed devotion to her craft. In time, when her skill with those tools passed what skill she'd once possessed with her swords, she was recognized as a master in her own right, committed to the promotion of Oathlands fashion as rival to even the Lyceum and its artisans.

Relationship Summary

  • Simon Durant - Carpenter Father
  • Thais Durant - Glassblower Mother

  • Sibling:
  • Eunike - The Oldest. Armorer.
  • Giles - Big brother. Sculptor.
  • Theodosia - Little sister. Carpenter.

  • Patron:
  • Zara - The Gilded Dragon has placed her faith in me. I pray I prove worthy.

  • Oathlands:
  • Reigna - The Marquessa. An open hand and a big heart.
  • Kael - The Marquis. What he doesn't say could fill an archive.
  • Name Summary
    Dycard Reserved and mindful of the difference in our stations. Whether she's like this with common-born people, I can only guess, but her loyalty to and unwillingness to gossip about her Liege does her - and by proxy, him - credit.
    Jules Dear me but she is a funny bird in some ways. She sells clothing and maybe her body too, you're not sure she didn't change her answer midway but that's okay if you're not her type. She's funny in that Oathlander way that you haven't seen since you came to the city recently. You ought to run into her again soon with Svana.
    Mabelle A demure seamstress with an eye for fine details. I am sure she will do well in the city.
    Reigna She hails from Oakhaven and speaks well of the Keatons, that guarantees my good will. But she is also spectacularly talented! I am beyond thrilled to have her here in Arx and am looking forward to supporting her and her career.
    Zara She seems serious at first glance, and at second, too, but there's a gleam there: a determination, an enthusiasm, a blessing. It shines like gold.