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Orchid Champagne

Time is money, Friend.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Former Thrall Merchant
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Champagne
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 3/30
Religion: Panthaleon
Vocation: Maid
Height: average height
Hair Color: brilliant auburn
Eye Color: one blue, one green
Skintone: freckled porcelain white

Description: Delicacy is one word that can describe Orchid and she isn't the tallest of women. The brilliance of her curly auburn hair draws out the freckles that adorn her porcelain white skin as well as the heterochromic of her eyes, one being blue and the other green. She is a lovely woman though her build, even with a subtle hourglass, falls just above average. She is blessed with good looks but something about her doesn't really make her memorable.

Personality: Orchid is a quiet and gentle person. She gets easily flustered and often doesn't realize when she says, or someone says, something that can be taken in multiple ways. She takes many things said to her seriously. She is quite shy around new people. When she first gets to know someone she is very quiet and uncertain on how to talk with them. As she gets to know someone she is bolder and more open with how she talks. She tries very hard to address people with appropriate titles but it often escapes her, as she doesn't entirely pay attention to the 'who is who'. She is loyal, almost to a fault, to those she cares about and has a temper. She is a very bad liar, as she always has tell-tale signs of her attempts to lie.

Background: The childhood or Orchid was not a grand one. Her name also wasn't always ORchid, originally it was Neomi. Her parents died when she was very young, which had her living on the street trying to survive. She doesn't recall who they are or anything. So, she lived as quite the street rat. She quickly learned the ways of living on the streets, places to avoid, and so on. Alas, being a criminal was not in her nature. This was secured by the fact she didn't learn fighting even when attempted to be taught and the fact the first and only time she ever tried stealing had her turned into a thrall. Perhaps she was far too bold or far too confident in her being such a small child. Whichever it was led Orchid to attempting to steal from Harald Grimhall. Alas, this didn't go well for her, at all. She was caught instantly and to pay him back had her ending up as a thrall to the Grimhalls.

At first it was harsh, cruel even, as she was taught the realities of being a criminal in Grimhall lands. However, she found being a thrall to be a little more secure than living on the street, especially as someone as young as she was. When she stopped rebellign and fighting against everything and started serving her due, Orchid found life became easier as a thrall. She was eventually placed directly in the household of Grimhalls as a servant of their family, a maid if you will. Because she was so well behaved and did her duties her place as a thrall didn't become a continuous thing. After a few years as a trall she was freed, it declared her debt paid in full. While she could have gone anywhere or joined another family she opted to stay with the Grimhalls as an official maid over a thrall maid. Upon her release Orchid decided to drop the name of Neomi and become 'Orchid'.

She was quite content to be a maid quite easily missed and unnoticed. Her quiet dutiful ways did draw some attention to the Grimaahll nobles. She was given a little more trust with her duties and eventually she decided to travel to Arx, she was 18, to serve the Grimhalls residing there. Somewhere between her freedom and her decision to go to Arx Orchid joined the Champagne family. Becoming a Champagne helped improve her skills as a merchant and helped her expand on her interest in carpentry. Her love of carpentry had her gain an interest in trying to crossbreed trees and plants. These skills, upon her arrival in Arx, pulled her out of the obscurity of being a nameless servant to a more important member of their staff.

Name Summary
Alarissa Such devotion to Grimhall, it oozes from her.
Anisha While somewhat subdued in demeanour, I find Messere Orchid quite charming, not to mention talented in her craft. And who can dislike a woman with a taste for floral themes?
Apollo I can't be sure what's more alarming - the shape her life has been, or that it doesn't seem to bother her at all.
Gaspar A subdued young woman with a beauty that I don't believe she knows she possesses. She's easily rattled, however, but she is stalwart in knowing how to avoid temptation.
Ingvar Orchid is a wonderful protege. She's been an amazing help for the Grimhalls and is wonderfully devoted Ingvar.
Isabeau A skilled carver. I will have to keep an eye on what she is inspired to create in the future.
Josephine A lovely girl, with a lovely name that it seems she chose herself. No doubt she will go far in the city.
Keely She seems timid, but polite, and invested in her work. Meeting her is a refreshing change of pace.
Mabelle A gentle looking girl who is a carpenter. I did not see that coming!
Maeve I met this pretty young woman while taking a bath. She seems so very sweet!
Mirk Maid, market expert, and carpenter. A strange blend of roles, but she seems perfectly comfortable with all of them, and accepting of her limitations and her means.
Piccola What an interesting young woman: a minister for a House; a merchant on Peddlers Path; and a carpenter for a hobby? I can't tell if she is hungrily ambitious or mindlessly diligent.
Raimon Quiet, earnest, and good at her craft. Came up through the Grimhalls branch, which could not have been easy. Despite that path, her good nature seems unscarred . . .
Rodica Commoner, Thrax. Looks better on her furniture than making it... didn't get her name.
Rosalind She seems very quiet! Give her time, I bet I can get her out of her shell!
Rysen Petite, modest and utterly charming, this young woman is very kind, and possessed of beauty both inside and out.
Svana A delicate and shy crafter from House Grimhall. I hope that she will overcome her shyness someday, but at the same time, I find it refreshing.
Valdemar Though she can seem quiet at times, there is a capable mind at work there.
Vanora Orchid is lovely, charming, and incredibly devoted to House Grimhall. Her warm companionship, occasional advice, and loyalty have left a strong impression. She is a woman to know.
Vitalis Curious and engaged, a very apt student.
Zoey Loyal to a fault, and tends to jump to some odd conclusions.