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Civilization is built upon the bedrock of order and bonds. If it is savagery you choose, cinders is what you'll get.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Uppity Personal Assistant
Fealty: Pravus
Family: None
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 19
Birthday: 10/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Amber
Skintone: Dusky

Titles: Brass Dragon of Setarco

Description: Deceptive and elegant, Drusila is a clash of styles when it comes to her appearance. Her eyes burn like embers and sing the anthem of fire and blood, but her demeanor is always reined in, cool and even. When left unchecked her sandy locks of blonde hair spill from her head like a cascade, but are usually left bound in stern buns and ponytails, painstakingly coifed or combed. Her slender body is muscular like any dancer's, denoting she might have had a past a performer or courtier of sorts, but now remains forever draped in dresses as expensive as she can afford. She stands taller than her height, poise always immaculate, an subtle smile to her lips giving her airs of cunning and that she is always in control.

Personality: At first glance Drusila is a woman easily figured out. She likes it when things are orderly, and hates it when things are out of control. She honors her oaths and taxes religiously, possesses impeccable etiquette, and has a knack for structures and hierarchies. Some lord and some serve, the strong eat the weak, the day belongs to the sun and the night to the moon. Simple.

It is, however, in the details that Drusila shows the cracks of her immaculate persona. When she is very relaxed, the woman can be flirty and playful, acting her age, showing passion and a vivacious personality that is often reserved for few to see. At times of crisis, however, when her precious structures crumble, her eyes show something vengeful behind them, a fury that burns like a scorching inferno. Her mercurial moods go as fast as they come, but the heights they can achieve are dizzying, enthralling and frightening at the same time.

Background: Little is known about the woman called Drusila, but there is a version of her story that those near the Pravus family of Setarco have come to know.

Born in Luciva, Setarco's most famous pirate city, she served the local seafaring lords as a seneschal. Prized for her penchant for numbers, the young woman would not only be spared by the Pravosi forces when Luciva was finally conquered, but was approached by the Duchess Pravus herself, offered a spot in court as the personal assistant of the ruler of the Silken City.

Ever since, she has been a fixture of both Luciva and Setarco, never leaving the Duchess' side. Drusila has been at the heart of the many changes recently going through the Sins and their lands, and many attribute to her some contribution for the immense wealth accrued by the House in recent years. The woman's own aims and ambitions, however, remain a mystery to most.

Relationship Summary

  • Mirk - fellow scholar of draconic lore

  • Family:
  • Belladonna - precious beyond words
  • Sudara - Everyone's favorite auntie
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir We met in the blackness of the Observatory, a dance in the dark that has left me wondering of her appearance. As bronze as I am, no doubt, given our shared origins, but all else? We shall have to see. She seems a witty woman, still, mannerly but not without a sense of humour, which I welcome with open arms in these trying times.
    Alessia I admire her ability to see beauty in things some would balk at. Delightful company, too.
    Anisha On a second meeting, I am struck by the many similarities between myself and Messere Drusila - as well as the differences that heighten the pleasure of our commonalities. We may not agree on everything, but I think we are merely taking different paths towards a common goal.
    Appolonia Someone must love her very much. That outfit could buy half of Ischia. The nicer half!
    Dante Exotic and possessing a dream-like quality, there's wisdom in her words. Especially when it comes to the stars and the darkness, two subjects I find more than fascinating.
    Dianna I cannot help but wonder what makes this woman both so proud and so wealthy - and which came first. She says she'd have 'an army of people' like me, but I should expect that most Houses would wish for an army of /her/, if her attire speaks at all of her resourcefulness in acquiring wealth.
    Domonico This woman has a sharp mind and a keen tongue. Observant and makes her point with no small amount of witty responses.
    Evangeline Exotic woman of Setarco. Her style is unmatched but clearly there is more than meets the eye. I am intrigued.
    Gabriella The right hand of our duchess. She has an unassailable poise to her, even in the midst of a battlefield of words, that I find most admirable. The art of trade intrigues me; I would be remiss not to speak to her further.
    Josephine Ever a welcome presence in my forge, she is a delight and no doubt a boon to those she serves.
    Mabelle My dear friend has returned to the city looking lovelier than ever. Many men will fall at her feet, no doubt.
    Macda Full of encouragement of bad ideas. She's an enabler, this one. And trouble. Mark my words!
    Richard Dressed rather richly for the Traders' Tavern, but with - apparently - a rich past to match.
    Sudara Belladonna's personal assistant seems to be both charming and capable, with a commendable enthusiasm for literature and poetry - though she does sometimes make me feel my age!
    Talwyn Curiously alluring in words, actions and tone. Knows just what unlocks the right doors and how to get what you desire. A background as well that means she can carry herself. Fine company.
    Verity Dripping in esoteric riches and overflowing with mysterious tales! When she says she belongs to Belladona Pravus, she makes such a thing sound so attractive.