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Eliana Steinmaison

"The little things are infinitely the most important."

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Apprentice Inquisitor
Fealty: Crown
Family: Steinmaison
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Birthday: 6/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: pale

Description: Eliana stands at barely 5'3" in height, and wears very inexpensive, basic clothing. Her dress is a little threadworn, and her boots have tell-tale worn threads and heels. She's obviously not very wealthy. Yet, despite the lack of expense in her clothing, she has beautiful, long thick and lustrous black hair that is often bound in a single braid down the small of her back. Her eyes are a bright blue, wide with inquisitiveness and a burning curiosity at almost all times, yet always filled with a cheerful disposition and a sparkle of joy. Her body is slender, with soft curves that are more hidden than not by the loose and threadworn clothing she wears. Overall, she's a little ball of sunshine, petite and overly curious.

Personality: Eliana is a clutz and is completely cursed in the kitchen. She can be a danger to those around her just due to the fact that she might trip on something and cause a catastrophic cascade of bad luck occurring around her. Beware! Yet despite her short-comings and her horrible bad luck, she has a bright personality, hopeful and eager. She's very naive it seems, not very street smart, yet is eager to please and make people happy. When those around her are pleased or happy with her, it's the greatest gift she could receive. Could be due to the fact that she's a walking bad luck totem, and people rarely praise her.

Background: Eliana was born to a couple of bakers. They were poor, but happy. She has three brothers and a sister, and she's the youngest of them all. The baby. Fortunately, all of her brothers and her sister were very capable. They grew up to help the parents take over the business, and sprout wings and become successful in the many endeavors they attempted. They were all sharp, intelligent, and capable. Unfortunately, Eliana was not able to bloom in the manner her parents wished. She has the worst luck anyone has ever seen. If something bad will happen, it will happen over 90 percent of the time for Eliana. She's come to expect bad things occuring. She trips constantly, always has scrapes due to falling or running into something or something falling on her randomly. People consider her a clutz. There is nothing she can do about how people perceive her, so Eliana decided at a very young age to ignore them and to just look at the good things in life. There's so much bad that she's overwhelmed by it, the good is much more interesting to her, it also helps her to stay happy. Once, when she was in the kitchen attempting to help her mother bake some bread, she turned to grab a spoon, knocked over the container onto a lamp that just happened to be by there, shattering it and sending oil everywhere, which just happened to fling a drop towards the lit fire on the stove, and caused a chain reaction that literally exploded nearly the entire kitchen. Her parents have banned her from the kitchen since that time. She's too dangerous to be in there, she might kill someone someday with her luck. With all the whispers, and wards against evil signs against her, Eliana had a lonely childhood. Nobody really wanted to be her friend, so she grew up entertaining herself, and learning new things. She enjoyed figuring things out, it was something she was actually good at, and for once, it felt good to be good at something and not just a walking disaster. So, while she may have been lonely, she was never bored, she always had interesting and new things to do and explore, which made her quite the cheerful child. Her parents loved her, but she is hard to deal with sometimes. When Eliana turned 21, her parents were in a deep depression on what to do with her. They had no idea how to turn her into a successful person and nobody was interested in taking the 'Cursed Baker's Daughter' as a wife, so she still lived at home, turning into an old maid. Her parents could not really afford a freeloader like her, especially when she destroyed almost everything she touched. She was expensive! On one day, an Inquisitor came in for some baked goods and they had a discussion about the latest escapades of Eliana. She was becoming a town legend in her own right, just from her awful luck. The inquisitor suggested that he send her to them, to become an apprentice. She'd make good money, and her mind was sharp, she would do well and support herself as well as help the parents. At least repair the latest stove she destroyed. Her father agreed, very happy with the idea, and soon enough, Eliana was sent off to become an apprentice Inquisitor! She has absolutely no idea what she is getting into, but she trusts her parents, and feels very guilty about being at home. This is a new opportunity for her, and she's eager to do well and prove that she's good at -something-!

Relationship Summary

  • Jeddah Steinmaison - Brother. Baker. Set to take over the Bakery.
  • Madeline Steinmaison - Sister. Healer. Married. A brilliant Healer.
  • Manden Steinmaison - 2nd Eldest Brother. Twin to Landen. Lawyer and Advisor. Brilliant.
  • Landen Steinmaison - 3rd Brother. Twin to Manden. Merchant. Brilliant.

  • Friend:
  • Gailin - Gallant and kind. He tolerates me and I have no idea why.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Laric - High Inquisitor and Leader. My life's goal is to impress this man.
  • Alistair - Elder Inquisitor. Mentor. I can learn a lot from him. I think he hates me though.

  • Parent:
  • Elam Steinmaison - Father. Baker. Patriarch of Family Steinmaison.
  • Miriam Steinmaison - Mother. Baker. Matriarch of Family Steinmaison.
  • Name Summary