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When life gives you lemons, sell them to someone who's never seen a lemon before.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Former Smuggler
Fealty: Crown
Family: Culler
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 33
Birthday: 3/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned fair

Vernan's good at blending in. Although he's tall, around six foot, he has a lean build and doesn't stand out. He has brown hair, a bit unruly, and blue eyes. His features are neither attractive or unattractive, a bit rough and sea-worn. He has a number of scars, although none of them particularly identifying. He looks to be in his 30s, although the crow's feet and laugh lines sometimes make him appear older.

He generally dresses as someone who spends most of their life on the sea, although it's rumour that he might just clean up nicely.

Generally fun-loving and adventurous, Vernan's disposition can change as quickly as the weather at sea. He's charming, he's playful, he's sometimes ruthless, all depending on the situation. While on land, he tends to embrace drinking, carousing, and other unhealthy hobbies. Always up for a party. There's been many a night he's been drug back to his ship after a night of destruction and beligerance.

On the other hand, once on a ship, he changes. He knows ships. He becomes focused, efficient, driven. A man who doesn't back down. He's passionate about ships, and the sea is just as intoxicating to him as a mug of ale.

Born in the Lower Boroughs, Vernan was born into the Culler family. His father was a Culler and the brother of Rencio. He grew up with Torian. His parents died in an unfortunate 'accident' and the Culler family took Vernan under their wing. He ended up showing a knack for survival and seamanship and he ended up on one of their ships.

He was a natural. He ended up press ganged, so he couldn't return home as quickly as he wanted to. But he always knew who he was, and where his loyalties lie. He was drawn to the sea, but he was a Culler at heart.

By his late teens, he was already adept at sailing and trade. He knew the ocean and he knew his competition. Around 20, he came across a young girl who he adopted into the family as his sister, stowing her away at various ports until she was old enough to learn the ropes. Meanwhile, he became more and more skilled at what he did.

Recently, a death in the family has drawn him back to the Lower Boroughs. His skills have been put to use by the family's growing fleet. And that's where he met Acacia. Skeptical at first, he's grown to admire her. He is fiercely loyal to her, while at the same time occassionally challenging her sanity.

He serves now (better at sea than on land) and seeks to show his adopted little sister how to be a true Culler.

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